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💉☠️ MRNA “VACCINE” HOLOCAUST DENIAL sat 13 apr 2024, dr Mike Yeadon Police letter, NO DIGITAL I.D

 💉☠️ MRNA “VACCINE” HOLOCAUST DENIAL sat 13 apr 2024– full dr. Mike Yeadon video:

brainwashed MRNA vaccinees call evidence nonsense.. DR MIKE YEADON april 2024 edit transcript  “I believe there was NOT a public health emergency, one was faked […]

💉☠️ 17 MILLION “covid vaccine” DEATHS, BILLION INJURIES “Covid vaccine” killed 10 million+ worldwide New Zealand Ministry of Health data shows: Dr. Mike Yeadon’s censored address to the Members of UK Parliament (Dec 4, 2023)

Dr. Mike Yeadon wrote on his channel: “This is my censored speech for use in Andrew Bridgen’s event. There must have […]