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U.N United Abominations, W.H.O World Holocaust homicide organization, W.E.F World Enslavement Fascists = 卐☭ Totalitarian military junta geno/demociders extortionists

Behind The Deep State | 134 UN Members Led by Cuba Demand Global Control, NWO & Your Money “The Group of 77 Plus China (G77 + China) alliance of 134 United Nations member governments and dictatorships met last month ahead of the UN General Assembly to demand a stronger UN and more wealth redistribution from you to them [= extortion], explains The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. Meeting in Cuba as the communist dictatorship in that captive nation assumed the presidency of the powerful bloc, the assembled “presidents”, “prime msinisters”, [mostly] tyrants, and kleptocrats also demanded that the West give them more technology. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who previously led the Socialist International, was there to support them. Together, the G77+China control more than two thirds of the votes at the UN General Assembly, which the alliance said it hopes will be an “emblem of “global sovereignty” [= totalitarianism, fascism, communism, miliatry junta dictatorship] .” Newman also goes back to articles he wrote on this group a decade ago as they demanded a “New World Order to Live Well.”

John Kerry’s Daughter Orders Govt’s To Mass Euthanize BILLIONS of People Before 2030 “[climate clown criminal] John Kerry’s daughter has urged world governments to urgently ramp up the WEF 卐☭ [WORLD ENSLAVEMENT FASCISTS] ’s propaganda so that members of the public are mentally prepared to witness the deaths of billions of human beings in the global elit[ISTS]’s great depopulation drive. Vanessa Kerry was speaking at a World Economic Forum panel to discuss the elitISTS’s plans to brainwash the public into accepting their fate in order to save the planet from so-called “global boiling [FRAUD & TOTALITARIAN CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY].” According to Kerry, the people of the world have been softened-up by the “covid” [small c, never capitalized] pLandemic [crime against humanity FRAUD & DEMOCIDE] and are now “emotionally” ready to accept that cull/KILLing the vast majority of the population is in the best interests of humanity. But there is just one problem for Kerry and her cronies [unelected public servants serpents] in the corridors of [self appointed delusional evil] “power” at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The entire world is a crime scene and the WEF has left its fingerprints all over it. – If you care about your financial freedom, download this free report about gold today: – The People’s Voice” disclaimer: “allegedly”

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