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Video blogger content providers t.v/ web series/ documentary feature film casting call for entries

Entertaining, informative, or extraordinary content provider/ video bloggers please contact with time marked [for quick reference] lists & links to your content highs & lolws. Affable, comedic, dramatic, edgy, memorable, romantic, social, unusual characters ideal. If suitable, a few minutes compilation trailer of many vloggers of both genders’ content will be pitched as a t.v/ web/ series/ documentary feature film pilot to international tv/ web/ film agents, companies, distributors, conventions, festivals & markets. Non commercial promotion only until any deals offered will be made only with your negotiation & permission. Published & distributed film maker Arin Crumley’s vlogs are in this project. Thank you, happy holidays -Geo Godley

↑ Arin Crumley’s 4 hour body cam lifelogs & Thailand trip are in this production.

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