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Sat 22 Dec 2012 Happy h☺lidays

EUROPE TRAVELOGUE 1-2 Neptun Romania Mykonos… by georgegodley

↑ Europe travelogue 1:2

Hi y’all just checkin in before christmas / new year. Once again lost it computer editing etc & the place is a sty/ stew/ dumpster landfill. express your feelings.. i feel like not dealing with it..

merry christmas happy new year happy hannaka / holidays. Its been unhealthy so recuperation time. Once again procrastinated the christmas card list so it’s last minute holiday wish emails & calls time permitting.. or how bout just this blanket discalimer/ wish..

Meanwhile because there’s only 6 cold hours dark dim dingy daylight out of 24 here, maybe an impulse trip/ travelogue somewhere hot. Pack yo bag ahole.. See ya there, yea.. shows its raining almost everywhere, almost always so..

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