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Walk n talk EASTER SUNDAY sun 1 apr 2018 Geo Godley London England UK Leicester square, Picadilly circus, alcohol abuser vomiter vomitous e-beggar SHOE[NOT]NICE22 Chris Schewe snub Clip0063S03*

walk n talk easter sun 1 apr 2018 geo godley london england uk_alcohol_abuser_vomiter_e-beggar_shoe[not]nice22_chris_schewe_snub (Original)

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

Walk n talk 1 apr 2018 Geo Godley London England UK Leicester square Picadilly circus Clip0063S03* from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Transcript: writing in progress, please check back later.. never miss a word & see all at a glance without having to review the video..
0:00 Waduuup [smile] happy easter everyone uuuggh [eye roll] yea ok Sunday first april 2018, 3:12 pm, geo godley London England, I got my cue cards on the camera this time so I can look over there instead of.. [hand look], you know like all those t.v people that stumble on their words & can’t remember anything & gotta read it you know..i feel lke saying who, but I’m not gonna name them ok.. so anyway, happy easter, I feel like saying happy easter to a few people but I gotta do this, got a monolog to do, got something to say, & I’ve listed it ok “happy easter” we said that, check, ok first a disclaimer that ths is uh.. happy easter whats the big deal about this thing.. it’s a nice building, ok harry squatter, that should say when I’m done with it.. ok first a disclaimer, these are my personal thought and feelings, fact based factual thoughts and feelings subject to change..[screams] shut up I’m vlogging here aholes.. subject to change, subject not to change without notice, I decide, not you, when it’s satyre & when it’s not, so that clears me of any bullshit coming from you. So that’s that.. [bus traffic blows noise & pollution] shoulda chosen a quiet street.. tryng to avoid this kinda shit, trying to have a conversation here, uh, monolog..ok so um.. youtube stole all my work, that’s’ why I’m doing this right now, that’s why I’m not on youtube, youtube lies, cheats & steals infinite content from its crerators, contracted creators, violates their contracts & wrongfully terminates everyone, breaks the law, [posters] promotion garbage.. 2:30 and is above the law, we’re telling the FTC, the Justice Department, the EU Comission, I’m doing a media blitz about youtube right now and that’s gonna be one of the main themes in my movie, in my documentary feature, series, photo books, autobiography.. I’m gonna be the.. I feel like repeating what I said last time because its was a bit distorted, the levels were a bit too high so Koenig books, the bastards that wouldn’t support the arts, cause they wouldn’t stock my book for example, closed. So what goes around comes around, very glad, very happy, and youtube should be next with theire stinking law breaking.. coz lets’ say u sign a contract that says that they can steal from you. Does that mean that it’s legal for them to steal from you? If so, you sign a contract that they can kill you. Is that legal now that they can kill you? So you know, a lawyer is in order here, so that’s one thing. So youtube lied cheated and stole & libeled & defamed, I’m gonna start all the videos that way so it’s the opening theme to my life, cause that’s what happened, 13,000 videos they stole, which took years to upload & tens, probably hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in both accounts, not to mention priceless time, years, how do you value time & years spent on a shit site that just takes without giving but we can do the same. That’s their M.O.D [modus operandi deception/ death] so now trying to get away form all the pollution &.. pwohh.. stinks of diesel, no wonder everybody’s got cancer, gotta get outa this, anyway its gonna be pedestrianized now so ok.. haaa [sigh] so why am I doing this okay one more time uh, says that I have at least 120 daily uniques, right? unique visitors, which is quite a bit for me because I only had that in my youtube heyday when I had millions of hits overall, you know I would get huge numbers at some point with the reddit garbage all those hater trolls trying to again libel & defame me but all it did was make it bigger so.. I don’t know , anyway 120’s not bad, it’s more than I’m used to, it’s gone up like.. it was about 80 during youtube, sometimes spiking and then it went to 50 & 20 when they stole both accounts, like 20 unique vistors a day, & now it’s back to 120. So i‘m like.. I have better things to do, I don’t need this shit, I wanted to finish my movie, actually I shouldn’t even be here, I should be on the beach somewhere, but I wanna finish my goals, right? I’v got 5 goals: yea the documentary feature film, the series, the soundtrack, the photobooks & the website. So anybody with a good resume in those fields get in touch with me I got a huge budget to invest, caus see it as an investment, with being worth a fortune, it’s gonna be worth it or at least worth a shot. So uh.. okay. Next uh.. aprl fools yea sorry I didn’t get to do that I’m a bit april fooled out right now, maybe a bit later.. we’ll fool someone.. im not prepared, I use cue cards lke anderson cooper should [teleprompter] because he stumbles on his words like all jay leno used to he’d be like euh.. so promo one second, so there was a new development lately, chris shoe, shoence22, he also got.. ok I’m not gonna go there coz there’s asht ton of noise & uh.. well let me just keep walking past them. Let me show you a bit of the Leicester square. Happy easter..happy easter’s a great conversation opener [closer lol] happy anything basically so yea Chris Schewe [ew!] got teminated from youtube too.. God knows how many millions of people they fucked over & stole all their work.. but he used to, he guzzles alcohol & promotes alcoholism, alcohol poisoning, liver damage, death, so he shouldn’t be snubbing me when I talk to him about his e-begging, cause he’s obviously broke, can’t afford a fuckin’ lawyer for a few thousand dollars, and he only got 1 offer like $5 out of 60,000 twitter followers who aren’t there! Non followers! You do NOT have followers. They don’t exist. Theyr’e not there. Even lady googoo, lady KaKa, most her followers are gone. So theyr’e not there, lets not bullshit, subscribers and followers are a joke and only your unque visitors count which you have none either. So chris schewe, I emailed him, my god, at least they’re peaceful these guys [religious stand chanting] it’s a bit loud, it should be like central park (audio amplification prohibited) [chanting] it sounds nice I must say I can see how it would seduce you into doing things you probably shouldn’t.. or.. it’s a compliment, it sound nice voice & melody.. kind of hypnotic.. [dozes off] I must kill.. pap shmear.. what film was that? naked gun [movie] thing.. far use comment because we got..[guy shaking a skeleton puppet on string to an easily amused kid to mambo #5 incidental music exempt form ©opyright bullshit: Schewe cant run, you cant hide, you and me gonna touch the sky].. oh my god, get a life, learn a skill.. entertainment is just low brow, lowerst common denominator, I guess for kids we’ll get to that in a minute, so I was sayng, what was I saying.. chris schewe is ebegging for money because he can’t afford a lawyer & I tweeted him a few times, delaypat told him to get in touch wth me a few times or once at least, um, & he’s just ignoring my tweets & e-beggng from other losers with a billion followers who aren’t there. You know he’s kissing up, sucking some rapper’s ass, about hey can you shout me out becaasue you got 2 million followers [who aren’t there] that’s all that matters in this world, which you don’t, you don’t have 2 million followers, you have 2 retweets & 5 likes, out of your 2 million non followers. Wake up assholes, you have nothing! No-thing that’s what you’ve got so.. if it takes me to tell you, it’s too bad.. I should mix, I’m gonna mingle a little bit later when m done with my monolog I’m almost done. So chris sh-ew, nice guy seems like a nice guy I even told him, I’ll show you the email I sent him, it was kind of a rush job, but ‘m gonna share that in a bit, and uh anyway I’ll put it in the description or whatever coz its funny.. Café de paris.. I’m sticking out too much with this huge mic, I’m expecting trouble, because it just looks too big & professional look in the mirror I’ll show you actually I don’t wanna.. [points at glass window] oh shit, they’re gonna think I’m videoing them the casino! That’s aw man! So bad! So what I have to.. Ok almost done, aaaggh [sigh] so last night..oh, why am I alone on easter..coz my lady friend is outa the country, I was on the phone to her, I’m not alone, I’m on the phone.. so I can.. I might share that I moght not.. so what I’m doing is I’m sharing a little tidbit, just because I have all those unique visitors, supposedly, who knows right.. & I’m not just gonna put vimeo shit coz then they can just go there, vemeo sucks anyway [no pagnation, monetization, inaccurate viewcounters..] all these websites stink.. we’re building, its under construction to self host because the stone age technology.. happy easter.. swedn? No im from Poland.. Poland.. yea I was in Poland had a great time you can see that too anyway ok so um.. yea so my lady friend’s out of the country, last night I met up with Nadine, my friend of decades, that whole family’s been in my episodes, so I’m sharing little tidbits, you know like a walk n talk a week or something like that, you’re not gonna get the full episodes coz those take hundreds of hours to make & I’m gonna send them elsewhere, try & get those out elsewhere, cause I’ve been generous enough over the years and you have been nothing but grief. Like those assholes last night, well okay they weren’t.. I’m in a bar with Nadine last night, wasting my nght sitting down instead of mingling, then when I finally mingle, because I’ve got written on me, theyr’e like, we went to your site & its full of naked ladies. I’m like no, they’re covered up! Theyr’e covered up compared to television, Hollywood, sex and the city, youtube with all their porn they promote on there & violate their own guidelines the bastards, & quim kardouchian {kim kardashian] getting 5 million dollars to take it up the wazoo on video, and a whole fortune, fame & fortune for doing nothing but taking it up the wazoo to begin with, & ryan seacrest promoting her pornography, your shit porn which sucked anyway, you couldn’t do anything with that.. & you got Paris Hilton who sells her stinky toilet water, overpriced fucking garbage over there to the Asians who have nothing better to buy.. & all that based on her stinky tape that came out that made her famous.. why them & not you.. and ii’m not even showing anything so I’m just pissed off with the whole thing I’m fed up. You can see my new page [link] what happened was I was in the bar & these people they were like.. they went to the top hit page which said “sexy times” 7 they just saw like those boring pictures that are all covered up.. so I added some pictures now from Hollywood, t.v, youtube, sex and the city, & all those assholes, & now you’ve got an eyeful, 7 I’m gonna make my point that why them & not us. So.. look forward to it’s gonna be nasty no uh its gonna be everything it should be because life is unfair enough 7 I don’t need you to make it less fair okay? So uh what else I think that’s it..

Eschew Chris Shew yahoo boohoo poopoo #metoo Shoenotnice22: 6min35

Open letter email copy to alcohol abuser, vomiter? unethical bad example/ influence/ non-role model  youtube terminated shoenice22 Chris Schewe sat 30 mar 2018
HEY SHOE [Chris], just making sure you got my tweets, you ignored them & delaypat’s message to you to contact me. I take it you nor your lawyer want any financial assistance from me in my class action lawsuit &/or activism against youtube, who wrongfully terminated & stole 13,000 GeorgeGodley & GeoGodley Fullscreen contract videos. I’m releasing an autobiographical VLOG.COM documentary feature film, series & books about it & spreading the word everywhere, DOJ, FTC, EU Commission, film festivals, tv conventions [you should too].. and will also mention you snubbed me.. I also noticed your gofundme only got $5 from 1 person out of your alleged 59,000 twitter “followers” who aren’t there. By the way, do you vomit those entire bottles of alcohol after ingesting them? if you do, like most of us think you do, you should be honest & tell us. It would save some livers & lives of poor victims [you called “collateral damage” in your vice documentary & apologized in the end for] who copy your extremely irresponsible dangerous harmful behavior. “Dont try this at home” isn’t the honest truth if you’re puking them. You seem like a nice guy & are spectacular and fun to watch anyway, take care, Geo Godley

Pat Mabie I don’t know why shoe isn’t getting back to you.
George Godley it’s gotta be the sexy stuff hollywood, tv, youtube, sex & the city and all those aholes do but we’re not allowed to. I should *snub him* for promoting alcoholism abuse poisoning, liver cirrhosis, death and misleading the public by hiding the vomit that saves his liver & life.


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