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SONY PJ760 FAIL, Youtube pros & cons advantages & disadvantages tue 6 nov 2012

Blog in progress re-written as you read it. (some copy pasta’d from my offline private blog).

Hi y’all. I’m uploading my 3 month video backlog, multiple daily uploads since august 2012, which shouldn’t be mixed with november or they’ll be out of sync & continuity. Not that the cameras ever stay in sync with the internal clocks of the nikon 1j1 & sony cx700 being unreliable & needing constant verification. (SONY HDR-PJ760 was EPIC FAIL🙁


-much heavier & bulkier than cx700 esp for night pocket wide angle lens
-MUCH worse audio than cx700 behind mic TOO DIRECTIONAL
-distortion or limit ducking
-much worse stabilizer doesnt work with wide conversion setting ON: zoom very shaky unwatchable even when on surface unless you switch OFF “wide conversion lens” menu setting & then it does black peripheral vignetting.
-undercontrasting at times
-no dual record photo capture w/50p (PS doesn’t say what quality it is-).. Nikon 1j1 does 30p & lets you dual record 15 x 2mp photos per video even if they’re low res & mostly blurry.
-need putty to keep external mic jack in
-false 2 photo dual record lcd display during video when in fact it only records 1 photo
-B&H sent it to me in july & it broke a month later in august right before my trip to Greece so I couldn’t find receipts & waste the end of my summer dealing with it.. i didnt even drop it. it just DIED. SONY FAIL.

the only 2 advantages:
+records video while saving to memory card (cx700 doesn’t & loses shots disabling record while saving)
+24 mp dual record photo video but that uses twice the memory of cx700’s 12mp..


I’m grateful to be on youtube & thank them for including my work in the searches even if there isnt much change in viewcount 10,000 videos a year later.. A bit of constructive criticism nevertheless, or at least a record of what i also see which “gets my goatse” lol:

-featured video doesn’t often show most recent in featured set” uploads.. it shows random videos as you upload & stays stuck featuring a video you don’t want featured for hours on end..

-uploads don’t get processed chronologically anymore like they used to, so continuity is broken & you can’t move thumbnails around in order.

-uploaded videos counter was removed from channel page to hide video upload count. It appears on mobile cellphones though, for now.. & on top of opened video pages. Now i type it in the description so.. nice try & fail to make me look worse by hiding my contributions..

-page indexing was removed to make it impossible to index pages & videos quickly & was replaced with that dreaded “LOAD MORE” button which forces you to click hundreds of times to view 100s of previous ages as opposed to jumping several at a time.. & won’t let you refresh the page without it defaulting back to page 1 again. on the plus side, you could load & save all thumbnails on one webpage document..

-metadating is disabled in multiple upload page (ftp?) after a few hours. Whereas before it would work for days, you could upload hundreds of videos in one multiple uploader window & metadata (thumbnail, title, tag, describe, link..) over many days via copy pasta.. now they make it impossible after just a few hours you get “your settings could not be saved: invalid request”. So if you have to constantly start new windows & metadate without breaks.

-frozen channel viewcounter for many days/ weeks to make your channel look dead when other counters change millions of views a day. Even & socialblade show “zero” “0” for many days on end, hiding tens of thousands of views.

-colors were removed & replaced with grey & black to make the channels look unappealing & limit traffic & when you copy paste text into a word document it pastes a permanent non removable grey background image behind the text.

beforemulticolor & afterdreary black & grey

-hidden tags: all of a sudden youtube hides the tags/ key words so you cant see them anymore.. people abuse them..

-overpromoted youtubers are given millions of subs & billions of views while the rest of us can’t get a fraction of that despite more work & contribution no matter what (edited episodes & regular uploads on geogodley youtube account: no change. 10,000 georgegodley videos in a year 2011-2012 despite false flag strikes & disabling of channel & 3 months leave= no change..)

 -thumbnail selection often bad & limiting & often wont change when selected even days later.

-monetized accounts still don’t get that partnership banner, thumbnail choice, & perks & privileges..

-allows explicit sex for partnership program members only?!: what about the rest of us?!

-allows jason horton & lexington steele to post hardcore pornographic links in video & channel descriptions: Jason Horton links lexsteele twitter which links his adult site..  Lexington steele links his hardcore porn adult site in his youtube channel description so its okay for everyone else to do it too, right? wtf are we keeping *our* pants on for? lol

-cut the titles off so you cant make an impression with a catchphrase or symbols. used to be much more characters, now cut down to a couple words.

-shrunk the “other channels” box to a tiny, ineffectual unnotable spec on the bottom of the channel. luckily i got in a few boxes with eye catching special characters when they were huge & took up the front page. now its unnoticeable & so wont much traffic.

-took off the “channels” link & honors charts on the homepage, hiding everyone.

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