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💉☠️ COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE MRNA “VACCINE” PERSONALITY CHANGE thu 28 mar 2024 No common sense, critical thought, interest or empathy for 20 million mRna “vaccine” deaths & 2 Billion injuries genocide.

💉☠️ Wendy Williams “covid vaccine” 1p36 gene deletion frontotemporal dementia Todd Callender

 💉☠️ WENDY WILLIAMS “COVID VACCINE” 1p36 GENE DELETION FRONTOTEMPORAL DEMENTIA TODD CALLENDER We’re all suffering vax victims to some extent, shedding, mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, autoimmune conditions.. No disrespect with “fooly” word play from one vax victim to another, we wish Wendy & all vax victims including ourselves the best, […]

Son of youtube ex-CEO Susan Wojcicki among MILLIONS killed during “covid MRNA vaccine” genocide she perpetrated ‘allegedly’

Youtube, CDC, WHO, UC Berkeley’s covid fraud genocide democide guilt & complicity in their own words, fair use copy pasted publications & links. Edits in [brackets].  “Son of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki killed by VAXX poison injections” she perpetrated.. allegedly.. unlike millions killed & harmed, he was probably exempt from the “MRNA genocide vaccine” […]

💉☠️ 17 MILLION “COVID MRNA VACCINE” DEATHS CRIMINAL COMPLAINT v. Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Anastasia Kotanidou et al tue 23 jan 2024


We’re filing Attorney Todd Callender’s criminal complaint against greek prime sinister Mitsotakis & others for covid MRNA “vaccine” genocide democide crimes against humanity. You could too, & get a receipt.. Apparently it doesn’t do much unless you sue the […]

💉☠️ Charis Kostopoulos, another greek singer dead after covid mRna “vaccine” bio weapon clot shot

Too many MRNA bio weapon clot shot injected greek musicians are dying from turbo cancer etc. at all ages: Floriniotis father & son, Vasilis Karras, Charis Kostopoulos, Vangelis, Mikis Theodorakis, Dakis & many more.. No mention of mRna “vaccination” bio weapon status or autopsy by the mass murder media. Χάρης Κωστόπουλος, 16 March 1964 – […]

5g wifi kills, 70% of embalmers find “covid vaccine” white clots

 TOP SHOW OF 2023: OCT 4 FEMA RADIATION BIOTERROR 7 antifreeze injection NO CONSENT RADIATION 11 COOKED 13 huawei 60ghz 15 CAIRO ACCORDS DEMOCIDE antifreeze gmo 20 5G, AIRPORT MICROWAVE OVEN 22 60ghz wifi no o2 38 mcherry bluelight ☠️optogenetics sm102 50 patent* cloud compiting nodes 1h1 NO 5G 1h3 CHD* The Ben […]

KAREN KINGSTON POISONED FOR SHERIFF LETTER, WIND POWER FRAUD, Todd Callender covid fraud “vaccine” democide genocide update

 Todd Callender: AI Language Translation, Military Mandates & Oath of Office Violations

System Collapse 10min*****: #WINDPOWER #WINDFARM #FRAUD disclaimer: sharing ≠ endorsement

VAERS data is crystal clear: CONVID “covid” vaccines are killing an estimated 1 person per 1,000 doses (676,000 dead Americans)

Myocarditis : Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker […]

Covid Fraud mRNA democide -Bronny James, Jenny Apple, John O’Looney funeral director, Steve Kirsch, Patent # #11,107,588 B2, Florida mRna murder ban

 Top basketball player [BRONNY LEBRON JAMES’ SON] 100% destroyed by VAXX poison injections

The New American TV | Media Ignore Obvious Suspect in 18-year-old Athlete’s Cardiac Arrest

 [MRNA “VACCINATED”] YouTuber Jenny Apple: Scan Results Show I Only Have 6 Months to Live – CA (Jul’23) 2min30 “MRNA “VACCINATED””:→ […]

DENY DIGITAL I.D CA$HLESS CBDC SLAVERY. MRNA DESIGNED TO INJURE & KILL – Dr. Mike Yeadon. “ST⛔P MRNA “VACCINE” HOLOCAUST SILENCE, NEVER AGAIN IS NOW” says U.S Commission on the Holocaust Elie Wiesel, Rabbi Michoel Green et al

 “Decline It!” – Dr. Mike Yeadon Issues Dire Warning Against Digital IDs And CBDCs Trafalgar Square London, sat 13 may 2023. “REFUSE ANY CASHLESS BUSINESSES” “what they are going to do next, i promise you, i just know it, they’re going to impose a digital i.d on everybody. DECLINE IT, DECLINE […]

sat 22 apr 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com, vlog dot com, videodiary dot com

Truth Talk On Genocide – John Olooney “good morning all. Just out walking the dog. What a beautiful day, birdsong and sunshine. So as regards the suspension/ ban form Twitter, apparently it’s for “hate” because i’m calling for CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for SOROS, GATES & FAUCI. & I stand by those […]