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main points:
-rogue youtube employee(s) false flag strike both 13,000 video georgegodley account & wrongfully terminate 3 million view, 10,000 subscriber, 200 video geogodley account after years of investment, unrewarded hard work & meticulously crafted episodes while youtube hypocritically hosts & overpromotes other’s community guideline violations & soft porn.
-Fullscreen network support does nothing a month after being notified
-Legal consultations w/ media entertainment litigation attorneys. If contracted youtube network partners have no diplomatic or legal recourse & cliche’d website disclaimers/ t.o.s are above the law, then: / world record documentary feature / series disclaimers & t.o.s also above the law

please copy pasta retweet & suggest other contacts & media outlets:
#YOUTUBE LEGAL  @gstrompolos @youtube @google @Fullscreen @THR @tmz @Variety @eonline @Gawker @WIRED @LegalZoom @AP


“Dear Fullscreen support, someone at Youtube has given my 10,000 sub geogodley account 3 false flag strikes on old videos from months & years ago & terminated it within a week. It was in good standing for years. This is obviously a wrongful termination & personal attack. Could you please intermediate & also remove the false flag strikes on the 13,000 video georgegodley account. Someone at youtube is false flag striking & terminating channels including terminally ill HappyCabbie who also didn’t violate any guidelines. He is dying and his youtube channel was the only thing he had, which shows inexcusable inhumanity & callousness on the part of youtube. Youtube also hypocritically hosts other people’s community guideline violations & a lot of soft pornography which i’m documenting as part of this legal case/ documentary. I’m very upset & hope not to have to take the matter further. Please do the right thing & help right this wrong. Sincerely George Godley.”

AH☀LE SMOKER CH☹KING ME w/ passive smoke George… by georgegodley

↑ youtube false flag struck & terminated 3 million view, 10,000 subscriber, 200 video geogodley account for this video between 2-5.50 a.m tue 4 september 2013, 9 months after it was uploaded. Dailymotion falsely age restricted it (again!); it violates no guidelines & has no adult content. As you see, dailymotion isn’t as unreasonably censored as youtube & hosts anything youtube wrongly removes.

“AH☀LE SMOKER CH☹KING ME w/ passive smoke George Godley London U.K 2 Dec 2012 14:07 p.m 366” is one of my tens of thousands of personal stream of consciousness “thinking out loud” clips where another inconsiderate chain smoker gassed me w/ carcinogenic toxic cigarette smoke. My style is speaking into the microphone so it sounds loud but only i & the audience can hear what i say, not the person assaulting me in public. So the darth vader funeral garbage bag clad smoker didn’t hear me ’till i raised my voice away from the microphone to say hi -in greek. The grossly negligent, power abusing rogue terminator youtube employee didn’t realize this & wrongly ass-umed the smoker heard everything, which she did NOT (but certainly deserved to- lol). Regardless, a myriad other youtube clips prove this is discriminatory, selective, free expression censorship & personal persecution. & as ever, reddit hater trolls cyberbullied the victim & supported the perp: “300 smokers thumbs down rated the video” & whined in the comments lol.

My guess is the youtube employee abusing & persecuting me is probably a female smoker censoring cancerous passive smoke inhalationfemale to male sexist harassment / bullying i suffered in the previous false flag struck video & blogpost titled “Flirt cockblock psycho bitch from hell conflict misunderstanding”.. it seems a tad sexist/ misandrist/ gender motivated to silence / oppose male p.o.v critical thought & expression, hope i’m wrong lol

SEP 05, 2013  |  04:03PM PDT

xxxx replied:

Geo, Partners flag videos and YouTube reviews those flags for violations. YouTube prefers that community strike appeals come directly from the owner of the channel. If you have not already don’t so, you should appeal using the process described here

xxxx, YOUTUBE NEVER responds. That’s why i joined your Fullscreen network [& gave you xxxx %.] Youtube told me to go through you at Vidcon, they said “thats’ Fullscreen’s job”. YOUTUBE WRONGFULLY TERMINATED GEOGODLEY CHANNEL & KEEPS GIVING FALSE FLAG STRIKES TO BOTH GEOGODLEY & GEORGEGODLEY CHANNELS. PLEASE DO SOMETHING. It’s been a month since i asked xxxx & you for help. Must i go through a lawyer? Geo Godley

disclaimer: just my raw uncensored thoughts & feelings subject to change without notice. Despite all this, I thank youtube for the positive things they did and don’t blame a company for the actions of a few. Apologies for errors & omissions, no one’s perfekt.. especially you lol

disclaimer: just like all website disclaimers, this one should also refuse any responsibility while violating all rights: “by entering this site, you agree to milk & cookies & never sue no matter what. The content expressed represents no one & is subject to change without notice.” Add to that, “parody / satire, not to be taken [too] seriously”.. just in case. & the usual contradiction: “i really appreciate everything youtube & google did for me.” lol

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