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Sue & shoo fascist totalitarian tyrants Shoe Woshitski & Billy De Assio [sue wojcicki & bill de blassio]

unqualified youtube dictator fraudster Sue Wojsicko censors science & medicine thru community guise lies as ever, sending us to rumble, bitchute, odysee etc.. Tellem Tucker..

Bill De Blassio should follow Andyou Cuomo down the rabbid hole toilet bowl for covid passport apartheid.. we’re all #exempt, ahole!

exemptions: any imaginary sky daddy cult ideology sect gang/ team members bullsh!tters, (Mary Baker Eddy christian scientists, jehova’s witness, rastas, buddhists, booty-ists, hindus, hare krishnas, sikhs, scientologists, animists, zoroastrians, voodoo sh!ts, yazidis, etc. the list is endless), autoimmune disorders/ conditions, long term antibody immunity, trans vaccinated identifying as vacced, 2nd amendment say hello to my lil friend, texans floridians & southerners who dont put up w/ cho sh!t, nuremberg code, declaration of human rights, illegal undocumented immigrants, criminals, etc.. everyone lol dream on Billy

disclaimer: fact based, half joking, alleged parody satire hyperbole/ understatement contradiction constructive criticsim op ed not to be taken tooo seriously, just in case.. Bill & Sue would never be as kind as fascist totalitarian tyrants. lol

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