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Y☹UTUBE FALSE FLAG FRAUD ✄ cens☹rship strikes another 1 of 13,000 George Godley videos 3 years after it was uploaded that violates NO community guidelines terms of service while youtube hypocritically & unfairly overpromotes & rewards other’s violations, pornography & prostitution- sun 8 feb 2015 10 a.m pst

Geo godley & Andrew dice clay

A photo posted by George Godley (@geogodley) on

-yo youtube, back off or we p.r blitz yo ass! 

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Sunday 8 feb 2015 10:00 am pst– youtube employees got nothing better to do sunday morning, the day of the grammys, than ruin youtube’s reputation & your weekend, harass, bully & threaten 13,000 video youtube/georgegodley with more false flag fraud:
youtube false flag fraud strikes again on a 2012 video upload that violates no community guidelines or terms of service while youtube promotes other's flagrant violations, pornography & prostitution- sun 8 feb 2015 Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 10.50.02 y

! ATTENTION The “YouTube Community” [no community after unfair division & harm you caused it] has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate. Once a video is flagged, it is reviewed by the “YouTube Team” [anonymous, faceless, unaccountable mean spirited employees destroying youtube’s brand, reputation & public relations] against our Community Guidelines. Upon review, we have determined that the following video(s) contain content in violation of these guidelines [total lie. libel & defamation & irrational, subjective, unfair implementation], and have been disabled:

YouTube is all about sharing [persecution & theft], and it can feel great to get positive feedback and attention from the community [not when you lose so much- but what would a faceless fraudulent corrupt corporation care or know about feelings & loss]. But when users receive comments or videos that attack and bully them [like this sadistic message], their experience is no longer fun or safe. [duh.. like this message] YouTube is not a venue for things like predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, intimidation, invading privacy, revealing other people’s personal information, and inciting others to commit violent acts or to violate the Terms of Use. [none of which are in the fraudulently struck videos but are in this youtube message, proof youtube violates its own rules]. If you continue to post such content, you may have your account permanently suspended. [like that would make any difference since you hid 10,000+ of 13,000 video uploads by removing pagination & disabling the terribly tedious timewasting “load more” button after 34 pages].

This is the second Community Guidelines warning strike your account has received within six months. [the previous was another old clip from years ago, wrongly struck through fraud, lies, libel & defamation: ☠ Y☹UTUBE FALSE FLAG FRAUD ☁⚡TRϟKES AGAIN Winston Wu Happierabroad videos after Free Trade Commission, Department of Justice, CNBC, WSJD 10,000 George Godley video theft reports mon 8 sept 2014 (diplomatic/ undiplomatic versions)]

Accordingly, the ability to access this account has been disabled and will not return until two weeks after you acknowledge this message. Please review the YouTube Community Guidelines and refrain from further violations, which may result in the termination of your account(s). [youtube won’t get another millisecond of video or time so they keep defrauding old uploads from years ago. The account is practically terminated anyway with worthless wasted 10,000+ missing videos]

For more information on YouTube’s Community Guidelines and how they are enforced, please visit the help center.

Please note that deleting this video will not resolve the strike on your account. For more information about how to appeal a strike, please visit this page in the help center.

Date Received: Feb 8, 2015 

↓ The video “Gosh comics rejection FAIL mon 28 may 2012 George Godley Soho London U.K DSC_0327.mp4” ( was false fagged 3 years ago by julia or impersonators pretending to be her & left up until today while they removed the other 2 videos uploaded with it: Gosh comics ✄cens☹rs George Godley photographic diary memoir comic struggling artist videos wed 25 july 2012

↑ It candidly shows Gosh comics ex- employee Julia Scheel making fake, 2 faced, lame excuses to not stock “Geo Godley SOCHI RUSSIA BLACK SEA RES㋡R☂” photo comic diary memoir (which subsequently sold out in San Fransisco’s Comix experience- take that, bitch!) by lying, saying they don’t stock photo comics when they do; everyone stocks “The photographer”, an unethical, illegal photo comic exploiting poor destitute afghans’ images & likenesses without permission, releases or compensation. Youtube also hosts, promotes & rewards Vivian Maier’s non consensual, “invasion of public privacy oxymoron” photography without permission, releases, or compensation to the subjects who had their image stolen & sold posthumously. Double standard hypocrisy: when they do it, it’s “remarkable, valuable street photography”; when we do it, it’s not. Youtube’s defamatory libel explanation“This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten “.. the video does no such thing, but youtube does, ironically & hypocritically harass, bully & threaten.
This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten gosh comics Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 20.34.19

julia scheele gosh comics twatter Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 12.07.53

2 fieldway crescent, N51PF Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 23.22.27↑Nor does it violate privacy or personal info; the address Julia Scheele says on the phone [2 fieldway crescent, N51PF] is a google mapped public library & she & Gosh are public figures, unlike the subjects they violate & hypocritically sell without releases in “the photographer” photo comic.


↑ youtube unfairly overpromotes & rewards illegal non consensual, hidden camera prostitution videos like this one with 7 million views, violating privacy in toilets & profiteering off prostitute’s images without their permission, consent, release or compensation. Whether we do it or not, we get harassed, bullied & threatened with termination.

↑ youtube overpromotes & rewards pornography & pornographic performers while defrauding & punishing those who don’t do it & keep their clothes on.

↑ Youtube hosts indecent exposure public exhibitionism nudity tits forbidden to the rest of us [3min:55], striking us for way less, like negligible butcrack cleavage seen everywhere; blurred fully covered, clothed behinds; politely saying hi in public fully clothed while others solicit & ask for sex without permission or releases with hidden cameras; all bogus unfair youtube strikes will be shown exposing & boycotting youtube’s corrupt fraud for accountability.

↑ Youtube hosts favorite comedian Andrew Dice Clay sexually explicit content & nudity tits (10 min) without age restriction but we can’t even say hi with our clothes on without harassment, threats & bullying by corrupt youtube employees.

see previous blog posts for unlimited youtube unfair censorship hypocricy fraud such as:
Arab ah☀les & quim quashing qatari kouachi quaker quacks false flag youtube/georgegodley w/ fraudulent 3rd party impersonation “public privacy” oxymoron complaints for saying “hello”, during Charlie Hebdo massacre while infinite overpromoted youtubers secretly record w/ hidden cameras without permission immune from such bogus bullshit ✄ ☪ensorshit thu 8 – sun 11 jan 2015
☠ Y☹UTUBE FALSE FLAG FRAUD ☁⚡TRϟKES AGAIN Winston Wu Happierabroad videos after Free Trade Commission, Department of Justice, CNBC, WSJD 10,000 George Godley video theft reports mon 8 sept 2014 (diplomatic/ undiplomatic versions)

conclusion: thoughts & feelings: Extreme distress, disappointment, sadness, trauma, unhappiness as ever over endless evil, personally hateful, fraudulent cyberatthacks timed to coincide with last week’s blog criticism satire of unfairly overpromoted skhank green & youtube 10,000+ georgegodley video theft.  That’s the thanks you get for a 13,000 video contribution loss, losing years of your life & fortune to a fraudulent, corrupt corpseoration. Last straw, nail in the coffin, & clean break from the SCUM OF THE EARTH mom warned me about.. shoulda taken dad’s advice to stop music & video showbiz & do economics or anything but [pardon the pun] Coulda been so much fun.. not too late.. R.i.p youtube, hello & anyone except youLube. Better yet, fuck all y’all. later ahles! good riddance to years of nothing but grief, pain, suffering & waste. Not another millisecond or penny. Go to hell, do not pass go, do collect 200.. dicks up yer stinking shit chute. #fuckoffeatshitanddie

NEXT: VIDEOBLOGGER.COM WORLD RECORD LIFELOG DOCUMENTARY FEATURE FILM & SERIES featuring julia scheele, gosh & youtube as evil assh☀le bad guy villains lol

disclaimer/ small print/ terms & conditions everyone uses: satire thoughts n’ feelings not to be taken tooo seriously & subject to change without notice though logically unlikely at this point in time. apologies for errors & omissions. Just a record of where your life or lack thereof went, how youtube lies, cheats, steals & sets the precedent. Most youtube defrauded content providers lack drive, energy, resources & time to expose the fraud. Never forgive or forget youtube, the worst waste of time & money & most damaging, darkest, negative mistake ever. the more you give, the less you get. It’s all leeches taking all for nothing, vs. dumb fucks giving all for nothing. 

 message to youtube staff: went a bit overbored on yo “free speech bitch” ass.. please don’t unfairly close the account, it would be an even bigger waste & need legal action to get back years of lost metadata, & publicity to warn the world w/ this blog as evidence. Haven’t you ripped off & tortured me enough? go pick on someone your own size instead of he who gave you 13,000 videos you ingrates! Will calm down if & when you do.

filed appeal: “no harassment, bullying or threats” whatsoever in this video. public figure, no privacy violation.

mon 9 feb 2015 noon update: oh shit, what did i just blog?! i take it all back, well some of it, youtube’s great- well not that great.. maybe overreacted & exagerrated but was upset & that’s how i felt! off my chest on yours..

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