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Youtube cuts George Godley video(s), blocks multi uploader metadata & overpromotes Sony’s James Bond Skyfall.. at a price..

Youtube cuts off my video(s).. all the better to drive traffic to the complete archives coming poon on! thanx for the teaser trailer edits dude!

What’s the difference between these two ⬍ pictures? $150 million, contrived production, fake acting, pretentiousness, royal propaganda brainwashing, business expense / charity tax writeoffs, hype.. & cynicism lol

thu 25 oct 2012: youtube blocked GeorgeGodley multi uploader metada with the message “! your video settings could not be saved: invalid request.” in a red banner on top of every video stacked in the 200+ video multi uploader, disabling thumbnailing, titling, tagging, describing, linking, in multi uploader. This makes you lose way more hours doing it in separate windows. Just keeping a record of the endless nightmarish hellish conflicts which seem a bit too frequent to not be deliberate.. makes me wonder, are they trying to stop me from doing this, even for free? why would they make my already dire predicament worse?

fri 26 oct 2012: another stack of 100 videos gets metadata disabled.. wi

youtube FAIL tue 23 0ct 2012 George Godley London U.K 00357.MTS
Clip 367 – 23 Oct 2012 20_29_46
YOUTUBE DISABLES METADATA in multiple uploader 25 Oct 2012 11_24_00 431

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