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Youtube/georgegodley sabotage: multi upload processing FAIL tue 5 mar 2013

Youtube/georgegodley world record multiple daily vlog sabotaged again: As of monday 4 march – tuesday 5 march 2013 youtube FAILs to upload & process videos with the error message “the video failed to process”, “failed (unable to convert the file)” &/or multiple uploader blue progress bar is stuck & won’t complete. A lot of videos are missing & the rest are out of chronological order.

could it be pre-upload titling?

After finally TITLING video files before uploading (in the 1st verification), to save time by less reviewing a second time after uploading for metadata key words, youtube prevents you from doing so, sometimes giving error message “The server has rejected the file, Please follow these steps and upload the file again.”” sending you to a page saying: “Make sure that you’re naming your file with standard characters. Avoid using characters in your filename like apostrophes, commas, or accents..” [of which there are none]. Makes no sense because some similarly pre-upload titled video files have no problem processing.

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