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Should you sell video ©ontent to T.V for almost nothing for credit, notability. résumé/ cv, reputation, social status.. updated sun 8 june 2014

From: XXXXXX <>

To: “‘'” < >
Sent: Monday, June 2, 2014 12:55 PM
Subject: Mentorn Media
Hi there
I hope that you are well.
My name is Xxxxxx Xxxxxx and I work for a television production company called Mentorn Media
We are currently working on a new six part series for channel 5 which is called Angry Britain.
One of our episodes will contain a feature on bouncers.

I would really like to use this clip that you uploaded for the show.

Are you the original owner of this clip? Would you please allow us to use it?
If not do you know who is?
I am working on an extremely tight deadline so I would really appreciate it if you could please let me know your thoughts as soon as you have a moment.
My email address is and my number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
Many Thanks


Many T.V production companies ask to use my ©opyrighted clips. (see previous blogposts like channel 4, adidas netherlands, spring break clip.. ) They always offer a pittance; a couple hundred bucks or quid (pounds). I occasionally bargained up to a few hundred or thousands (jamiroquai headbut german channel, greek boat clip..), but now refuse on principle; ripped off & cheated online and T.V? what’s left? movies.. & they f. you there too! Shouldn’t content providers get a piece of big budgets?

Yesterday Mentorn media emailed me about another clip & i thought, maybe a change in attitude would make content & résumé/ cv “notable” [not able lol]. Turning down so many offers makes a résumé look rather empty & unremarkable when it could be full & impressive! Then they offered a paltry £100.. Comeon chaps, you can do better than that! or not?

Youtube’s theft of geogodley account & T.V offer account emails were luckily videoed, photoed & copy pasta’d for the résumé/ c.v. lol


Hi Xxxxxx, yes that’s my clip, i usually ask to be well compensated since youtube stole one of my heavily invested accounts & 10,000 videos off the other by disabling pagination, “load more button” & “video manager”. What can you offer, what kind of license, non exclusive, & what about releases? Would i get credited on the program so it can go on my résumé / c.v? -Geo-rge Godley

Good Morning!
The type of licence that we require is non exclusive so you retain all rights.
I am sorry to hear you have had this trouble with youtube.
We can offer to pay you £100 if it is used in the final show and we can provide you with an end of the show credit.
Would that be ok?
Xxxxxxx————————————————————————————————————————————–Xxxxxxxx, i would need a few grand to make it worth my while, don’t other people get that? what about releases of the people in it? -George
update sun 8 june 2014
comment under video:
Angry Britain 3 hours ago

Hi there, very keen to speak with you about this clip for a new TV show I’m working on. Please email: Yyyyy (different from previous Xxxxxx) ASAP thanks
angry britain bouncer
To: “” <>

Hello, i saw your comment under “★Bouncer pushes racist woman 1/2 Gay Pride sat 7 july 2012 George Godley London U.K 00331” … I would like to contribute & have it licensed for your show but am wondering what i get in return besides an end credit for my c.v. Considering you’re a leading big budget tv production company. Isn’t it worth a few grand? i’ve been working & creating content for almost nothing long enough.. sincerely Geo Godley.————————————————————————————————————————————–

conclusion: yes, when it’s the highly regarded, larger audience (than a puny youtube account & website anyway) selective medium of television & reputable production companies, it’s more about wikipedia/ imdb / c.v/ résumé despite the meager pay.. Unless exclusive, ask for better compenstation & keep all rights, non exclusive license only. T.V credited content is more ‘notable’ than limited web & better than nothing.. During my channel 4 U.K documentary my dad said he was proud of me & despite limited payment.. “it will be good experience”.. sadly, a decade or so later, no change, nothing seems worthwhile, but apparently the ride/ journey is the destination.. so bend over.. pack your bag.. & get screwed when you could do the screwing..

rough draft- writing in progress (starts off undiplomatic Pg-13/R & ends up edited all polite except for the proverbial metaphor of what’s happening to us lol ↓ )

8inchblack-lg                                                                       ow! ouch! hey!

update wed 11 jun 2014: no reply after this blog post -lol- think it affected the outcome (pardon the pun).. oh well, one less negligible hundred dollar bill/ quid note & t.v. credit.. back to the ol’ drawing board.. or not.. then they replied that “it would be great to have your clip in the mix but we don’t have that kind of budget”.

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