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Twitter/GeoGodley suspension for tweeting youtube fraud & sending multiple unsolicited mentions fri 21 sep 2012


TWATTER lets yoko ono & many others use automated bots to ‘follow’ (yea right) & SPAM millions but won’t let us manually tweet a couple hundred about youtube’s fraudulent, dishonest implementation of ‘community guidelines’.

Your account has been suspended

This account, @geogodley, was suspended for sending multiple unsolicited mentions to other users.

The mention and @reply features are intended to make communication between people on Twitter easier, and posting messages to several users in an unsolicited or egregious manner is considered an abuse of its use. Plus, it bothers other users! For more information about these features and proper use, please visit our @Replies and Mentions help page.

You will need to change your behavior to continue using Twitter. Repeat violations of the Twitter Rules may result in the permanent suspension of your account.

To continue using this account, please confirm below:

Complete the captcha below:
reCAPTCHA challenge image

Get a new challenge
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Your account is now un-suspended. Please note that it may take an hour or so for your Follower and Following numbers to return to normal.

UPDATE Sun 23 sep 2012
Since we’re not allowed to tweet alot of people I focus on a few youtube foloowees & politely ask for their help:

@Dpaquette excuse me for bothering you, but youtube FALSE FLAG STRIKED my 8,720 video lifestream, who can help? 

@emeyerson excuse me, but youtube FALSE FLAG STRIKED my 8,720 video lifestream, is there can anyone correct it please? 

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