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💉☠️ Vasilis Karras, another greek singer dead after “covid vaccine”

Mass murder media always covers it up as 99.9% harmless never isolated or proven to exist flu substitute “covid”.

GRAPHENE “VACCINE”/ Lounger & scrounger video call wed 26 oct 2022 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0257S03

Breaking News: SHOCKING – Here is What Really is in the “Vaccines” [GRAPHENE OXIDE] [DR ANDREAS NOACK allegedly murdered for exposing graphene in MRNA fake “vaccine” injections]

“Good afternoon everyone. My name is Ricardo Delgado and I’m the founder and director of La Quinta Columna. All the vaccines tested, […]

ASHTON KUTCHER MRNA INJECTION “VACCINE” VICTIM? contradictory hidden dates coverup

 ASHTON KUTCHER covid FRAUD DEMOCIDE MRNA INJECTION “VACCINE” VICTIM?>–VACCINE–VICTIM-default-exp-2-yes:3?r=EcGkt25ubKuhNJR1iE7x571svzGNLXyA In one video he says “3 years ago”, wikipedia & other videos say “2 years ago”, which could mean early 2021.. why hide the truth?