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WORLDWIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM LONDON Sat 19 mar 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited Dr Mike Yeadon, Piers Corbyn WARNINGS @ 1hr54min

WORLDWIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOM LONDON Sat 19 mar 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 480p from 4K stereo.
-Geo Godley intro
, digital flyer, nonstop ambulances, disabled vaccidents vax victims everywhere
-Parliament square 4m27
1p.m instead of 12 noon: too late ahole!
-Buckingham Palace 8m53 print 8m05
-was sagst du? 7m12
-disabled ski poles guy: excuse me i hope the vaccine didn’t do that. NO.  Did you take it? YEA! (typical hypocritical answer) 10m00
-March protest demonstration 11m30
-Heiko, speakers corner regular, Piers Corbyn pal 16m30
-disabled wheel chair smile protester 18m50
-Not “vaccinated” unvaxxed YELLOW STAR apartheid (“slave, apartheid or ghetto”- dr Vernon Coleman) 15m38
-Hyde Park corner 23m30
-Picadilly street 24m00
-Nick Leicester square dancer 30m30
-Thumbnail 4K vidcap 50m23
-Nigerian guy, Leicester square/ Picadilly circus regular 52m39
-Picadilly circus 53m55
-Remeece Don’t tek di vaccine 57m34
-Oxford street 1h07m35
-HANG EM! Hang the treasonous lot! 1h11m15
-Center point, Tottenham court road 1h11m59
-Charing cross road 1h13m00
-Vaccine widow, covid “vaccine” victim Dr Stephen Wright 1h15m10
-Disabled walking stick man: excuse me i hope the vaccine didn’t harm you 1h17m20
-ca/n/m you hold this one second please 1h21m50
-Leicester square 1h20m56
-digital I.D SLAVERY China social credit surveillance control infrastructure in place: NHS gov test trace tracking system QR codes 1h23m56
-Trafalgar square 1h26m30
– alternative school system to avoid non consensual state indoctrination
-101 Year Old Ron “we need marches for freedom ancestors fought for”

TRANSCRIPT. 1h54: ***Pfizer ex Vice president dr. Mike Yeadon & ***Piers Corbyn important messages.

Another vaccident.. so this protest, Parliament Square, they’ve closed off the street like a mile away from it so you need another hour to walk down the damn closed street. It’s 19th is it or 20th, 19th March 2022 Saturday. Thanks for visiting, & 100 domains.There’s. Freedom. Last time I did this, I wasn’t gonna do it anymore. ’cause last time I did this, they just F’d off. They just disappeared. What’s the point in coming here and finding no one. I mean, no, there’s a bunch of stagnant people that don’t move with the.. I don’t know where it was going. Went all over the place so. Met some nice people down there. Victoria St. They should tell people where the trajectory is, where the path is.’cause. Anyway. Another vaccident. Yup, its an ambulance, I saw it. Nonstop ambulances and people walking [limping]. Disabled people from the vacindents look vaccine injuries. Its not from the vaccine, is it? I found a politer way to ask them is, I hope that’s not from the.. Injection, vaccine. It’s not even a vaccine, look see. How many you gonna see? Man its nonstop ambulances and disabled people. So uh.. anyway Yeah. So a politer way to say it is, you’ll have to see the clip, you’ll have to see the clips of how I say it. 2m20 So my back was was disabled. Probably from shedding from the from the dam fake fraudulent COVID Mrna Injection shedding from the vaccinated, from the fake vaccinated. But then I’ve had. I’ve had the back pain before, but. So I took this. I couldn’t tell you, but this is drug. It took me years to find it thanks to my. Nurse muse. You pop one of those and goes. I have to see side effects and see, but it’s called. shalI tell you? maybe later. Why should it take me years to find it? And you not? & not you. Did you help me? Theyre all gone man. Where’d they go man? It looks like they went down there there’s a big crowd. Microwave radiation here. Get away from them. Helicopter. Toldya, it’s an ambulance again, totally every two minutes. Another vaccident VAX victim I’m tellin ya. No squinting scrunching frowing. 4m10 Haha mask in the car. When they mask kids who have zero percent zero chance of catching this stupid bioweapon flu, rebranded flu, I feel like saying, that’s child abuse, man. But I don’t wanna get in the [argument]. Where did everyone go? Excuse me Where did the posters go that way? Wonderful Buckingham palace. You sure?, I’m at. Down that street.. Did I miss something here? What did they say anything here or not? They didn’t have anything going on here, right? Did they did? Yes. Look up that way, but they didn’t do anything except have a crowd they didn’t do. Like any. Speeches or anything like I did, yeah. I see. Stop later. They’ll be there. Trafalgar Square? No I said.. But if I can’t catch up with him, can I? Do you know if they’re going to Trafalgar square after or Hyde Park? Probably yea, Cheers. Man, he’d be rolling [spinning] in his grave. {Lloyd George statue] Oh its not Churchill Where’s the Churchill one? He’s right there! They got police all over him.. Church Churchill would be rolling in his grave if he knew it was going on. I gotta get the Churchill one. Why are they guarding the Churchill one more than the.. He’d be rolling in his grave if he knew what was going on these days. We always have. So its not live, because live is such sh– quality such bad quality. You know, what’s the point being live if it looks like sh-t & there’s hardly anyone there anyway, & they watch it later anyway, so I’m not gonna edit this ’cause. I still haven’t learned the final cut completely I can dabble in it. But you know the new final cut, you know? I was on the old the older version. I might Try Adobe for Vidcapture photo grabs . So this will be the uncut version and get this out of the picture this thing [mic wind cover]. No. I can’t hear you. Was? Was? was sagst du?.  “Today is sponsored by monero?”. I think they go to Trafalgar  square at the end. I prefer to just see them in Chicago Square and then run everywhere. Like a  madman. There you are. [lLight paper] You gotta get the print version ’cause the Internet could go down with all these fraudster criminals. They can just pull down the Internet. But if you have this you’ll still get some truth. Instead of all the lies. 8m30 Oh, sorry. Where the hell are they? If they left, I’m that’s it. I’m not following them anymore. Stay for awhile. No, because. Will help you. I can’t cross. Tell me the shortest. Yeah. If we get here. You can’t get out even there. Quote enough if they’re both. This is how I can Excuse me. Thank you. 10m Another vaccident. Excuse me if the vaccine, I hope the vaccine didn’t do that. No, no. Did you take it? Yeah, yes the vaccine’s good for you. See that’s how I do it, to not be rude. I hope the vaccine didn’t do that. Otherwise they can get upset like it’s a secret that it did it. Or that a lot of people got it from that. & theyre always like, no, it didn’t do this. Did you take it? Yes. Did it make it worse? Holysh. Buckingham palace.. 11m30 protest join. Stop masking children too. 18m55 smiling disabled wheelchair protester “end the jabbing” “big pharma loves you” 30m51 Nick dancer guy 34 we will fight for human rights 50m23 4K thumbnail picture 52.40 Nigerian Picadilly circus 57m30 🎶 “DON’T TEK DI VACCINE” & “UNVAXXED SPERM” lol 1h7 battery change 1h12 dr evil & his needle is coming for your kids, Tottenham court road  1h14 coerced vaccination is medical rape 1h23 no covid pass swastikas , let’s help stop the spread of corona[fraud tyranny] QR code {uk gov wasted tens of billions on this failed china social credit nhs “test and trace” human rights nuremberg code violation scheme]

1h32m20 Trafalgar square it’s been an amazing day today guys powerful. The children of this beautiful day we often talk about human rights, but what about children rights? And that is what we’re standing for today. The children and their right to choose. To be safe. From this poison covid jab. We are protesting with hundreds of countries worldwide. That’s why worldwide demo is so important because we’re starting in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the world. Remember guys, we are part of a global freedom movement & what a beautiful movement this is. Make some noise for the freedom movement people. Today we are united and we are not divided because we are stronger together when we work as one. All quibbles aside, we are here for the children. We stand in solidarity for the children guys and that’s why we’re here today. Thank you all so much for coming. It has been absolutely amazing. 1h33.50 We’re just waiting for a couple of more strugglers? to come in and then we’ve got words from a very, very important person. Yeah. So come on, guys. Let’s make some noise for freedom people, make some noise, people. 1h35m30 but we’re here. We’re saying no. The policing bill wants to stop us making noise so we will make some noise, people. Make some noise for freedom. Freedom! Hang em! Hang em! We’re Standing here today for the children. No covid jabs for kids. Now, we have an amazing woman right here. 1h36 She’s called the VACCINE WIDOW and she has been through a lot. Please welcome her to the stage right now people give her a warm welcome, come on guys you can do better than that.. this brave woman has come to speak today abnout her story.. Hi, Thanks for having me. I’ve done this speech before. Last year in Birmingham and it took everything I had. I’m not a comfortable public speaker, but I believe with my whole heart that I should be here to tell my husband’s story because he can’t. Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday, he would have been 34. It’s the second time I have to live through this day without him. And tomorrow is even harder because last year I was so numb I couldn’t feel anything. This year all I can feel is pain and anger. My husband Steven ws the most kind, caring, charismatic funny and loving husband to me and daddy to our 2 boys Isaac age 8 & Elijah, who’s two. Its what many people say when they lose a loved one, but I cannot express how true these words are. He was the most amazing husband. He did everything from cooking, cleaning, changing nappies, even delicately rehoming spiders. Despite working full time in his NHS Row and building his own private business in child and adolescent psychology. My head.. He always found time to make me feel beautiful and special. His passion was working with children. When we first met, he was dealing with adult patients in a secure mental health unit. But as he progressed through his doctorate, he realized when he helped a child, he wasn’t just helping that child, but helping the whole family. 1h38m20And that gave him so much joy and a real sense of purpose. Steven took his first dose of Astra Zeneka on January the 16th, 2021. On the morning of the 25th of January, Steven woke much earlier than usual from our bed and went downstairs. He returned with a glass of water and told me he had a splitting headache and had taken some tablets. He wasn’t sure if he should go into work, but due to lockdown and the fact that he had been prevented seeing his clients face to face meant he did not want to let them down. Later that day, he called me and he said he was coming home as the headache was worse. I then received a text saying he had taken more tablets and staying until the end of the day he must have been in awful pain, but typical of him, he cared more about his work than himself. Later that evening, he did not feel up to eating dinner and was complaining of sinus pain. Later, he fell asleep whilst we watched TV. When he woke about half an hour after he told me he had a strange tingling feeling in his left arm, and it felt like pins and needles but different. I suggested that he shake his arm out, but it didn’t pass. His arm was down by his side, hovering over the sofa. He looked at me and said Shah. He then looked at his arm. Slowly moving to the right and said I’m not doing that. At this point, we called 111. The paramedics came and we did the stroke test. He was speaking OK and could hold both arms out steady, but then his left arm moved to the right in front of his face without his knowledge. We knew this was not good. I, like many people could not go with him due to covid [globalist dictation software automatically capitalizes the word “covid” in upper case to defraud & intimidate]and we had to say our final goodbyes in our living room. We knew it was bad. We said we loved each other twice and hugged longer than usual. I stood at the window and watched him go. Even when he was in the ambulance, I could not move until he was out of sight. Steven then actually texted me to tell me he had arrived at the hospital and said he would be going in for a head scan soon. I asked if I should let his mom know and the final text he would ever send to me said not yet. He was still in that moment, clinging onto the pure positivity that he would be OK and this was literally minutes before he began seizing and was intubated. He never woke up. Steven was 32 years old and died from vaccine induced thrombosis and thrombocytopenia on Tuesday, the 26th of January at 18:33 PM. I never really watched mainstream media news. I would only ever be interested in acts of kindness type stories, and I didn’t really keep up with what was going on in the world. Naturally, I would come across tragic stories. That would make me feel so sad for the families, but also grateful for the love that I had in my own life. This was why I was so shocked that the mainstream media would not want to hear my family story. Then I was told “This morning [TV show]” wanted to interview me and I was glad I could go on and tell his story. But as I was preparing, the phone call came to tell me that I would not be going ahead because Ofcom regulations forbade it. BOOOO! Hang em! Hang em! I was devastated for my husband. I wanted his story out there so that his legacy could help save lives. It was insinuating to me that if people heard about it, they could die because they may choose not to have it. The realization that my husband had died from the so called vaccine was only a number of weeks after, when I began getting phone calls from the hospital in which he died. The first was a Doctor who found abnormalities with his case similar to one other case in the same hospital. We later found out that this was a 25 year old man who had died in the exact same way the month after Steven. The next contact was a Doctor, Rupin thrombosis specialist, who said in no uncertain terms that there is no other. Explanation, then, that the vaccine had killed Steven and I have this on tape, he explained to me in detail how the his stroke came about and the similarities to other rare strokes. However, he said, and I quote, it had never been seen before. It was a thrombosis phenomena. He thought Steven was possibly the first person in the UK to die from this vaccine. Again, these were his words. In the first, but he certainly wasn’t the last. 1h43m30 As a family, we have had very minimal support from the government so far. The amazing Sir Christopher Chope finally got a platform to speak in the Houses of Parliament & the attendee number was shocking and a further slap in the face to us. The second reading was heard last night. The vaccine Damage payment scheme needs to be reformed. I and many other individuals and families have been working alongside solicitor Sarah Moore and her colleagues at Horsfield since early last year. The system is failing so many families. And as the news reports, bizarrely move away from anything covid [again, globalist tyranny software forces this 99.9% survival fraud rebranded flu substitute to be written in upper case capital letters; always write in lower case!]  or vaccine related, we find ourselves feeling forgotten and abandoned when we were never really heard in the first place. So finally I bring to bring this speech to a close. I was not that person who could stand up and speak to a crowd but the reason that I have the strength to be here today comes from mine and my husband’s pure love for the children of this world. I know he is with me now & proud that I am here. Steven would agree with me that it is never a child’s responsibility to protect an adult. It is always the other way around. [YEEA cheer applause] If you made the decision to take the job yourself, it is your right and you do so at your own peril. But I say to all parents out there, do more for your children. Think about the 99.997% child survival rate & question why you would risk your child’s life with no real benefit to them. Look at the obvious coercion and propaganda. See through this the way that I didn’t, the worst happened to me. What if it happens to your children? And even if you don’t agree, surely it is safer to wait. Give it up for Charlotte people. They’re Vaccine Widow. We’re sending you so much love. And our prayers are with her late husband, justice for Charlotte, Justice for Charlotte, Justice for Charlotte. We love you. justice for Charlotte Justice for Charlotte Justice for Charlotte. Justice for justice for Charlotte Justice for Charlotte, Justice for Charlotte. Right, guys, what a beautiful, strong woman. Thank you so much. So now we are going to introduce the beautiful, the wonderful Alice. Make some noise, people. You know this woman make some noise. She’s a living legend. How you all doing? Thank you so much. I’m gonna be singing a couple of freedom songs. It’s amazing to see you on this sunny, beautiful day and and just thank you. Thank you for being here. And fighting for freedom.
🎶As a child, I walked 1000 sorry miles to wait for my father, to gather up his truth. Wait for mom. Come get you wanna safe for us to move. So i waited many years held back the pain behind my tears, for my father to come find me like he said. And at the time, I didn’t know so many years without my home. I heard another song a different kind instead. & at the time  I didn’t know just how hard the wind could blow towards disaster and the things that I would see. I never found my mother I never found my father. I will not be commanded, I will not be controlled, & I will not let my future go on without my head above my soul..? 🎶

1h50  Hello beautiful people Trafalgar square.. [muffled lloudspeaker technical problem] schools do not have your best interest at heart, best thing you can do is remove them from state indoctrination system. We have not protested for 2 years for nothing, we are here to build something better, something new. 1h51m17 We have an opportunity, we have not protested for two years for nothing. We are here build something better than build something new. I want very lucky to be part of that. We have done something truly amazing and incredible down in east Sussex. We have built something called hope. Hope stands for home and personalized education. We have a venue with hundreds of acres where we have a right home, education, family that come on site & educate their children. We have amazing awake tutors. We are building it every single week. We have now over 170 families that regularly come on site to use us. This is the future of education for our children. I[cheers, applause]  –, If you have children of school age or if you have grand parents and children of school age, please go to our website Have a look at stop we’re about, have a look at what we are achieving. This is the future for our children. And we have plans to make this even bigger. We have people all over the country that want to take this model and roll it out in their own areas, people, it works. We need to remove our children from the system that the government wants to indoctrinate our children. They want to teach our children that “vaccinations” are the way for them to say safe. They want to teach our children that the BBC is a trusted news outlet. 1h52m50  We need to teach our children ourselves. They are our children, not the state’s, not our government’s. They are our responsibility.  And the single best thing you can do for them is to raise them with your best values and interests at heart. People, I love you all thank you all so much for all you do. I love you, you are my brothers and my sisters & I stand for every single one of you. & I’m humbled. Thank you so much. 1h53m30 give it up for – Everybody. She is a freedom fighter We love you so. So she was talking about hope. One amazing organization. It has been an amazing day today we are here protesting with hundreds of countries worldwide. Today we are standing. In solidarity, we are here with our brothers and sisters because we are part of the biggest freedom movement in history. People make some noise for the freedom movement. Now, right now we have a very special message. We couldn’t get it earlier because of tech issues by ex Vice president of Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon, who is in the USA. & he has got a powerful message for us. Give it up to Mike Yeadon guys. A national hero. Mike Yeadon [dictation software misspelling = you done lol], Doctor? I should call him. How rude of me is a national hero.
1h54 Yes. Hello, London. [horn blow, cheer]  [Pfizer ex Vice president] dr. Mike Yeadon  here. I’m so glad to have the chance just to say a few words, I wish I could be with you. It’s great that you’re being together, being seen and heard. My wife and I are in Florida. We’re fighting the same battle that you are to protect our children and our grandchildren, and also to push back on the tyrannical globalists. This virus that’s dominated our lives for two years represents some threat to health only to the people at the very end of their natural lives. Early on in 2020, physicians in New York and Marseille identified safe and effective early treatments, and these have only been built on. Meanwhile, instead of backing off, governments all around the world, also in the UK, forced us apart. They told us lies, and it was designed to induce fear in us. They used censorship to make sure that people couldn’t tell you the truth and they gained control of our daily lives, and then by using things like lockdown, they brought about nothing but destruction. No one was saved. They destroyed society and economic damage. And that, the purpose of that was to lead us into these ghastly vaccines. 1h56m20 I’m ashamed of having worked in an industry that’s being so badly used recently, it’s never ever appropriate to develop a brand new technology medicine to terminate a pandemic. Why? Because it takes far longer to know that you’ve got long term safety than the length of any pandemic. And don’t let them tell you otherwise. That will always be true. It was true this time, and it’ll be true with any next crazy scheme they come up with. So say no, absolutely no to the idea of a new technology vaccine to extinguish any new pandemic. Day by day, though, things seem to be lightening up a little bit. We’re starting to learn officially here in the US, and I hope maybe in the UK some things that we’ve known for ages. What doesn’t work as advertised. Well, you know what doesn’t work? Everything. Everything they told us was a lie. The PCR tests are not suitable for clinical diagnosis, just like Nobel Prize winning, Kary Mullis said. The lockdowns don’t work. There’s even been studies from the Johns Hopkins University. That should make you laugh but show that lockdowns don’t work. We knew this in 2020. The masks don’t work. They’re literally theater, absolute theater. And then these genetic vaccines, they are dangerous, overtly dangerous and badly performing. But my favorite lie that they told us is that people with no symptoms can infect other people. Asymptomatic transmission is an absolute flat lie, and it’s been used to terrify people, and it’s worked very well. 1h56 I can still see it working occasionally where I am. I don’t know if you know this, while that was happening in in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland it was also happening in every other major country round the world. At the same time, they were all telling their people the same set of lies and adopting the same set of fear inducing tactics and censorship. That should frighten you, because I think that’s the strongest evidence you could ask for that there was a supernational plan, someone was trying to take over the entire population of the world. If we lose this battle, it will be the last one free humans will ever fight. No one is coming to save us, but we can do it. So even though we’re, you know, reticent Brits, we’ve got to make sure we’re out. Every chance we get associating with each other, talking with each other. We are the people who will rescue ourselves. How do you do that? It is hard. Drop truth bombs as they call it around you. Whatever it is that you’ve understood that’s been lies. Make sure you know that and just drop it into conversation. Also to spread seeds of doubt about the official storyaround you, about the lies you’ve been told all the time, just keep doing that. I encourage you to do these things because it’s not over yet. It’s not over. I think they will have another run at us later this year or next.So a few things then. Our children and our in our case, our grandchildren, they’re not at risk from this virus at all. No, no ifs or buts. No vulnerables simply not true. Do not let anyone near your children with these vaccines, in my view. No one should take vaccines because we have safe and effective, well understood alternative medicines. So just say no to this stuff. But there are other things on the horizon quite close to you. In our Parliament, we should oppose the tyrannical legislation in what is supposed to be a democracy. Three things. The W.H.O [world hoax disorganization] TREATY. It’s bad enough what they’ve done to us, but WHO is trying to put a new treaty in place which if everyone signs up for it would in the time of a new pLandemic, effectively give W.H.O control of the world. I can tell you no one knows what’s the best thing to do in a crisis. And the worst thing you could possibly do is centralize it in the hands of a person that doesn’t know what they’re doing. It’s always best to run dozens of separate experiments and then compare the outcomes. Throw this treaty on the fire where it belongs. 2h00m57 Then there’s the online harms bill. And then finally. I think it’s called the PC CS bill. It’s an [ominous] omnibus containing just a whole bunch of repressive measures that our MP’s should be embarrassed to be voting through. You know this is wrong, [another vaccindent vax victim ambulance?]  it will criminalize what you I hope you’re gonna do today. Noisy protests. Whole point of a democracy is to be able to make some noise, so have a great session. Make your voices heard and you know I’m with you in spirit. You’re fighting most important battle we ever can fight. Thank you very much. Make some noise for doctor Mike Yeadon! Thank you for speaking up for the children. Just say no to these poison jabs. Thank you dr Mike Yeadon! So that was amazing. Thank you so much, Doctor Mike Yeadon. 1h01m50 So we have a living legend next. He’s been active in a fight since 1968. We had the amazing freedom fighter, Mr Piers Corbyn. Give it up for.. Hello hello hello Absolutely brilliant to be here. And you know your new name. When I said it was last time RESIST DEFY DO NOT COMPLY!. Resist defy Do not comply! OK, that’s warmed you up. It’s fantastic to be here and I wanna thank everybody here and say well done for sticking around to whatever you’ve done in the last two years. Because we have forced back some of their intentions. We know that many restrictions are being lifted. Now we know there would have been more lockdowns but for you. So well done. But the new normal, the new world order, the new world tyranny, they have now completed phase one of their plan, and that is to get millions of people around the world, compliant to their orders, now. They have now got many, many, many people complying to the jab and believing in the jab, and they lifted the restrictions now to make you believe that they’ve been lifted because of the jab that is the biggest lie in history! But we’ve gotta use every opportunity to break their phase 2 [face too] Phase 2 is to roll out the jab to everybody and make you all jab dependent and modify your DNA in a new technocracy. It is totally evil. And we say NO!. They have launched what they call a coalition, epidemic preparedness innovation program. In other words, the 100 day jab program and what do we say we say stop the 100 day jab program, stop the 100 day jab program? Stop the 100 day jab program. & after that they have a plan for a world treaty whereby governments have to comply to some new world pseudo government rulings over your body rights. They want to take away your rights over your body and give them to some International Treaty organization. This is totally evil and must be resisted all the way. And we got here, let’s be clear, how we got here by a simple united front of opposition to all the COVID program and all the measures they were imposing in the name of it, including all attacks on our rights and we have to keep that up and we gonna break all the legs of the new world order. Let’s be clear. They do have 5 legs, the VIRUS CON, the CLIMATE CON, the physical jabbing of your body, the 5G aerials which make you ill and they are there to control you with all those satellites put up by ElonA Musk. And the last thing is the Cashless society which paves the way for identification passporting stuck on your body in your phone, so if you disagree with the new normal, you get switched off. So we have to say we want cash, keep cash, keep cash, keep cash, keep cash, keep cash, keep ca$h. Now. There’s a new thing  that’s happened of course. Suddenly the restrictions are lifted the same day the 22nd of the 2nd 2022, we have a war. A war in the Ukraine now is it a fake war or not? Of course George Orwell warned, he said, there will be permanent war, permanent war to distract you and hold you in place. Now that is part of it indeed. But there is actually a real war going on, a real war.2h06m49 & the Russians are trying to destroy all those bio labs in the Ukraine where theyre trying to make anthrax. All those biolabs must be destroyed. We want no biolabs anywhere in the Ukraine, we need demilitarization of all that area, Not an increase of NATO. We want all those troups out and an end to any of this biolab evil tyranny which are all part of the New World order. Whatever they try and impose, we have to be ready. So I would just end by saying we now have a vital few weeks, we have elections happening in London in the council elections. We can use these to make propaganda and demand the Councils no longer implement all these rules. Let the UK live will be standing along with others. Let the UK live federation. I would say if you’ve got time join in use those elections to make propaganda and action to resist & defy & stop everything. And I will repeat. Thank you very much for all your support and well done. Everybody here has gotta beome a leader in their community to fight back against the new world tyranny. We are just entering phase two. Do not give up and lets say RESIST DEFY DO NOT COMPLY! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Give it up for freedom fighter mr Piers Corbyn! This amazing guy. So we are coming to the end of this amazing day. Thank you all so much for coming. It has been powerful standing for the children, human rights, & against tyranny. We will not give up the fight for new battles are being launched against us & we have to stay strong. {muffled audio loudspeaker technical problem] outreach. Oracle films. Independent journalists. You guys are making history, recording history &  doing what the mianstream media won’t and don’t do, so thank you very much. Ron 101 years old. Massice round of applause for Ron. We need to have these marches, we want freedom. We have a 101 year old man telling us we need these marches. No im not gonna stop. Alice welcome back. Thank you Fiona for having me. Fighting for the people, for humanity. Global veterans alliance amazing fought for our freedoms & fighting for our freedoms now thank you so much. Photos: moderna patented the covid rebranded flu bio weapon. Learn from history to not relive it.   🎶

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