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RECENT June 2023 server logs vs. goggle anal ytics,, similarweb, hypestat: spot the LIARS

UPDATE WED 26 JULY 2023: [IM]PLAUSIBLE.IO ADMITS IN EMAIL THEY LIE WHEN THEY SHOW ZERO SECONDS VISIT DURATION: “ANY BOUNCE DEFAULTS TO ZERO SECONDS EVEN IF THE VISIT LASTS HOURS”. What other lies? Web host server logs showing 10x more traffic are NOT bots spiders & crawlers? VPN = wrong countries?
“Hi B, when i paid £100 for the year i expected accurate numbers, not lies.. since [im] zero seconds visit duration bounce default is a lie, and makes me look like i have no traffic when i do, i’m telling everyone your analytics are implausible & inaccurate ..-GG”

UPDATE WED 26 JULY 2023: [IM]PLAUSIBLE.IO ADMITS IN EMAIL THEY LIE WHEN THEY SHOW ZERO SECONDS VISIT DURATION: “ANY BOUNCE DEFAULTS TO ZERO SECONDS EVEN IF THE VISIT LASTS HOURS”. What other lies? Web host server logs showing 10x more traffic are NOT bots spiders & crawlers? VPN = wrong countries?
“Hi B, when i paid £100 for the year i expected accurate numbers, not lies.. since [im] zero seconds visit duration bounce default is a lie, and makes me look like i have no traffic when i do, i’m telling everyone your analytics are implausible & inaccurate ..-GG”

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Lounger & scrounger call thu 29 jun 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0046S03

Lounger & scrounger call thu 29 jun 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0046S03


Fright light.. thanks for visiting & 100 domains thursday 29 June 2023 8:53 pm. Noise crescendo syrtaki Gay pride parade, I’m the kinda clown paint the town brown shut down the town.. racket, action, 1 thing..hullabaloo
1min analytics 60 [80] visitors today suitcase sticker
2 I wanna know, autoplaying video 20 autoplays, 40 cities, covid climate totalitarianism tyranny genocide democide coverup exposure
3min Facebook messenger chat takes all day
4min don’t lose thousands of dollars, need bag watchers, Sony z90 intermittent battery screen
5 can’t be too careful, don’t give all data, poignant bit waste of time & money nothing, leases apt,
6 40 cities, 30 countries, weird remote obscure unknown cities countries, learned all capital cities [server logs say 500 daily uniques, anal ytics say 50 coz they don’t count bots but how would they know, see email]
7 missed gym, sleep habits, naps, 5-7, midinight-6..
8 pecs moobs mantits [song] Christopher Anderson fakesagan youtube cancellation again. Update.
9 speaker no bluetooth cancer world holocaust organisation according to Naomi Wolf, Vera Shark, Peter Bregin compared covid “vaccine” bio weapon clot shot Rfk jr said it..
10 Facebook doesn’t let you turn on the mic video [later found microscopic hidden pinhead button in frame]
11 “Allow Facebook to use the camera & microphone so others can see or hear you” how do you allow it ahole! fecal book not letting me turn on camera mic
12 why would you do that, fecal book? See what it does? “You haven’t allowed fecal book access to your camera.. yea the spyware, the military that just committed genocide & democide & is watching you through this, the spyware shit, you haven’t allowed them to spy on you. Like they need permission to do it. Like they’re not gonna do it any way. See, that’s blocking me. Doesn’t work man, its a piece of sh.. sigh nothings worth getting worked up over, don’t sweat the small stuff. Everything is..
13 wish I could share more but they use this to enslave you w/ artificial intelligence data so we gotta lie..
13m50 opera browser saves as pdf, brave browser settings
15 you call. “What is fecal book”.. I think he’s getting shedded on from the MRNA BIO WEAPON CLOT SHOT..affecting his brain slow & stupid.. illogical conversations “I can edit your movie”
16 its not letting me, not telling me how, the pos, horrible, everyone in bars faun I’m sitting here doing this.. clear up bad relations w few friends
17 on purpose 1000 menus, copy paste, imagine urgent
18 fing pain in the ass, doesn’t work, insists you see what a piece of shit.. [ringtone] F.U its not working ahole, I gotta go thru this 100 times, demented moron, doesn’t work 10 times won’t work 11th.. half joking.. blood pressure, pulse rate, tachycardia, vaccination f-ing side effect clot shot bio weapon pice of sh shedding transmission, half joking serious
19 see what a piece of shit Facebook is, if this was urgent.. [rigtone again 10th time] he’s got shit for brains x3 if it doesnt work.. doing the same thing [expecting different result is insanity]  audio
20 terrible photo
21 sh.. when you’re losing it its bad.. one of us has to stay stable.. family content,.. good drama lose control
22 cough vaccination shedding transmission bio weapon clot shot* button doesn’t do anything
23 champaign for every one 100% energy much better
24 talent intelligence genius 99% perspiration, gifted skill
25 variables
26 don’t ruin my video w unacceptable words. Unsettling chat. Call balboa good terms.
27 no button tennis whites, gym.. [ring tone] audio, no “allow” nothing no way to turn on mic.. share video.. nothing.. 29 on purpose..
29 rubbing eyes..still have allergies [allergy] form the damn hay fever pollen, tree sperm rape.. [grass] the trees are raping me.. I’m glad that guy had sex with a tree because the trees have sex with us every day.. trees are raping us all the time with their pollen.. [sexual assault pollen in the eyes, ruin eyes by rubbing] f the trees [grass] F them back.. [dendrophilian]
30 see he tells me these [stupid] things “press dismiss” when the other button didn’t work.. “tuen your Facebook off & log in”.. no I’m not, don’t know password.. worrying about  all this sh on a thursday night when everybody’s out in the bar having fun & I’m sitting here [hit armrest] f-ing having a horrible time.. the cellphone gives cancer man use the f-ing wire..
31 I think here f-ing w/ me on purpose, gotta be, why else would you stop communications, stupid shitty message that doesn’t allow you to ado anything.. we need another platform
32 at lest there’s audio, chatting.. I turned it on & off.. don’t feel like talking now after all this shit.. “what if you reset your facebook settings” F Facebook man, waste my thursday night doing this.. imagine if this was Friday Saturday night
33 don’t wanna lose thousands of dollars every time you show up, ticket, extra person occupancy, room, I can’t have you starving while I eat so I have to give you my f ing food, MYKONOS mostly gay..
33m55 “come to Poland” I told you a million times, f-ing desert [concrete jungle] don’t tell facebook, Asatur stuck in the mountAins Romanian accent Transylvania seaside Bulge Area very bad, don’t go, gypsies stole her shit.. not all gypsies are bad, rough,, bad vibes,, stricter, colder than south..
35 don’t want cellphone radiation prefer this 
36 cameras sell in market? No.. rust in wet camera, do you like the sand dunes salty air fair use
38 3 moths dinner.. stealing your food.. ticket can’t get a f-ing ticket [raspy]
39-40 go direct, Athens airport stick out, kanas bam, you make bang, officials, wtf.. safety in numbers, pick on 1 person
41 mimics [morphasmous] [repel troublemakers] nu vrei ein mimik [romainian song], check levels
42 won’t ask one penny, advantages, need room woman, ostrov
43 date split give me the key to the balcony. I want you to have a good time..
44 light.. you have to go down.. ups & downs., you have to have both.. in Yalta..
45 greece another planet, Sochi war.. Turrtsi
46 you can change your opinion..
47 I did not sell anything
49 you want another one for market or for you, come late, heat the beach aholes, sept next year.. Asatur will call when ready.. portraits..
50 asthma dust boxes.. in chest wont come up.. 10 crates record boxes.. plastic boxes no dust smooth surface non porous cloth,,
51 “why don’t you want me to help you with your editing” very personal.. consultant.. ideas..
52 100[0] cuts, we donor have same taste, I don’t like your..
53 old episodes.. traffic 60 days [80] suitcase.. Uganda reunion Bhutan
57 romantically no weight salad olive oil
58 110 kilos mother cools so well can’t stop eating, fake vaccine bio weapon clot shot
59 lab rat guine pig.. not vaccine.. 1 in 1000 die, 1 in 400 sick, biggest numbers compared to all 30 years combined deadliest numbers, life must go on
1h audio levels low jump to zero, use computer, phone is dangerous..
1h1 Tom Martin cancer tests.. google criminals go direct, why do you have your phone on all the time if you’re scared of getting cancer..
1h2 computer mic
1h3 they’re f-ing with me..
1h4 to play w/ me.. turn off his mic video.. I’ll call you.. forget extra expenses
1h5 15 days breakfast no dinner airplane tickets 200..
1h6 birthday where, test phone number
1h7 hiccups burp excuse you
1h8 I ordered memory cards, they thought I was a reseller, phone test: asatur please, hachapour amateur mountAins seaside gibberish gobbledygook armrest hit*
1h9 chats messy calls better
1h10 “I respect our friendship”
1h11 until I get my money back, bandits scared of 2 people
1h12 more expensive Hayk or stolen camera replacement new camera , bag watcher
1h13 Saturday night no sleep
1h14 Facebook spyware 2 months
1h15 limited videos dialogue better than monologue update, 50 people, 500 people..
1h16 500 daily bots, spiders & crawlers no autoplays.. youtube fake lying cheating criminal numbers inflated numbers takashi69 said
1h17 how do you know who’s a bot & who isn’t, 50 visitors, 20 autoplays, foreign no English speaking audience,
1h18 negligible, low numbers, why bother , time to go, get going, can’t say, CIA cartoon “were out for lunch & not gonna tell you where”.. no electronic tag totalitarian tyranny digital prison prism, get out.. bars..
1h20 don’t bother, warmup to the next episode.. old stuff..package together.. only fans soft not hard.. they want digital prsison totalitarian details, keep tabs on you control & f u up, cancel..
1h21 impromptu, suck in the gut, bad relations feels wrong, flip flop stomp,
1h22 don’t want bad relations, resented having to spend thousands again when I already did that every other time.. 5 figures.. other people.. just don t do it again tilll you get your money back.. Arin Crumley. Network.. climate.. no totalitarianism.. all alt media say hoax fraud means to get totalitarian control,
1h24 AL GORE LIED.. Bud light NFL advertisement commercial.. residuals.. if in US I’d do it..John Ollie.. box for bux..
1h26 Cory Williams.. Hayk alterior motives, 100% there..
1h27 neighbour.. not sure.. email didn’t even answer, test emergency email.. message received.. if he doesn’t answer now, he probably won’t..
1h29 should I put something up once a week for 50 people & 500 bot spider crawlers.. every sday.. wrong pages.. no autoplay homepage trigger.. terrible so bad, just about had it, enough, move on, have anode summer
1h30 greek middle finger emojis emoticons, goal hole.. comedy.. moment’s silence
1h31 streamline 10 lbs overweight, Domke bag pulls pants off, airplane mode off..
1h32 body building poses, no open container law, drink in streets, loud obnoxious..
1h33 pub crawl..timelapse.. video slideshow.. Vantra.. ahole peeled off my sticker, don’t show where sticker are, all the stickers there except mine, personal attack vs. Truth teller seekers about covid fraud demoicde crimes against humanity cover up exposure.. he wants to cover it up, doesn’t want anyone to know, out of the bag ahole.. he’ll take off stickers & leave others on.. impaired.. must be a he [guy] women don’t waste time on stupid sh like that.. don’t collect stamps comic books media, shoes..
1h35 Sara Just stick her Porker.. and just like that.. Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon,
1h36 next time jokes info , video slide show/ timelapse/ photo montage, most info in least time.
1h37 office split
1h38 2 versions cuts all/ edit , 15,000 photos, half an hour. No audio.. Mr Bean..mime..  Sony A1 8K. Nit picking..
1h42 what about it.. next move.. option.. stand up.. have a nice summer.. vlog dot com.. million dollar domain,, wanted 15 Million.. Concentrix obscure unheard of billion dollar corpseoration..
1h44 not for sale.. Bee gees catalog Star crossed lovers.. no harmonies.. Barry Gibb.. haaaand.. hook made them laugh mnemonic..
1h46 do not google why get involved mafia criminals half joking, Brighteon/therprisoner, legacy corporate media coverup .
1h48 Lewis Capaldi, obese sick, no harmonies, I don’t argue w success respect hit, clot shot bio weapon, any symptoms before, destroys DNA & cells.. couldn’t sing..
1h49 advisors told me not to lose any more,, housekeeper.. when I get my money back..
1h50.. get cracking bacon packin.. Madonna Celine Dion Jamie Fox clot shot victims… upper east side..
1h51 thanks for visiting.. blew it, gym.. afghan guy coat on 5 minutes..immerse.. bench press.. cardio..lats pulldowns, sit ups..stretching..flexible.. the 29 June 2023 10 44pm, do what u feel, piano get cracking bro.. its time to get going.. have a nice summer. Take care.. blow kiss.. cheek.. shouter vs busker.. digital prison new world order..  traffic so bad.. books.. trailers.. summer break offline.. reinvigorated fall sept oct.. numbers, digital prison surveillance control grid A.I tyranny sh instead of s-h-i-t.. just say sh. Hard/ Soft sh.. asthma dust.. vacuum bag.. asthma attack..  nitrous oxide balloon sucking.. that’s all folks.. should I show you.. faceless anonymous trolls ahole  rhymes bye now ya’ll come back now ya hear?

Lounger & scrounger video call tue 20 jun 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0329S03

Lounger & scrounger video call tue 20 jun 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0329S03


Welcome to and 100 domains Tuesday 20 June 2023 2:37 PM
-Fact based [factual] thoughts and feelings subject NOT to change without no tits [notice]
-Facebook spyware CIA FBI criminals allegedly according to Kennedy RFK junior storing all your data for artificial intelligence slavery.. [says Alex Newman behind the deep state]
-“I don’t want her to feel like I’m enjoying my time somewhere else and she’s suffering at home.”
-Business negotiations- see transcript below
-15min+ sticker remover = somebody who doesn’t like the truth about the genocide and he wants people to die because my whole website is to protect and warn people about the COVID and CLIMATE FRAUD GENOCIDE [DEMOCIDE]
30 is broken sleep bad? 3 hours & 3 hours?
32 inspector app photos Artificial intelligence kill & control.. rfk jr, covid & climate fraud.. amazon ring surveillance..
33 Chechens afghans  gypsies nicaraguans destroy totalitarianism
34 this is it old songs bold & broke old shit 1M views.. pew die pie whole mentioned him
35 not recording need 2 cameras or mic
36 phone rec trick 2 conv panoramic airplane mode cancer NWO
39 formal clothes phot video increase value
41 audio more important but shaky video unwatchable
42 is a pink tie gay? Women like pink, ladies like soft people
44 better no sex keep connection, 3500 ladies? laidees?
45 birthday plans
46 Alex Newman Artificial Intelligence slavery give em fake data.. Timbuktu tarantulas
48 analytics countries Katmandu ,  not on same page..
51 sticker fell down on floor ugh
52 telegram Russian zuckerberg
53 do you have any old camera, a73?
54 fake camera
54 Columbo box set 100 episode, wikipedia episode summaries. What’s the point watching & forget?
55 remember good important things apply to show
56 big lebowski film don’t work on Sabbath masterpiece
57 gypsy kings raspy guitar strum claps Spanish lady Aida protests E.U Ursual Von der Liar cbdc WEF slavery
56 Anarchy beats control , tricky gypsies, criminal controllers corrupt need cash themselves
1h digital I.D cancer phone MRNA death shots, alt media
1h1 $10,000 SONY A! 8K overheats & stops after 1 hour, flip screen a7r5
1h4 Bring Asatur Gamk, Sona
1h6 Nettisa Sinclair
1h7 compulsive talking wikipedia
1h8 Dimitris, everyone I know lost a family after MRNA bio weapon clot shot [fake vaccine]
1h10 wired v. wireless , showbiz showjiz
1h11 only 1 guy? Vax victim sirens
1h12 talk about po… {rn] [land LOL HAHA]*****, audio under zero
1h13 screen settings dark
1h14 dynamic range light
1h15 Sony A1 stops again, battery, chem trails, geo engineering spray sky control weather..
1h16 lose most summer there, married maniac
1h17 thumbnail dieter bohlen dimple smile
1h18 bad quality bread, no bread, gluten free, no veg oil
1h19 Sony A1 small print, devils in details, bald & broke shitty little camera can’t get any small print
1h20 Ricky Gervais extras, DO NOT GOOGLE youlube, DO BRAVE odysee bithcute other platforms
1h21 support other platforms, they stole 13,000 of my videos so should steal 13,000 of theirs
1h22 loud ass pigeons hoo hoo hoo 5a.m loud bag, Brighton stones, rat poison chewing gum bread
1h23 picture flight birds scares them, eat poo screw snooze, public defecation fornication
1h24 soap shower water
1h25 hay fever runny eyes nose itch tree sperm rape non consensual, if we do that jail hello harassment bill gates kills millions still free
1h26 clarityn, skin rub damage regeneration
1h27 offline call Asatur, no facebook
1h28 crimes against humanity democide share info nothing to do w me
1h29 dad 16 degrees King Charles wikitree, W.E.F climate fraud totalitarianism, all humanity goes to 1 cockroach worm
1h30 copies storage LTO TAPE copy south London dodgy
1h31 they only want what you don’t show, Las Vegas storage unit fraud theft.. public storage
1h34 Columbo 1 more thing, calls.. too good to be forgotten
1h36 mykonos or home Facebook spyware, phone number, please call me Facebook, lonely, Nigeria 20 billion dollars
1h37 what if its real you thought fake
1h38 no call Asatur call 3 weeks, 3 months Facebook, chat.. Thailand winter
1h39m50 thanks for visiting.. editing, mess
1h41 don’t promote genocidal democidal website host, decluttering, just about had it horrible
1h42 a we fade to gray song you’re next not too bad henna, king Charles eats organic, removed GMO labelling requirements to harm his people?! Political climate fraud shove it..
1h43 inspector shoes off covers, moment silence, guess how overweight, boh3m3 300lbs,,
1h44 my audience people who wanna see if they’re on to sue, authorities wanna kill maim enslave you hey I finally got an audience aaah, how many pizzas dairy carbs sugars per day
1h45 america megalomania bigger better gun prick audience not weight..  not happy w traffic statistics.. sucks..
1h46 can’t beat the camcorder, SSHHT! [SILENCE] tinnitus 
1h47 offline don’t need this sh, give all for free, heart mind soul
1h48 Alex Newman thenewamerican,com behind the deep state [Depp state] human rights freedoms. Why eat pig if you are what you eat
1h49 video slideshow timelapse.. Articficial Intelligence holes use your data to enslave & kill you?
1h50 room clutter suitcases better things to do than declutter inventory worth sharing no one there bbbppp mid finger autoplays youtube 100M AUTOPLAYS
1h52 thanks for viewing commenting rating & subscribing, georgegodley,com video & 100 domains, “lungs last 60 years” without smoke
1h53 disappointment thanks for nothing sigh

Transcript in progress [why bother]

Welcome to and 100 domains Tuesday 20 June 2023 2:37 PM.. Just calling my friend hike [Hayk} to discuss business terms since the friendship mixed with business has become just business now apparently according to him in one of the videos he’s.. should I unplug this cause it hums? [external usb speaker] anyway let’s go let’s just get going here. Fact based [factual] thoughts and feelings subject NOT to change without no tits [notice] and all the rest all the disclaimers all that OK let’s just go let’s just hope this works out. Haven’t done this in a while, bit rusty because it’s not worth doing but we’ll get to that in a minute let me just call him quickly ’cause he’s been waiting ♪ “I’ve been waiting’ 🎶 [sing song] that.. I can just see it not working now, yea it’s not working.. I’m calling and it doesn’t do anything, look, “you are currently offline” it’s the damn cable isn’t it.. all the gorilla tape in the world won’t.. we’ll do a little update in a minute.. yeah I know it’s over the top but apparently I’m not doing enough of it or too much of it and pissing people off and making them peel the [] stickers off but anyway let’s just go [list disco] we’ll get to that in a second in a momo.. let’s go man, the hell? Whew.. this humming thing man.. should I unplug it? if you unplug it only lasts a few minutes and then it won’t work anymore so if you plug it it hums. They couldn’t make a external speaker that doesn’t hum, the bastards.. let’s go bro.. allow.. so we got the Facebook spyware CIA FBI criminals allegedly according to Kennedy RFK junior storing your every.. storing all your data for artificial intelligence slavery.. how you doing, what’s up? hey! fine thank you & you? [whew sigh varianastenagmos] so why did you wanna talk right now because your ex isn’t gonna.. what, you got more privacy ’cause she’s not there now? she’s not there now, she’s not here now, that’s why sometimes I’m confused to talk a lot you know. We’re divorced but still you know I feel I have to be.. careful. Hehe.. careful yea.. there are things like leaving Poland to anywhere else it’s a little bit for her it’s like not very.. how can I explain this kind of things man? it’s like I will be enjoying.. God not again.. she’ll be staying here, I don’t want her to feel this kind of feelings.. I missed it.. what’s wrong? one more time I didn’t hear it. I don’t want her to feel like I’m enjoying my time somewhere else and she’s suffering at home. This is what I don’t want her to feel that. That’s why sometimes I’m confused I can’t talk a lot about ladies, other things.. that’s why I take the balcony, I have the very bad breakfast.. hahaha I have to suffer, make a documentary about it and show her to feel better that she’s not the only one who suffers, yea. 4min20 So what are, what about gravel pit now talking on behalf of your friend Artur and on behalf of my friend Michael. Yeah we won’t do any dates here, we’ll do the dates offline if need be and hey Facebook monitors everything, they collect all your data, so if even if I just use Facebook to communicate they know where I am even if I’m in another country they can trace everything and then can come here and steal all my stuff right? OK listen.. haha I’m half joking.. yeah.. Facebook lets you open a lot of accounts right? for example I can, I have three or four ones. but they know it’s you.. one you can leave at home and have another one with name of Arthur Johnson. They know it’s you from your IP address, you only have one address on your stupid cancer phone or device. Yea but you can have two phones, one is one name, another one is another name, one leave at home and the other take with you. Burner phones yea OK. so anyway so what’s the situation is, yes.. so you said OK so after.. Geo, the only OK I will tell you openly that the only thing I need is a ticket and balcony, what else can I say, nothing else. What happened to the gift I gave you, you said apartment but apartment doesn’t cost thousands apartment is much more expensive. Yes but I had my share there, we shared with my sister so I should compensate and give her, and it’s not the end, I’m giving her more and more by the time I’m selling my matrioshkas [material shows] which I have about $6000 matrioshkas selling and she’s getting it from Artur. So your share is that OK.. ok I will tell you the apartment is estimated 6.. OK OK you don’t you don’t need to be too personal details.. no it’s 60,000, it’s not a problem to say, it’s in the same one of the regions of Yerevan which is the place where I was living with my mother so after that we have to share it together so I decided that better I will get and live there as I lived all my life. But what’s the problem, if you share it, she can.. it’s no problem is it? yeah but OK I want to be there alone and she has nothing to do with that there apartment. But as soon as she has one half of that apartment she might sell it and have her share right? no, she can’t sell.. this is one apartment divided into two. She can sell her half, huh? Yes, this is why I negotiated with her 20,000 and I’m done. Oh my God.. OK and do you have to pay tax like in California every year they want 2% tax and all kinds of extra bullsh******** OK two percent is too much in Armenia it’s, last year it was not so much it was only $50 a year and now this year they gonna double it $100 a year and maybe next year they will double $200.00 a year and that’s it they promised this new government promised they not gonna put [poop] higher their.. so it’s not too bad OK alright So that’s why the gift is.. so that’s why you can’t even get a ticket? OK not gonna cost a lot, Geo it will cost maximum $400 maximum two ways.. First class hehe.. 8min 27 no, super class with private VIP people, you know I have to buy something in my way to.. no I’m kidding.. private jet.. yeah but I’m not alone, I want to take with me a funny girls and stuff you know luxury life maybe in my way.. so what airline do you fly if you go? what is it? what airline do you fly Ryan air? the cheapest, whatever I find in the summer time, it will be about 182, two hundred maximum.. Wizz air right? It was w-i-z. Weezer or Ryan air or maybe by bus, if bus will be cheaper I’ll get the bus. EasyJet. But buses are sometimes expensiver you know. EasyJet? do you think easyjet still exists? one of them is gone. Really? yeah. OK so alright, so ticket then you said balcony, OK, if I have a double room you can have the other bed. No no don’t take double bedroom because it will cost you. That’s what I want to try to save and not take you anymore, don’t worry, I’m not gonna say “I saved, please give me”. OK first of all the room, if I do get a double usually I get double so I can have some space to put my stuff on the other bed, haha.. OK anyway so double, that’s an option or you said yeah, only if there’s if there’s a balcony, if we go to Mykonos [make on us] and there’s no balcony you sleep on the beach.. you need to talk to the director of hotel and director well let me sleep on the corridor where the tourists are looking. OK now food, you said dinner, ’cause breakfast, OK breakfast is the the bad breakfast.. bad breakfast is included, I’m happy with bad breakfast don’t worry. And what about dinner? I don’t need dinner, maybe  sometimes you feel like you are eating too much, then I will grab some from your food.. yeah I was thinking.. always you shared and you can do it like a tiny part 10% of your for dinner man is enough & you will be slim..  yeah I’m overweight I gotta lose weight anyway I’m.. I will help you, I will see you are putting on a lot so I will eat more, when I see you are losing weight I will eat less, what can I say.. yeah I gotta lose a lot actually. Anyway OK so there’s that, and then what about how you normally at the end of the trip you say all the meals are like a an old camera or.. I’m not gonna say anymore, I’m changed, I’m much better now! You don’t see? you can see it looking at my face? rehabilitated. Look! rehabilitated. Look.. [fingers on lips fear gesture & hand out begging gesture – private Yalta 2002 joke] hahah do I ask money now? just food, and maybe one drink please.. “you give me” [private joke about sigishoara gypsy begging for gold ring] 12m10 and then what about being asleep every night at 10:00 o’clock and getting up at 5:00 or 6 getting up to.. no no no don’t worry about it, I will sleep the time you will sleep. I’m not gonna sleep earlier. At least weekends, we have to agree, at least weekends.. yes yes but don’t go like this you will be sleeping and will blame me that I’m sleeping I’m not sleeping anytime you say “Hayk we are going” we are going. Last time you saw me little bit like the eyes are closed you you could go like oh you are sleeping so I’m gonna sleep, it’s because you you are you I am sleeping.. hahaha don’t blame me I can sleep, I am waking up like in one second man it’s like sleeping and waking up, every day I am waking up when I go to extra-ing [X-ray] on the sets. 13m20 Extras.. yea 15 dollars a day they pay, I’m sitting and chatting with these Polish people and my Polish is now excellent man. [blabla talks polish sans the trademark whistle sound] OK OK you see how good is my Polish. yeah Pollish. OK uh.. just quickly so a few more points, few more things. Oh by the way, what OK I’m not gonna mention it. Mention generally what was it. Some old stuff man if you have if done [?] just forget about it. Old camera? Yes, not Sony, something before even. Because this time I didn’t pick up any thinking maybe George will be generous and will give me another camera haha.. but don’t worry if you say no please I have to keep it for the Museum of.. Vlog museum.. yeah another contract Geo.. if I wear big look at me if I wear big here instead of Rolling Stones and here and here and here.. yeah.. and with pen I will put here on my scheme.. the epaulettes was the funniest, this was the funniest, the epaulettes.. yeah.. so they can see you from the side.. haha.. hey you know somebody is peeling off my stickers in St. Annes court, there’s a place here called Saint Anne’s court, and there’s.. it’s full of stickers, there’s a spot full of stickers, and they’ve been there for years because I’ve been studying the art of Banksy’s [street self promotion] you know.. I know, I like him.. yeah Banksy can do it but if we do it’s fly posting and we can get in trouble it’s considered a criminal thing so you gotta be careful.. I pick, I’ve noticed some spots where it’s tolerated, many years they stay there, other spots go immediately so there’s a place here and I put some there and every time someone takes them off and they leave all the other ones up, only mine only vlog[.com] they don’t like, they peel it off. OK I have a solution man as always I have a solution. When you put, put there some dirty stuff on it, he will get a lot of problems! I was thinking to put some sh**** around the rim hahaha so when he peels it, but they might use a machine, they might use a scraper you know, scraper.. yeah but their scraper will be with a shit so they will throw away their scraper.. haha scraper will be full of sh**** I think it’s.. I’m trying to figure out and I was going to video it from far I can get, I can wait ’cause I saw when he does it like I noticed a certain day he did it, I could go there and video it but I don’t want to waste my time on them but I’m thinking who it is. It’s probably somebody who doesn’t like the truth about the genocide and he wants people to die because my whole website is to protect and warn people about the COVID and CLIMATE FRAUD GENOCIDE [DEMOCIDE] thing so it is probably a bad person or it could be there’s a lady there in the security shop and and she told me a few years ago she was like “you put me on youtube, you can never, I’m very angry, you put me on youtube 10 years ago and instead of thanking me because everybody does it now and she doesn’t even know. She only knew it because I put her in the title, I advertised her business a bit. Yeah.. I was honest, everybody else is hiding when they upload stuff. And she still works there? yeah I was wondering if she did it but I put the stickers higher and higher and they keep [removing them] so they need a chair to peel ‘em off you know ’cause they’re not so tall anyway but anyway OK.. so there’s that.. So one day take very big, how do you say scales? Ladder & go upper and upper 18min we’ll see how they’re gonna.. But then nobody sees it man if it’s way up. So I have another one now, I have another one. I wanna put it, you know when you go in the underground station, or when you come out maybe ’cause when you go in you don’t have your phone you’re not gonna do any Internet or when you come out. You’re looking at the steps right to not fall.. yeah.. so I put it on the steps.. & all the time is circling there? yeah there’s people coming all the time so I just need to put one at the steps and they’re going to look at it to not fall because they always look.. yea I know.. but it gets peeled off always, they don’t like it on the subway they always peel it off so but it will be for one day or a few hours thousands of people will see it you see. OK listen I have another idea. I will make by Photoshop such a painting with in it. It’s like Banksy style but written in such a funky way. What do you think about it, and we go and make a copy on one of the walls in London. I don’t know, no don’t waste your time man, we need it like at strategic places where there’s a lot of people otherwise you know I don’t know if it’s allowed.. ok on the ground, we could paint on the ground. 19m20 yeah no the sticker’s fine. On asphalt. don’t waste your time man it’s but thank you.. alright try it anyway try yeah do a rough thing but, do a rough one first quickly don’t waste too much time on it yeah.. Ok another thing I was trying to tell you and you interrupted me if I put everyday here and here I have my free pre dinner. Free dinner? no no ok half dinner. OK I’m kidding I will do it just for you I’m just Talking. We have to calculate, if you’re there for a month or two that’s 50 dinners, 50 times.. no ok its too much.. but even then, it’s only 1000 it’s is not more than 1000 if it’s 50 x 10 is 500, if it’s 50 x 20 euros or dollars it’s 1000. No no I’m not gonna eat, I’m not the one who likes dinners you know. I don’t like dinner, I don’t like breakfast, I don’t like lunch. But I’m saying even if it was $20 for 50 dinners it’s only 1000 so you can’t tell me that it’s more than 1000. OK every day three dollars for my food, is it OK? every day  $3 for your food? I will explain you how to eat for $3 and have good food. Allergies from the hay fever.. well maybe.. and there was one more thing.. Oh yeah, you have to watch the bags when I swim sometimes.. of course I do it without your asking and carrying your bags when you are walking. Sometimes and also you’ll be recorded as much as possible, like you know the meals, the talks, right? Of course, OK. And also uh [finger snaps] if the tide comes up you have take, you have to stop the bags from getting washed [away] yes yes yes but for this case you have to put very close to the water for me to have things to do otherwise if the tide’s not coming.. I thought you were going to say “that’s three more dollars if it’s the tide” ahahah no it depends which kind of tide you mean you know.. It depends how dangerous it is, how aggressive it is. If you pay like $1 a day I will sell.. save your bags. If you pay another $1.00 I will save your clothing, if you pay the third dollar I will save the cameras everything even your shoes you know man so you decide. So I got another.. proposal.. statistics.. I got another website statistics company. I went to UK column [.org] in their privacy notice they said we use a so I went there and I wanted to see my statistics because they’re an alternative to to Goggle Anal ytics Google Analytics. So it turns out on my front page it’s very very bad huh like my my web hosting company says I have 500 a day, 500 visitors a day right uniques. yeah but this other company they show that on my homepage only fifty! only 50 after all that work after all these web domains.. Geo maybe there is something that you don’t fully know how to manage this I’m sure there are specialists we have to go to this Internet specialist.. [shows Web Marketing & How to increase Web traffic books] DUH D-UH..  23m51 are you studying them? no I bought them ten years ago I never loo.. I did open it but you know what it’s not for reading, you have to sit there on the computer and and type it, they tell you to go to this thing and do this and do that, it’s not just for reading you have to sit there for.. ok one thing about final cut did you did you study it fully? yeah I went, I had that one day crash course tutorial, it was 1000 pounds man. 1000 pounds. What?! yeah cause he’s one of the best editors in the in the country. So it doesn’t matter, one day nobody can teach you anything. No he let me record it luckily I had the camera and I watched it again the next day and I still, there’s so much man, there’s so many menus and buttons but and and I took notes, hey hey I took notes so I have the notes also and it helped me now you were right that to go over it again because otherwise I wouldn’t remember anything but there is, it is .. even if you know something excellent[ly] in one month you forget if you don’t practise it, this is the rule and another thing Internet there’s so many classes of each item in final cut like how to do this how to do that. Luckily it was worth it for certain things I did have some very specific questions that I cannot find on the Internet about my slideshow you know the the montage timelapse thing and it works very well I did it man I did it 4K [***8K***] by some miracle it worked because I told you I get the photos after and on the hard drive it doesn’t put the correct date it puts the new date it doesn’t put it with the videos in order it puts it afterwards but by some miracle in final cut it put it properly and it came out perfectly and I have 15,000 photos in half an hour at 3 frames a photo and you can see everything right at 4K [8K] but I don’t want to put it on the Internet yet because it shows too much personal information I have to sit there worrying do do I want to show where I live, uh.. people’s names on the.. OK about the past you can do it right? you don’t have problems with your past. and yeah there’s already an old one on my front page and it’s.. I don’t see the point in doing this if nobody’s going to be there right so I have to do this stupid sh**** first and then worry about that if it’s not going to if if there’s no one there what’s the f-******* point mother f-ers.. heavy sigh.. haaaagh.. [varianastenagmus] and in the summer you want to do this? I’m going to go to the beach with this and my computer no I don’t think so man.. no no.. it’s gonna be in the winter isn’t it. OK another thing I will suggest you for that. yeah. just put on Internet such an information “audio books” [out your books] and take it with you and just walk and listen it it helps if you listen it 4 – 5 times automatically it getting into your head so if you really need something to listen audio books are the best. Yeah but I want to cut it off when I’m tra[velling].. why do you need those books? those books are in economy or what? I didn’t understand what was it about? this one? this one I want to read the most. Web traffic in weekend, web traffic so what’s gonna give it to you? what you gotta understand more than you don’t now? it tells you you have to go to all these websites and sit there and type some stuff in and this is 10 years old now I’m not sure it’s relevant anymore.. yeah.. but I think no I think the basics well it’s worth a try anyway but.. ok after that what you gonna be able to do I mean something extra that you are doing now. You will understand what? how to manage your website or how to do what? What does it.. how does it how does it help? 18min you get bigger numbers and then you get some donations hopefully, you get some of your money back ‘cause I lost a fortune doing all this sh**** right? Shouldn’t I get compensated? I mean shouldn’t.. unless it’s a non profit charity.. I am I running a non profit charity? so I can make, that can be non-profit charity but if it’s .com it should get some profit. Anyway.. how come everyone else, how come Hollywood movies are making hundreds of millions of dollars right? or even TV series.. why we have to work [for free].. I think if you would trust the one filmmaker and you will cooperate with one of them, you have so much footage man, so much interesting footage that they could compose altogether and you will get such a great sereal like at least 10 series you have a film. If I do what? you have so much footages that you could consult with a very good filmmaker.. hey heheh [crumpled up sticker on chest] I’ll go up to a girl in the street, I’ll go up to a woman in the street excuse [I choose = auto dictation error] me this is my website hahaha it’s the pigeons outside.. it’s because of the rain sory.. because of the stress.. hey the pigeons in the morning they’re going, sometimes I’m up late, I’m sleeping, I told you I sleep three hours and then I’m up all night and then I sleep another three hours right? why did you say.. It’s bad.. why do you say it’s bad? What if it’s g[ood], Who said it’s bad man? Maybe it’s good, you get [2 sleeps].. no? anyway.. 30min I will try to explain you. If your body needs,, OK body is one thing, another thing is brain. Brain is restarting.. somebody’s trying to write us OK so brain is restarting it makes like boiling everything that you had this day and gets how can I say metaphorically it sounds like this you know every OK OK OK listen all brain is working this way: every idea we are having during the day it’s a connection of different neurons. You know what is neurons, right? [continued..]

Lounger & scrounger business conflict mon 12 june 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0290S03

Lounger & scrounger business conflict mon 12 june 2023 GeorgeGodley dot com vlog dot com 0290S03

Summary: Mixing friendship with business, up front negotiations avoid expectations & misunderstandings. Is it a “friend” when they expect expenses paid or cash/ material equivalent for a few reciprocities? answer: no, it’s business for them & #fail for you. Is it worth it? Next: “Lounger & scrounger business negotiation video call”

Hi Geo, what can I say. The problem is only in one thing that you tried to give me a present, you decided to give it, I didn’t ask you to give. So next time if you would not give me any present probably this is the best solution for me not to ask instead of present to give me this money, and that’s all. Probably this is the problem for you that you did not give me the computer right? and I decided to use this money for another purpose. So if you really, you want, you’re insisting me to get this computer I can sell my house and buy this computer. If you want really this, I’m gonna do it, But later I will have a lot of other problems. Do you want your friend to have other problems which will be very problematical for him? so let me know please. Geo: “I don’t know what the F he’s talking about.” & if my visit to England is a problem for you I’m not coming, don’t worry about it. And the old equipment that I asked you to give me is another problem so let’s forget about it. No problem, that’s not a big deal for me. I am shooting with my with my phone and at the moment is enough for me. And always people like to give present to to their friends, so my approach of this is that instead of the present I try to ask the part of the price they are going to spend on that present. & if that’s a problem what can I do? this is my way. I can’t take presents, I try to ask the part of the price. What can I do. Should I take this present and sell it and get the part of the money? It’s not, it’s a/so senseless, right? & so I say everything up front that I prefer the price the money that you are going to spend, the part of it, not the full price but the part of it. The same with the hotels restaurants and other things. Maybe next time what you should do, not to suggest a present or something because when I am helpful probably you feel that you better to give a present to inspire me and and that’s what happened last time. And when you say “we don’t want a repeat of last time”, I feel like “we”, when you say “we”, you mean some, a group of people. I don’t know who they are, but still, if they are giving you advices you need to travel with them. & I’m sure you have a choice. You have to decide who are the best friends and if I’m not the one that could be one of the best so I shouldn’t be included in this project, right? and I’m thankful what you did before and don’t feel I can feel bad. I’m fine, if this is your decision and you helped me, I can’t say any bad, I can’t even think about any bad things about you. I gave you the rights to use all the footages from the beginning till in the future even when you will be calling next times I’m giving the rights of these dialogues to use anywhere you want, don’t worry about it. It’s not my compromise, this is a friendly proposal and that’s it, what can I say. I’m fine and better you will travel with the people whom you trust whom you like, who are your best friends and as I know you are discussing sometimes my question with other people so it’s better to travel with them. They will be more helpful, they’re more intelligent, they’re with diplomas, this is the most important thing. You know I don’t have any diplomas how can I discuss things like cinematography, medicine, other things? this is a.. I’m an amateur right? I’m an empty space in these questions. So as you know that’s all what I can say at the moment. But still, thank you for the last times 5m56 Try to put this next time, I want to show the thing & it keeps falling off, what the hell! Gorilla tape’s not that good after alt.. okay thanks for visiting & 100 domains. Monday 12.. let’s turn this off now.. this hums you see if it’s plugged in. Anyway. Monday 12 June 2023 1:30 PM. The guy’s gone senile I think.. well he was always a bit off but you know I tried to keep it together, tried to keep the friendship going with a little reciprocity I know I was videoing him so you know I gave something back, more than he deserved even the last time. I don’t even want to say because then everybody’s going to expect it ’cause they’re just a bunch of blood suckers as Mike Tyson said everyone around him was blood suckers and that’s why he lost 300 million down to $3 million whatever. I’m just saying, he makes no sense, none of this makes any.. & he really is so inappropriate and horrible, just awful sometimes but on the other hand he’s great at times, you know, we have some incredible conversations. I listen to them with great entertainment and information. He’s really good in some ways [summer= auto dictation error lol].. And I need somebody to watch the bags when I swim ’cause I like to go out for one hour swimming far out. You can’t really ask people sitting next to you “can you watch my bags for an hour please? or two?” And he doesn’t really watch them, I mean he’s not great security, if somebody stole it he’d probably let him have it, I said you know throw a rock at them or something if somebody steals the bag. & the tide came up once and he saved it from getting wet or drawn out to sea in Vouliagmeni & Limanakia.. in the Marina I know some people there so they can watch it, you know, I tie it around the umbrella pole or whatever sometimes. But he’s good for bag watching, then he’ll carry the bag sometimes if you’ve got these heavy cameras. I will be using these good cameras again because they’re just much better than the little ones, than the X3000 and the RX100’s horrible compared to the A1. And so we will be.. but you know yeah he just makes no sense, none of this makes any sense. I mean I can.. I just answered, I was going to get nasty back but I just kept it short and sweet which is the best way and he hasn’t answered ’cause I did this Saturday [sunday] morning. So all Sunday he didn’t answer now Monday. I said, number one, no one said sell your house [home apartment]. I don’t know, there’s a complete misunderstanding about what the problem is. The problem is, he’s a scrounger- that’s OK but the problem is he shows [up].. he’s broke. He doesn’t have one penny to spend on anything, supposedly. I mean we know that he has the thousands I gave him or whatever.. We know he’s got apartments that he rents [leases to others], he’s got an apartment he rents, you know he slipped up and told me that part, you know, it’s it’s all a lie, you know.. Nothing is what it seems. He acts broke but he really, he’s just a very stingy curmudgeon or whatever the hell. He’s just.. he never wants to spend anything on anything so he expects to always anytime we meet it’s always what can he get out of it, so and at the very least he expects a couch.. Why doesn’t he just do or whatever, .org or.. But you know we do have a rapport ’cause we were friends and then he said it’s a business the last time, he just came out and flat out said it which is pretty disgusting at the end of the day ’cause you know a friendship has become just a business just because I video him? I just keep the camera going because we’re both into that. We wanted to have a successful show which completely flopped online after all the sh**** I’ve done.. domain names, content, alternative media links, stickers, advertising, constantly advertising promotion, handing out stickers, wearing stickers, putting them on you know.. God, you know the only thing I didn’t read that book “how to how to increase your traffic”, I still haven’t read that. But anyway, no the point is the tra[ffic] yeah 10,000 visitors a month apparently or so.. it was 30 but then it came down to 10 after the COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY VACCINE HOLOCAUST according to Naomi Wolf and many Jewish people have called it.. Vera Sharav.. we’re quoting them. And they’re all getting away with the genocide, the democide as Todd Callender said in his successful lawsuit against the government for mandating a bioweapon clot shot fake vaccine MRNA bio weapon. So no one said sell your house. He’s making, he comes out with these ridiculous preposterous.. it is like.. it’s gotta be senility or dementia when you make zero sense, when you invent things, when you dwell on things, when you’re just make just irrational incoherent it’s like talking to a lunatic, crazy insane person which makes.. but even they make sense sometimes. I know crazy people and we’ve had more logical conversations that this. “If you want I will sell my house and if you want your friend to sell his house because he didn’t get the computer”.. I gave him.. should I say how much? OK well fff.. should I say it? Because.. but then everybody is going to begging..  no because, no I don’t have to tell you.. but it was.. I feel like saying it.. Because he has a big birthday coming up and he’s going to be a senior citizen or too old, I said before that happens, let him get a good computer and do something with his life ’cause he said, and he’s all talk no action, that’s the other thing, he never does ship. “I’m going to make a movie, I’ve made three movies, I’m going to do this” and he never does sh**. He always gets the shittiest gear, the shittiest things.. he never does anything anyway I don’t wanna put him down too much ’cause he’s got his positives but I’m just saying uh.. where were we? Shall I put that up? [ backdrop] fcuk’s sake.. I don’t think I’m going to put this up (video upload) up [online] am I? can imagine.. anyway.. jeez.. it’s a waste of time all this, I shouldn’t be doing any of this. Party’s over ahole. But so he uh.. where were we? what were we saying? no I said yeah, I explained it previously. Help the guy out and help him get his life together, do something with his life before it’s too late which it already practically is but anyway you know but I think it’s never too late but you know you could argue that it already is. Anyway I’m just saying help the guy out, I did it. I wanted him to get a nice computer, a nice camera ’cause he keeps begging me for this and that and it’s just so annoying.. I said you know help him out since he’s giving me all this footage which supposedly might go somewhere and succeed successful show.. you know I thought I’d get bigger numbers online I thought there would be something, some reward, compensation for your time and efforts but no. and now with the COVID FRAUD GENOCIDE DEMOCIDE exposed and COVER UP, they’re not going to want anybody who’s exposed it right? So.. sorry but yeah I’m not ready for this.. So that’s number one. Number two, I told him business failed. Number three “we”. Yeah, business failed, that’s my excuse now, which is the best, which is true, the business failed why should I pay more? ’cause he wants, when he says old equipment, yea anything, he just wants to scrounge anything he can get his hands on. Which I already gave him tons of cameras and all kinds of shift in the past but when he says old equipment he means like just a couple years old like the A73 Sony $5000 camera because I could probably just get a few hundred for it in the store second hand.. is that body only? and maybe if it’s $5000 camera.. how much would you get second hand in straight to the seller buyer? You’d probably get a few hundred or at the most 1000 right? or d’you get 2000? but I don’t know it’s overexposed, it’s only good in the dark & and it’s horrible, all these cameras have terrible stabilisation so you need a gimbal and this anyway so business failed.. and “we” equals you and me I said. He keeps dragging in third parties and putting them down and being sarcastic “oh they have diplomas, I have no diploma therefore you should hang out with them and not me” the fcuk is wrong with this guy man? he really is unwell. & he’s always been off. There’s always been this kind of.. if you look at the old videos, we did have some good times, but in Yalta.. Sochi [so she lol] was the only time we had a pretty good time, right? he was he was at his peak then. In Sochi in 2001. By Yalta [all to] 2002 he was already going bad, he was already arguing, being critical, constantly putting me down if I didn’t hook up with a girl I was with, you know they never spoke any English and we were meeting a lot of women we were just getting all the banter the talk the interactions the frolicking and he.. we had some good times but it got ugly at the towards the end you know I remember I gave him a couple 100 bucks as the cab left Simferopol and he was like “Oh no it’s too much” I said it’s OK man. So he was, he did consider that.. he OK.. I mean he was grateful for that even though he was like “shouldn’t I get something out of all of this” and lalala before that.. and now.. but I avoided him, that’s why I avoided him and that’s why I avoided my other friend is even worse.. he’s like, he’ll just show up, he’ll say “let’s go eat somewhere” and he’ll just sit there waiting for you to pay for the bill which I don’t mind doing a few times but it’s all the time throughout his whole life, it’s like at any age, he’ll just never pay for anything and he thinks I should pay for everything all the time. And he asked me for 1000 bucks long time ago and I said I couldn’t do it and he never asked me again. But this guy, I just helped him out and he wants more. That’s the.. you give these people and then they just expect more. Like now he doesn’t want to meet up unless something’s in it for him. He wants to, you know, a free place to stay so that’s like a free hotel even if it’s a balcony or a floor with a sleeping bag and he’s got this maybe he’s got some mattress or something.. [but he just does?] anything as long as he doesn’t have to pay for a hotel and free breakfast is included in a lot most places even though it’s a horrible breakfast it’s better than nothing and then he knows he’ll get a bite here in there ’cause every time I eat he’s going to be there and he’ll be like “Oh no it’s OK I don’t want any” and he’ll calculate how many meals he didn’t eat when I offered him.. which I shouldn’t do, I just didn’t offer anything but you know what can I do having sit there starving and I’m sitting there eating nice food? I say look I’ll give you some. So now he takes a few bites and then he feels like I owe him the price of the meal over time. So if he’s there for couple weeks, maybe a couple weeks would be di[fferent].. he was like “if it’s a couple of weeks OK but if it’s more I need to get paid, I need to get compensated, I need to eueu if I’m carrying your bags or watching”.. and he just carries one bag, sometimes, not even.. it’s just if I’m weighed down ’cause the backpack’s heavy and then this, if we bring the Z90, that’s a separate bag so he considers that like worth thousands of dollars at the end of the trip ’cause we’re usually there a month, sometimes it’ll go into two months in the past & then at the end of that he’s like, “well you know, don’t I deserve a an old camera, $5000 camera or a.. you know a few thousand for all the meals that you offered me” type of thing. And he won’t come out and even say it like.. he’s very deceptive in his technique, he won’t be straightforward and say it ’cause that’s really ugly, if he came out and said “look you owe me for everything I’ve [HAVEN’T] done [everything you offered that I refused]”.. Although he did say it I think he did you know, so much has been said, you lose track of what was said and what wasn’t said but anyway.. And I’ve stopped putting this sh**** on the Internet because it just doesn’t.. it’s just unbelievable that you can have 10,000 or 20,000 unique visitors a month and no video views even on auto playing videos I mean they’ll get a few 100 a month. So 10,000 unique visitors, 15,000, sometimes more in the past although after the [COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE MRNA BIO WEAPON INJECTION FAKE “VACCINE”] clot shot it’s dropped to yeah 10 -15 a month. 10- 15 thousand visitors, unique visitors a month, 40,000 page views, 100,000 hits in may 2023 and zero video views or you know a few hundred video views on each video which is auto playing on your site and Odysee and Bitchute that’s just like a separate thing that usually gets again I didn’t you know it was a couple 100 or 300 just so bad so that’s why I wouldn’t bother [why bother] I wouldn’t bother anyway enough..  let’s go. let’s give him a call I want to get it done with.. I don’t want to waste time on this but I feel like this is unfinished.. there’s nothing to say is there.. you know what he’s about. So if he meets up he basically he wants something in exchange for meeting up that’s what it is and for watching the bags when I swim or letting me video him, he feels like I owe him for him, for that, for footage and for anything that he does to help. He feels like I should pay him back in the form of old equipment or money ’cause he’s not big on food and he’s not big on luxuries, room and hotel ‘cause I even gave him a separate room for a month when I came back here to get my tooth checked out ’cause I broke my tooth when he was down there. And then they had that oil spill in anyway in 2017 wasn’t it.. was it? Anyway yeah.. anyway we gotta go.. I think that’s it. should I call him? I just want to clear it up but there’s nothing to clear up, this says it all.. later


U.S. patent for vaccine nanotechnology uses toxin of biowarfare, notes Karen Kingston


Dr. Rashid Buttar correctly predicts death of CNN journalist DREW GRIFFIN FROM COVID MRNA BIO WEAPON CLOT SHOT FAKE “VACCINE”

Behind The Deep State | BlackRock Driving Business Into The Arms of The New World Order | Part One & 100 domains web host statistitcs nov 2018 – may 2023

DATE / UNIQUE VISITORS/ PAGE VIEWS source: web host screenshots, photo, video
Nov 19-30, 2018:  5,557, 109,696
DEC 2018. 23,527. 273,251
JAN 2019. 25,560, 290,801
FEB 2019. 20,953. 97,774
MAR 2019. 17,820. 195,105
APR 2019. 23,426. 193,881
MAY 2019. 20,498. 269,869
JUNE 2019 19,157. 157,683
JULY 2019 19,815. 139,495
AUG 2019 20,564. 124,783
SEP 2019 21,634. 103,712
OCT 2019 22,168. 144,149
NOV 2019 21,401 174,938
DEC 2019 25,838. 198,768
JAN 2020 27,100. 130,798
FEB 2020 24,029. 106,477
MAR 2020 20,390. 135,142
APR 2020 23,965. 182,116
MAY 2020. 26,372 158,741
JUNE 2020 30,886. 179,141
JULY 2020 30,544 253,689
AUG 2020 32,088. 151,529
SEP 2020 29,980. 164,304
OCT 2020 28,408. 158,684
NOV 2020 31,412. 163,507
DEC 2020 31,645 127,722
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-W.E.F [WORLD ENSLAVEMENT FASCISTS] covid & climate fraud genocide democide C.E.O
-animal [& human] torture brain implant vivisection
-nuremberg code crimes against humanity nonconsensual 5G WIFI digital slavery control grid satelite microwave radiation cancer
-constant pestering to sign into technocracy tyranny data harvest surveillance matrix mainframe- no search without sign in
-electric vehicle enslavement scam, explosive battery cobalt mining child abuse
-shadow banning libertarian freedom truthers
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dr Vernon Coleman & Reiner Fuellmich

Vernon Coleman – a legend – with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and ICIC

OUTLINE by & 100 domains

[loud obnoxious intro music] “One of the heroes of the resistance [commander in chief] Dr. Vernon Coleman, “old man in a chair”. 1m40 1975: “the medicine man”. first published pharmaceutical book medical industry taken over by pharmaceutical industry. Doctors no longer control what they do & think because its all being done for them by the pharmaceutical drug companies. Was GP [general practitioner]. Described drug industry scams.. 2020 FRAUD obvious.. British Gov figures [data] show same as flu statistics, 3m45 WHO says 650K flu deaths/ year people/year flu season. March 2020 I said with this fraud they were going to introduce compulsory “vaccination”, kill elderly,  introduce digitalisation of cash. 2 or 3 days after first video, U.K gov advisors said new “coronavirus” is no worse than the flu & took it off the list of dangerous diseases. 4m35 that happened very quietly, no-one said anything about it. It stopped being a dangerous disease but they treated it & made horrendous predictions, unnecessary deadly lockdowns, absurd mask rules..any infection goes right through the mask.. 5m40 unsafe defective unnecessary alleged “vaccine”. “Vaccines” are never properly tested nor tested together. American children are blasted with 40 “vaccines” their 1st year!!! No vaccine interaction tests. 7min only 0.6% of U.S popluation are completely unvaccinated & have the best health. Reiner Fuellmich, Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi agree vaccines have never been necessary & were always used for population control. 2011 book evidence show unvaxed much healthier. Polio, small pox, whooping cough diseases were declining before vaccines were introduced.. book, data, figures show when vaccinations were introduced polio incidence went up. Media message gov pharma “you must have all your vaccines or you will die”.. Immune system problems. In 2020 I predicted, made videos in which I named all the diseases that would occur with the covid jab. 10min Myocarditis, blood clots.. Autumn 2020. I was vilified, suppressed.. Facebook said I was too dangerous, 250K YouTube subs deleted, brandnewtube hacked.. attempts to share information have been suppressed. Publishers say oh we can’t publish your books anymore.. prior to 2020 I had publishers in China who had a lot of success with my books. I was invited to write a column for Chinese newspaper & wrote about the ineffectiveness & dangers of vaccines.. within minutes of that appearing online in a Chinese newspaper, Chinese & German gov stopped all publications. Any objection to “vaccination” was censored cause they knew “vaccination” is a scam. A small part of a much bigger scam, THE GREAT RESET, [NWO NEW WORLD ORDER mentioned by all world waiters “leaders”]= suppression oppression control, u will do whatever they want, you will own nothing & be happy, social credit China, 13m digital currency SLAVERY. Gov control. 14min Digital currency will only work within 15 minute [concentration camp ghetto], no travel, no transport, controlled limited electric cars.. nonsense of getting rid of fossil fuels will destroy all civilization. Hydrogen is fossil fuels. Trees bio mass pellets diesel powered.. 15min40 CLIMATE CHANGE FRAUD = BIGGEST FRAUD IN HISTORY. LIE. Look at the evidence, scientists don’t support it. They lie about people supporting it. Lethal “vaccine” pusher Bill Gates [alleged arrest warrants issued in India, Philippines, Africa, etc.] financed medical establishment & BBC admitted THEY DON’T DEBATE VACCINE QUESTIONING RIGHT OR WRONG!!! Everything is CORRUPT. Doctors are suppressed or destroyed. 17m15 Corrupt AstraZeneca & vax drug company shareholder General Medical Council controls U.K doctors licenses & strike off anyone who dares speak out. 17m55 W.H.O [World holocaust homicide hoax organization] estimated 20M covid deaths LIE. FRAUD. SICK JOKE. Anyone who says covid killed 20M is a deluded fool, misinformation specialist or scaremonger. The official U.K gov figures show same mortality figures same as flu. [which it replaced!] 18min Lockdowns, shut hospitals fictitious “long covid”, MRNA jab, mortality up, dramatic rise. 19m20 Genocide plan I described 3 years ago became reality. Absurd Russia rules stopping money & US blowing up nordstream pipeline caused millions of african & asian deaths who can’t afford food & energy.. 140 Million Africans starving due to Ukraine designer war designed only to impoverish & kill. 21min politicians & mainstream media bought by 5 globalist corporations agenda pushers 22min Dr Roger Hodgkinson VAERS data 20 MILLION MRNA COVID INJECTION DEATHS, 2 BILLION SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS. GOAL: FULL DIGITAL CONTROL SLAVERY OVER SURVIVORS OF GREATEST GENOCIDE/ DEMOCIDE. Media controlled, gov bought all advertising, newspapers & tv propaganda.. no live unedited debate of lies they tell because they’ll lose. 26min35 To give a new untested most toxic product to billions is beyond reckless. They don’t do reckless, accidental, coincidence, so IT WAS DELIBERATE, GENOCIDE, to KILL PEOPLE. Vax, lockdowns, masks vastly increase cancer [oxygen deprivation]. . 29min PLAN: Destruction of health service for 15 minute smart [concentration camp ghettos]. They will drive people out of the country side with rewilding programs, they will drive people into 15 minute [concentration camp ghettos], no travel, stuck.. 29m45 Coming Apocalypse book, April 2020, I forecasted, Endgame book, lockdowns & vaccines = digital currency end of cash, END OF ALL FREEDOMS, TRAVEL, 1940s oil run out. Climate change myth 1960s: perps said “a war helps kill & control people, but a much better long term way is climate change [ice age & global warming originally] fraud, war, more control. World domination fight. Food price inflation, interest rates planned increases.. Global economy deliberately crashed to impoverish, frighten, control. War = price increase = 140 Million starving africans.. Rishi Sunak [wretched ratchet rashid sanook says senile Biden] should be treated as war criminal because depleted uranium to Ukraine. 34m they want a nuclear war to kill more people. When you see waiters [“leaders”] Biden, Charles & Sunak leave cities that’s nuclear war, first places attack = Euro capitals.. war, food & energy shortages LIES to permanently panic & control. 37m40 How to STOP & hold them accountable = communication, spread info. 38min. They want your money & your life. Reach as many people as possible, share info, videos, website articles. I’m banned everywhere except books & my websites. 38m45 [repeat] U.K General Medical Council linked with drug companies corruption. World Health Organization ended the covid LIE with the biggest lie of all that “20 million people had died from covid.” These people LIE LIE & LIE, never show any shame. 41m fighting for freedom & mankind future. Publishing Income destroyed. 42m45 how do you hold body spirit mind together so well, vibrantly. Beautiful wife & garden wildlife watching, escape from horrors & lies, media.. 44m20 overpaid bribed doctors made their nurses give a jab they know nothing about, gov lied & said there were no side effects. Truth about covid jab was available autumn 2020. They lied. Betrayed their oath, patients & themselves. 45m45 SOCIAL MEDIA like Facebook OWNED & OPERATED BY DEEP STATE, Zuckerberg, Bezos & others = puppets. Alt media blackout would censor their propaganda too. Keep exposing them to as many people as possible, ask questions. Stupid bribed extorted puppets doctors politicians media worse than evil string pullers.. German pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer easier to deal w evil than stupid who don’t listen until something terrible wakes them up.. 48min almost all major global corporation CEOs were on Epstein Lolita island.. 48m50 Ask T.V companies why don’t you debate Vernon Coleman if you’re right? Obviously you’re scared to lose because you’re wrong. Pro vaccine fraud climate change [CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY SLAVERY] people. Never before has there been a blackout. Conclusion has to be they won’t debate because they know they’re WRONG. 54min25 once our info Robert F Kennedy Jr, Del Bigtree, Christina Borgensen, Maria Zee, Jeremy Nail etc gets into mainstream, the dam will break & flush them all down the toilet where they belong. 55 cognitive dissonance: people don’t want to challenge & lose their fundamental beliefs by contradictory new info. Too much for people to take in, they have to ask questions & realise lies. 56 min TELL ALL march 2020 British government downgraded covid-19 to flu. Media ignored & suppressed it. 56m50 ALL is linked: 15 minute cities [concentration camp ghettos], digitalisation of currency, social credit, digital world, war, vaccines, lockdowns, deaths in Africa, genocide, deaths of elderly, starvation, do not resuscitate notices, kill shots, medazolam morphine .. 58m medical industry was bought by pharmaceutical industry, corruption, follow orders. Gov paid docs more even though the evidence was availble. 1h debates about everything except vaccine scam because they’ll lose. 1h3 Tess Lawrie World Council for Health = W.H.O alternative. “Conspiracy theory” = C.I.A term to censor criticism, whistleblowing, conspirators accountability.. since JFK assassination. Not all CIA are bad but the top ones are evil.. 1h4 Larry Sanger, wikipedia cofounder says wikipedia is corrupt.”


The Ben Armstrong Show | Smoking Gun: mRNA Vaccines Destroy Fertility and Your Gov. Knew it in 2017

“Do NOT Trust Your Government: A Wake-Up Call from MEP Christine Anderson” 15 minute CONCENTRATION CAMP PRISONS
“This whole COVID madness, it was really just a test balloon — a test balloon to see how far they could go,” concluded MEP Christine Anderson. “And the lesson they wanted to learn from this was to find out what needed to be done to get free individuals in free and democratic societies to actually consent to being forced into compliance.”
“And the next thing we will see is the establishment of so-called 15-minute cities. I would, however, urge you not to call them 15-minute cities. They are 15 minute-ghettos,” she warned. “It has nothing to do with this [convenience]. Nothing whatsoever. It’s about control. It’s about pretty much imprisoning people in their assigned area.”
“Take a good look at your government,” MEP Anderson urged, “And do not assume for a single second just because they were ‘democratically’ elected, they will not inflict the worst atrocities on you. Do not believe that for one second. So, please stand up. Get up and fight already. Do it now.”

“It would be healthier and safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the Columbian drug cartel” W.H.O = TERRORIST ORGANIZATION, COVID = FRAUD SAY EUROPEAN MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT Mislav Kolakusic & Christina Anderson

CV19 Vax Destroys Hearts & Brains of Billions of People – Dr Sucharit Bhakdi Dr. Bhakdi acquitted of bogus anti semitism charges since Holocaust commissions, survivors & rabbis agree covid vaccine is another one.. you’d have to jail them too! Neo Nazi Germany thought police #FAIL..

DENY DIGITAL I.D CA$HLESS CBDC SLAVERY. MRNA DESIGNED TO INJURE & KILL – Dr. Mike Yeadon. “ST⛔P MRNA “VACCINE” HOLOCAUST SILENCE, NEVER AGAIN IS NOW” says U.S Commission on the Holocaust Elie Wiesel, Rabbi Michoel Green et al

“Decline It!” – Dr. Mike Yeadon Issues Dire Warning Against Digital IDs And CBDCs Trafalgar Square London, sat 13 may 2023. “REFUSE ANY CASHLESS BUSINESSES”
“what they are going to do next, i promise you, i just know it, they’re going to impose a digital i.d on everybody. DECLINE IT, DECLINE IT. [crowd cheers, applause]. You do NOT need a digital I.D to live your peaceful life. Evidence the last hundreds of years. You do not need it, they need you to have it. DECLINE IT. What else have they got cooking: CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCIES CBDC, yes it’s very different from your bank card, because it’s a real time transaction that looks for where you are & what you’re buying before it says yes or no. Your current bank card only asks, have you got the money. So when they introduce CBDC central bank digital currency they’ll tell you cash will run along side it. No, i’m confident theyr’e going to find a way of removing cash. 22min*****USE CASH AT EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY, DECLINE BUSINESS WITH ANYONE WHO WON’T ACCEPT IT*****. [crowd applause, cheers, whistles] transcript by This will involve you in inconvenience just like declining a digital I.D is going to involve you in inconvenience. If you don’t accept the inconvenience you’ve stepped into what i believe will be the HUMAN SLAUGHTER HOUSE. I think THEY PLAN TO TAKE TYRANICAL CONTROL OF EVERYBODY & KILL MOST PEOPLE.” [mRNA bio weapon clot shot democide coverup part duh 2].

Old Lady Calls Out ‘Big Pharma’ “We Are At The Beginning Of Another HOLOCAUST” THE MRNA UNSAFE DEFECTIVE “VACCINE” HOLOCAUST, DO NOT BE SILENT, NEVER AGAIN IS NOW” say U.S Commission on the Holocaust Elie Wiesel, Rabbi Michoel Green, Vera Sharav, dr Zev Zelenko, dr Naomi Wolf..

“34a There are several survivors of the German Holocaust drawing stark parallels between Covid restrictions and the beginning of the Holocaust. An open letter sent to; the European Medical Agency (EMA), The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), U.K, The Australian Health Regulation Agency, (AHPRA), Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia, Medsafe, New Zealand and the Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities (FMRAC), Canada (Appendix 50) states,
“We, the survivors of the atrocities committed against humanity during the Second World War, feel bound to follow our conscience. … Another holocaust of greater magnitude is taking place before our eyes. We call upon you to stop this ungodly medical experiment on humankind immediately. It is a medical experiment to which the Nuremberg Code must be applied.” (Rabbi Hillel Handler, Hagar Schafrir, Sorin Shapira, Mascha Orel, Morry Krispijn et al)**********
34b During an interview with Dr Reiner Fuellmich, (Appendix 51) Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav***** draws on her experience during Nazi Germany to form her perspective on what is happening in the world today. During the interview she goes on to say:
34c “Under the Nazi Regime, moral norms were systematically obliterated. The medical profession and institutions were radically transformed, academic science, the military, industry and clinical medicine were tightly interwoven, as they are NOW. The Nazi system destroyed a social conscience in the name of Public Health. Violations against individuals and classes of human beings were institutionalised. Eugenics driven public health policies replaced the Physician’s focus on the good of the individual. [The] German medical profession and institutions were perverted. Coercive public health policies violated individual civil and human rights. Criminal methods were used to enforce policy. Nazi Propaganda used fear of infectious epidemics to demonise Jews as spreaders of disease, as a menace to public health…. Fear and propaganda were the psychological weapons the Nazis used to impose a genocidal regime and today, some are beginning to understand why the German people didn’t rise up, fear kept them from doing the right thing. Medical mandates are a major step backwards towards a fascist dictatorship and genocide. Government dictates, medical intervention, these undermine our dignity as well as our FREEDOM….The stark lesson of the Holocaust is that whenever doctors join forces with government and deviate from their personal, professional, clinical commitment to do no harm to the individual, medicine can then be perverted from a healing, humanitarian profession to a murderous apparatus… What sets the Holocaust apart from all other mass genocides is the pivotal role played by the medical establishment, the entire medical establishment. Every step of the murderous process was endorsed by the academic, professional medical establishment. Medical doctors and prestigious medical societies and institutions lent the veneer of legitimacy to infanticide, mass murder of civilians. T4 was the first industrialised medical murder project in history. The first victims were disabled German infants and children under 3…. The next victims were the mentally ill, followed by the elderly in nursing homes. The murderous operations were methodical, and followed protocol very, very carefully.” –

TRUTH BE TOLD RALLY – London – May 13th [2023 saturday 1pm+] Trafalgar Square (Edited Clips)


DR. MICHAEL YEADON former Pfizer Vice President respiratory 7min55 “I’m a professional scientist trained in biochemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, worked in the pharmaceutical industry & biotech industry for over 30 years. I have not fully come to terms with my work in the industry. i know i was a good person but was working in a place thats NOT good. 8min15 I, as a scientist, have never used the expression “the science”. I’ve never heard a single scientist in my life ever use the expression “the science”. So when a personality tells you “follow the science” THEY’RE LYING. That’s not how it works. Science works by questioning everything, so i’m much more worried about answers that can’t be questioned & questions that can’t be asked. That’s the problem. So I’m like Tess Lawrie, I’m furious because what happened hasn’t just been like some kind of an accident that got a bit out of control, So first, WE HAVE ALL BEEN LIED TO, and as Patrick was saying we’re still being lied to by the media. 9min if you’re still watching the mainstream media i strongly suggest you STOP doing it because they only tell you LIES pretty much about anything, forget it. If you want to know news, turn media off. i think i became infamous in 2020 because i was describing that lots of things you were being told were NOT TRUE. For example that the PCR test would reliably diagnose that you have an illness. I mean i’ve used the thing, i know that’s NOT TRUE. & i think i was one of the first people to use the L word: they’re LYING to you, it’s not a mistake. Things like masks. 10min i mean come on, a mask across your face does NOT FILTER your breath going in & out of your lungs. It goes around the plastic mask, so how can it possibly protect you from any tiny particle of alleged “virus”? How can it possibly stop you breathing something on someone else? they are splashguards designed to stop blood & pus from going into the face of the health worker attending A&E. They’ve never been filters for your breath. They are NOT filters, so they lied to you about that. Masks have no effect whatsoever [crowd applause, cheers] on alleged transmission of disease from one person to another. But it’s worse than that, & Patrick alluded to it: they’ve LIED ABOUT THE ENTIRE “PANDEMIC.” Now i started in 2020 believing that “viruses” transmitted respiratory diseases from one person to another. 11min I no longer believe that. Forget about beliefs, look at the epidemiological evidence. There’s a guy in Canada called DENNIS RANCOURT*****, He and his team have looked at all cause mortality in all 50 U.S States, every week for 150 weeks. What we know is in the winter, when people die of winter related diseases, the people who die at greater frequencies are the oldest people who are ill. When you looked in 2020 that was NOT the pattern we saw. THERE WAS NO PANDEMIC. The deaths started only AFTER the W.H.O declared a pandemic & the deaths occured i believe due to mistreatment in hospitals, with ventilation & remdesivir. I’m a pulmonary guy with almost 40 years training. [applause] You NEVER ventilate a person who’s able to breathe for themself with an unobstructed airway & intact chest wall. All you doctors who sedated ventilated patients you are guilty of murder, you know that. 12min24 [crowd cheer, aplause] that’s why we allegedly suddenly needed 30,000 ventilators. It was rubbish, that’s not how you treat someone with an influenza like illness. 12m30 so you were lied to about the pandemic, there’s never been a pandemic, That’s the epidemiology, it simply does not match a winter type respiratory illness, it’s wrong. The data are there in front of you, it’s not an opinion, you can go look it up. Therefore THERE WAS NEVER ANY VIRUS. THERE WAS NEVER ANY VIRUS 13min & the PCR TEST is the only evidence they’ve ever given you that there is one. & I’ve told you early on, & many others have told you, you CANNOT use that test, its’ inventor, [Kary Mullis] told us you cannot use that test for clinical diagnoses. Then you look at our Prime [sinister] minister of the day Boris Johnson having parties in his offices. i think that tells you a number of things about him, but the most important now is he was not frightened of catching a disease, was he. HE KNEW THERE WASN’T ONE. And then our dear departed Queen who at 94 years of age attended a G7 meeting. 6 “leaders” [waiters, servants of the people] flew in & their entourages, no quarantine, no tests, & her medical team allowed her apparently to mingle with these people. i think that tells you that they knew there was no new hazard in her environment. 14min Look at epidemiology, behavior, rotten tests they imposed, NO PANDEMIC. So why did they lock you down, smash the economy, separate your families, make you wear masks, insist you get jabbed with alleged “vaccines” when there wasn’t an agent you needed protection against? I’ve spent my entire professional life in what we call rational drug design. That means if you’re trying to achieve something you don’t just throw a bunch of nuts & bolts & hope it does something. You consider what you’re trying to achieve, bolt it together, test it, if it’s not right you make a change, if you test it, it’s got structure activity relationship.  So this is the important bit: I can read intent in the design of a medicine i look at. 15min when i looked at the design of these alleged “vaccines” i saw a DELIBERATE INTENT TO INJURE, MAIM, KILL*****. Now that’s pretty shocking isn’t it, but I believe that’s true & I’m gonna tell you a couple of incidents & information & you can test it for yourselves. 15m20 First things first. MRNA is unprecedented technoloogy. It takes genetic code inside your cells & then you copy that message into a protein. Your body is making a piece of a foreign organism that is non self. How do you think your body plays nice with itself but goes to war with an invader? the answer is, your body is finely tuned to detect self & leaves it alone & non self & it will absolutely unleash the troops against any cell that’s expressing non self & I’m telling you 16min *****MRNA PRODUCTS CAN ONLY PRODUCE INJURY & THAT WAS THE DESIGN INTENT OF THESE MATERIALS*****. [crowd applause, cheers] They are making factories around the world right now to make MRNA “vaccines” “to build on the success of the covid mRna “vaccines””.. NO, they’re building factories that produce materials that INJURE, MAIM, & KILL people who take them. 16min45  The 2nd piece of info I will give you is Moderna & Pfizer “vaccines” were wrapped in Lipid Nano Particles, what was the design intent, stealthy movers, they glide around your body, go through membranes ’cause they’re made of something like membranes. transcript by So the material injected in your shoulder went everywhere & given what i just told you about what happens when your cells express this foreign protein, you get autoimmune attack wherever it’s picked up. That’s why you can get brain inujry, heart attacks, renal failure, premature loss of your baby. It’s designed into the structures of these so called “vaccines”. 17min 45 So NO PANDEMIC, & a structure which i as an experienced person in research can tell you several examples & many more these things have been ASSEMBLED TO INJURE YOU. However difficult this is going to be for you, God knows it’s been difficult for me. I was a complete “normie” until 2020. I [unintelligible???] the time thinking about it so I’m sure it’s not much fun for you listening to it. But the truth is there’s STRONG EVIDENCE OF A SUPRANATIONAL PLOT TO PRETEND as Patrick said, THERE’S ONE CRISIS AFTER ANOTHER TO WHICH YOU HAVE TO REACT. On this occasion, an “infectious disease”, i think they’re going to do it again & again & again. 19min *****We were told that this alleged “virus” “covid-19″[“sars-cov-2” flu substitute] was a particular threat to the elderly & ill. Why then are they chasing CHILDREN & BABIES?***** That fits with what i just told you, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it fit with what I just told you. It’s nothing to do with protecting against a virus, they’re trying to get that POISON material into every one of you & THEY WON’T STOP.  19m20 They did no reproductive toxicology in animals with this material, none at all. I’ve read the regulatory submissions which are a joke by the way. you can’t possibly invent a new medicine in under a year & conduct all the necessary steps. So it’s a lie, whatever they put in there is NOT what they said. Last thing: for 60 years since i was born in 1960 when this country still had thalidomide on the market, since that time of realizing that thalidomide caused birth defects, we have had a habit in this country of not ever subjecting pregnant women to exeprimental “medical therapies” or even soft cheeses. So why did the *****College of Obstetrics & Gynecology lie & advise pregnant women to get jabbed? doesn’t that fit with what i just told you. They wanted this in everybody. 20m30 this is a murderous attack on humanity, it starts above the level of nations*****, the lockdown stuff lept at me, it’s not in any country’s pandemic plan & yet they all did it at the same time. It’s there, [up] that’s where it comes from, above us, above the nation. 21m what they are going to do next, i promise you, i just know it, they’re going to impose a digital i.d on everybody. DECLINE IT, DECLINE IT. [crowd cheers, applause]. You do not need a digital I.D to live your peaceful life. Evidence the last hundreds of years. You do not need it, they need you to have it. DECLINE IT. What else have they got cooking: CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCIES, yes it’s very different from your bank card, because it’s a real time transaction that looks for where you are & what you’re buying before it says yes or no. Your current bank card only asks, have you got the money. So when they introduce CBDC central bank digital currency they’ll tell you cash will run along side it. No, i’m confident theyr’e going to find a way of removing cash. 22min*****USE CASH AT EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY, DECLINE BUSINESS WITH ANYONE WHO WON’T ACCEPT IT*****. [crowd applause, cheers, whistles] transcript by This will involve you in inconvenience just like declining a digital I.D is going to involve you in inconvenience. If you don’t accept the inconvenience you’ve stepped into what i believe will be the HUMAN SLAUGHTER HOUSE. I think THEY PLAN TO TAKE TYRANICAL CONTROL OF EVERYBODY & KILL MOST PEOPLE. That fits the data better than anything else you’ve been told. So if i’m wrong & you follow me you’ll get laughed at. That’s not so bad. If you believe the government narrative & i’m right, you’ll lose your freedom & probably your life. I’m gonna stop there. [cheers, applause.] 23min People say i’m brave, i’m not brave, i don’t wanna be famous, i’ve not made any money, i’ve lost a fortune. When i realised the stuff we’re dealing with, i thought i can do 1 of 2 things: speak out or not. Given what i think is happening, if you think it’s courageous me speaking out, think how horrible it’ll be if you don’t speak out. You need to speak out! i can’t reach the people you know who aren’t here & the media are never gonna tell them. So i’m sorry to put this burden on you. it’s you. I can’t save you, Fiona can’t save you, Andrew Bridgen can’t save you, you can save you. We can do it. Final thing: i’ve been trained all my life to distinguish good & bad. Like advertising, which product do you prefer, do you like this person, which party do you like, good/ bad, wrong dimension. GOOD vs. EVIL is the dimension you need to look at”.   

Their intent is to KILL millions, if not billions, of people, says Mike Yeadon, PhD

‘Covid 19’ ‘MRNA’ Vaccine Shedding Is Really Happening! Dr. ‘Christine Northrup’ OBGYN,

Replaying the Trump Card  36min bird noise lol. 47min50 no rally, gov council meet, talk show radio, mainstream media, messsage tv hijack signal 52min20 ANTISEMETIC NO NO NO 1h9 justin TURDEAU 1h10 licence receipt mail
thecrowhouse@******** Email title: “DONATION/ ANTISEMITISM” wed 17 may 2023. Hi Max, big fan, shared your videos & links on vlog dot com & 100 domains & word of mouth. Donated $*** in April, hope you got it. Cannot embed your videos when they generalize anti semitism & LGBT: “Jews are a menace” [“Replaying the Trump Card” video, 52min25] “are eternal parasites from the synagogue of satan as was stated by jesus christ”.. Many ethical, outstanding people like Dr. Peter Breggin [U.S Commission on the Holocaust Elie Wiesel, Rabbi Michoel Green, Vera Sharav, dr Zev Zelenko, dr Naomi Wolf..] are freedom fighters on our side, friends, colleagues, performing artists, etc. may be jewish and you demonize them ALL. You should say “not ALL jews” like you do in some vids. “ALL AUSTRALIANS” “ALL WHITES” “ALL PROTESTERS” “ALL anything” is wrong. Jeff Berwick says “ALL AMERICA SHOULD BE NUKED & BURNED” [april 2023 video].. that’s like “ALL CANADA/ CANADIANS”. sincerely -Geo Godley vlog dot com

PHARMAFIA SPONSORED FAKESTREAM FEEDYA PIERS MORONGAN GENOCIDE COMPLICITY: “I DON’T THINK THE “VACCINES” WERE DANGEROUS, I THINK THEY WERE REMARKABLY SAFE”. MAY 2023. That’s what shit for brains calls “thinking” & “safe”. So take more shots up your ass, Piers, on tv, onlyfans, youporn fo yo low ass ratings! MRNA injection perp & victim oxymoron hoisted with his own petard: “Last week, I had a “stomach bug” that rendered me violently ill many unedifying hours. Bent over a toilet bowl at 3 a.m., honking my guts up, I didn’t imagine anything could have a more sickening effect on me.” 

Kari [Lake] tells Piers Morgan that Big Pharma controls the media and forbids discussion of the dangers of the “vaccines”  #CRIMESAGAINSTHUMANITY #NUREMBERGCODE #NUREMBERG2 allegedly
disclaimer just in case: Piers Morgan blunt brutally honest factual thoughts & feelings subject [NOT] to change with[out] notits. allegedly

Deep State Weaponizing AI to Enslave Humanity

Deep State Weaponizing AI to Enslave Humanity
“Google Microsoft evil wicked censors, anti constitutional, anti freedom, privacy, human rights, pro slavery, W.E.F CCP mass murderers, 11min: ccp genocide torture surveillance censor slave labor environmental devastation drug dealers organ harvesters crimes A.I. SOROS N.W.O FLU NEW WORLD ORDER 21min “STOP USING GOOGLE MICROSOFT BING, STOP GIVING DATA, GIVE FAKE DATA!”

“Deep State actors including individuals such as Bill Gates, tyrants such as the Chinese Communist Party and companies such as Google are weaponizing Artificial Intelligence to create the most comprehensive system of tyranny ever devised by mankind, warns The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. Already, leading figures behind AI are sounding the alarm about it. And yet, US banks are funneling American capital to China for AI development as Bill Gates promises that AI will soon replace teachers to “educate” children. Fed by unfathomable amounts of data being vacuumed up on virtually everything, this Deep State weapon may be the end of freedom forever— if the totalitarians are not stopped.

BROWSERS “way more privacy”

SEARCH ENGINES [questionable, avoid]

The Ben Armstrong Show | ‘There was No Virus’ Says The Former Vice President of Pfizer

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