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Systems administrator webmaster disappears, youtube waste of time FAIL sat 5 may 2012


1. clean up
2. back up
3. Apple one to one appointment to fix final cut pro double image export.
4. reading Web marketing, blogging & web traffic books
5. a bizarre email from my yahoo email address- is that a hack? says this site’s 80% fullI.T systems administrator webmaster ‘friend’ disappeared to Switzerland to flip furburgers after a bad relationship & is unresponsive, so looking for freelancers & developers.
6. Uploading multiple daily vlogs to youtube/georgegodley around the cock w/ multiple converter & uploader to no avail.. current pitiful stats: 5,257 video uploads, 816 subs, 257,723 video views, about 1500 daily hits on each channel. Had to temporarily abandon because it wasn’t paying off  & viewcount doesn’t change no matter what. I think youtube has chosen who will eat the pie & there aren’t enough pieces to go around. They overpromote a small elite ‘star system’ to earn 6 figures to make it look successful & let everyone else fail to not dilute the limited audience.
7. finishing & submitting feature movie & video / e-book series to film festivals, miptv & natpe, publishing & media agents

8. Food allergy tests & full medical checkup (Lyme, Weil’s..)

9. Planning next episodes: Greece legal & islands, Euro /world tour etc.

Was gonna resume weekly photoblogs like last years photo comics but these priorities come first.

by the way why does twitter let porn stars link their hardcore porn sites on their twitter home page & shove it in your face?!/RayleneXXX.. & I’m not allowed to even show a lil’ fully clothed tit-ellation on youtube..

this article is being re-written over several days as you read it.

after i uploaded this video to youtube, the last couple minutes were censored & cut off! i checked the file & it’s all there but either youtube or divine intervention CENSORED this video’s end! so i will go with it, wait & keep the mystery until its shown elsewhere in full: what they don’t want you to hear/ see.. on the bright side its always good to have more unseen material.. dont give everyhting away for free.. there’s always more

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