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Main points:

-Someone at Youtube continues to persecute geogodley & 13,000 video georgegodley Fullscreen network partnered channels with false flag strikes, account disablings & termination threats for NON community guideline violations while youtube unfairly hosts & overpromotes other’s community guideline violations & soft porn.

-Fullscreen network ‘partner support’ FAILS to do anything about it 1 month after saying they would.

↑ youtube false flag struck, disabled & threatened geogodley account termination for this video 5 months after it was uploaded (& many more vids in the past (see previous blogposts), giving a constant feeling of ‘walking on eggshells’ extreme self-censorship & dread every edit & upload). Dailymotion falsely age restricted it; it violates no guidelines & has no adult content. “Flirt cockblock psycho bitch from hell conflict misunderstanding” is a record of female to male harassment, bullying & intimidation i suffered from a crazed cockblocker cnut while speaking with 3 gorgeous romanian women on the beach. The bully seems stuck in a confining relationship with a ‘territorial pimp’ according to the lady at the end of the video (who agrees with me),  jealous of my freedom & cordial interaction with the beautiful romanians so she lies about me to break it up & bullies/ threatens me to leave. Apparently documenting such abuse & persecution is not allowed on youtube if it’s a man suffering it from a woman, but women can document the reverse, which leads me to think the youtube employee persecuting me is also a sexist woman. Envious hater trolls were also too jealous, blind, deaf & dumb to see the romanians were happy to meet me, downrating, libeling & defaming in the comments.

Here are a few of the millions of videos & thumbnails youtube hosts & overpromotes but persecute you & me for whether we do them or not:

-Youtube hosts & overpromotes/ endorses kim Kardoucheian kardashian’s porno video bought by Vivid for $5 million thanks to ryan seecrass seacrest’s corny corporate reality show & youtube publicity. Just search “kim kardashian porno sex” or “sex tape” for supposed “fair use” clips of the ©opyrighted porno video. It’s so bad it should be banned & refunded by the federal trade commission for cheating the public.

Youtube also hosts & overpromotes Miley Cyrus simulating anal sex in front of minors twerp-ing her ass up & down married robin’s not so thick penis for publicity at the 2013 v.m.a’s..

Youtube lets HUSTLER, PLAYBOY & millions of others advertise their hardcore porn on youtube.

infinite community guideline violation videos & thumbnails all over youtube:

YOUTUBE DISABLED geogodley UPLOADING SO THIS IS THE TRANSCRIPT of THE VIDEO entitled YOUTUBE FALSE FLAG STRIKE CONFLICT, FULLSCREEN PARTNER SUPPORT FAIL George Godley wed 28 aug 2013 undiplomatic honest spontaneous uncensored version 353.mts”

Transcript: -so youtube’s fuckin w/ me again, they’ve given me another [4] fake false flag strike shits, whereas they allow everyone else to post soft core pornography on there & all kinds of community guise lyings violations, with me they go after.. the title coz I called it “flirt cockblock psycho bitch form hell”?!

If it’s the title why don’t you just tell me to change the title, do you have to take the whole video down, give me a strike, threaten, harass, bully & intimidate my channel so now I’m too harassed threatened bullied intimidated to upload anything, constantly on eggshells with this shit site? Youtube *don’t* broadcast yourself, just crap.. & Fullscreen network partner support said they would intermediate, do something about it, its been a month & they haven’t done shit.. so what am I supposed to do, continue uploading, I don’t think so.. I think that was what it was all about though, they’re just trying to disable my account, disable me in general, ruin another summer, as if I hadn’t had enough ruined summers, ruined life because of shit like this, such a nightmare this shit, its just gotta stop. But the contract says I should upload at least a couple a month, what am I gonna upload, what do you want me to upload, assholes.. you keep fuckin with me. I think they’re just doing it for fun, there’s someone at youtube, he or she is just doing it for fun ’cause this is the second strike now, on an account that was clean for years, these videos have been up for years in the 1st case, for months in this case, so clearly there’s nothing wrong with it, maybe it’s a robotic automatic false flag strike shit, coz everything on youtube’s robotic & automatic unless you’re in the selected few elite elitist, so I don’t know what to do, this is just so disappointing, but you know this is just par for the course, endless disappointment. Geo Godley, wed 28 aug 2013, 10.38 a.m..

Jesus (sigh), the nightmare continues.. the youtube nightmare form hell continues, as ever.. endless conflict, disappointment, harassment, intimidation & bullying from youtube..

Transcripte francais: -alors youtube me baise, fait chier & casse les couilles continuellement.. pile au cul mettable.. ils m’ont donne deus autres faux drapeaux strikes de merde, alors qu’ils permettent aux autres de monter de la pornographie douce et casser les “communaute guide lines mensonges”, ils me harcellent, intimident, & menacent a cause du titre de video “flirt cockblock psycho conasse petasse cassecouilleuse d’enfer”? Ils peuvent me demander de changer le titre, au lieu de tout ca.. & Fullscreen partner support ont dit qu’ils allaient intermedier les autres fausses menaces strikes, et en un mois ils n’ont rien fait.

Greek Transcript: -Ωστε το γιουτουμπ με γαμαει συνεχεια. Μου δωσανε αλλες δυο ψευτικες σημαιες στραικς, ενω αφηνουν αλλους να ανεβαζουν μαλακη πορνογραφια και να σπανε κομιουνιτη γκαιντλαιν μαλακιες.. μου επιτηθονται, με παρενολοχουν, εκφοβιζουν, και απειλουν.. για κανενα απολυτως λογο, ηλιθια βιντεακια που δεν σπανε κανενα κομμιουνιτη γκαιντλαιν.. στο διαβολο κι ακομα παραπερα μωρε σπαζαρχιδομαλακες..

deutsch: ein youtube arch(lol)ch oder auto robot putzfrau spider macht nazi fascismus gegen geogodley & georgegodley chennels.

chinese martial arts movie overdub 2 short transcript lol:  瞋 鳥手人馬水

email sent to: Dear Fullscreen support,
It’s been over a month & the FALSE FLAG STRIKES STILL THREATEN & DISABLE MY ACCOUNTS WITH TERMINATION. Youtube & Fullscreen AT VIDCON said you would DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! PLEASE.. I am VERY UPSET with this constant PERSECUTION conflict, which makes a great autobiographic documentary story to tell everyone daily & at film festivals & press releases. CAN YOU PLEASE REMOVE THEM as youtube’s reputation is at stake. Sincerely Geo-rge Godley.

disclaimer: just like all website disclaimers, this one should also refuse any responsibility while violating all rights: “by entering this site, you agree to milk & cookies & never sue no matter what. The content expressed represents no one & is subject to change without notice.” Add to that, “parody / satire, not to be taken [too] seriously”.. just in case. & the usual contradiction: “i really appreciate everything youtube & google did for me.” lol

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