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Youtube harasses, bullies & threatens you for public tattoos & consensual social commentary satire; while youtube overpromotes soft sex pornography; dailymotion falsely age restricts content tue 23 july 2013

disclaimer: just like all website disclaimers, this one should also refuse any responsibility while violating all rights: “by entering this site, you agree to milk & cookies to never sue no matter what. The content expressed represents no one & is subject to change without notice.” Add to that, “parody / satire, not to be taken [too] seriously”.. just in case.

I thank youtube for the positive things they’ve done but will never forget the negatives. While top overpromoted youtubers get hundreds of millions of views for sitting on their ass just talking to the camera or doing a couple lame pranks a month often without the prank-ees consent, world record video bloggers who upload 13,000 videos a year until youtube disabled page numbers & ‘load more’ [load less] button, get harassed, bullied & threatened for this:

ridiculous ugly tattoo by georgegodley
the laugh track was added to remove unwanted ubiquitous ©opyright crap ‘music’ curse which ruins all your vlogs with more threats of ©opyright ©acaphony infringement etc.

ridiculous ugly tattoo award 00775 by georgegodley
Just a SILENT shot of a winged leopard skin back tattoo, with NO social commentary except the “ridiculous ugly ass tattoo” title which can easily be changed & doesn’t deserve an account termination warning strike bullying harassing & threatening you to stop vidoeing in public sharing your thoughts & feelings in a title! How unfair & hypocritical; A youtube search of “ridiculous ugly tattoos” shows tens of thousands of such videos, uploaded without permission or realeases form the ridiculed tattoo-ees.

As ever, youtube overpromotes & monetizes soft sex pornography nudity (a ‘community guise lying’ violation) while harassing bullying & threatening us for NOT doing it (& of course we’re not allowed to do it either, making it an anti-competition oligopoly issue):

↑ one of millions of youtube community guise lying violation overpromoted oft monetized soft sex porn videos they do but we can’t without threats of suspension/ termination.

Update: more video hosting site nazi fascism: within minutes of adding “ugly ass” to the title, dailymotion age restricts the inoccuous leopard skin back tattoo! title words like “ass” age restrict your entire video when it shouldn’t be.

↓ Someone at Youtube also removed “The Yeti of soho square”, a parody/ satire of alcoholism with the subject’s recorded consent (not that you need it in public anyway) who thanks to our talk, detoxed & cleaned himself up. This is the “after” shot after rehabilitation detox. the “before” shot was removed & struck but as ever, a youtube search for “bum fights” etc. shows tens of thousands of much worse videos.. for this reason & others mentioned on there will be only a couple vids a month on each channel to work on other projects.

Howard Stern went through similar shit in the unfair radio industry; he won’t even accept a radio hall of fame award because of their negativity. Most youtubers are phony cold blooded cut-throat Don Imus type oligopoly wannabes; some youtube staff are like Paul ‘pig vomit’ Giamatti, FCC & WNNNBC lol..

Another classic youtube thumbnail: youtube strikes me for a tattoo & consensual social commentary & all kinds of bullshit non community guidelines last year but lets this guy get a million hits with this thumbnail of a woman sucking an erect penis. Funny how my NON community guideline NON violations are removed & struck within hours yet this & endless similar related videos aren’t..               watch?v=b4UnA2lSa8Q

(a gap was put after the url forward slash because it auto embeds the explicit thumbnail & this website /page isn’t age restricted)

YOUTUBE HARASSES, BULLIES, & THREATENS YOU FOR… by georgegodley (dailymotion copy of youtube upload)

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