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R.I.P in memoriam Fetim ‘Fusilli’ Porchetta Soho London mon 31 aug 2015

A tribute to my homie Fetim ‘Fusilli’ of Porchetta Polo Soho London, passed away in a motorbike accident last tuesday 25 august 2015. Always happy to see you & talk in a friendly, nice, pleasant, easy going good mood.. blunt albanian style. Rest in peace, we miss you bro, it’s less fun without you. Faleminderit for the priceless laughs & memories.. sad to hear you go, glad there’s video. Condolences to the family.pasta-31

Fetim sun 25 mar 2012 London U.K George Godley DSC_2486

memorable quotes:
-↑ 2:20 “why God gave us the tongue?”
-“they put a piece of wood in the electric/ gas pizza oven to make it look like a wood stove”
-“i’ll tell [that albanian bouncer] you’re okay, not a crazy person” (agreeing to intermediate in a conflict/ misunderstanding)
-F: “i smell pussy”. Me:”u gotta b more romantic man!” -youtube/geogodley summer 2010 video episode. Comment under video: “haha! that’s ma n**ga!”
-“we’ll go to that **place”- offering to show the neighborhood [g]ropes (less said the better lol)

also gone since 2012: soft spoken A.S.K/ Kamla electronics salesman Amrish Patel Tottenham court road London [pictured in cartoon below]

☹ R.I.P Amrish Patel Kamla electronics London U.K sat 12 may 2012 George Godley DSC_7697.mp4

SILVER_FOLDER_003_2 © shit man gotta quit jerkin off censored

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