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Channel 4 U.K Alan Carr Summer Specstacular television production company offers £100 ($170) for your video while overpaying Bieber & others astronomical amounts- & censors youtube vlogs & criticism!

On thu 2 August 2012 I received the following email:

“Hi there, My name is L. I work on a tv show in the UK called Alan Carr’s Summertime Specstacular for channel 4.  [HUUGE BUDGET show w/ “a plethora of self promoting ‘celebs’ like Justin Bieber”:]

Within the show we are going to be including some comedy sketch – one of which involves our comedian presenter disappearing. When he is found we would like to show some clips of elated crowds celebrating that he has been found.

I came across your clip of italian fans celebrating the World Cup and i think that it would work very well for this as they are a very happy crowd.

I just wanted to find out whether this clip and footage definitely belongs to you and whether you would be happy for us to use a section of it on our show.

I look forward to hearing your response. Many thanks, L.”

So I vlog & upload the phone conversation negotiation:
TELEVISION NEGOTIATION thu 2 aug 2012 George Godley London U.K. 00044.mp4 

On wed 8 aug 2012 receive this youtube privacy complaint:

“Dear 77000470, This is to notify you that we have received a privacy
complaint from an individual regarding your content:
————————————————————- Video URLs:
The information reported as violating privacy is at 0_30
————————————————————- We would
like to give you an opportunity to remove or edit the private information
within the content reported..”

0:30 seconds just says “Alan Carr BBC” no full name of the person nor the production company involved, just the TV program she mentioned in her message (which is legally publisheable without consent- just ask Robert Crumb who’s had most his letters to people published & vice versa).. I could name ya’ll right here or in the next vlog for truth, criticism, newsworthy media negotiations, autobiographic documentary, the greater good.. So ya’ll better be nice.. woo us lol.. disclaimer: complaint may be filed by an impostor..

youtube comments under the video in case of removal:

you’re much too good for TV. They make you just to break you dude. Rolo8942 4 days ago

Totally agree!!!! Not worth the 100 pounds, these guys have budgets to put shows together on. To offer 100 pounds is a slap in the face. studionik 5 days ago

they pay Bieber astronomical amounts to self promote & cheat the rest of us of our hard work.. how would they like to receive £100 for their shit.. geogodley in reply to studionik (Show the comment) 2 days ago

You might get a hundred or so… I don’t know.. write a non exclusive grant contract and ask them to sign it.. oh, you’re calling.. Well.. I sold a prank clip to MTV once for $350 after a producer called me. 100 pounds might have been a fair deal for stock footage sale. Let them know you’re easy to work with and can sign a contract.. The MTV lady even told me I could make a new “Prank Revenge” clip and sell that too.. but I never did. I just paid the dude I pranked 100, and kept 250 for myself. rayofminneapolis 6 days ago

Bieber’s not the only guy who deserves to get paid on that show. georgegodley in reply to rayofminneapolis (Show the comment) 5 days ago

I can relate to this video so much. (I probably would’ve taken it though, 100 pounds for two seconds of non-exclusive footage actually isn’t that terrible.) chriscrosby 6 days ago

Yeah, QUICK call her back, right? Say, “You know, I talked to my advisors, and they’ve drafted a short agreement we can sign saying you will receive a non exclusive right to air up to 5 seconds of my [specific crowd footage] in exchange for a payment of 100 pounds.” You can even put a one time deal in there where they agree to pay you for subsequent airings.. It’s just simple contract negotiation. But dude, take the 100 pounds and have a happy lunch. rayofminneapolis in reply to chriscrosby (Show the comment) 6 days ago

instead of Biebers getting the whole budget, they should spread it more fairly to those who work, merit & deserve it instead of cheating them. georgegodley in reply to chriscrosby (Show the comment) 5 days ago

you told her! she was sounding fake anyway… cavalcadeoffun 6 days ago

this Alan Carr show had Bieber on it, so he should spread the wealth fairly to the less privileged instead of using their material & hard work for nothing. georgegodley in reply to cavalcadeoffun (Show the comment) 6 days ago in playlist Uploaded videos

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