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Youtube censorship conflict nightmare from hell continues: false flag strike assault against consensual free speech social commentary satire parody observational humor, top youtubers FAIL George Godley sun 10 nov 2013

re-writing in progress.
tue 12 nov 2013 update: i don’t feel good about the undiplomatic tone of this post which can exacerbate & alienate further. It was written immediately while sleep deprived & traumatized by youtube’s constant badgering & recent geogodley Fullscreen contract wrongful termination. This blog keeps it real showing both diplomatic & undiplomatic dramatic versions.. I appreciate still having the youtube/georgegodley Fullscreen account despite..

YouTube censorship |DON’T Broadcast Yourself showing & talking about others in public even with their permission if it’s acerbic, blunt, critical, honest, humorous, irreverent, rude.. the list goes on ©®lol


ATTENTION: The YouTube “Community” [lol- sure, blame it on others] has “flagged” one or more of your videos as “inappropriate” [lol- compared to the sexually explicit soft porn & animal cruelty youtube hosts seen in previous blogposts]. Once a video is “flagged” [lol], it is reviewed by the “YouTube Team” against our “Community Guise lies[Do the math; there’s no way in hell you review millions of flags. Rather, you single out & persecute those critical of the regime while overpromoting others with impunity]. Upon review, we have determined that the following video(s) contain content in violation of these guidelines [youtube never specifies WHAT supposed guideline was violated because NONE were] , and have been disabled:

  • TwDve01J-SkYeti of Soho alcohol social criticism satire George Godley London U.K 004341][1][1]

Your account has received one Community Guidelines warning strike, which will expire in six months. Additional violations may result in the temporary disabling of your ability to post content to YouTube and/or the permanent termination of your account. [that’s the thanks we get for contributing years of unrewarded hard work & investment & 13,000+ videos last year 2012. Intimidating, traumatic threats of termination. conclusion: youtube is a waste of time & money if they don’t pick, choose & overpromote you -but i still apprciate the alleged few thousand daily views].

For more information on YouTube’s Community Guidelines and how they are enforced, please visit the help center.

Please note that deleting this video will not resolve the strike on your account. For more information about how to appeal a strike, please visit this page in the help center. Date Received: Nov 10, 2013

Sincerely, the YouTube Team [i wrote this entire blog post before copy pasting this part from the email as opposed to the account message which doesn’t have it.. as soon as there’s a human element i feel more diplomatic.. but it’s still unfair persecution..]  

Honest undiplomatic thoughts & feelings:

3 a.m google time saturday night/ sunday 10 nov 2013, someone at youtube false flag struck youtube/georgegodley account again, re-removing an old video from months ago that was already removed, appealed, & reinstated last month; a personal “thinking out loud” free speech social commentary parody satire with recorded & uploaded CONSENSUAL PERMISSION/ VERBAL RELEASE from the recorded subject seen in the video below.

The subject has no problem with the parody /satire, so what’s yours?

Someone at youtube has nothing better to do with their saturday night, than degrade an already dreaded wasteland site into further disrepute as if it weren’t lousy enough: even top overpromoted youtubers with hundreds of millions of views & hundreds of thousands of subs FAIL miserably to get even a few thousand views on their recent videos! (whatthebuck, itschriscrocker & so many more not worth publicizing since cutthroats don’t reciprocate. Youtube/user/smosh alexa stats: 64% bounce rate & average time spent on site 46 seconds lol). More proof youtube is an extremely unfair censored waste of time for most (i wish it weren’t, see how optimistic & positive i am compared to them lol). The only logical explanation: since overpromoted youtubers don’t get enough views, youtube harasses & intimidates others into uploading less to eliminate competition. Especially those critical of the regime.

while promoting others violating community guidelines like oklahoma city vigilante youtube/ videovigilanteokc, who stalks, bullies, harasses, threatens & videos people having sex in their private vehicles without their consent & posting them screwing & their personal info: 

or Shark (youtube/ SHARKonlineorg) misbehaving similarly (i don’t want to say stalking bullying & harassing because i morally support their cause but comeon, get real, be honest- if that isn’t, what is.. lol), antagonizing, videoing & posting people & their private personal info without consent/ permission:

If you or i violate such guidelines or even if we don’t, we get threats of termination & terminated.

What did i just blog? oh shit youtube doesn’t like free speech & breached & wrongly terminated my geogodley Fullscreen contract account & are now attacking GeorgeGodley Fullscreen contract account so you gotta kiss ass & be diplomatic or it just gets worse. Ok here goes:

♥ Gushing obsequeous ass kissing diplomatic version lol:

Wonderfully sublime splendid glorious Youtube has in its infinite wisdom or automation re-removed the social commentary parody satire “Yeti of Soho alcohol social criticism satire George Godley London U.K 004341][1][1]” yet again after already removing & reinstating it months ago despite recorded & uploaded CONSENT & VERBAL RELEASE PERMISSION of recorded subject. I will honor youtube’s [erroneous in my opinion] decision & avoid posting any & everything they might not like with their extremely unfair selective censorship violating free expression, thought & feeling & eliminating content provider competition with false strike threats & intimidation.

Oh sh!t i just can’t keep my feelings bottled up, emotions came out at the end. I can’t believe this is an american company or anything to do with google. It just can’t be; google searches are completely uncensored showing endless sexually explicit hardcore porn with a simple age restriction filter switch, yet youtube constantly persecutes free speech & thought NON community guideline NON violations after wrongfully breaching & terminating Fullscreen GeoGodley account’s years of unrewarded work & investment. Diagnosis: absolutely sickening, contradictory, dissociative identity disorder (DID)/ multiple personality disorder(MPD).

What a long bad trip it’s been.. digital holocaust persecution conflict story. Now all that’s missing is a 3rd act climax lol.

raw unfiltered thoughts & feelings subject to change without notice, Apologies for errors &/or ommissions.

i think whoever hates & unfairly persecutes me at youtube reads this blog because they removed & blacked out other people’s videos i embedded which showed unfair non censorship of community guideline violations, reinstated terminated HappyCabbie channel after i criticized its termination, & wrongly breached & terminated my Fullscreen GeoGodley account contract when i criticized their false flag strikes & threats of termination. Their activity often seems triggered by something i post/ write. So if you’re reading this, i appreciate the positive things youtube did for me but not the negatives.

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