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Covid injection “vaccine” victim mon 18 apr 2022 London U.K Georgegodley*com vlog*com C0314S03 report U.K “vaccine” side effects to (+44) (0)800 100 3352 VLOG.COM TOP 100 INDEPENDENT MEDIA LINKS

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot […]

GEORGINA RODRIGUEZ RONALDO COVID FRAUD INJECTION MISCARRIAGE 🐑🐑🐑💉☠️ Georgina Rodriguez Ronaldo stillbirth miscarriage after instagram covid fraud injection gloat. U.S department of defense covers up miscarriage evidence data, proven by whistleblowers, Thomas Renz, dr Robert Malone, Candace Owens. Complicit mainstream media democide coverup as usual.