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Walk n Talk sun 25 mar 2018 Geo Godley London UK, Leicester square, bulgarian chinese social flirts

Walk n Talk sun 25 mar 2018 Geo Godley London UK* fcpx qt 720 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

↑ another lousy digital stone age video hosting site; slow load time, low res blurry image quality, blurry thumbnails, broken inaccurate viewcounters, no pagination, no monetization, no “open link in […]

Reddit Youtube hater trolls LIBEL, DEFAMATION, cyberbullying, harassment, violent threats & ratings manipulation fri 22 feb – 3 mar 2013

↑ another typical George Godley ‘flirt’/ social interraction, more proof of reddit/ youtube hater tr☀ll’s WRONG, GREEN ENVY, libel & defamation FAIL. They don’t want you to see happ☺iness, positivity, smiles㋡ & laughter, just their dishonest false malicious miserable negative comments & manipulated ratings.

↑ Even with illegal 2nd hand smoke abuse […]