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Monday 16 sep 2013- Dear [names withheld- reputable entertainment litigation attorneys], I am George Godley, world record video blogger & Fullscreen network youtube partner. Someone at youtube unfairly persecuted my geogodley & georgegodley accounts by sending threatening emails & removing videos which I believe do NOT violate community guidelines while youtube promotes & monetizes other’s community guideline violations. Please let me know if i have a case. Sincerely George Godley

Further to our conversation today please find enclosed:
-Fullscreen contract youtube breached & wrongfully terminated by terminating the geogodley account.
-2 threatening emails of supposed community guideline violations i believe to be false, including the termination email
-youtube’s community guidelines I can prove without a reasonable doubt they wrongly implement. [proof below & previous blogposts]
-youtube’s terms which probably disclaim all liability placing them above the law? [if so, let’s all be above the law, with terms & disclaimers..]

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sat 14 sep 2013- 
“This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.” (← another defamatory, libelous lie when the account didn’t violate community guide lines or ©opyright crap unlike others seen below.)
Still hoping for a diplomatic out of court solution to youtube’s breach of contract & wrongful termination of Fullscreen network contract partnered geogodley 10,000 subscriber account. Years of unrewarded hard work, financial investment, meticulously edited episodes/ music videos/ family vintage vlogs, painstaking unfair self-censorship & 13,000 youtube/georgegodley uploads deserve justice. It’s a matter of principle: at what point do you stop bending over to get screwed & stand up for yourself to state your case? At the very least, we deserve expert legal advice in writing & on video. Anyone wrongly terminated by youtube, especially contracted / network partners, please contact for a possible class action lawsuit or at least a part in the upcoming documentary feature film VIDEOBLOGGER.COM w/ international film & tv festival distribution etc. & Youtube, if you’re reading this, please remove & stop the false flag strikes & wrongful terminations & reinstate the account or open a dialogue like a civilized company (← oxymoron lol).

↑ What youtube does to us while they promote community guideline violations below.

Youtube overpromotes & doesn’t even age restrict other’s sexually explicit, flagrant community guideline violations that you & me get threatened & terminated for whether we do them or not. Infinite ‘related videos’ prove the case without reasonable doubt. It takes your & my unfairly self-censored content years to get the millions of hits these community guideline violation videos get in no time, with no work or effort.

↑ Youtube is obviously an adult, sexually explicit soft pornographic site that falsely censors, breaches contracts & wronglfully terminates the rest of us while they promote smut, prostitution & pornography as seen above.

next: full legal case documentation & entertainment litigation attorney’s legal advice. Will those reponsible be accountable, subpoena’d & squirm in court? is there a case against lying, cheating & theft of ©opyrighted intellectual property? in conclusion, should we all cheat, lie & steal? & why bother uploading for nothing while other youtubers use bots & other unfair means to cheat lie & steal too? how can you trust youtube after all this? was it all.. a waste of time & money?

Please copy pasta & retweet: #YOUTUBE #LEGAL @gstrompolos @youtube @google @Fullscreen @THR @tmz @Variety @eonline @Gawker @WIRED @LegalZoom @AP

disclaimer: just my raw uncensored thoughts & feelings subject to change without notice. Despite all this, I thank youtube for the positive things they did and don’t blame a company for the actions of a few. Apologies for errors & omissions. Like all website terms n’ disclaimers, this should also refuse any responsibility while violating all rights: “by entering this site, you agree to milk & cookies & never sue no matter what. Add to that, “parody / satire, not to be taken [too] seriously”.. just in case. & the usual contradiction: “i really appreciate everything youtube & google did for me.” lol

UPDATE sat 19 OCT 2013: looks like youtube reads this blog lol they removed many embedded videos here lol

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