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YOUTUBE GRAND THEFT LARCENY of 80,000 Anna “Refbatch” Matskevich videos; discrimination vs. mental disability thu 21 aug 2014

↑ Youtube stole another 6,000+ Anna “Refbatch” Matskevich videos she painstakingly uploaded all summer 2014, bringing the total to about 80,000 stolen videos; one of, if not the, largest individual online video blog theft ever & just the tip of the iceberg of infinite youtube stolen content. First, as if it’s not anti-competitive enough, youtube replaces account u.r.l’s with indecipherable code: her last stolen account, “God Soldier”, was forcibly forgettable

Anna refbatch theft 21 aug 2014 Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 19.45.28
“This account has been suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.” translation: “it’s our website, we do whatever we want & are accountable to no one.” dishonest, above the law, civil & human rights violation mumbo jumbo illegal precedent.

People don’t matter to youtube except for cutthroat elitist oligarchs given everything for nothing but a few selfies, pornstar interviews, pranks or unboxing ®™ trademark © infringement violations. Youtube’s legacy to everyone else is abuse & neglect.

More proof in previous blog posts: 10,000+ stolen youtube/georgegodley fullscreen contract youtube videos & stolen geogodley investment account.

the usual youtube disclaimer: It’s our website, we do whatever we want violating all rights with no accountability whatsoever. Sincere fact based thoughts & feelings. Apologies for errors &/or omissions. (unlike youtube who never apologizes for anything especially the evil harm & damage they cause)

↑ you’ll be pissed too when they do it to you

update 27 aug 2014:
from her husband Maxim Belov’s account:

“Russia erases by fabrications freedom of speech”

Published on Aug 22, 2014
“On 15-th of August 2014 at 2:30 P.M. Anna Matskevich was detained by local moscow police of Kuzminki district and forwarded to psychiatric clinic , because of slander against her by pro-islamists teenagers. Inspite she tried to apply for some witnesses , nobody interefered against islamist’s action in post office where Anna came for to ask help against the hooligans. It is understandable just because of US-Russia political confrontation , all people , using english langauge on russian territory , are considering as pro-west agents and the society together with state machine immediately start reprise with them. On Monday 18-th of August In moscow psychiatric clinic № 13 (address : Stavropolskaya 27 Moscow) they will decide what kind of fabrication they can construct against Anna. Of course it is all the same to both sides : as russian and west – nobody will interefere , because there are’nt any interests. One human means nothing. On Monday I will try to contact to staff of the psychatric clinic and will inform you about developing sircumstances. Your sincerely, Maxim Belov”

“Soviet restyled repressions as real face of Russia”

Published on Aug 24, 2014
“On 15-th August 2014 my wife Anna Matskevich was attacked in moscow district Kuzminky by hooligans , who blocked her in post office and called police , which also blowed Anna and forwarded her to the psychiatric clinic with lie accusations. On 19-th August she was brough to so called court hearing under strong psychotropic medicals. My opposing that the staff of the clinic used strong psychotropic medicals before the hearing and that Anna is in the clinic by fabrications by paid liers were ignored by the Judge from local moscow “Lyublinsky” court Mr. Matlachov A.S. , who made decision for forcible treatment of Anna Matskevich in the psychiatry clinic. I visited Anna next day after hearing : she informed me , that it is forbidden for her even to move inside the room ,were she is isolated. It is also vey limited for her just to wash her face , she does not get back her glases , inspite her dioptry is – 8 ! A contacted to her doctor to Mrs. Sevryukova T.A. and pointed on those things asked not to break Anna’s human rights on minimym civilization. On 21-st August I contacted to Deputy chief doctor Mr. Fedin E.Y. He did’nt advice me to make cassation appeal against Anna’s psychiatry imprisonment and allowed only she sign the cassation appeal.

The Moscow psychiatry clinic № 13 in soviet time was an instrument of KGB against dissidents. I hope Russia does not turn to that way.

P.S. 23-rd August 2014 (some addendum)
Anna before used to do video records in english language on moscow streets , what cased hate of crowd to her , because mostly people don’t understand english, especially west mentality. People in Russia , who use english mostly are lowers or representatives of some west business branches.

Anna Matskevich is still in the so called “watching room” , where the clinic staff continues to make psychotropic injection of her by “Haloperidol” inspite of my protests about that. When I pointed this again , the “nurce” answered ,that I should apply for her doctor in public hours only on wensday. Your sincerely, Maxim Belov

P.P.S. First detaining of Anna Matskevich by moscow police was on sport training in Kuzminky park without any reason with fabrication about inadiquate behaviour about two years ago. Second police detaining of her was at french embassy in Moscow, near of square Bolotnaya at time, where russian opposition was making demonstration against Putin’s dictatorship on 6-th may 2013. A lot of people were blowed by police and accused in actions against state. Some activists were sent to psychiatric clinics.”

another account: “”

update: thu 18 sep 2014 Published on Sep 13, 2014

“Russian Federation recoverd soviet fascistic style of reprisal with otherminded and dissidents. By injection of neuroleptics and tranquilizers during long time it is possible to undermine health and lead a sacrifice to distrophy and death. After this fascism by medical poisoning of Anna Matskevich , she can’t move as she did one month ago. Maybe modern jews have forgotten Hitler’s time ,when a lot of jewish people were put in concentrated camps , where nazis used them for different kind of experiments .
Anna Matskevich just wants to be released from these inhuman barbarian experimnets on the personality , dignity , health.
The application against lawlessness of police together with paid liers ,participated in the fabrications against Anna Matskevich was sent to the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and to the Office of Moscow city government. Ofcourse it all the same to them – they just forward all claims to responsible for legal bureaucratic failure structures of Ministry of internal Affairs or to police structures.Non-governmental Human rights organizations are afraid to interefere in the break of human rights on territory of Russian Federation , because only organization appointed by President of Russia for “control” of human rights can decide about existance of rough human right’s break…

At the moment the world is approaching to final maybe collapse between East and West. So nobody will be worried about the fate of the people repressed just for video records on moscow streets.”

“so sad to see “medications” ruin the patient, hope she recovers.. thank God she has you to care for her.. did youtube steal 50,000, or 80,000 of her videos? did she, or youtube close the 30,000 video refbatch account?”

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