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YOUTUBE/PEWDIEPIE FRAUD? & youtube news n’ nudes mon 24 March 2014

(rewriting in progress- rough draft:) / your source for offbeat videoblogger social media facts, direct quotes, news, gossip, info, tips, warnings, thoughts, feelings opinions & conclusions curated by world record vlogger & historian Geo Godley with a brutally blunt honest twist of witty wordplay & poetic device. What’s in my heart & mind.Please send any info, credited or anonymous.

[Advisory: adult language, just like all the profanity youtube overpromotes without age restriction. Why self censor when no one else does].


-r.i.p geriatric1927 Peter Oakley kindly grampa in the jumper/ sweater 23 mar 2014. Genuine nice guy compared to most ageist, cold blooded, fake, shallow, cutthroat youtubers who dismissed & ignored him alive but tweet they’re “devastated” when he dies.

-Disney conditionally “buys” maker youtube network for $450 million “if targets are met” to peddle their heavy censorsh!t while most of its vloggers get almost NOTHING >

-#5 most “viewed” youtuber PROFANITY PEWDIEPIE FRAUD?: 4 billion “views”, 8 million daily “views” (yea right- almost no one ever heard of him lol), 25 million subs, 89% bounce rate AUTOMATED BOT ALERT, 1,297,286 alexa ranking DWARFED by adult entertainment blog 30,852. Something’s rotten in the state of Hamlet when the figures don’t add up & youtube removed 2 billion fake automated bot Sony Universal Vevo “views”

pewdirpie vs mikesouth Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 02.18.37

-Renetto Walter Paul Robinett “home in foreclosure” long winded monovlogs & selling $40 candles. His mrs. works out while he doesn’t. His daughter Gracie wants a 7 footer who Paul says is “never coming here” 2:10 lol

-Casey Psycho hurricane ‘crackhead frankenstein’ (mr.Pregnant nickname) Nunezterminal black lung disease 2:45 says “it’s all good” 6:40 & blames formaldehyde trailers & 35 years of smoking. “Unity for the homeless” gives him new housing development 3:20 get well soon 

-Myles Dire Dyer blade376 head injury from broken toilet closet says he suffered temporary speech impairment. I leave him a get well comment saying he sounds sharp as ever with no “ums” or jump cuts but remove the “ums” & “jumpcuts” parts upon realizing the video has “ums” & jumpcuts.

-Efilist misanthrope hermit recluse Gary inmendham drama freak out vs. New Jersey Electric company & more nude figure art uploads that got his youtube/donotgod & fakesagan’s account terminated years ago. anyone know how to embed 2 videos next to each other side by side?

-Tony Thewinekone Huynh gives up youtube & stops posting for months. His daily viewcount is a few hundred despite 128,000 subs & 27 million views. He ignores a tweet & payment offer to tell us how to sync those split screen schizo multiple personality videos, butchering the hell out them with jumpcuts before getting the timing right in subsequent vids

-Candid vlogger tech wiz inventor Peter definethelaw Weiss calmed down & stopped arguing, yelling & recording liars, civil human rights abusers & outlaws, showing nightclub dancers & tech tips instead (annoying half minute advertisement prerolls)

-Harsh unsavory but informative whistleblowing adult entertainment & current event podcast TheRobblackshow youtube/SinisterTVChannel google live hangout 5 hours a day despite negligible single digit viewcount says his gets 150,000 hits a month & shows it outranks 3 billion view, 2 million daily view youtube/smosh in U.S: 10,092 vs. 23,283 yet gets almost nothing on youtube embeds! (could all these top alexa ranked sites be automated bots since the figures don’t add up, or is duration of visits & time spent the factor? youtube’s #1 most viewed account, 3 million daily “view” rihannavevo low ass rank: 11,644,278!!!) He shows his saggy gut after losing weight in jail. He repeatedly calls Beth Stern horseface, mocks a cerebral palsy comedian, uses homophobic slurs & shows his urine in a bottle of piss which youtube would strike us for; see pee 9 minutes lol↓. what about youtube’s NO PISS policy?

-Flamboyant 400 million view, 300,000 subscriber youtube/ItsChriscrocker ass & balls deep in adult entertainment gay porn burning Hollywood agent bridges. Don’t do it Chris! too late ahole.. Hollywood won’t touch you but youtube overpromotes Vitaly after his limp porno on Efukt lol.. More fun & profitable takin it up the wazoo & selling it on facebush & twatter than busting your ass & balls on youtube for nothing huh.. he says his facebook improved after linking it to instagram automated fb sharing. his kickstarter campaign was mostly fake donations.

-Geo-rge Godley still but hurt from youtube’s metaphoric rape & literal theft of geogodley account & 10,000 georgegodley videos & getting shit from favorite establishments for vlogging with clothes ON while everyone does it with their cellphones anyway & clothes OFF showing their shitter on twitter.

-Twitter says they’ll ban adult entertainment hard porn on Vine but don’t. It’s still there without age restriction. Infinite porn stars/ prostitutes show & sell their twat on twatter & shitter on twitter outranking the rest of us who get fcuk all & shit for NOT doing it 

TWITTER SHITTER Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 13.42.14

-Snews corporations waste 3 weeks asking questions instead of answering them, giving almost no information about Malaysia Airlines 370 crash, milking & cashing in advertising revenue blood money. Slow news month eh chaps..

-Shaycarl shaytards dropped the daily vlog ball & went to Kawaii for a few rainy days. ADULT LANGUAGE PROFANITY: he says they should “have sex in a santa monica hotel” & jokes “are you laying my wife“. Just to show even he is NON family friendly & gets away with shit that gets others unfairly demoted & terminated.

-Dentally mentally challenged world record vlogger Anna Refbatch Matskevich smiles with new teeth for the 1st time in 60,000 video uploads & uploads more despite no one understanding any of it 30,000+ videos (closed by user) 16,317 videos (abandoned) 11,816 vids (active) 3,934 vids 1 video tribute fan account- “most videos deleted by someone at youtube” 2 days after this u.r.l was written on tis blog!

geminijohn rufpatch refbatch parody Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 02.38.05 : RufPatch- Anna Matskevich’s (Refbatch) Daughter parody

-Winston Wu (winnie the woo winnie the poo lol) uploads his Russia trip videos to vimeo & says someone at youtube removes his vids comparing unfriendly american snobs w/ polite friendly foreigners (why the shit youtube URL?!)

-Lil travelbum Andy Lindy back with new Medellin non-cartel travel episode after removing everything from youtube & vimeo for t.v pitch reasons. Last year he asked me to change the title/ tags of one of my vids about him from searches. Youtube unfair selective censorship: they breach & wrongfully terminate Fullscreen contract geogodley & others for NON community guideline violations yet host & promote nudity naked tits & ass community guideline violations thumbnails & videos. More proof of youtube’s hypocricy & unfairness

llil travelbum naked ass youtube selective censorship Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 03.34.33

-50,000 subscriber youtube/JohnOllie account mysteriously disappears,

-1,500 video transgender youtube/RosieO’kelly account terminated again for nudity yet says “youtube still brings unimaginable joy to network & share & make someone’s day” but that sounds like antidepressants lol

-Happycabbie hacked & “enjoys sharing opinions instead of doing non offensive content”, tweets he will not be posting anymore to protect his current employment but will if he gets “screw you money”.

-repeatedly terminated channels thehappyhooker83 quits youtube for more action & offline “escorting”

-youtube continues to host & promote community guideline violations, animal cruelty & nudity / sexually provocative content confusing content providers with selective censorship, strikes & terminations:

-youtube’s $200 million overpromotion of selected accounts ensures them hundreds of millions of views while everyone else fails miserably, gambling their big bagga fail life away waiting for a break that never comes.

maybe next:
-youtube videoblog directory & video archive catalog: offbeat vloggers & accounts that came & went & where are they now
-video removal requests/ demands & other videoblogging events & challenges
-website, youtube account & video catalog directory rankings & scores mon 24 mar 2014: global rank 2,686,071 (1,971,900), bounce rate 62%, daily pageviews per visitor 1.10, daily time on site 1:37 global rank 3,661,363 (↑2,120,056) bounce rate -,daily pagewviews per visitor 1.20 (↑20.00%), daily time on site 1:10. (inactive parked page widgets): global rank 23,586,765 (16,252,913)?! (see google penalty email)

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file data: & youtube news n’ nudes mon 24 March 2014 | ge☺ godle♥ ★★★★★

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