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Youtube DESTR☹YS George Godley 13,000 video multi daily vlog lifelog by HIDING 12,000 VIDEOS, disabling multi uploader, page numbers, ‘load more’ button; (non)profitability Sat 1 June 2013

Youtube FAIL not worth it tue 28 may 2013 George Godley London U.K 00528

GeorgeGodley 13,000 video multi daily lifelog vlog slowing down due to youtube’s disabling of multi upload features, page numbers, ‘load more’ button, & financial (non)viability.

Unlucky number #13: 13,000+ public & private videos on both channels, year 2013.

It all started after my Xfactor U.S.A performance september 2011. After losing yet another summer editing geogodley [vidcon] episodes with limited viewcounts while overpromoted youtube channels get unlimited huge numbers for almost nothing, I decided to upload unedited multi daily vlogs on youtube/georgegodley, inspired by the crazy refbatch 30,000 video channel (gone now), a most impressive format despite her mental disablity as she mostly just prances & yells unintelligibly. Since we can’t compete with the chosen youtube elite hogging all the billions of views & subs, our only option is to outdo them with quality, frequency, quantity (2 out of 3 ain’t bad, since quality is subjective considering how insufferable most of it is). So i started the experiment with instant multi daily laptop webcam uploads, verifying, editing (still have to edit community guidelines, terms of service etc.), converting, uploading, metadating files from several cameras around the clock, dozens a day, hundreds a week, thousands a month. Obstacles included false flag strikes disabling the account with huge backlogs, slow motion & other technical fault bugs, health problems from physical inactivity being stuck on a computer day & night again, slow hotel wifi etc. but i persevered thinking one day it may pay. By april 2013 i had uploaded over 13,000 videos with ~2 million views on each channel (4 million on both) having been featured on reddit & suffering troll libel defamation etc. Both channels earned network partnership contracts yet the daily viewcount stays the same no matter what: about 4,000 daily hits on georgegodley & 1,000 on geogodley. All that hard work torture for nothing & now this!!:

Youtube 2012/13 changes for the worse, disabling multiple uploads:

-Removal of page numbers which gave access to all videos, replacing it with a “load more” button disabled after 34 pages, hiding all other pages & videos. 400 pages of 12,000 videos uploaded around the clock in the past year are invisible, GONE!!! why upload more?

-on video page, disabled “date added “oldest -newest”” replacing oldest clips with clips from just 2 weeks ago!!! so not only have they hidden 12,000 videos, they hid the oldest videos from this menu too. 

-“authentication expired” message disables entire multiple uploader browser page & all multi metadata in 24 hours: “! Invalid request, authentication expired.” when uploading mass quantities that is not enough time to metadate them since

“publish” button forces you to click it to make upload public, instead of automatic as it was before. Doing so closes the metadata portion of the video disabling any change unless opened individually. If you don’t click “publish” button within 24 hours all videos in the entire multi upload window are disabled, & every single video must be opened individually to make it public, metadate, & enable advertisements; default metadata & advertisement settings are cancelled.
-Title cut off if too long, cutting off important data like file number. Before, it would save it, even if it was bigger than the strict limit, & you’d see it & re-write until it’s re-accepted with metadata changes. Now it just cuts it off without warning.

-removed “video uploads” number from all channel pages. Before, video upload count was visible at top of front page; now it only shows up under an opened video, not the channel. When put in the decription, they removed the description’s immediate front page visibility in the new channel design hiding it in the menu.

-bogus ‘public privacy’ oxymoron complaints & hoaxes. videos removed without proof of identity of supposed whiny bitchy complainers who have no expectation of privacy in public & who often aren’t even in the video. One reason I stopped doing edited episodes which take 2 weeks of 16 hour days (200+ hours) to edit.

-doesn’t show comments. I got dozens of comments under a reddit featured video & they’re not in my inbox. Nor are any others except very few. So it doesn’t show 13,000 videos comments. Limiting interaction, you lose audience because they think you see their comments when you don’t.

-disabled autoplayer of your feature video for subscribers & anyone not logged into a youtube account! before, featured video would autoplay for any youtube channel visitor. Now, featured video only autoplays for unsubscribed logged in youtube accounts & is limited to videos uploaded from your channel, you can’t feature videos form other channels anymore. So you lose viewcount, lose audience.

-Google Chrome doesn’t work, upload, & gives you “aw snap” error message blocking access to account!

-Apple Safari CRASHES FREQUENTLY (often several times a day), “force reloading” all browser pages, DELETING EVERYTHING, all multi upload pages, forcing you to re-open every single video separately to activate, metadate, enable adds, etc. as opposed to doing it all together in one page (which expires in 24 hours anyway, causing much stress).

another Apple Safari bug: oldest clips gone from “date added: oldest -newest” menu & replaced by recent clips from 2 weeks ago!!

-not worthwhile, not paying off. The figures don’t add up. You lose your life & fortune. Too much notable work for too little negligible reward, giving all for nothing while others give nothing for all.
-cleanup backup packup
-read promo marketing books

-learn final cut 10 (totally different from final cut 7)
-upload less to work on http://VIDEOBLOGGER.COM book/ documentary feature movie/ soundtrack/ v.o.d 
coming po☺n

According to, ALL top overpromoted youtubers are dwarfed by online porn sites which outrank, outscore, outsell & outnumber them. 

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