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“covid-19 VACCINE” SHEDDING transmission – DR. PIERRE KORY

DR. PIERRE KORY EXPLAINS COVID-19 ‘VACCINE’ SHEDDING 21 FRAUD dna plasmid cancer risk 6 breastmilk babies injured pfizer fraud 29 stomach no barrier spike exosomes 3750 fraud toxicity mortality labor shortage 40 spikopathy

sat 22 apr 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com, vlog dot com, videodiary dot com

Truth Talk On Genocide – John Olooney “good morning all. Just out walking the dog. What a beautiful day, birdsong and sunshine. So as regards the suspension/ ban form Twitter, apparently it’s for “hate” because i’m calling for CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for SOROS, GATES & FAUCI. & I stand by those […]