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DENY DIGITAL I.D CA$HLESS CBDC SLAVERY. MRNA DESIGNED TO INJURE & KILL – Dr. Mike Yeadon. “ST⛔P MRNA “VACCINE” HOLOCAUST SILENCE, NEVER AGAIN IS NOW” says U.S Commission on the Holocaust Elie Wiesel, Rabbi Michoel Green et al

 “Decline It!” – Dr. Mike Yeadon Issues Dire Warning Against Digital IDs And CBDCs Trafalgar Square London, sat 13 may 2023. “REFUSE ANY CASHLESS BUSINESSES” “what they are going to do next, i promise you, i just know it, they’re going to impose a digital i.d on everybody. DECLINE IT, DECLINE […]

99.9% survival 0.09% fatality covid & experimental mrna ineffective as seen in Israel killer clot shot fake “vaccine”= FASCIST DICTATORSHIP GENOCIDE – Holocaust surviver Vera Sharav & Reiner Fuellmich

 Child Nazi Survivor Vera Sharav: Nazis First Used Public Health Fear To Seize Power [just like 99.9% survival, 0.09% fatality covid & Bill Gates- small pharma- governments- davos global aholes experimental ineffective as seen in Israel gmo clot shot fake “vaccine”]

covid vaccine death toll 500,000+ -Reiner Fuellmich at 30 minutes video timestamp