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Youtube termination of 40,000 refbatch videos & coughlan firebomb threat; 25 million monthly view nigahiga & all top youtubers outranked by 150,000 monthly view adult blogs; dedicated server news update wed 11 jun 2014

refbatch terminations Screen shot 2014-06-11 at 03.43.07

-Youtube closes (steals?) all refbatch Anna Matskevich accounts with another 40,000 videos AGAIN– (+ 30,000 refbatch videos = 70,000+ total) due to ©opyright claims from.. herself?! or schizophrenic alter ego; “that was the other guy/ gal..” They hide her new account u.r.l with the forgettable code number “” as she uploads another 1,000 vids in 5 days like nothing happened. “Refbatch Batchref“. There’s something comforting about her resilience & “4 hours ago” new denture shit eating grin lol 

↑ update fri 20 jun 2014: youtube closed that account too with the same suspicious false? dm©a notice.

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P5110253refbatch P5150174 15 may 2013 wed










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All that’s left of Anna Refbatch Matskevich’s 70,000+ vanished videos, cryptic content, thumbnail theft & mad metadata is whatever ‘no-lifers’ saved lol..

↑ youtube content kleptomania side effects: dazed disorientation, ghastly gaze, messy mane, slobbish sloppiness, brain boggling baffled bumblings

-Youtube terminates unsavory iconoclastic conmeandian Rick the dick self proclaimed “walking ad for abortion” Cough loogie’s accounts AGAIN, for allegedly threatening to “firebomb your house & watch your family burn”. Terminated accounts coughlan666, 616 & 000 had millions of views & tens of thousands of subs thanks to larger channels he verbally attacked to solicit a mention. And the odd youtube overpromoted low res feature on homepages before he did that “jizz on google chairmen’s wives photos” video. He promptly opens yet another account like nothing happened with the usual satan incarnate user i.d DickDoNasty DickDynasty666 & begs us to spread the number of the beast ↓

-mean spirited spaz(zy) gimmeaflakeman says Shayturd Disney Maker network ain’t worth it, is a negative experience, take $300 a month while ignoring & doing nothing for him, so he won’t post until end of october contract. He fails to appreciate they gave him 30 million views for sloppy, mediocre content while others like yours truly working far harder barely got 3 (on each account). We used to communicate in comments & video responses but that changed when he said “i won’t mention you unless you get cancer or do an incredibly good or bad video” while he hogged the audience while mentioning other drab whack jobs like Gary inmendham. Since then, i get motion sickness nausea from his jerky hammy voice, hyper tension & toilet humor. His cancerous cantankerous comment comes back to haunt him as the Fuckushemale Daiichi nuclear disaster wreaks radioactive wrath on his thumbnails ↓

-150,000 monthly view adultfyi & mikesouth adult blogs consistently outrank 25 million monthly view Nigahiga & ALL top youtubers’ alexa rankings:adultfyi vs. nigahiga vidstats Screen shot 2014-06-09 at 13.59.19 mikesouth vs. nigahiga vidstats Screen shot 2014-06-09 at 14.00.1948k & 29k vs. 79k globally & 11k & 6k vs. 58k U.S thanks to bounce rate, daily page views & time on site (automated bots? lol). Text outranks video.

-r.i.p thewinekone Tony Huyn quits youtube for 6 months plunging to a few hundred daily views despite 27 million views & 128,000 subscribers. #fail lol

-Web designers & developers suggest an unlimited “youtube account style” dedicated server website for $/£/€20,000 in 5 months. Packages include:

OS: Linux CentOS 64-Bit
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 – 4 cores
Storage: 2 x 300 GB hard drives
Bandwidth: 10 TB per month
$1,700/ year

OS: Linux CentOS 64-Bit
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 – 4 cores
RAM: 16 GB
Storage: 2 x 2 TB hard drives
Bandwidth: 20 TB per month
3,300/year, regular cost $4,000/year

Adult content is allowed just like cable tv, hollywood movies & top alexa ranked sites like Playboy & Hustler. Playboy allegedly pays $200,000 a year for:

Apache 2.2
DNS services provided by UltraDNS neustar
Reflected Networks provides managed hosting services
The Sender Policy Framework.
Jetpack digital
Open 247 RealMedia Open Adstream
CDS Glocbal
Gomez platform
Facebook, Quantcast , Analitics, ComScore, VoiceFive
jQuery UI
RequireJS is a JavaScript file and module loader
YUI3  JavaScript and CSS library.
JW Player etc……..

discliamer: this ain’t no two bit gossip site; just sharing personally significant info, entertainment, thoughts feelings & opinions based on facts. apologies for errors & omissions.

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