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NEW YORK CITY KAKISTOCRACY hell commissioner W.H.O employee Ashwin Vasan continues 99.9% survival covid CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY ☭卍🐑💉☠️ tue 17 may 2022

*New York City hellth commissioner Ashwin Vasan covid CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY tue 17 MAY 2022 * * *****

Dr. Mike Yeadon: On 12 Counts, Your Governments Lied to You About COVID

Dr. Peter Breggin, MD recently interviewed Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi of D4CE.

Dr. Michael Palmer & Dr. Arne Burkhardt […]

Kevin Samuels covid “vaccine” victim death #tuskegee2 #nuremberg2

He has publicly claimed on multiple occasions during his streams that he was vaxxed and boosted in order to “travel nationally and internationally”

— Jacob Rothschild (@I_Am_Rothschild) May 6, 2022