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RECENT world record lifestream & docu-feature film in production sept 2012

http://VIDEOBLOGGER.COM coming po☺n  finally free & uncensored because of youtube’s arbitrary, contradictory, discriminatory, dishonest, fraudulent, inexcusable, irrational, unconstitutional, unfair censorship (seen in recent blogposts, especially  ✄Y☹UTUBE CORRUPTION CENSORSHIP FRAUD FALSE FLAG STRIKES & WRONGFULLY DISABLES GeorgeGodley 8,720 video lifestream AGAIN Sat 14 July 2012:>)

update: a friend of mine who doesnt even speak so much english told me this blog post is overstating my case to the point where even if youtube wanted to help me i make it impossible for them to do so! on the other hand maybe seeing me so upset gets results? i decided to keep it as a reminder to be more diplomatic in the future because it does seem a tad unecessarily overdramatic..

update sun 18 nov 2012: they just FALSE FLAG STRUCK my account twice again while they overpromote sexually explicit soft porn. so i was right.

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