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BOLSHEVISM Democide Genocide Extinction plan on both sides, covid’s DAY OFF

 The Disturbing Truth About the Israel–Hamas War — Todd Callender Interview 26 EXTINCTION 2030 30 1930 $4K = $400K 2023 720 605 3900 44 cook EMF PULSE 56 blue light* 1h2 pathogen animals 6 BOLSHEVIK STARVE 10 power off 16 all related

Covid’s Day Off (Trailer)

 “Israel is ISIS […]

10 BIGGEST LIES – dr. Vernon Coleman

The 10 Biggest And Most Dangerous Lies (They’ve Told Since Early 2020) by Dr. Vernon Coleman The 10 BIGGEST and Most Dangerous Lies “It is August 2023 and this is video number 328. It has been clear since the start of this fraud, particularly since the point […]