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description of the image if you wantLions Club 5th of july parade was bigger than any 4th of july event.. thought these were native americans but they’re Taiwanese.. so that’s where those pow wow costumes come from. everyone’s effing around showing off, partying, laughing, dancing & loving life without a care in the world..
in stark contrast, homeless in seattle.. with someone on the way.. i always give them a few bucks when taking their picture. looking at her now i guess everyone needs company and if we were humanitarian we’d hang out with her a bit.. unfortunately the social stigma of homelessness makes subhuman pariahs out of people. we could offer at least a shower.. but there’s crackhead  shelters for that..


description of the image if you want met Ken the owner of Seattle antiques market
who offered to ship




description of the image if you wanta bunch of 1920s-50s antique vintage film cans to be transfered to video for youtube or this site.. I’m a treasure hunter salvaging curator of lost antiquities! 1927 New York antique vintage m☺vie(s)  Click here



description of the image if you wantbumped into Mike Maslan’s store out of the blue.. a vintage photo / poster / postcard collector dealer who knows Robert Jackson, author of the “art of the american snapshot”.. curtailed my collection because i’m overly critical, look for certain elements & had enough hoarding & clutter but occasionally still am mesmerized by the time travel feel & aesthetics. he sells them for 3 or $5 each and selected ones for $35. see the ones i bought next blog.




description of the image if you wanthe’s selling a huuge collection of 1920s travel diaries & photo albums for 5 to $10,000. He got it from Portland oregon antique fair & says if you put them online their value will plunge because it’s the info & not the item that’s valuable in this case since it’s no one famous. i was calculating if i put it on my website & charged a dollar would the figures add up? but browsing it i think he kinda messed up.. it seemed to lack emotion, drama, humor, romance, sex.. look no further, we can do better




description of the image if you wantWestin Seattle hotel is nice but the windows don’t open so your’e breathing recycled farts.. only air con & opened doors for ventilation. read my full review coming up on trip advisor.





description of the image if you wantWestin security wouldn’t let me on the hotel roof to video the seagull chicks up close “for liablilty reasons” even though they make you sign something when you check in saying they have no liability anyway.. was gonna bribe (tip) the manager but it’s not worth it coz it doesn’t tend to pay off or go viral on youtube.. i was touched & amazed by the gull’s selfless sense of responsibility.. never leaving the little ones for a second, getting food only when another seagull replaced her.. they live 50 years..



description of the image if you wantsome english rose by the waterfront.. shoulda got in the sh☺t




description of the image if you wantnext stop: Lala land Vidcon. no uneventful daily vlogs. i want to upload meticulously crafted tightly edited youtube episodes but at 2000 hits a day & little payment wonder if it’s worth losing yet another summer again.. may just record & enjoy what’s left of it & back to the ol’ drawing board this fall.. winter.. or next year.. decade.. life.. what are we stupid? hit the beach assh☀le!




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