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卐 Bill Gates ☭ U.N digital ⛓ slavery genocide💉📱📶🛜ᛒ🦀👩🏼‍🦽☠️⚰️🪦📵

Behind The Deep State | Bill Gates Backs UN Plot for “Digital Infrastructure” of Tyranny “Billionaire population-control fanatic [with arrest warrants in Philippines, India, Africa, etc. for mass murder “vaccine” genocide] Bill Gates of HELL is teaming up with the Rockefeller oil dynasty and the United abomi Nations to impose what they call […]

Son of youtube ex-CEO Susan Wojcicki among MILLIONS killed during “covid MRNA vaccine” genocide she perpetrated ‘allegedly’

Youtube, CDC, WHO, UC Berkeley’s covid fraud genocide democide guilt & complicity in their own words, fair use copy pasted publications & links. Edits in [brackets].  “Son of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki killed by VAXX poison injections” she perpetrated.. allegedly.. unlike millions killed & harmed, he was probably exempt from the “MRNA genocide vaccine” […]

💉☠️ 17 MILLION “covid vaccine” DEATHS, BILLION INJURIES “Covid vaccine” killed 10 million+ worldwide New Zealand Ministry of Health data shows: Dr. Mike Yeadon’s censored address to the Members of UK Parliament (Dec 4, 2023)

Dr. Mike Yeadon wrote on his channel: “This is my censored speech for use in Andrew Bridgen’s event. There must have […]


 Son Of WEF Co-Founder, Who Is Dying From “covid vaccine”, Calls For Arrest Of Vaccine Promoters

Study finds everyone who got the COVID-19 vaccine has heart damage,says Peter McCullough,MD

The Ben Armstrong Show | The Vax Changes Your Heart’s Metabolism and an Increase in Cardiac Arrest 16:40 […]