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AUSTRALIAN PREMIER Gladys Berejiklian COVID CORRUPTION RESIGNATION; how bout Biden, Bore-us BoJo the clown , Macroni etc..


Why has New South Wales 🇦🇺 Premier Gladys Berejiklian resigned?

Two weeks ago Clive Palmer told the 🌍 that she was being directed by lobbyists who had been paid 10s of millions of dollars by AstraZeneca + Pfizer to drive policy@MichaelPSenger @NeverSleever

— J.S.7.3 (@13orangesbc) October 1, 2021

Walk n talk sun 20 may 2018 Geo Godley Hyde park London U.K #youtube #fraud #metoo #youtubefraud 0022S03

Walk n talk sun 20 may 2018 Geo Godley Hyde park London U.K #youtube #fraud #metoo #youtubefraud 0022S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

transcript & notes for the hearing impaired, slow/ meticulous, subtitles & translations: don’t miss a word! [in progress, please check back later]

Prince Hairy harry henry royal […]

renetto vs. geo godley drama lol walter paul robinette robbing it refuses to reciprocate & feature Geo Godley on his shite: youtube at its worst mon 16- 28 feb 2015 C0322

↑This video is temporarily private because 1. why advertise those who don’t reciprocate 2. brutally honest, undiplomatic tone (w/ “just joking” satire disclaimer) 3. makes no difference, not in our interest 4. tmi

-Walter Paul renetto Robinette refuses to reciprocate by not featuring/ embedding Geo Godley 13,000 video blog on his vloglife site despite […]


Fastst2host was supposed to be an alternative to youtube’s unfair selective censorship & content theft. They charge way more than the competition & godaddy yet keep blocking your i.p address, falsely stating that you hit your website 21 times in 200 seconds when you did NOT. When you ask for support, they blame viruses or […]