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💉☠️ Wendy Williams “covid vaccine” 1p36 gene deletion frontotemporal dementia Todd Callender

 💉☠️ WENDY WILLIAMS “COVID VACCINE” 1p36 GENE DELETION FRONTOTEMPORAL DEMENTIA TODD CALLENDER We’re all suffering vax victims to some extent, shedding, mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, autoimmune conditions.. No disrespect with “fooly” word play from one vax victim to another, we wish Wendy & all vax victims including ourselves the best, […]

FOOLY PSEUDO “VACCINATED” ACCOUNT FOR 9 OUT OF 10 PSEUDO PCR TEST “COVID” BIO WEAPON DEATHS – U.K GOV DATA (pcr tests are 95% false so it’s “vaccine” deaths coverup)

 Foolly fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 “Covid-19” Deaths in England Pfizer was forced to release data showing 3% “vaccine” mortality rate short term [not counting long term] vs. 0.1% “covid” false pcr test bio weapon mortality rate