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Reddit Youtube hater trolls LIBEL, DEFAMATION, cyberbullying, harassment, violent threats & ratings manipulation fri 22 feb – 3 mar 2013

another typical George Godley ‘flirt’/ social interraction, more proof of reddit/ youtube hater tr☀ll’s WRONGGREEN ENVY, libel & defamation FAIL. They don’t want you to see  happ☺iness, positivity, smiles㋡ & laughter, just their dishonest false malicious miserable negative comments & manipulated ratings.

↑ Even with illegal 2nd hand smoke abuse assault & just thinking out loud in the above video, Reddit smoker trolls unethically attack & side with the offender gassing the victim with cancerous toxic dragon fire fumes, with evil hate speech against human health & life.

↑ Reddit trolls unethically support the abuser/ offender inflicting sleep deprivation torture abuse on an entire neighborhood daily at Again, promoting evil pain & suffering with no regard for human health & life.

today i found this comment under the 08HLY7wAm3Q wed 20 feb 2013 George Godley London U.K 00235 video & reported & recorded it before it disappeared:

“Geo, i know where you live. I saw you the other day and followed you. [spells out what he thinks is my address]. Watch yourself mate. I’m serious.” Killa Max

Apparently this is the negative side of success. I’m very open & pro free speech & never blocked anyone until they crossed the line into LIBEL & DEFAMATION or VIOLENT THREATS today. Even then i wont remove the comments because they’re evidence & as Robert McKee author of Story said, opposing any censorship means suffering lies & humanity will make the right choice. Libelers & defamers will suffer consequences.

This article may be written later cause right now i have better things to do.

Libelers & defamers will be listed on a sh!tlist to be published at a moment’s notice. Why give them the publicity they don’t deserve -yet.

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