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SONY FDR AX100 4K FAIL audio motor noise rattle tattle review

↑ typically, youtube disabled/ removed 4k playback on this video but not on other youtuber’s 4k videos.

pros +
+compressed consumer 4k 4x greater resolution than 1080p hd even on non 4k laptop display, but also 4 times more storage & expensive = better value than uncompressed pro 4k larger cameras’ 10 times more storage & expense.
+mp4 files
+clear loud audio-
ruined by motor noise (see “cons”)
+shoe mount for light, mic etc but not powered by camera like sony hot shoe & is weird proprietary not the generic one everyone uses so you need an adaptor
+20, 14, or 2 mp photos dual record during video, 3 limit per first few seconds, then none for 20- 30 seconds, then 1 every few seconds
+fits in rocawear shorts pocket (but not trousers, need belt case at night & formal functions)
+pleasant design, ergonomics, feel & style
+same remote as previous models: discontinued unavailable rmt-835, vs. nx30 rmt-845 which has no photo button
+/- the only pocket $2000 4k stereo camcorder besides panasonic gh4 if that fits depending on lens, sony alpha a7s does full frame 4k (eos 1dc doesnt) but records externally “to keep camera size small”.
+uploads to youtube & played in 4k a little bit but then the 4k option disappeared from the “quality” drop up menu.
+automatic thumbnail creation & storage in folder next to mp4’s
+nice flattering rich contrast esp. dual record photos taken simultaneously w/ video are much darker than video & give slight tan & hair tint vs. undercontrasted faded gh4 shots seen online
+plug in power mic powers & records unpowered lapel lav mics, unlike previous hdv cameras

cons –
-LOUD INTERMITTENT RATTLING MOTOR NOISE recroded in quiet rooms, FLANGING noise in loud ones. Rattles when the lens cap is off; could be autofocus. If you cover the built in mic with your hand it’s as loud as a motorcycle!
-slow focus, fails to keep all in focus
-4k = 4 times the storage & expense of hd but less than the 10x of larger less compressed 4k cameras
-slow zoom not changeable
-no “photo buffer full” indicator logo
-photo button clicking handling noise
-bulky, heavy, 3 times bigger than nx30, conspicuous, intimidating, when in belt clip weist bag under shirt makes you look like you’r smuggling weapons or pregnant- we gon need a bigger pocket
-1 hour o power per 4 hour used np-fv70 battery/ 2 hours per new
-no sony shoe to power sony accessories, light, mics, etc, incompatible shoe mount doesnt fit ANYTHING- not beachtek, mics, lights.. need adapter
-can’t play, convert or edit:
-quicktime player & vcl stroby jerky dropout playback
-no export or conversion compatibility
w/ current software, apple osx operating system 10.6.8, quicktime player 10.0 (131), apple final cut 7, & other conversion software
-b&h customer reviews say incompatible with final cut 10 editing, only sony vegas
-rolling shutter fx
-youtube upload ok but 4k fail playback & they removed 4k option
-dual record photo video buffer too slow & stops re-recording when saving only 3 20mp or 14mp photos.. 20-30 second long delay to restart recording, missed shots..
-no 3 sec preroll unlike panasonic
-mic & headphone audio delay throws you off when speaking & monitoring simultaneously
-no battery life indicator in viewfinder, only l.e.d
-MIC PORT will CRACKLE/ hum eventually if you plug & unplug external mic & XLR beachbox/ tascam adapter too often limiting you to MEDIOCRE built in mic AUDIO
-photo files don’t stay in chronological order; only minutes, not seconds, are recorded. view icons instead of list.
mixing 2 camera files in 1 folder will be out of sync, & name order  will separate them.
-no in camera divide editing
-no in camera photo capture from video unlike previous hdv cameras
-no lcd photo playback zoom unlike previous hdv cameras
-dark photos, video & lcd unless you brighten it in menu wasting power
-seems to drain battery while off?! like nx30 & xlr adapter did..
-unprotected/ no hold/ unlocked accidental touching of focus, exposure, iris buttons on side
-FALSE “card full, no more movie recording portion of card is full” when it’s still 1/3 empty..
-corrupts cards: disables editing writing file title metadata, disables file deletion.. “cannot be deleted”..
-looks too dark & faded in low light, darkens image even in bright light, blacking out shadows, but nice flattering contrast,
-dual record 20mpxl photos during video twice as dark & BLURRIER than 8mpxl 4k video 
-stops recording sometimes, esp. with remote photo button– gotta be vigilant
-much lower volume mono speaker compared to nx30 loud l.c.d. stereo speaker- inaudible when outdoors
-overexposes in sunny daylight, forcing manual ND1, 2, 3. switch to fix it.
-FOCUS #FAIL: often doesn’t focus on subject & background 
without extra wide angle lens; blurry subject or background
-dust gets inside lens & doesn’t come out,
adversely affecting picture.. sun 27 dec 2014

optional not included accessories
-shoulder strap/ weight management
-lens cap string, sticker, velcro fastening
-duck tape, putty, velcro for lens cap
-wide angle lens & 62mm ring adapter
-telephoto lens
-Beachtek or Juice phantom powered xlr adapter
-external stereo shotgun mic
-inner ear phones
-belt case or it’ll rip pockets & make u look like you got an erection
-light w/ clip mount
-sony vegas coz incompatible w/ fcpX according to b&h customer reviews?

custom XLR mic, heavy lens, light rig pros & cons:
+ok when it works, nice results
+such a pain, less competition because most people won’t bother to be tortured

-too heavy
-too fiddly, constant fidgeting w/ bits n pieces, tortuous
-painful on hands, torture
-unstable, unbalanced, hassle, inconvenient, crooked on tripod
-no handle
-falls apart -putty
-time waste, slows you down
-hassle to rig & unrig
-gotta check, switch on & off, change & recharge batteries


sony ax100

update: sun 1/ mon 2 jun 2014
A second sony ax100 camera also rattles in quieter rooms, noticeable in headphones. The rattle is loudest when putting ear on it or covering the built in microphone. In a normal room the rattle was masked by an unacceptable loud flanging noise less audible on other cameras; when moving into the quieter connecting bathroom, the flange was replaced by the rattle ruined recordings.
conclusion: both fdr ax100 cameras returned
for worse audio than the sony nx30 fan hissing noise. The nx30 has xlr adapter phantom power for external mics with less crackling noise over audio level 5.  Dilemma: 4k picture with rattle & hum or hidef with fan noise take the hiss..

update sun 29 jun 2014: 
no way to say nay to 4k! 4k’s ok! goin all the way, babay, yay!

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