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China digital slavery social credit system in Europe by fascist totalitarian tech tyrant Ursula Hitler Xi Jinping von der Leyen- SAY NO OR NEXT GENERATIONS WONT BE ABLE TO

WARNING: NEXT GLOBALIST FRAUDS TO IMPOSE CHINA DIGITAL SLAVERY: ‘covid’, global warming = climate change bullshit (no ideal temperature & remains unchanged decades), CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM financial control abuse, digitization dehumanization, etc. as seen in U.N António Guterres’ tyranic tweet:

Today I urged all @UN Member Countries to go […]

Arab ah☀les & quim quashing qatari kouachi quaker quacks false flag youtube/georgegodley w/ fraudulent 3rd party impersonation “public privacy” oxymoron complaints for saying “hello”, during Charlie Hebdo massacre while infinite overpromoted youtubers secretly record w/ hidden cameras without permission immune from such bogus bullshit ✄ ☪ensorshit thu 8 – sun 11 jan 2015

please copy pasta retweet & facebook to press & media: #google #youtube #fraud #anticompetition #censorship #jesuischarlie #charliehebdo #antitrust #freespeech #freedom

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