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geogodleymy latest tweet: 

disgusted with youtube false flag strikes & ‘privacy’ video removal fraud defrauding content providers. http://VIDEOBLOGGER.COM coming po☺n 

(blog in progress re-written as you read it.. disclaimer: i start blunt & emotional & tone down the rhetortic over time unless i feel cheated & wronged with no diplomatic or legal recourse. Not to antagonize but state my case. nothing against victoria grand but someone must be accountable. I have nothing against google; some corrupt youtube employee(s) have something against us, the constitution, free expression, civil human rights…)

After DEFRAUDING MY ACCOUNT with FALSE FLAG STRIKES & FRAUDULENT ‘PRIVACY’ VIDEO REMOVALS, Youtube gets PAYBACK KARMA, BITCH! They cheated me out of my account, dignity & career & overpromoted Koran burning ‘amazing'(yea right)atheist & islamophobia which got J. Christopher Stevens, the american ambassador to Lybia & others murdered yesterday tue 12 sep 2012 in mob violence throughout the arab world.

YouTube gets a taste of their CENSORSHIP FRAUD over Libyan violence:>

YouTube’s anti islamic video “Innocence of Muslims,” caused riots & killed people while they fraudulently removed my videos instead:>

While defrauding my account with false strikes & fake ‘privacy’ removals, Youtube overpromotes Koran burning ‘amazing’atheist, inciting hate & murder for a measly paltry quarter million page refreshings

Victoria Grand & corrupt youtube staff, instead of fraudulently removing my community guideline NON-violation vids (see recent blogpost  ✄Y☹UTUBE CORRUPTION CENSORSHIP FRAUD FALSE FLAG STRIKES & WRONGFULLY DISABLES GeorgeGodley 8,720 video lifestream AGAIN Sat 14 July 2012:>) shouldn’t you censor murder inciting hateful videos.. no? oh they’re not false subjective “community guideline” violations huh? but some countries use blood & murder to FORCE YOU TO REMOVE THEM.. how’s it feel to be arbitrarily unfairly censored? don’t you deserve the same abuse & torment you put us content providers through.. conclusion: mob violence & murder is the only language youtube understands, respects & responds to, not diplomacy & legal channels.

For justice contact Victoria Grand through her contacts on linked in:>
youtube alienating & cutting off content providers with no recourse as usual.


as usual, media news companies disseminate information in a steady junkie trickle drip for blood bucks advertising profit.. being concise doesn’t pay off..

Who is Sam Bacile? Mystery swirls around anti-Islam film:

Actress in anti-Islamic film “innocence of muslims” files lawsuit against filmmaker and YouTube:

Judge: YouTube doesn’t have to take down anti-Islam video [but they fraudulently removed George Godley’s]:

youtube falsely fraudulently censors me but not anti islamic murder causing clips:

youtube falsely fraudulently censors me & gets sued for not censoring others! oh the irony:

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