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Tue 3 April 2012 Youtube nightmare: what a WASTE: give all for nothing while others give nothing for all

disclaimer: feelings opinions & thoughts can change overnight, depending on mood & situation. Just ask Alex Day who whined & bitched about youtube separating youtubers into ‘V.I.P’s at the first youtube live 2009 & then removed his video complaint as soon as they made him V.I.P in 2010. unfairness only matters when it’s against you..

Hi everyone.. What a rough gig it’s been. Lookin forward to a more productive & happy life because this sure ain’t. After decades of disappointment, the last straw was losing last August 2011 editing 4 x 10 minute Vidcon episodes for 1000 views each while ‘top’ rigged youtubers got 100,000s or millions of views a day for nothing, just talking to the camera over other people’s ©opyrighted content as fair use or parody. If you’re not the chosen ‘V.I.P’ elite, hard work & networking gets you nowhere & you are doomed to fail no matter what on youtube. But i appreciate the key word searches despite the FAILure (or shall we say ‘limited success’) of both channels. Since episodes take days or weeks to make, i tried unedited daily multiple uploads instead on to see what would happen. 4,000+ videos later, & even with Kipkay’s other channels link, no change, just conflicts & disappointment with youtube arbitrarily censoring & disabling the channel for fully clothed blurred ‘provocativeness’ & a slow motion bug ruining uploads & creating a backlog taking months to catch up on. Decision time:

1. continue multi daily uploads to be one of the most prolific vloggers.. for nothing 
2. lose months editing geogodley episodes.. for nothing
3. put entire 20 year archive on this & other sites.. for nothing
4. finish feature film to get censored, ripped off & lose your rights.. for nothing
5. ‘f’ it all & hit the beach, sun sea & sex or wine women & song.
what’ll it be? stay poooned dear folks, how can you go right.. 

(re-written & edited live right now as you read it)

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