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Walk n talk EASTER SUNDAY sun 1 apr 2018 Geo Godley London England UK Leicester square, Picadilly circus, alcohol abuser vomiter vomitous e-beggar SHOE[NOT]NICE22 Chris Schewe snub Clip0063S03*

Walk n talk 1 apr 2018 Geo Godley London England UK Leicester square Picadilly circus Clip0063S03* from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Transcript: writing in progress, please check back later.. never miss a word & see all at a glance without having to review the video.. 0:00 Waduuup [smile] happy easter everyone […]

Christmas New Year’s eve 2012-13 London U.K George Godley


Christmas time Oxford street Bond street Selfridges London England.. lights sparkle like diamonds in the night winter sky..



My i.t friend drove up from switzerland & says hi, but doesn’t want the conversation on the internet. recorded a bit anyway for the next vlogisode.



Leicester square west end, the […]