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Youtube false ‘privacy’ & unfair censorship conclusion thu 6 dec 2012 George Godley London U.K

thu 6 dec 2012 George Godley London U.K noon:12 (12:12) p.m re-written live as you read it

by f590692963

my experience with cleaners in london has been lousy & they abuse the bogus “privacy” bullshit to silence criticsm. Coming up, the videos they don’t want you to see:

they step on chairs, toilets with their boots on.
they use your products, or cheapo tesco products instead of standard  industrial brands.
they use toilet cleaner in the fridge.
they put stuff on the dirty floors.
they often dont speak english.
they don’t let you video them in your own house & make a fuss when its anonymously protecting their name. Maybe they & their company should be named & shamed instead.

The 10,000 multiple daily video blog channel is repeatedly struck with false flag strikes (see recent blog posts) & bogus ‘privacy’ censorship, when there were NO community guideline violations, while youtube VIOLATES THEIR OWN COMMUNITY GUDELINES promoting sexually explicit nudity & soft porn to billions of views & false flag striking others, which is itself a violation. In logical conclusion, we learn that everyone should also do sexually explicit nudity & soft porn just like youtube does (see recent blogposts) to restore competition against youtube’s unfair anti-competitive censorship & keep up with cable tv, hbo, hollywood movies etc.

A world record blogger/ vlogger should record daily, publishing at least once a week. It’s the least you can do to keep it fresh w/ current updates;“blogging for dummies” (d-uh lol) says for best results you should publish several times a day but not to be boring.. If nothing happens, make it happen (Russel told me that 10 years ago). I get several messages from people saying they miss my daily vlogs which included meals, interractions, conflicts, drama, thoughts, feelings & ambience. Consulting with web developers to launch next year.

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