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Youtube/geogodley network partnership contract signed mon 19 nov 2012 George Godley London U.K

by f590692963 

unlike youtubedailymotion doesn’t false flag strike you, shares revenue on all types of content including adult & exceeds vimeo’s 500mb weekly upload limit. (this video is 775 mb).. Also consider socialcam, viddler, viddy& twitvid.

Made it.. Youtube/geogodley is finally a youtube network partner. Hope things improve after uploading ~9,940 multi daily vids on youtube/georgegodley & being defrauded with false flag strikes & no monetization (see previous blog post).

why i signed a youtube network contract despite Nalt’s advice to the contrary:

-things couldn’t be much worse:

-false flag strikes on georgegodley 9,858 video channel while youtube overpromotes sexually explicit nudity & soft pornography, giving others millions of views as seen below in previous blog posts. Anti-trust, anti-competition contradictory censorship. WTF are we keeping OUR pants on for when youtube & the audience favor those who don’t?! 

-confusion, emotional distress & mental anguish, trauma, loss of future earnings, constant feel of walking on eggshells as a result of aforementioned unfair contradictory censorship while other youtubers have sex on camera & get no flag strikes whatsoever, immune from any community guideline automated bot enforcement.

-no payment (unpaid google adsense monetization revenue & they don’t reply)
-no communication except false flag strikes & public privacy contradictions when there’s no expectation of privacy in public & youtube doesn’t even know who’s in the video & who isn’t.
-no partnership banner, custom thumbnails, green yellow red age restriction rating system some people get & others don’t.
-no improvement in viewcount/ subs
-no trust, for the reasons above.

Maybe a network will improve my youtube nightmare hell.


december 2012: youtube/geogodley bimonthly vids (every 2 weeks)
-january 2013: youtube/geogodley bimonthly episodes, travelogues & extras
-spring 2013: uncensored archives, docu-feature, tv series, e-books blog

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