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renetto vs. geo godley drama lol walter paul robinette robbing it refuses to reciprocate & feature Geo Godley on his shite: youtube at its worst mon 16- 28 feb 2015 C0322

↑This video is temporarily private because
1. why advertise those who don’t reciprocate
2. brutally honest, undiplomatic tone (w/ “just joking” satire disclaimer)
3. makes no difference, not in our interest
4. tmi

-Walter Paul renetto Robinette refuses to reciprocate by not featuring/ embedding Geo Godley 13,000 video blog on his vloglife site despite knowing he was featured & embedded on linked to [see comments “gee paul my feelings are hurt” & video above]. Thevloglife alexa rank is 600k u.s & 6 million global, a financial failure considering even higher rank 10k U.S are flops. Youtube/renetto is lower than youtube/georgegodley at under 2,000 daily views, despite 38,500 dud subs, 56 million views & hour long daily uploads. 

renetto vs. georgegodley youtube vidstats Screen shot 2015-02-22 at 14.38.43


His gopro’s on a customized ballanced brash brass band baton finger fitted selfie shtick twirly twig & swiss cheese holy hard case. He lazily embeds/ steals /“features” half a dozen other youtuber’s videos a day with thumbnail fragments hiding 50% of the image & thinks he’ll make it big taking advantage of them with no comment! Use for too few views. He e-begs for financial support, refusing to get a job & losing his home while his wife & daughters wait tables for a living to “feed the family” on tips [1][2] & won’t reciprocate by saying “no strings attatched & fuck you” [3]. He says keep donations anonymous to not treat people differently based on donations [or reciprocate lol]. Gee Wall[t]y, why would we pay you to sit around & flap your gums an hour a day when no one ever paid us for YEARS & thousands of hours work recording, reviewing, logging, digitizing, editing, converting, metadating? His long winded redundant blablab babble pontification has only a few moments of info/ entertainment per hour but i can’t stop watching/ listening/ commenting wordplaying his freudian slip innuendo bumblings: “Vlog: Truth Or Dare Date With Noah?” at 37:53 he subconsciously calls his wife & family a “hole error!” instead of “whole era”: 37:35 lol

So what’s Walt DJizney Robbingit got against Geo Godley, & does he/it matter? his comments under the video were quite nice, “i like your style lol”  “this [geo godley xfactor link] is a crazy video” & he +1’s thumbs up’s my comments..
-It can’t be controversial content because his family fart like horses, burp like pigs & cuss like sailors: “when the red river runs take the hershey highway“. So he’s the one to avoid, not vice versa!
-It’s probable phony p.r politics; Waltpaul is kissing youtube’s ass for google promo package handouts since you can’t make it without them. Blackballed butt banged boned baldy bounty beggar brings buncha boring bastard bullshit banal blogs! Jackass jackoff jerkoff jilts generous gentleman Geo!

sat 28 feb 2015: he uploaded a contradictory, discriminatory, fake, hypocritical, insincere, prejudiced, soppy vlog saying “we’re born to connect” [4].. some nerve.. after marginalizing everyone.. never mentioning, featuring, replying.. youtube at its worst! never want to see or hear him again..karma: he says his shite “only gets 70 views a day”. that’s good walt. good for you. you do that. clog & vlog cheese arteries.

disclaimer: sincere fact based thoughts n feelings subject [not] to change without notice. constructive criticism satire not to be taken tooo seriously unless i, not you, say so, depending on my, not your, mood. apologies for errors & omissions & robbingit’s ethane emissions.

[1] Vlog: Father And Son Vlog To Save A Relationship? – Part 2
[2] Vlog: Truth Or Dare Date With Noah?’Gracie wait on us’
[3] Vlog: Are You On Your Mission To Myanmar?
[4] Mysterious creative process- feb 28 2015

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