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RALLY FOR FREEDOM protest demonstration sat 17 sep 2022 London U.K GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com unedited

Outline & transcript in progress
Intro sparkle gif, photos
-WANTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: Albert Bourla ceo [criminal executioner orifice] pfizer, Pascal Soriot ceo astrazeneca, Anthony Fauci US chief quack “medical” advisor, Nadim Zahawi former UK “vaccine” msinsiter, Bill Gates of hell bill & melinda gates foundation, Priti shitty Patel UK home secretary, Tony Blair former UK prime sinister, rishi ‘poison sumac’ Sunak former UK chancellor, Emmanuel Macron “president” tyrant of France, Joe Biden senile puppet US “president”, Justin “castro” Trudeau “prime sinister” dictator of cananda, Boris Johnson bojo the clown former Uk prime minister, Klaus anal Schwab ceo [criminal enslavement orifice] world economic forum [world enslavement fascists], Liz no Trusst UK “prime sinister”, Jacinda Ardern “prime sinister” of New Zealand, TEDROS GHEBREYESUS director general CCP world holocaust organization/ world “health” organization, Sadiq Khan mayor of London, Sajid Javid & Matt Hancock former UK “health” hell secretary, Chris shitty witty former Uk chief medical orificer, Hillarious Hillary Jones itv quack helllth & “medical” advisor, Mark Zuckerberg ceo facebook [censored “vaccine” victim groups?], Dan Andrews victoria “premier” “derriere”.
soho, shaftsbusry avenue, charing cross road
Injuries went up
Jk Rawling bullshit fiction flogger peddler
5g brain cancer keep putting it on your brain
Cha brainwashed
Leicester square underground tube station
22m50 abba hologram robot transhumanisms artif intel tour dissappointment.. if rolling stones play live at 80 [hyde park summer concert] why cant you
Dim windows ghetto gangsta 23m50
27m30 Wake the f up stickers
29m20 magic spanish fly zipper upper
31m 40 Bojo the clown poster minus biggest fraud & genocide
33m20 fight tyranny use cash
33m40 if u slip youll fall all the way down & get caught in the escalator machine
34m30 bank skank station.. how d you find out, piers corbyn, standupx, telegram.. call garlic Nick
36m30 its Debbiiiiie [Debbie Hicks]
38m55 cash use it or lose it & freedom
39 Danny Rampling dj mixcloud, facebush, instantscam
41m10 unvaxxed lives matter
42m-42m50 manual focus button that doesnt lock piece of sh,
43 bill gates wanted for crimes against humanity
46m30 covid shots alter DNA
47m44 Zen empathy news
48m02 freeze & starve for Ukraine
48m47 stickers guy
49m20 jet exhaust closeup chemtrails not?
52m20 the fraud continues: “wear a face covering on public transport- transport for London, mayor of London” bus sticker: why would you
53m04 freedom from media lies & censorship flags: our weapon is the truth, fight communism, smash new world order, flu world order, save our children
54m35 George soros wanted for crimes against humanity, Kissinger..
55m50 great British bird telegram
56m20 compliance & silence enables tyrants
57 WANTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY mugshots: Fauci, Zahawi, Gates, Macron, Biden, Trudeau, adern, tedros w.h.o, sadiq khan, hillary jones, Zuckerberg[?], dan andrews, al bourla pfizer = Pablo escobar, pascal soriot, priti shitty patel, Tony blair, rishi poison sumac sunak, bojo the clown, Kalus anal swab Schwab, liz untrustworthy no truss, sad git jab it sajid Javid, mat hand cock Hancock, chris not witty..
57 Fiona? Speech start intro [see transcript] 58m10 they lied people died theyre guilty of genocide
58m20 European hacker [queen we wil rock you beat]
1h00m54 ************
1h00m50 FranChesca speech, outreach worldwide
1h04m31 “Never forget our government never gave informed consent, used coersion, blackmail, manipulation & tried to mandate an unsafe, untested deadly medical experiment in violation of HUMAN RIGHTS, INTERNATIONAL LAW & NUREMBERG CODE 1946.”
1h04m44 Klaus anal swab Schwab great reset crimes against humanity poster “you will own nothing & be happy” “what we are very proud of now is how we penetrate cabinets around the world”
1h05m35 button
1h07m20 “the earth is the lord’s & the fullness thereof” monument
1h08m35 “they want us poor, sick & scared” [dead]
1h07m55 ammending the human rights act to the bill of rights aims to: destroy challenging human rights abuse by state, abuse censorship = online safety bill, treat journalists like spies = national security bill, destroy home schooling = school bill, limit university elegibility & choice = higher education bill, destroy right to protest = public order bill, legalize unlabeled food origin & production = genetic technology precision breeding bill, government crypto currency control = economic crimes bill, interfere w/ businesses choice of work partners = boycotts bill, government monopoly of which EU laws stay or go = brexit freedoms bill.
1h20m02 Babylon must fall, fcuk WEF
1h12m Fiona, Debbie Hicks speech keep it cash
1h24 David Icke speech************ [see transcript]
1h41m Charlotte Wright, vaccine widow, Astrazeneca killed my husband speech
1h51 Fiona never asked permission
1h53m19 Fatso partied & lied, my mother locked up & died
1h55 Terry Calladine speech: brothers & sisters
2h18 they lied people died [they’re guilty of genocide]
Piers Corbyn original weather man speech RESIST DEFY DO NOT COMPLY
2h26 2:35pm Chris Skye speech, poster “Digital currency digital ID digital prison”
2h28 drone quadracopter
2h31m06 2 yellow posters “they want us poor sick & scared” “digital currency ID prison”
2h32 STOP new normal great reset Virus con, Climate con, war con, end all jab programs now, take down 5g AI control, end biometric ID social credit caste class control, keep cash poster
2h64m Renee Zelwegger lookalike
2h50m20 David Icke Geo Godley not “conspiracy theorist”, “conspiracy researcher”
3h07m15 Debbie Hicks Geo Godley
3h09m56 dont be coerced! It cannot be reversed sticker on street pole
3h18m41 compliance is how we got here
2h18m46 WANTED w/ blue sky background
3h20m19 London Bridge GG crowd RESIST DEFY DO NOT COMPLY
3h22m47 I do not consent to be governed, show me the contract signed by both parties, me & gov, does it exist? No contract- no obligation
3h23m12 ticket to paradise Roberts Clooney film ad on red double decker bus
3h24m28 r.i.p Chris Kaba
3h25 Facebook jail inmate GG
3h27m28 czech lady GG
3h30m00 London bridge station, police painting
3h31m45 tiedye
3h33m44 keep an eye on standby
3h35m00 Fcuk the guardian [paper], wanted for mass murder Boris Johnson [bojo the clown]
3h35m40 John G, Paul, GG
3h41m39 Rice vs. connoly, 3rd may 1966, “there is no strict general legal duty to assist any police officer PRIOR to any possible arrest or caution, with even basic enquiries. Nor to accompany the officer to any requested location”- quote if approached by any member of constabulary- liberty”
3h42m- 3h43m45 accidental recodring , ALDI food products “global” bus stop ad, ultracharge electric vehicle lithium battery bomb charger & planet destroyer causing much more damage than fossil fuels throught wood chippings & fossil fuel energy waste
3h51m32 Vax MRNA accumulates in spleen, ovaries, harmless. Sanctions on Russia = bills on you. How many boosters can your body take?
3h51m41 83 years young German lady w/ walking stick cane
3h54m32 reject digital control to avoid ultimate cruelty slavery -Aida “THERE ARE NO VIRUSES. VIRUSES DONT EXIST, NO VIRUS HAS EVER BEEN ISOLATED” -Aida, GG,
3h15m14 THE GREAT AWAKENING tshirt
4h00 cash is freedom use it or lose it
Dont wear magneato when not in use
4h13 we are the 99% song in unison 4h17 stick your poison vaccine/ mainstream media up your ass
4h19 AIda GG Steve Kirsch virus question
4h24m29 dog in baby carriage pram, what a good day its been gal, “freedom”
4h26m27 helicopter
4h29m51 Piers Corbyn
4h30m how do you remember a speech
4h32m00 the energy brings out social side Russel Square
4h34m00 Garlic Nick, hottie
4h35m00 Vitaly immortal aliens
4h36 Klaus anal swab Schwab poster on ground bag over it, Chris Sky speech JUST SAY NO
4h40 WANTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY on ground, foot step kick, middle finger. Pier Corbyn. Chris Sky.
4h54m54 join the resistance,
4h55 smoke, “chem trails” Sophie GG
4h58m46 bethefree yt, rumble, odysee, bithcute, brighteon, brandnewtube
5h00 Chris Sky
5h17m20 Nicole deutschland sticker
5h20 Paul, Piers Corbyn bloombergtv
5h28 youlube allows this now? Another mrna graphene vax victim, Garlic eater garlic breath Nick, how do you remember outline GG sisnt sit for 7 hours, dont bring so much weight 5h35 John G., Paul , Vitaly immortal aliens
6h02 – 6h03m53 FOCUS BUTTON #FAIL
6h03m43 Myra med resto***
6h06 shake shack sticker PAN & TILT #FAIL
6h10m00 queen’s wave John G. GG
Epilogue outro need me time.. 50mpxl hi res photos:
-6h43m24 The light paper “covid shots ALTER DNA”
-6h43m25 Why are we allowing children to be part of an unsafe untested “medical”[bullshit] experiment?
-6h43m26 Try the covid19 magnet test & claim up to £120K compensation
-6h43m28 STOP the new normal Great reset
-6h43m29 they demonized coughs, sniffles & no symptoms at all but normalized heart attcks blood clots & sudden death
-6h43m31 cashless society will end freedom & privacy, wake up & use cash
-6h43m34 mother & nurse lighting cigarette in child’s mouth
-6h43m35 masks stop spread of viruses? here’s a device for carrying sand [shopping cart full of holes]
-6h43m37 practically everything we’ve been told about, & how to react to covid 19 is bullshit
-6h43m39 I DO WHATEVER MY TV TELLS ME TO DO [mask charade masquerade]
-6h43m40 FACE IT you’re hurting me [masked child hypoxia hypercapnia microplastic inhalation]
-6h43m42 the global “elite” [criminals] depopulation agenda
-6h43m44 if you can’t ask questions it’s not science
-6h43m46 covid lies: when one card falls the whole house comes down
-6h43m48 the new normal qr code scan me [slavery]
-6h43m49 govern me harder daddy [syringes stabbed in shoulders]
-6h43m51 i support the current thing [brainwashed ukraine nazi flag]
-6h43m53 Kassidi Kuril, 39, died hours after receiving her 2nd moderna “vaccination” [death shot lethal injection]
-6h43m54 cash is freedom use it or lose it
-6h43m57 Aida’s back info
-6h43m58 & 6h44m06 Amending the human rights act to the bill of rights aims to destroy challenging human rights abuse by state [2 shade/ sun shots]
-6h44m00 & 04 reject digital control to avoid ultimate cruelty slavery [2 shade/ sun shots]
-6h44m02 cash is freedom use it or lose it
-6h44m08 the reality of social credit system: all i did was criticize the government online
-6h44m16 WANTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: Jeremy Vine, Joe Biden, Mark Zuckerberg, Tony Blair, Justin Trudeau,Jacinda Adern, Patrick Vallance, Nicola Sturgeon
-6h44m18 WANTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: Liz Truss, Nadhim Zahawi, Tony Blair, Nicola Sturgeon, Rishi Sunak, Sadiq Khan, Chris shitty Whitty, Patrick Vallance, Tracy Brabin, Matt Hancock, Priti Patel, Boris Johnson, Sajid Javid, John Robins
-6h44m20 see top intro group photo desription above sparkle gif

Intro Saturday sept 17, 2022, 10:42 am Just a quick brunch otherwise you waste time washing dishes or going to restaurants waiting around and uh we gotta go early, so quick. And we also get it with the other camera, A1. Theres a jet flying right on top of me just as I decided this street is quieter pedestrianized.. they gotr wierd trajectories sometimes just like the protest you dont know where its coming from where its going.. anywqay just prepping my.. the king’s speech.. so Saturday 17 September 2022, welcome, rally for freedom.. 1m40 [heavy sigh] haaaeeeuu.. Saturday 17 September 2022 duh cue cards like the pros. 11:55, I remembered that without watching, 11:55 am London England, haha duh I cant read my own writing can you? Lets get some background shots there.. oh wow.. so where were we.. so rally for freedom, freedom rally, protest.. You’re gonna see why they’re still protesting, what they’re protesting.. what they’re a… it’s freedom isn’t it! It’s against the tyranny aholes over in the WEF, [wicked enslavement/ extermination fascists/ world economic forum] WHO [CCP world holocaust/ “health” organization], EU, UN.. anyway its all on the website.. so welcome to & 100 domains. So I found out through Piers Morgan’s [Corbyn’s[ site because they didnt advertise this one very much on all those alternative independent new media sites right? I didnt see much about it. So I’d like to know how they find out, we’re gonna ask them. & we dont know the trajectory. Last time you remember I was late & I made a whole circle when I could have just waited at the beginning of the circle [Hyde park corner] where they came by anyway, I dididn’t know they were gonna do that trajectory thing [path]. Anyway so uh. lets go its at Bank, Bank of England, Skank of England, Bank tube station, Skank tube station.. just a lil’ word play & uh we’re gonna go there & uh take it from there. Here we are on Shaftsbury avenue.. Curzon [cinema] So to be early you gotta go like 2 hours early or you gotta be there.. 4m00 you gotta be there an hour early to be there on time otherwise you’ll be late so uh just like Monicu c-word BlewClintski [Monica Lewinsky] was 2 hours early to get early bird gets the worm type of thing.. by the way it’s adult humor, everyone else does it so why not us.. & uh so im gonna get the Leicester square tube station thing, we’ll try & take the tube, see how that goes. Be different. This is a bit annoying, a bit heavy.. [sony a1 camera 16-35mm lens].. look at them, 3 years later they’re still wearing masks.. cha brainwashed! Cha brainwa-a-ashed.. & you’re gonna see how many disabled.. disabilities have gone up look.. [lady with walking stick/ cane] I’m seeing like 2 at a time now, 3, 4 at a time so its definitely gone up after the deadliest clot shot in history. & thats another thing, Vimeo [warned me not to tell the truth about THE MRNA GRAPHENE FAKE VACCINE INJURIES & DEATHS].. I’m gonna do an update properly, I don’t wanna do an update in the middle of the street with the traffic & all the heavy weights, this is a sporting event, I’m carrying at least 20 pound more than my actual weight just in gear. & this thing, why’d I bring this, I’m gonna tell you all the details in an update video, & even that, why should I put that for free & not get compensated for it. Cha brainwashed.. cha brainwashed.. you’re brainwashed.. no cause that perpatrates the whole fraud & genocide. When you wear that piece of shit on your face that doesnt do anything, [even criminals Fauci & W.H.O admited it] [except hypoxia, hypercapnia, microplastics inhalation etc], you’re trying to create panic & promote the whole fcukin bullshit which we found out, proven beyond a reasonable doubt that it’s a pile of poo, & its on you. The onus is on you, ahole. Anyway just saying you know factual thoughts & feelings. fact based. I mean you gotta be braindead to not be awake by now you never will be & the evidence is all there so.. anyway good to keep it running.. Cambridge circus.. Harry squatter over here {harry potter].. she made a killing just from writing bullshit huh fiction & we’re doing the real thing.. we’re doing non fiction.. its amazing how fiction is more valuable than non.. but you know it doesn’t look good on your resume [c.v. cirriculum vitae/ biography] any more than Sue Woshitski [youtube criminal executioner orificer] is gonna look good on her resume GENOCIDE.. the covid FRAUD & GENOCIDE’s gonna look good on your resume isn’t it Sue Woshitski. But so yea I mean JK Rawling, her resume, just a pile of bullshit, a pile of fiction. It’s good for kids but uts not for us.. [on second thought imagination & fantasy are valuable escapes from reality.. all nice places to visit but wouldnt want to live there]. 6m47 I like that shot over there. So I still havent heard back fro the EU settlement scheme—-. I was gonna say aholes but as joke this is all wordplay adult comedy, you allow everyone else to do it so why not us.. anyway.. um.. no repectfully I’m just waiting but they did ruin my.. hey Romania! I think I know that guy form years ago I think thats him.. I can just show it on the videos.. ok no squinting scrunching or frowning aw man its beautiful isnt it.. beautiful day, lets go.. lots to tell you Im not gonna do it now, lets do a proper update in the soundproof room over there ok? I shaved this thihng but its still in the picture ok.. Charing Cross road.. more harry squatter shit.. this costs a quarter million to rent.. quarter million a year to rent this space..  more vax victims.. fake vaccine victims everywhere you oook ok not all of them but alot of them.. 5G poison cancer.. keep putting it on your brain, yea that makes sense ahole, keep putting it on your brain.. cha brainwashed.. so the cha brainwashed comes from long time ago one of the Portuguese housekeepers.. shush.. said “cha leaving to die? [“are you leaving today” in cockney Portuguese broken English].. I think she picked up a cockney accent from whoever she was with & she asked me if I’m “cha leaving to die/ today” so I just put that into “cha brainwashed!” That’s a hit. That’s a viral meme right there “cha brainwashed ahole” see? & inujured the fake [mRNA] “vaccine”, & its always the masked ones that are [hurt], see she’s brainwashed.. she’s got the tyranny mask & he’s got the tyranny injury. I’m tellin you man I’ve been here decades & it was never, you would see one disabled person a month or a week, not a minute. & ever since that stinking deadliest clot shot in history came out,the injuries have gone up, quadroupled, quintupled, sextupled, octupled, just watch it man. You’ll see. Every video will be worse & worse you’ll see. Lets get going here. Condolences [Queen Elizabeth 1926- 2022] as long as they don’t push the WEF great reset tyranny. Hippodrome ex-nightclub casino: great memories in there, I grew up in there..I grew up in the hippodrome Ive got some footage of when it was a nightclub & a few new years eves in there & it was fun, & now its gone thanks to damn casinos. Might be fun too, gotta try the casinos out too but I dont know its not gonna be the same is it.. lets go bro.. cha brainwashed.. 11m stinking jab stinking clot shot [killed & harmed my friends & family].. where the f is Bank shall I just get a cab I dont need this ahit man at my level should be beyond.. where the hell is it? Monument bank , doesnt evern say it look doesnt even say where bank is. [dim lit greyed out faded special map] its not even on there. Aholes. Thats bank .. take this aoof, the chest cam is annoying me if im not using it.. oh here it is.. wrong map.. ok change 3 times.. go Tottenham court road is 1 line all the way to Bank. 14m pull pants up, I wear the pants around here.. cha brainwashed.. 15m [continued..]

********DAVID ICKE SPEECH 1h24m00********* Thank you. Well well bloody well.  How appropriate. How apt that we should stand here today next to the Bank of England [booo!] in one of the global bellies of the beast, the City of London Financial District, the Square Mile. And how apt too that we gather here today in this belly of the beast. While In other parts of this city millions come together to pay homage and exalt a very symbol of their oppression and enslavement. {cheers, applause] And that’s why I wanna emphasize today where all this is actually coming from. Where “covid” came from, the jab came from, human caused global warming nonsenses come from, the Ukraine narrative and now the eulogization by so many millions of a royal family that is the head of state only because of who had sex with who within one family. It is nonsensical. It is a expression of the very hierarchy, so run from places like this that has held humanity in servitude for known human history. [cheers, applause] Of course the demonic faces on these banners must face justice for their mega crimes against humanity [cheers, applause, whistles] & we will not rest until they do so. Hancock, Witty, [booooo!] & all of them. Yes, midazolam Matt Hancock [boooooo!] still at large. A man who oversaw the mass murder of the elderly in the spring of 2020 with an end of life drug called midazolam who then called it the first wave of “covid” when it was the first wave of democide murder, mass murder by the state. Hancock, Witty, Vallance, Javid,  Johnson, [Jonathan] Van-Tam.. yes, they must face the consequences for their actions, but it goes much bigger than them. They are not the architects of mass murder and mass control. They are the gophers, the agents, the accomplices of something much greater that hides in the shadows in places like this, the Square Mile run by secret societies of pure bloody evil. And I say this to the police forces of these lands, it is to your shame in extremest that you have stood by and continue to stand by while your fellow humans are murdered. And not only that. 1h28m00 You then protect and keep from justice the very people who are doing the murdering while at the same time you abuse, seek to silence, and marginalize those with the moral courage. and the awareness to challenge the murder and expose the murder. You in uniform are not there primarily to protect the people, that is a myth. You are there to protect those from whom the people need protecting. [cheers, applause,whistles] 1h30m00 Where is your moral courage? where is your self-respect? Where is your awareness of what you do? But. We can talk about the oil rags of this tyranny. We must never forget the engineers. Because these people, even Schwab and Gates [boooo!] higher up the hierarchy as they may be are still gophers for a force, a network that spans the world and works through apparently, individual governments to the same sinister satanic end and places like this is where they operate from. The plan is this, which is why we must, yes, focus on the gophers and the oil rags for their part in this. But we must not lose sight of where it’s coming from, because the plan is to create the unfolding catastrophe for humanity that’s happening all over the world and this winter we see nothing yet with the energy prices where people on fixed incomes and no incomes will have to choose between food and warmth. I wonder if Charlie boy [king Charles 3] will be doing that. So the idea as it started with lockdowns and continues now with the destruction of the economy through the massive increases in energy and fuel [prices]. The idea is for people in individual countries quote “to blame their governments and their cult gophers in government for everything. Because the idea then is having dismantled our lives and our ability to put food on the table and warmth in our homes that the other level of the cult, via its corporations, its banks, yes, and its politicians, political people who are controlled by them to come forward and say “look at the mess that governments have made of your lives. But we are now going to step forward, we the corporations, the banks, the billionaires of the cult to save you from what your governments have imposed upon you- when those same people from the background have been orchestrating the catastrophe via those governments and gophers in government. It is a mind trick that they are seeking to play. It’s in their bloody documents and we mustn’t buy it. We must see the gopher’s responsibility, but we must also see where it is coming from. [ambulance siren]  So yes, they must face the consequences, but we must understand the game that is playing us and cease to take part. 1h34m00 And there’s another mind trick that we must always be aware of, and that is that we are manipulated in our anger, in our fury at what is being done to become what we oppose. What we fight, we become. The world over, the history over, you see the evidence constantly of people challenging tyranny and then becoming the architects of tyranny by succumbing to the same mentality, the same methodology of those they oppose, We have to go in another direction. You do not eliminate the low ground by fighting on it. You eliminate the low ground by ceasing to cooperate with it. By building something better & refusing to cooperate with anything else. Because the most powerful word in the english language or any other language is and has always been, it is the word that has ended every tyranny in history, and ultimately it will end this one. And that word, of course, is NO! NO! NO! [NO! NO! applause, cheers, horns] [transcipt by ] It is to understand as we stand nearly 8 billion people being manipulated and imposed upon by a tiny few. We need to understand where the real power is, and it’s not with satanic forces that operate out of places like the City of London. Our perception that they have power is a misunderstanding of where the power is. Their power, the power of the few is simply the acquiescence to their dictats by the many. 1h37m00 How can 8 billion people be controlled by a handful unless those eight billion or most of them give their power to the handfull. This has to end, and when it ends, this tyranny will end. [cheers, applause, horns] People say what’s the solution.. Get yourself a calculator, put in 8 billion, take away the number in full knowledge who are imposing this, and there’s your bloody solution! And what it takes is just that stiffened backbone, that courage to stand up to what is a House of Cards if only we would stop holding it together. Let’s look our children and grandchildren in the eye & tell them that we’re too frightened to stand up to this tyranny, tell them that we can’t be bothered to research what’s actually going on and instead sit there getting our perceptions from the BBC [british brainwash bullshit corpseoration] and the daily bloody mail [BOOOOO!, horns]. This is the time for humanity to take responsibility for its world, to stop pointing the finger and saying it’s them. No, it’s us. It’s always been us. [cheers, applause] Its always been us throughout the known human history who have handed our power to the few, which is why throughout human history the few have always controlled the many. ENOUGH! NO MORE! The mantra of the people as others gather in their millions to worship their oppression. Let the mantra of the awake people, those that can see and their number is growing all the time be “no, no, no, we will no longer acquiesce & cooperate with our own enslavement”, because when we stop doing so, we cannot be enslaved. This is the time to change human history by changing the public population response that has created human history. 8 billion WAKE UP!!!! [cheers, applause, horns]  WAKE UP & when we do this tyranny not only will be over, it will be impossible for it to maintain its power ’cause its power is our power. We give it to them. It’s time, my God, it’s long past the time to take it back. Thank you very much. [cheers, applause, horns] 1h40m end speech..

Screw The WHO – Every Country MUST Demand We Exit the WHO Right Now!

New Nuremberg trials needed



Step 1 – Global Walkout.

Dr. Robert Malone Statement- creator of deadliest mRna clot shot tech says it’s harmful


They created an illusion of a pandemic so they could use drugs & vaccines to kill people

WHO & Global Predators Plot Global “Health” Tyranny. 19 min: “U.N, W.H.O, W.E.F, E.U = CORRUPT COMMUNIST GLOBALISM”

Update. NoJabForMe.Info. August 24, 2022 * correction: 4min55: 14 days, not weeks.

Nuremberg Code Violations: “We Must Ensure This Does Not Happen Again” – Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense U.S.A, 75th Anniversary Event of the Nuremberg Code in Nuremberg, Germany, August 20, 2022

WW3 Death Rate will be over 2 Billion People says Dr. Zelenko


“The perpetrators’ objectives are totalitarian control over the population by mandatory digital IDs and cashless central bank digital currencies (CBDCs):
1. The infection fatality rate of SARS-CoV-2 is 0.1 – 0.3%, which is not significantly different from some seasonal influenza epidemics.
2. Based on the peer-reviewed articles, at least 30 to 50% of the population has prior cross-immunity.
3. SARS-CoV-2 does discriminate. “The lethality of this virus, as is common with respiratory viruses, is 1000X less in young, healthy people than in elderly people with multiple comorbidities.”
4. Asymptomatic transmission is the “central conceptual DECEIT” used to “underscore almost every intrusion: masking, mass testing, lockdowns, border restrictions, school closures, even vaccine passports.”
5. PCR test is “the central operational DECEIT.” “97% false positive, NOT a diagnostic tool”- Kary Mullis
6. Neither cloth nor surgical masks prevent respiratory virus transmission.
7. Lockdown is “epidemiologically irrelevant” and never works. “Only “stay home if you’re sick” works.“
8.“Covid-19 is the most treatable respiratory viral illness ever”. Safe and effective early treatments are available.
9. Based on the peer-reviewed articles, very few clinically significant reinfections of SARS-Cov-2 have ever been confirmed.
10. SARS-CoV-2 mutates slowly, and no variant is even close to escaping naturally-acquired immunity. However, there is the possibility that the so-called “vaccines” prevent the establishment of immune memory, leading to the repeated infections, which would be a form of acquired immune deficiency [AIDS].
11. Safety is the top priority in a public health mass intervention, even more than effectiveness. “It was NEVER appropriate to attempt to “end the p[L]andemic” with a novel technology “vaccine”.”
12. The four gene-based “vaccines” are TOXIC. The basic rules of selecting vaccine candidates are: 1) the agent has no inherent biological action (non-toxic); 2) the agent should be the genetically most stable part of the virus; 3) the agent should be most different from human proteins. Spike protein as the “vaccine” does not fit any of the above criteria.” [OPEN VAERS = 1%, GOV.UK O.N.S, American Heart Asscociation, mRna tech inventor Robert Malone, etc.]
About the author: Dr. Michael YEADON PhD was Formerly Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer Allergy & Respiratory at Pfizer Global R&D. He holds Joint Honours in Biochemistry and Toxicology and a PhD in Respiratory Pharmacology. He is an Independent Consultant and Co-founder & CEO of Ziarco Pharma Ltd.


“The allegation is that the world’s governments have come under the controlling influence of corrupt and criminal power structures. They colluded to stage a pandemic that they had been planning for years. To this end they deliberately created mass panic through false statements of fact and a socially engineered psychological operation whose messages they conveyed through the corporate media. The purpose of this mass panic was to persuade the population to agree to the so-called “vaccinations” which have in the meantime been proven to be neither effective, nor safe, but extremely dangerous, even lethal. The economic, social, and health damage that these Crimes Against Humanity have caused to the world’s population can be measured in quadrillions of dollars.”

*New UK government data shows the covid “vaccines” kill more people than they save
*500,000 Americans killed by covid fraud “vaccines”
*U.K government £120,000 compensation for covid fraud “vaccine” damage



Previous links, “vaccine” adverse events & deaths report links, Legal notice of liablity for crimes against humanity

[right click “open link in new tab/ window” or drag & drop into another tab/ window]
* ***** ***** ≈1% of “vaccine” injuries & deaths.. add a couple zeros according to multiple Harvard studies etc. ***** U.K. PROTESTS********** ***** ***** ***** *****  sudpended ***** same ***** ***** ******************************NEW***** ***** Highwire with Del Bigtree same ***** ***** ********** *****
https://www.c19vaxreactions.com = RFK JR. ***** ****Alex Jones Hungary beats nwo **********
***** ***** ***** ***** The Crowhouse ***** *** Promo code stew, stew Peters advertisement Afr ***** INTR ***** ***** jan22 forwards to ***** FLCCC Alliance, Dr.Kory ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** Piers Corbyn ***** suspended ***** = TheWhistleblowerNewsroom ***** R Fuellmich 1ap22**************************************** Karl Nehammer HITLER REINCARNATION? “Federal Ministry of the Interior “Herrengasse 7 A-1010 Vienna Telephone: +43 1 531260″,”
report U.K “vaccine” side effects to (+44) (0)800 100 3352

———————————————— ebeg [wireless harms] ?!?!?!?

pending.. Ageless Bodybuilding, Endless Singing ***** Back To The Light  Freedom Media old rfk jr interview mostly dutch *** 2021 *** *** INTR JESUS no
HOW TO FILE covid CRIMINAL CHARGES PUBLIC OFFICIALS *** *** yes but feb21 ***** ? *** HARP no save privacy software? PROTESTS*****  J RAPPOPORT *** *** “may be shedding” cookie shit BULLSHIT SLOPPY CASUAL TRASHY ANNOYING DRUMS ANAL SCHWAB thumbnail STOPPED 2021 RichieFromBoston  Zelenko greek = = Alex jones sandy hook trial ??????

Non covid fraud great reset tyranny news:
original date 8 apr 2022, may 17 2022,,


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  • Conveys false or misleading health-related information that has a serious potential to cause public harm
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next: RALLY FOR FREEDOM SAT 17 SEPTEMBER 2022 They Lied, People Died – David Icke, Debbie Hicks, Chris Sky & more 1pm, Bank of England (Bank tube station), London U.K – unedited video premiere tue 20 sep 2022

wikipedia is a libelous defamatory criminal #covidfraud #genocide perpatrator #nuremberg2 #crimesagainsthumanity #nurembergcode
facebook #fail is self destructing, deleting everything, friends, messages, posts, messenger in most browsers. #email #phone #snailmail #smokesignals #telepathy lol

#Electronic #chip on arm #weareundefeatable #weareslaves ?

White electronic tags/ chips are on people’s arms. T.V ads briefly show them without explanation, saying to search “weareundefeatable” & sign in. Pre- digital i.d cashless tyranny?

They are engaged in a eugenics program to reduce the population- dr. Christiane Northrup, MD

“BIGGEST DISASTER IN MEDICAL HISTORY!” – DR CHARLES HOFFE GIVES RIVETING SPEECH IN VANCOUVER–biggest-disaster-in-medical-history-dr-charles-hoffe-gives-riveting-speech.html

This is the biggest fraud ever committed says Ed Dowd

“Vaccines” have caused 20% excess mortality in the U.S. notes Edward Dowd

Sewage pollutes every beach from Brighton to Hastings U.K happy birthday present

“Brighton officials have called for urgent action on sewage from Southern Water after “disgusting” scenes were reported earlier this week. According to data gathered by environmental campaign group Surfers Against Sewage, nearly 50 beaches in England and Wales were deemed ‘dangerously polluted’ as companies pumped raw sewage into the sea. Phélim Mac Cafferty, Brighton and Hove City Council Leader said: “Like many, I am disgusted by the scenes of raw sewage being pumped into the sea in Seaford. This marks another sad and stark day for our environment. “This was one of 14 sewage warnings across Sussex on Tuesday. Seaford is in what’s known as a Marine Protected Area which is an area specifically set up to protect fragile wildlife and habitats. Southern Water urgently need to explain themselves. “Dumping sewage into the sea not only harms wildlife, but it also affects everything from our health, public safety to the local economy. It’s in all our interests that this Victorian malpractice stops now.” A spokesperson for Southern Water told ELN: “This week’s heavy rain has fallen onto parched ground that can’t absorb surface run-off, meaning that more rain than usual has overwhelmed our network. “This led to some overflows – which are used to protect homes, schools, businesses and hospitals from flooding – spilling excess water into the sea. “These discharges are permitted and regulated by the Environment Agency and are heavily diluted, typically being 95% rainwater. “We are dedicated to significantly reducing storm overflows and are running innovative pilot schemes across the region to reduce the amount of rainfall entering our combined sewers by 2030.””

Lounger & scrounger video call tue 9 aug 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0508S03


-“47K daily/ 1M monthly visitors, 661K daily pageviews, site value $3M” -
-👑George Godley = 16 degree relative of British Royal Family lolücksburg-1&person2Name=Godley-142&relation=0&ignoreIds=

Lounger & scrounger video call tue 9 aug 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0508S03—scrounger-video-call-tue-9-aug-2022-GeorgeGodley*com-vlog*com-0508S03-480p:2

On wed 5 oct 2022, Vimeo committed NUREMBERG CODE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY by deleting Geo Godley premium Vimeo account for showing & discussing COVID FRAUD DEMOCIDE deadliest mRNA fake “vaccine” clot shot victims. This is one of the 120+ deleted Vimeo videos’ embed codes & links. Click here for legal evidence:

Lounger & scrounger video call tue 9 aug 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0508S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo> outline & transcript coming poon
<div style=”padding: 56.25% 0 0 0; position: relative;”><iframe style=”position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;” title=”Lounger & scrounger video call tue 9 aug 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0508S03″ src=” badge=0& autopause=0&player_id=0&app_id=58479″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe></div>

Lounger & scrounger video call tue 9 aug 2022 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0508S03 720p [Outline & Transcript in progress, with auto dictation software funny double entendre mistakes & commentary notes]

-EU settlement scheme
-Royal family member 16 degrees from Prince Phillip, wikitree link

-hypestat link, “50K saily visits, 1M/ month, 500K daily page views, website value $3.7M” 6min
-Hayk Gaaik call intro 9m45
-EU settlement scheme brexit status 12m10
-blackpool, blackpill cornwall cornhole, Bournmouth, brighton 16m
-hypestat 17m40
-iiiiiiiiiii 20m05
-talk slower [tell ben motormouth shapiro] 20m25
-why make these phone calls? Is it worth it? 22m40
-royal family member 25m28
-small business = permanent resident Great Britain. 27m48

-camera backlight correction shutter fstop or both 28m50
-Matryoshka: toy decoy 35m05

-How stable are you 36m25
-Evil pharmaceutical companies bad batches a lot of people died from, don’t know next five or ten years. 38m05
-what’s that Polish letter that whistles? 44m00
-compulsive talking 43m12

-Later aholes, hit the beach. Black pewel [Blackpool] Damn this f-ing chair constantly f-ing rattling. 45m20
-the main problem is Klaus Schwab of the WEF World Economic Forum. WHO, UN, EU are trying to destroy the world for one world government #COVID LIES 51m15
-EMF meter shows radiation level 1h05m20
-Sony A1 no active stabilizer in 8K, too shaky 1h08m30
-What would happen to dogs and prisoners if they did not get out one hour a day? 1h10m05
-I only listen and watch alternative media 1h12m00

-Tiktok = CCP spyware malware 1h23m15
-Casey Nunez, Neistat, renetto 1h26m40

-outro, tuxedo 

Tuesday 9 August 2022. 4:00 PM UTC GMT. London, England. Welcome to,, and a hundred domains. It’s about that time of month ladies. Eughhh.. Cramp. Although now with the M RNA thing, that’s all messed up so don’t expect much from me either on a monthly basis. But this could end up being a miscarriage like the mRna injection does. But anyway, I wasn’t gonna mention that because I’m still waiting for my EU settlement scheme thing. That’s why I put on the tie. A couple of reasons. First of all, I’m a member of the Royal family, apparently according to wiki Tree, I put the link on my homepage. Of course, he has to start drilling as soon as I record, right? bbbppppp.. [blow raspberry] Drilling downstairs still. Thanks ahole. It’s been quiet all day. Except they only drill early in the morning to wake everyone up and when you’re recording. But anyway, OK, so. Yeah, I’m still waiting to hear about my EU settlement scheme. Yeah, I’m 16 degrees from Prince Philip through my father. So I was going to show the ol’ “oikosimo” the family Crest, but I don’t want any preferential treatment, but I do hope that the EU settlement scheme goes through because what happened was I applied early and then it something went wrong and I left it and they deleted it, everything was fine. I got evidence and photographic and video evidence that I did everything right. It said complete, complete, complete, complete and then they told me it’s not complete. When they told me it is complete they keep contradicting themselves. But. I wanna be alright with them. I want to be on their good side. ’cause I really don’t want to have to pack everything and ship everything home right now ’cause it’s going to be a hassle if and and they. Now I went through a lawyer, so I’m waiting to hear. And this is going to be another three or four months. I’m gonna lose another summer. First summer was lost to the covid fraud. Second was last to the pcr fraud ’cause I didn’t want that sh**** either. And 3rd now we’re waiting for the this thing. It’s my fault though. I should have checked every month and not left it for months. So. We learn from that to check. Constantly and not leave it for the last minute ’cause it takes now three or four months and, uh, yeah, so so on the forms they say. You know, I finally applied through a lawyer, so I hope everything is gonna be OK.’ cause I do have some.. rights? I don’t know if it’s rights or.. anyway i’ve been here long enough, haven’t I? And I just want a pied a terre in Europe. It seems OK here, ‘cause the EU is bringing the tyranny now. With Ursula von Der Leyen, as that Romanian guy said, the Member of [eu] Parliament, and Christine Anderson. Whatever. Anyway, so that’s another thing. But I was just gonna say they sent me, uh, so my paper says you now have the right to travel and then in the next paragraph we recommend you don’t travel till you get our reply. So I don’t wanna be blocked on the way back because I’ve got all my stuff here and I’m gonna get going. You know, but so I’m gonna have to do Blackpool [accent].. Black pill. I’ve been red pilled and black pilled now. Might have to go to Blackpool. Blackpill. Or corn hole, Cornwall. They got palm trees there, apparently. Or Bournemouth, they said, you know, in Pierce Corbyn is going there. Pierce Corbyn’s wikipedia is libelous, is defamatory & libelous. Wikipedia lied again, they said that he’s a anti vaxxer, conspiracy theorist because he says that the “Vax” [fake mRna “vaccine”] is dangerous when UK’s own government says that. 4m So you should say that about all the governments too that.. you know It’s out of the bag now, all the damage that it’s done so uh.. Sean Ryder’s brother died from it. Who else? So many.. it’s just infinite, hundreds of thousands of people have died from it and millions have been hurt, and it’s all documented there for you to see. And who else? Ashton Kutcher. I just put something up showing that he got injected and he got the vasculitis. And he was going to inject his kids, too. It’s probably divine intervention to stop you from doing it to your kids. Damn this chair constantly squeaks. So, OK, so we covered the EU settlement scheme. I just hope everything goes through. Please. You know, I did this for you. I put on the tie. I, you know, I looked up my family roots. I’m a member of the Royal family 16 degrees away. Please don’t give me any sh****. I mean please let me stay ‘cause uh.. Why do i wanna be here and not in the tropics? It’s just a good base right now. I’ve got everything. I know where everything is. I can function here perfectly and I can get going with my show. Get get the show going. You know which has taken long enough, hasn’t it? Can I just finish it up without having to uproot myself and d/relocate? go somewhere else because you know, California has tyranny, New York has tyranny, apparently Florida doesn’t have tyranny, but can you imagine the heat? My hard drives will rot [melt]. You need air conditioning all the time. And I don’t know if my appliances are going to work on 110 voltage if they don’t have the right adapters memory. So we covered that. I’m gonna say one more thing you said, OK and the the other thing another reason for I should crack out the champagne but we’ll do that on my birthday or or you know when I’ve got some company ’cause I don’t want to drink. I hate [ain’t] drinking alone. That’s why you pour it in the fish tank if you have fish. But no, I’m just saying, yeah, I don’t wanna be. I don’t wanna get too messed up. Shall I crack out the champagne? enh Save it. I’m gonna bring someone up here and we’ll do it that way ’cause. Yeah, I don’t want to get too wasted right now in a weekday and uh.. 6min Yeah, just one more thing, yea the hypestat says.. Hypestat[.com] says I get 50,000 hits a day, a million a month, a half a million page views a day. That’s what hypestat says now. It went from.. It went from almost nothing. Well, it was always like a couple hundred, went up to a thousand once, but anyway.. And it says my website’s worth $3.7 million. So that was nice, even if it’s wrong. Which if that’s wrong, then YouTube’s not #2. Well, they are in many ways: Bbbbppp [blow raspberry defecation sound] after stealing 13,000 of my videos, but what I’m saying is if my hypestat is wrong, then so’s everyone else’s so, although maybe maybe it’s a fluke, maybe it’s a mistake, but I’ll just put this up as an update, I will be, occasion[ally], you know, putting fortnightly or at least monthly or fortnightly updates. So uh.. but yeah, I mean that was terrific and it contradicts the criminals, goggle anal [google analytics] who stole 13,000 of my videos and have been complicit in this genocide and crimes against humanity by censoring all the doctors, scientists and lawyers that could have prevented this catastrophe. And they’re still doing it but anyway.. so would we trust them when they tell me that I have 200 hits a day? Probably not. And they contradict themselves anyway. They’re like, your last month, you got a few thousand. yea you got 6000 and then they’ll send me an e-mail saying that I got 2000 or 6000 or whatever, you know? No, no, ahole, I get a million according to hypestat. & my Internet, my web hosting company says I flatline at 500 a day, so I don’t know who to believe. The video viewcounts suck. But apparently that’s par for the course, ’cause you look at big sites like Daily Mail who are also complicit, although now they’re showing a few.. [mRna “vaccine” injuries & deaths] they just. I guess everybody got bribed by the globalist pigs, you know, like, I don’t wanna mention names. Should I ’cause now? I won’t be able to.. But it’s no secret Bill Gates paid. I heard, I got. I should quote all the sources, but he gave millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars to the BBC to to keep it quiet about the M RNA injection damage. And he bought all the media outlets. Apparently there’s just a handful that control everything. So it was easy to it was easy to perpetrate this fraud and crimes against humanity. So, but what did I bring that up? Because. I lost my train of thought now. Oh anyway, I’ll check the video. [see 19min]. Anyway, my friend Hayk is waiting, so let’s call him [column]. And I wasn’t. I don’t want to repeat what I say, but you know, it’s quieter ’cause. There might be background noise when he comes on. It might be going kkkhkkkhhh. Which is another. I wasn’t gonna do it. I was gonna put a backdrop with the beach, but I still have to test the quality of the A0 and double A0 size. They said you need a high res shot for that. I dont know, if it’s blurry, will it be a problem then it’s gotta be lit. where am I going to put it? & I was gonna shoot from that angle to change the look of it. 9min But then you gotta put vlog[.com] up here, you know it’s floppy. This, I was gonna put the big monitor with the beach shots. There’s a nice Ken Burns effect thing with lots of beach shots on there, like slowly moving and fading in and out. But the the desktop, it’s an old computer with a desktop and it was humming a bit, so I don’t want that humming noise going ennnnnhhh, even if it was low or, you know, it’s just, yeah, just best not. And I just so sorry but. It’s repetitive, OK, let’s go. Let’s go, man. Allow. 9min45 [ring tone] Owot? Hehe No, ’cause he was. He’s waiting while I do my monologue. So that’s not very nice for him. Ei man! what. How are you? Turn that sh**** off. Turn that shut off. [cheers glass cling to camera lens] Thank you. You all right? Yep. Sorry, I had to do my monologue. I had to do my monologue. I don’t know what to.. if I should tell you or to the camera before I talk to you. Couple things I wanted to say. Especially now that they’re drilling again. Sorry, yeah, what’s in here? What’s up? Headphones are the problem, OK, now.. you you need headphones? No, I have, but this one is like injured headphone. As you see this is like.. why do you need? Why do you need? to hear you, otherwise it will be reverbing, You will get feedback from your voice. Really? You see what I mean? OK, you don’t want that. That’s why I’m with headphones.  How do you know I got feedback? Your voice will come to my apartment and will come back to you in a half a second. Let’s try it if you want, if you don’t like whatever you want. OK, no problem. Wait, wait. I will do it. How did they make it loud? I don’t know. Induction loop. There’s no volume control on.. is there a way to make it loud? on the Facebook Messenger. No only. Anyway don’t worry. OK, so what’s up man? Hello? Yeah, what’s up? Everything is OK. So what, What’s up with you? Uh just a couple things. I was just telling the camera a couple things. 12m10 My, as you know, my EU settlement scheme, Brexit status is not ready because I did it last year but there was a few. They told me something was wrong, but I videoed and photoed to show that everything was right. It said it said complete. It said complete and they told me it was incomplete and I waited and waited and every time I when I checked it said don’t worry, don’t do anything and then September. The last time I checked I should have checked October, November, December, January. I should have called. I should have gotten a lawyer then because I waited until June and. And they told me, oh, it’s gone, they deleted your application. So then I had to get the lawyer in June or July, 2022, and now it’s been one month and I can’t travel because luckily the lawyer did everything for me. Applied from from their own telephone, from their own everything. They were perfect. But they told me, yeah, they sent me the confirmation. It says now you can travel and then in the next paragraph it says “but we recommend you do not travel without our reply”. And I don’t wanna be blocked. I don’t wanna be blocked from coming in. They can say, look, yeah, you don’t have the right to come in. OK, you know, the Regulation. Regulation says any citizen who does, who is not from Great Britain can stay in Great Britain six months. If there are, they don’t need visa. So it means that six months at least every year you can stay there. No.. so your problem is to enter and exit anytime you want. So this way you could start to build a business there, like something, some imitation of the business, let’s say. Now listen, I spoke to the lawyers. I spoke to a few lawyers, right, and they said, yeah, they said they can do anything they want. There’s no guarantees. And they said they can even say you cannot even come in as a visitor because you are not a visitor. You were living here, so you cannot come in as a visitor. We cannot let you in at all. So I’m not risking it. So I’m staying. I’m waiting for their for their answer. I hope they’re not gonna be angry. One great solution for you is this. I am told that every country has a minimum limit of investing money to the business of the country they live. Let’s say in Greece it says 250,000 euros is enough for you to buy an apartment and stay there forever to become a citizen of Greece. OK. I’m not risking.. another thing is Great Britain. So it means that in Great Britain if that’s a little bit higher. Let’s say £250,000 apartment. 15m Then you could live there forever. You could have an apartment live there as a citizen of Great Britain, I don’t know, maybe you want another way. Citizen of Great Britain? What are you talking about? So OK, if you are buying a real state thing like an apartment which costs more than £250,000, [cheers glass pump to camera lens] so you automatically become a citizen of Great Britain. But then you gotta have all the red tape and taxes or dual taxation maybe, I don’t know, maybe not. Anyway, I don’t need this ****. So I just wanted. Then you will have your apartment. This is the. Yeah. Yeah, that would be nice. And yeah, when I said sh**** I mean all the red tape and hassle. I didn’t mean the citizenship, but I just mean.. Anyway, they told me to wait, so I’m waiting, so I have to go to, 16m00 I have to go to Blackpool. Blackpill, [accent] Blackpool then that’s the Sochi of England Blackpool. Where is it Blackpool? West, West Coast by Ireland. How far is it? Like 200 kilometers? Yeah, that’s the problem. I’m not going to go because it’s too far. The heat wave now is very short. For a few days we have heat wave. I’m gonna go to Brighton really fast. ’cause. I know Brighton very well. I’m comfortable there. 16m I can have quickly my swim.. Do you swim there? Yeah, I’m gonna swim last I went. Two weeks ago I went there and three weeks ago I swam half an hour in the water. No problem. Only in the beginning it was bad, like eeeh, aaaagh! and then after two minutes. Oh, it’s nice! if it’s heat wave. Is is that a salty water? Or.. of course the Atlantic Ocean man, English Channel. Oh it’s an ocean. I didn’t know. I thought it’s just a bay or something. Its on the beach. No, England. And OK, so there’s Blackpeal [accent] blackpill means to be, to have the truth, the negative to be, from the matrix movie they have red pill, black pill. Anyway, Blackpool, it’s called. But but anyway, yeah, so Uh and cornhole********. Cornwall, I call it as a joke. I call it cornhole******** because that’s. But yeah, that’s got palm trees. That’s also south but it’s too far compared to Brighton. I can be there one hour. I can go quickly and do it. And there’s another one. Bournemouth. And Piers Corbyn, you know, the protester, he’s got something going on there. I might go to that. I don’t know if I wanna, anyway, so there’s that and then, um. I was gonna tell you one more thing. Hypestat. You know the statistics thing. 17m40  Hypestat. Yeah, it says I get 50,000 views a day on my website. 1,000,000 a month and half a million page views a day it says. And it says my website is worth almost $4 million. All of a sudden, overnight, man. Hahaha. All of a sudden, all these years for fifteen.. maybe you showed something naked stuff. Maybe there’s a porno [portal] out there I don’t know about. hahaha. No, but all of a sudden from one day it went from nothing. All of a sudden they’re like millions and millions huge numbers, right? And I don’t know.. ok Geo, I will tell you honestly, it’s because I tried hard here couple of days I advertised so you can say thank you to me. Yes. You and your.. Artur,, yea your technician pulled some strings and I owe you. Now I owe you. Hahaha. Yea man, anyway. Goggle [google] anal[ytics] till says I just get a couple hundred a day and a few thousand a month, but I don’t know who to believe.. but in reality what do you think? How much views do you have? 19m Pppfft.. I’m was gonna oh, I know what I was going to say about the The Daily Mail, for example, has 12 million a day. Daily Mail is a newspaper I know the I met the owner Lord Rothermere Harmsworth Jonathan Harmsworth. He’s a billionaire. He owns the paper, newspaper. Now they’re online. Yeah.. now they’re online they get 12 million hits a day. So they’re top 100 in the world, right? Because they keep putting a lot of. Just they put anything on there, man, it’s not even news. It’s like you know, Kim Kardashian’s underwear color today was green or you know the the put just they do put some news there, but it’s just too much sh.. just just constant sh**** right. So and they they hid all the vaccine damage. So so I don’t go to those sites because you know, they’re not, ’cause they did that so, but he.. when they embed a video, it only gets a few 100 views I’ve noticed. So video views are not indicative of the website traffic. 20m05 So I’m trying not to shout and to say I, iiiiiiiiiiiI I I I. Listen.. the lawyer wrote a letter full of “I”’s [eyes]. I was like, OK, but next time, don’t put so much “I”’ ’cause they’ll think I’m an egomaniac in the letter. I did this and I did that. Anyway yeah, yeah, yeah, 20m25 probably you could change a little bit the rhythm of your way of talking. This is bit.. Um, probably too much fast. [tell ben motormouth shapiro] And you are making it like sometimes you don’t.. You need probably to put it down and speak more comfortable, more relaxed. This helps people to relax with you. Not only information, but sometimes just talk about nothing. It’s very interesting to talk about nothing. Nothing is very unusual thing in our lives. The problem, yeah, the only thing, the microphones on arms length for me, right? That’s the mic, right? I can touch it if the microphone. If the microphone was here or close to me, I wouldn’t shout so much. But I don’t want.. one thing is shouting, another thing is just. Very nervous talk. Like do you know, sometimes I I go, sometimes I I try to.. try to do it more relaxed. 21m30 OK, actually I am doing the same you do. I’m very much fast. I try as as as much as possible to put out to go, like saying things. But you need to control your way of relaxing and talking more relaxed, like judging everything, thinking, I don’t know, maybe.. yea your right. Yes it will. It will be artificial, by the way. You can’t do that so easy. It has to be your habit. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. No, I wanna be. I wanna do that too. I wanna do that too. Yeah. You can’t. It’s hard. It’s very hard. It’s like a role. You have to keep doing it on and on and on and one day it will come to you. But it’s not so easy because you do when you start controlling your speech then you can’t control your thoughts. This is the problem. It’s training, training and training. But you don’t have time for this training, right? I hope you’re not distorting. That’s all. ok I got a question for you. I’ve got a few questions, man. OK. Ready? 22m40 OK, first one is why do we make these phone calls? Is it worth it? Because if I’m only getting a few hundred or few thousand views on the videos and you’re getting nothing, why are we doing this? It’s.. but I listen to the conversations and I’m like, God, they’re terrific because there’s so much information there. And it’s fun. It’s fun, informative. But I hope you don’t think you’re wasting your time ’cause. It does take time. Your time and thank you. OK, we are like sharing information. This is mutual, so no problems. 23m If there will be problem, I always would find some reasons saying like not today, another day another time. If I’m not doing that then it’s fine, you know, and plus you know, why I’m doing because I you helped me. So I feel fine doing this back. Thank you, man. Yeah. Yeah. It is good for for for my site to have an update and it’s it’s much nicer. Yea but unfortunately I don’t see the success. to say that. Oh man, we got it. After this.. Actually. I’m not checking, but I can’t see it because I don’t see your reaction of what you got. This hypestat thing is very encouraging for me because it lasted, it’s lasting one week now. I you know, I thought maybe it’s gonna change after one day and I didn’t wanna touch it for a few days and I did it again yesterday and it still says the same big numbers. So anyway. Maybe it’s artificial man, try to talk to people and understand. 24m How many do they watch? Say please, if everybody is watching today, any anybody watching today, just send me one word, “hello”. I will check how many you are watching because otherwise you don’t have any way to control it right? All I know is the video views are low OK just a few hundred or few thousand total [each] but the website might be getting a lot of hits. It could even be non-english speakers. Like I noticed in China.. did you pay to any company to to make it more visible, more viewable? No. Sure? But can you imagine if it’s a bunch of foreign people? Pakistanis? Yeah, they don’t speak English and they’re just looking at it and going yea OK, never mind. But no, no, it says there, there it says 45 minute anyway. Anyway. OK, so uh.. every 45 minutes people stay in your website? it says they’re there for 45 minutes duration. It says average duration. Yeah, it’s fine. It’s fine if it’s true, can you check it it’s true or not. Can you tell me the company’s name and I will check if they are doing it..Hypestat, I put the link on my site and 25m28 OK, did I tell you I’m a member of the royal family? Did I tell you? Hehe.. When did you get this royalty? ’cause? I’m waiting. I’m saying this just in case the government are deciding if I can stay in the country and if they see that I’m a member of the royal family they might be like, ah, OK, let him stay. Haha. He looks like a royal. No, It’’s through my father, I went to wiki tree. I was looking. What happened was my housekeeper wanted to show me that her ex-boyfriend, the father of her kids, was a “blue blood”, had some relation to some Royal or someone. So I went to this website and then I found wikitree. I don’t know how it came up, but I put my father in there and it showed that he’s related to Prince Philip 15 degrees. And it’s got the whole tree, it has the whole tree. It has Prince Philip. OK we just died last year, right? The Queen, the Queen of England’s husband. Right. It shows Prince Philip and then it shows 15 people connected. Exactly. So his sister, her brother, her husband, his brother, his sister. And it goes to my father after 15 people. Actually it’s not amazing, man, because every people in this planet, you know they are brothers. 15th brothers? Not 15 degrees from Prince Philip, though. Maybe 15,000 degrees. Yeah, but you know, no, no, no, no, no. Every people in the world they are their brothers in 15th level. no. Yes. What, I’m your brother 15 degrees? My grandfather. Grandfather. His grandfather. Grandfather his.. like 15 those are the same like your Grandfather man, really? I don’t know. OK. But anyway, I’m a royal. I hope they. I hope that counts. Me too! hahaha..Yeah, I didn’t want you to feel left out. OK? You too. Alright. okay. We’ll search anyway. It’s hard to get on that site, i have to.. ’cause I opened my profile, but they don’t let just anybody just say, hey, I’m related to so & so, I don’t know if they prove it.. 27m48 Geo, Why don’t you start a small business in Great Britain and automatically you can become the permanent person living in Great Britain. I know so many Polish people coming to England and they’re getting some status of work, yeah. & they live there forever and nobody says them hey leave the country or whatever. They leave anytime they want and come back anytime they want. Nobody says you can’t stay there. Longer than six months. Believe me, why don’t you go and register yourself as a Internet worker, let’s say? Designer Freelancer designer who pays taxes annually, which will be maybe 200 pounds a year. OK, OK. Now in the fall. Not now. It’s summer time. I don’t want to do that **** right now. OK? So I was gonna ask you a few more things. Can I ask? Yeah, 28m50 OK. The camera was dark because it’s backlit, so I wanted to brighten it a bit, right? With ISO? yeah, I was gonna ask you. First of all, there’s F stop, then there’s shutter speed and then third one is DB. Is that ISO DB? db wait? Db is change in.. 29m probably. Replacing isos. Yes, it’s noise. right? I know at night time I put the DB all the way up to 33 and I can see in the dark. Which is bad. put an artificial light [th ss ss] lighting on your camera. It makes the resolution goes down. Like your 4K becomes just HD. Not even full HD if you put it like 6 times higher than it should be. Let’s say 100 is brilliant, native can be 400. 400 is OK. OK, so I keep it. I keep that to zero. So now. Do I do shutter speed mostly or F stop? yes, shutter speed can do this look if shutter speed goes down, let’s say if from 50 you put. Yeah, I know, I know, I know. Let’s say 20. I know that. I know you know that your movement becomes like this. Look at the.. No, I’m not moving, man. I’m sitting here in the chair. And I’m too dark. Do I do shutter speed or do I do F stop? It depends how many shutter speed you have at the moment. If you have more than 50, put it 50 to put down to 50. OK, do you have more than 50? Can you check it? I always shoot. We’re talking manual now, OK? Auto it does whatever it wants. manual, I always shoot a video at minimum 100 shutter speed. Its not good 100, In this dark situation you could easily put 50. Easily, easily 50 is. Alright. Just fantastic and it will be very light. 100 is too making.. you know what is it shutter speed right? Yes yeah. But my question is do I change the F stop? Do I change the F? F You can change this way. Now how many F do you have at the moment? no, no. This is my question. Should I change F or shutter? both. Why? Because F is making light thanks to the lens, lens hole, look at the look at the look at me. Yeah, I know this. I know, I know, I know, I know that. when you are open, I know he’s coming. But why should I do both and not just one? Because then you will lose a chance to have very clean picture. You will have half light if at the moment I see you are in a dark. So put both, put a shutter speed 50, F put us as low as possible, let’s say 2.8, do you have 2.8? Or even lower 1.9. Do you have one nine F? No, no, the lowest it goes is. Create 2.8 and now shutter speed and and then that’s too bright so I put shutter speed 200. Oh No, no, no, no. what no, no, no, no, no. What’s the problem? then Db Put down. To get rid of the noise, there is no noise. If there is no noise at zero DB. you can’t see in that monitor. 32m32 Yeah, the question is. I could.. always if you have a chance to put db down and the rest make it comfortable. So use only the the rest two, shutter speed and F stops. Don’t use db as putting light up. Db [Debbie] is noise noise. Yes it makes light but it makes thanks to noise. No my question is, I can fix the picture -ahem- using only F stop only shutter speed or both? Why should I use both and not just one? If one is enough and db is OK, then don’t do the second. But in this situation I see you can’t do with one. I can. This is the problem. Sometimes.. if db is high now put it down. This is what I m suggesting. No Db i dont touch, DB i keep at zero, db is zero, OK. If now it’s 0 so now your shutter speed is 100 and F stop is 2 and .8, you will have one problem. OK, so.. let me tell you the problem what the problem is, only you will be in focus. That’s 150. Now that’s 100. I’m too bright. So now I’m gonna increase the F stop. To, that decreasing. I’m going from 4 to 6F Stop now that’s 6F stop. Yes, thanks to that you have in focus larger space and that’s auto, and that’s manual with 6 I brighten myself a little bit, OK. Alright. OK. So alright, next thing, did you understand what I said? What? That if f stop is down, then focus. 33m space is very narrow. Depth of field they call depth of field is very narrow. Not with this camera. That’s.. it can keep you in focus and all the rest is out of focus. Not the background will be out of focus. If you put higher F stop then it goes larger and larger depth of field. It means all the room can be in the in the focus. This camera has a one inch chip. It doesn’t do all that stuff so much. Everything’s pretty sharp [unless zoom]. It does, if lens has this opportunity, like F stops from low to high to 16, is the maximum F stop? I don’t know, I’m not gonna check now. ’cause it’s gonna make it black. It’s gonna darken it. OK. Alright. So OK, next question. 35m05 You said matryoshka. Yeah, you said it’s not just for decoration in the last video. Right, you said this not just for decoration. It’s got these functions and then you said “you can enjoy.” What you.. so there’s it is just, it’s just, it’s just, it’s a wooden doll. It’s like it’s a wooden doll. It’s a toy for children, that’s it. no not for children, it’s it’s, it is. It’s painted in unusual way. It can be like a very nice item in your room. So it’s decoration, is it? It’s just decoration. It’s got no function. Maybe decoration, but functions could be, could be this, that sometimes people play with them. Opening, closing. You know this. Exactly its a toy. Silly, but it is he kids love them. Kids love them. Why? exactly, when there are so many different toys and all of a sudden they love Matryoshkas, this is this is enigma. This is a mystery. OK, so next question I have. Sorry. Um. 36m25 How stable are you? Can you do this and not shake? 36m30 ’cause. Some people, they drink alcohol here and they can’t do that. It’s all wobly. It it shakes. Can you do? Depends which state you are and if you take which state you are at the moment. And if you take medications, it can make you shake it. Or even sometimes I get a little trimmer in my finger if I if I tense it. And once in, my adrenaline goes if I’m confronted, if I feel like I’m about to be confronted unfairly. You know, I can get adrenaline a bit shaky, not shaky, but yeah, anyway. Yeah. No, no, I was gonna ask you because. It’s not very obvious, don’t worry about it. Yeah, no, I was gonna ask you because they’re saying. The M RNA injection fake vaccine is making people twitch. There’s a there’s a lot of sick people that there. It’s making them twitch. So. If we twitch, then they’ll think we’re “vaccinated”. They won’t hate us so much. You can fit in more. If if if if I go don’t don’t think I had the vaccine, if I start going like this ’cause a lot of people and then they won’t hate me so much, you know, they’ll think I’m part of the club, but I’m just, I’m, I’m, I’m kinda joking. Isnt that Parkinson symptom? There’s all kinds of neurological disorders but. A lot of people seem OK though. Luckily I’m really happy that’s what I wanted. I didn’t want anyone to get sick, but because they have different batches, they have different, right? Different batches. They. 38m05 Those evil pharmaceutical companies, they had some very bad batches a lot of people died from, and then they had other batches people did not. But we don’t know what’s gonna happen for the next five or ten years. But Honestly telling you, I’m gonna tell you one thing I don’t know. Maybe it’s truth or maybe it’s wrong. But after I I I was. I I had this, disease coronavirus. After I recovered a month or two. My memory became better than it was before. [long or short term term?] First of all, you don’t know if it was corona. It could have just been the flu ‘cause there’s no test for it. The test is fake. It’s false. It’s it’s 97% false, so nobody knows. The flu was so strong man it was.. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I never could imagine. I barely was dying. Yeah, I felt that way, too, when I got it. Whatever it was. Yeah. So it has to be. Hey. Hey, man. Not again. Connections correct. Grippe? Sorry, I missed. I missed. You dropped out for a minute. What did you say? I said it’s not just a simple gripe, gripe [French] flu. It’s not just a simple flu, but it’s a coron. Yea it might be the modified. Nobody knows. You know what they’re saying? That there is no virus. That virus doesn’t even exist. [dr] Michael Yeadon, the vice president of Pfizer Respiratory, who who proved that all the vials were adulterated and the batches were all he did. He did a whole graph. All these doctors. Approved all this crimes against humanity stuff. But he said he they’re saying that no virus has ever been photographed or isolated. It’s just a theory. There’s no proof. virus is a conspiracy theory. but you can. But you can go in Internet and check it, make it like photos of viruses & if it comes it comes. 40m No.. if it’s not. This can be can’t be cheated. Yeah, it can. ..because these instruments are everywhere. If somebody’s cheating, the others could expose. We can’t trust wikipedia anymore ’cause. they lied about so many things, so we can’t trust that. But anyway, OK, we’ll see about that. But uh.. but still, you have to use all these lies you have to use to make yourself stronger. You know you can’t say these are lie. Oh yes, of course, all the philosophically speaking, there is no truth in the world. And I believe it. But I use mathematics, physics, laws of chemistry just to make the life come more comfortable. Hehe.. I was gonna ask you a couple more things. Hey uh, you speak Polish now, right? Right? Did you say? you said you speak Polish? Right? So, yeah. 44m00 Hey, what’s that letter that whistles? You know, when I hear Polish there’s a sound they make & it whistles. They’re like shesesheshe [whistle] You know when they do this thing with their teeth and it goes pssit pssst.. OK, I will say tell me which sound because there are several. There’s one.. ok I’ll start speaking Polish. You say Ah, Yes, this one, this one. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. There there’s there’s only one whistle that they do with the “S” it whistles. Ksheme. Yeah, but no other language does that. Where they they get this whistling? Shestaim. Shpko. You probably don’t do it, but only the the natives, they.. No, no, no. I speak like natives. Don’t worry about it. But.. I speak quite fluent and I use all the technical.. You know how some older people, elderly people when they get fake teeth? You know how it is sometimes it whistles when they go, when they go, sss it goes whh [whistle]. It whistles when they do an ess. Mshlialish mish..  OK. So it.. it’s something like that? mushlialshmish.. I’ll find it on the Internet. I’ll send you a.. pshestalesh mish,.. bshlawem.. No, it’s a it’s a whistling sound. pshestawem..  Just like it’s just like old people with their fake teeth, with the dentures. But OK, never mind ok.. stegapolushi.. zeskawilishmi stegapowodou jepshistawem kourtha! cherozoumiech.. 42m39 table kourtha! Hey b-tch, kourtha is b=tch. oh I thought it was sh-t. *****. ***** ****. No sh-t is gouvno, gouvno. It has a lot of similarities with Russian. You know, gavno [governor] In Russian, in Polish gouvno [Grosvenor], ‘cause increase in Greek Kourda is sh-t, kourada.. in Greek. No, in Polish it means a lady who is a whore [horn]. Oh no. She’s a b-tch [beach]. No, no. kourtha. No no. This is family friendly show. Almost. [family entertainment] hehehe.. No. Santana song, he says kourada. “O ye como va, kouratha.” 43m12 OK, so I found out the the name of the the disease where you can’t shut up. It’s called compulsive talking according to the.. [liar encyclopedia]. yeah, there is something, but it doesn’t mean you have to have this disease. Some people got these elements of that. Sometimes I feel in me if I start talking, talking, I can’t stop. But then if I shut up, it means I shut up for maybe one day, half a day. That’s auto, manual. It’s worth only to provoke me to start talking. If you don’t, I can just keep silence for for a long time because every person, you know, thinking, they’re talking to themselves. Did you know that? Yeah. Yeah. Hey, this is film with Anthony Hopkins. You cannot think without talking to yourself. 44m There’s a film with Anthony Hopkins called Magic in the 80s. It came out and. He has a dummy, you know, and he’s talking with the dummy, you know, the puppet. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And he can’t stop. And the doctor or tells him “make Fats shut up for 5 minutes.” And he can’t do it after like 3 minutes. He’s like, this is very cruel, you know, you’re making me not talk. And then, like before, 5 minutes is up, he grabs the puppet and he goes, so he’s quiet for three minutes. He can’t do 5 minutes. After three minutes, he’s like, this is very cruel, you know? I can’t believe you’re making me do this. And then he grabs a puppet and then he goes blablablablabla cause he couldn’t hold it, you know. Hello? you stuck again, man the signal fell. I guess you had to be there, but uh. [photo snaps] Signal, man. What’s wrong with your signal? You got sh**** Wi-Fi, dude, ’cause, it’s not my connection. My connection. And you see, I’ve got Gorilla tape on the damn plug here. And I know it drops sometimes, but it’s not. It’s you. It’s.. Your freaking Wi-Fi sucks, man. Look at this. Psssht.. Got cut off. Oh well. 45m20 Later aholes, hit the beach. 45m20 Black pewel  [Blackpool] [accent]  black pill. Yeah, [chair rattles & squeaks] Damn this f-ing chair constantly f-ing rattling. See, they don’t tell you that when you buy it. Can’t make a chair that doesn’t go bbbbbpppppp [blow raspberry]. Oh my God, what’s this? [ring tone] Man your Wi-Fi sucks. Your Wi-Fi is no good. No mine is fine [flying]. Maybe something happened in the middle. Yours can be fine. Mine can be fine. But the, somewhere in the middle, like let’s say in Brussels [Brazil] or maybe somewhere where it can be this connection. It had a problem. So now it’s fine, mine is’s fine. OK, what was the topic? Compulsive talking. Oh, I told you about the, there’s a movie where he he freaks out. He can’t stop for five minutes and then he goes eyeayeyeyeyeya. After like 2 minutes he couldn’t hold it for 5 minutes but anyway OK. I had some people here who got some depressions once in a while they don’t want talk to anybody to anyway, just sleep, just lay down and whenever they get out of this disease, this depression, they start becoming so talkative and whenever you start the dialogueing with them, you know what happens? when you start explaining something all of a sudden, he interrupts you & says ok I understand, aii8, Yeah, I know what you mean. I know what you mean. In reality he’s mistaken, he says something else. I was saying, hey man, listen till the end what I say don’t interrupt me because I was trying to say absolutely another thing, you’re interrupting by telling that you understood me. And they can’t stop. They can’t just listen. They have to talk with you simultaneously. Yeah. 47m28 That’s another thing they’re saying depression is not caused by serotonin. They’re finding out all these things and then, I don’t know alternate media. Actually I found out myself what depression is. I don’t have depression, but my people around me, they have [hurt]. So this is about the blood. Their blood is not cleaning up from these depressive hormones. Really? So that’s why whenever they eat meat for one month or two months, this poison interferes, penetrates into their blood and starts circulating all the month. So only this medicine helps them to get rid of it. [chair squeaks again & drill downstairs] BZZZZZZZZ.. why are they drilling downstairs, man. It’s been rented out. There’s people in.. drilling bast******** downstairs, OK? Oh listen, another subject Do you have more questions? Because I have another subject to discuss with you. I told you that.. go ahead..£ pound this very down so gravel pit your friend Arthur [our tool] could buy something in London and that could be very good investment. And this way he could help himself to stay in London as a citizen or as a permanent resident. [President], there’s no guarantee. Not until the papers are correct. There’s no.. it’d be stupid. But everybody can buy real state in London. It doesn’t say only certain people can do that. Like in Greece anybody wants to get Greek citizenship they can buy an apartment starting from 250,000 euros. Yeah, OK. This is not only Greece. I found out almost all European countries got this regulation. Yeah. But your friend Artur [R2] is not looking for a sip citizenship, right? He doesn’t want to get a citizenship in London England. He’s not, right? I don’t think so. Because he can’t have simultaneously 2-3 citizenships. No, you can, You can. But it might be a pain. It might be red tape and all kinds of.. so one thing at a time. First we get the papers, then we see about houses and citizenship and all that **** [red tape]. I would say opposite. You could do vice versa. no, not without.. If you really can talk to your to gravel pit friends who will recommend you that really pound is down low now. Really. It’s very low. Everything is low [slowed] man. it’s 120. Do you understand what’s going on in the world because one thing.. of course I do. I do.. no because you don’t check all those links that I showed you, all the alternative media you didn’t even know uh MRNA. But I have my way of checking, I’m always in radio in TV [mainstream liar bribed government controlled corporate fascist media] No that doesn’t no.. I’m checking whats happening [WhatsApp me]. I know what’s happening in economical situation in the world.. So you should know. You think I’m illiteral? [illiterate]. Tell me anything in the world what’s happening? Political stuff [staff], conflicts, links, and ti will explain you which kind of situation is in Middle East or.. no no.. Who is friend of who and why do they make this kind of transitions from one friendship to another friendship? What’s happening with Israel, Palestine, Iran and tell me, just ask me. You should know the main problem right now, and you don’t know it because you don’t check the alternative media that I showed you. You didn’t even know the M RNA injection. But anyway, 51m15 OK, so the main problem is Klaus Schwab of the WEF World Economic Forum. Even that you didn’t know you thought it was some sort of economics sh-t. OK, what can tell me more than I know. Tell me what.. they are trying to destroy the *f-ing****** world so they can bring in the one world government. They’re complicit with the WHO, WEF, UN and EU, they all said it. We have video evidence of.. ok the anwer is.. let me finish,  let me finish, let me finish. Let me finish. Let me finish. Let me finish. OK. I put it on my website, on the top. You didn’t even see it. You don’t care. I put all the links, all the videos. Everybody’s been talking about this for the past year. You don’t know anything about it. You’re talking about Africa and ******** Middle East. So these four organizations, they’re trying to destroy the world. They tried with the #COVID LIES Fraud & it became crimes against humanity with this injection that’s killed hundreds of thousands, if not millions, and damaged injured millions of people. I know at least 10 personally [covid fraud “Vaccine” deaths], OK? Anyway, your mother got the flu, right and and also that because also they caused that because they didn’t allow her to get the treatment. They didn’t allow the Ivermectin, hydroxycholoroquin, zinc, [quercetin, vitamin c,d.]. and all this other stuff that could have saved your mother because there’s ways to cure in the flu, although she was quite old anyway. But my point is that they failed with the COVID bullshit********. Now they’re gonna try the climate bullshit******** and monkey pox ******** to bring in the one world government cashless society China tyranny on your telephone and then chip in your hand. Already in Sweden they have the chip in the skin to make you and they’re testing this. And that’s why all this cashless society schitt is going in that direction. So now they’re trying with the war in Ukraine to cause starvation. They’re trying to destroy all the economies to make you dependent on Klaus anal swab, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and The WHO, all these assholes******** they wanna control everything just like China. And they tried it with the COVID. And now the trying it with starvation with it because Ukraine the wheat, right. I know all that. I know all this.. so you know starvation is coming. You gotta grow your own vegetables. You gotta be ready for the worst. It’s gonna.. everything will collapse. That’s what they’re trying to do and people are trying to fight back. Geo, look! all right, yes. I have my food. I have already. What is that? One, two.. What is it? It’s a dry fruits. Yeah, yeah, that’s something dry fruit? I’m drying fruit, you see? Hey, hey, hey do vegetables dry? So some of them. Which ones? Not tomatoes, schitt not tomatoes. Which ones? But don’t worry, man it won’t heppen, never it’s gonna happen. Well it already has in some places. In some places it already has. Australia, Canada [china, new zealand, Lithuania, & most dictatorships Asia middle east = half the countries]. They’re f-ed. when there are places who need something and they are in need. So the food comes, food, is everywhere. They just last year the food they didn’t know what to do. They were throwing away. Now cucumber in Armenia how much it costs? For $1.00 you can buy 10 kilos of cucumber. Apricots I bought for $1.00 five kilos. OK, but be care.. be aware what’s going on. That’s all I’m saying, OK? How do you dry vegetables? Just cut it in certain way, I wash it first, i cut it. Which vegetables can I dry? OK oh, vegetables. Wait, wait, vegetables. No, vegetables are almost impossible Geo, sh-t. But you can marinate them. You can cook and put in a cans. in a uh how do you say this. What’s the name of this sheet? I don’t know. In English. Yeah, I know. Marination OK, all that sh. OK. But, um, so, OK. This kind of things, you see? What’s this bottle? Not,, jar.. jar. Hey, um. When you dry fruit, does it lose its nutritional value? vitamins? Yeah, just a little bit. It’s not a lot, just little bit. Ok. How do you dry? You just stick it in the sun and then you put it in a jar? Yes, yes. First three days I put it under the sun, later I just put it in  the place where the wind, can go back and forth. 56m  But you have to be careful then you cannot put it somewhere far from the air. The moth can come and make destroy it. This kind of peach look. Yeah. For $1.00 dollar I buy 5 kilos? How is it? Maybe next year you can’t buy anymore, so be careful, you know, it’s no, no, no, no, no.. haha.. You don’t think it’s gonna happen. Klaus anal swab, Klaus Schwab. You know, the crazy mofo************ the f-ing******** this, the Hitler, the Hitler of our gene.., the uh.. & Bill Gates and all those asholes******** but uh.. he said. You will own nothing and be happy. We will own everything and we will have our security and you will be starving and eat bugs. You will eat powdered bugs. No way Geo. No way. In your veggie burgers we will stick bugs. Oh, you got a nice big. How do you cook.. eggplants? How do you cook that sh**** man? It’s a pain, isn’t it? Pains? No. The simplest way, It’s very tasty when you just. OK. You don’t like frying, right? Well, it’s not the best is it, you gotta put a lot of.. What do you cook with, olive oil? Yeah. I don’t wanna shout. Can you cook that with olive oil? Yeah, 5 kilo no.. 7 kilo for $1.00. Look, 7 kilo of those, OK? How do you cook it? Olive oil? Yes, I cut it into slices and make it like this back and forth. I don’t need to put anything, just a little salt and that’s it. And it’s very tasty. So, olive oil, huh? Because if you go into a restaurant, it will never be olive oil. It’ll be it’ll be.. margarine?. It’ll be very bad. Dangerous killer oil. Like all these seed oils. There’s a video, it says it’s killing, after the seed oil revolution. It killed so many people the past hundred years because of. Seed oil. Very bad for your arteries, right? Seed oil? Yes, that’s right, that’s right. That’s why I eat either or vegetable oil or butter. Butter. Butter is expensive. I don’t have my fridge doesn’t function. That’s why I don’t buy butter. I don’t have a fridge by the way, everything is in the air, my stuff. 58m40 You have no fridge? & it doesn’t rotten because I know how to keep them and I don’t buy 10 kilos. I buy only one, two kilos. It’s 5 minutes walk from here to the market. So every morning I go there and get something. Every morning? yeah, every morning it’s like my how do you say my uh.. f******.. gymnastics. Butter is very bad, man. It’s high fat. Don’t do butter. Olive oil. But people say butter is very important, if it’s good butter. It’s very important for your health, they say. Its fat. And unfortunately I don’t buy butter. Good. Don’t. Don’t no it’s bad, man. I can show… You don’t know. Some people are very much scientifically proved that butter is very important for the health. Butthurt. dairy is bad in general, man. We’re not supposed to eat a lot of dairy anymore. But anyway, OK, so but the seed oil? You know, like palm oil or rapeseed oil the veggie burgers have canola, rapeseed oil inside them and I looked it up and they contradict again. The Wikipedia ship one paragraph it says it’s very dangerous and it’s killed, it’s a killer, and then the next paragraph it says it’s only 2%, it’s perfectly OK. So anyway. So you said that they want to make one ruling system in the world. How did you say this? One world Government. One world government. I put all the links on my site. I can’t. Yes but why do you think it will be possible? All the world tried to suffocate Afghanistan. They couldn’t do with one poor Afghanistan they couldn’t do, how can they do it with the world. 1h00m22 When there are people, everybody is a destroyer. Humans are like wolves. They destroy the world. You can’t cooperate with them. And you want somebody to rule all this world? it’s impossible. You can’t rule 100 people. How you gonna rule 10 billion people in three, two years, there will be population. Look at China. 10 billion. Look at China, the he rules 1 billion people, that guy, that one person is controlling.. they cant rule it, they can’t get back their Taiwan and they will never be able to do it. Why? Because Taiwan is very much strong and it has a lot of connections with with China as well. If they will destroy Taiwan, the economy of China will be 1/4 what it is now, really? That’s why the war is very bad for the country that they start with, I mean for for the country who starts. OK hey did you… You see America? How much lost with this Afghanistan? Now Russia is losing, pretending that they are not losing anything in this war. But in reality, Russia has a lot of problems and thanks to that problem all the world has problems. It’s a wrong word to say thanks to, because of probably. 1h01m54 Hey, did you ever have an IQ test? What is it? IQ test. IQ did you ever do? IQ test? It means intellectual test. Yeah? I never did. Yeah, me neither. I hope I’m not stupid. You think only this can prove that you are intellectual or not, this is.. actually brain what brain does, if you are not with diploma does it mean you are not clever? I don’t know they got different metrics. What’s the difference between clever and smart, do you know? Street smart. Smart and clever. What’s the difference between them? The smartest.. I don’t know, man. OK, clever is the one who doesn’t have any diplomas any degrees, but he’s very sharp and he understands everything. Yea yea.. whatever you talk he can guess & smart is intellectual that more erudite. Yeah, you understand what’s different now? Yeah, sure. [Hans Crista Mattern impression imitation] Yeah, sure. Ya ya. So the cameras I tried to promote for you. It’s good for b rolls [barrels]. You could have at home one of these cameras and it could shoot you while you’ll be walking in the House moving working and.. I don’t know, maybe you’re not excited of that camera. I wrote down some things. I have to check all the specs [specifications]. I have to check things. But in general, it’s not very good. And how does it fly? You said it flies. How does it fly? OK. Its a company that has flying drone cameras. But the one I I I tried to promote you, it’s it just holding or putting on the table and it [eat] follows you, DJI [company]. wherever you walk It can follow you. How? So imagine you are moving in your room there. How does it fly? Drone? How does it fly? ok it flies like a drone, but not the one I sent to you. The drone will make noise. The one i sent its not a flying. OK, the drone will make noise, so you can’t have any audio man, it will go zzzzzzzzz.. yes, you are right, but you can have simultaneously another audio in your pocket. It’s a pain, man. Anyway, I don’t want any microwave radiation, so I don’t want Bluetooth or wifi. It doesn’t have, If you are not putting your telephone control, it can just do automatically without your remote control. And by the way, these waves are everywhere every time you sit anywhere in London, like now you are. You know how many wifis are going through you. Yeah, I know, but I want less. No more. Haaa.. at least in your home there are like 20 wifis. Yeah, so there’ll be one less know it’ll be 19 with without this. Ahaha.. I don’t want more. So it will be if you don’t use it as a wifi connection. OK, ’cause. They said.. It has ability to turn on Wi-Fi connection and control it by your telephone. if not. It doesn’t open wifi just records without Wi-Fi this is this is for sure. 1h05m20 I’m going to get an EMF meter so I can see how much radiation I’m getting any place they didn’t have any. I wouldnt recommend to do that because it’s it’s worthless. No, you mean because I’ll be disappointed to see how much radiation sickness is going through me., yes. In your case, yes. But in reality it’s not as serious as you think. The scientists disagree with you and I trust the scientists, not you, because your’e.. Dont say scientists, say one of thouisands of scientists.. No, no, no, no, no. You’re not informed. Again. You never spent any time on the Internet ’cause your telephone is too small. Yeah, but I have my brain which is telling me I understand what is radio waves. I know what you know from the cosmos. We are getting so much. Radio waves. You know how much radio waves we get from anywhere in the cosmos? From the cosmos?  — cosmos. It’s not an excuse to give us more without our permission. Yeah, but the amount we get from the cosmos is compared to this Wi-Fi, [door bell ring] it’s thousands, thousand times more. 1h06m40 You know the light has waves. Someone rang the bell. everything, magnet has waves. Yeah, but these are microwave. this is a weapons system. They used it for weapons. And anyway you got you gotta research. I can’t tell you everything right now, but I showed what they said anyway. Yeah, just look look at Barrie Trower. He’ll tell you. Barrie Trower. Yeah, but there are names. They sometimes they are just promoting themselves as professors. No, no. He worked. He worked in the military. At the end, we find out they have no degrees even. Even. Hey, don’t show.. they’ve never been in the universities. I can’t see your face, man. You’re showing your chin. It doesn’t look nice. Yea.. Thank you. Hahaha Sorry. I should have said it before when I did this [photo video 2nd camera]. No, he’s a weapons.. He was the military weapons expert, man, who are you? Who are you to say anything? I’m too! Haha sure.. You’re a vegetable dryer. [souvenir dealer] I’m a polititian.. Your’e a fruit dryer. I’m a designer, polititian designer. 1h07m52 what are you actually? How would you describe yourself, you know in the passport when it says profession.. I am everything, do you need just give me a task and say to be ready to start this work in one week I will study fast in Internet what this profession is, so I will not disappoint you. But in the passport, when it says profession, what do you put when you’re filling out your passport? You know.. designer. Hehehe It’s just that. Designer? Yea, why not. Graphic designer. Look at my designs here graphic designer. This is the art. artist. Autist. [Hottest] everything is art.  By the way. 1h08m30 Hey, you know the Sony A1 that I have the 8K? It’s got no active stabilizer in 8K, only in 4K. So they they didn’t tell me that before I bought it. The piece of sh***** ** **** its all shaky.[unwatchable, looks like sh-t if you move at all]. OK, but you know that if you have 8K it has much more stabilizing abilities when you put in your computer. Yeah, great. It will cut your 8K to 7K and you will have your video stable, stabilized much better than those that have 4Ks [turkeys]. You understand? I hope you’re right. It’s not gonna be active. It will cut the edges, look, it will cut the edges and you will have your trembling stabilized. it’d be nice. I hope you’re right, because I’m very disappointed. They they lied to me. They didn’t tell me that I can’t get.. ’cause I like active. ok Don’t be disappointed. You like being disappointed with these tiny things. I like active stabilizer. I like active stabilization so I don’t have to go through the computer and all that sh****. And they didn’t tell me. When I bought it and it cost so much, many thousands, that it’s not going to have active stabilizer in 8K. The bas********. So that’s a bit assholeish on their part. But anyway, OK, hey, one more thing now a couple more questions. Can I ask you? Yeah, dont ask can you ask me, its like I’m in an Interview in FBI.. [interrogation investigation].. I can’t see you. I can’t see your face, man. I can’t see you OK. 1h10m05 What would happen to dogs and prisoners if they did not get out one hour a day? Tell me again, please. What happens with the prisoners? What would happen to the dogs and the prisoners if they did not get out one hour a day? What would happen? Why did? Ok it depends on the climate of the prison. If the prison is somewhere in Africa. 1h10m30 Uh, it’s, it’s fine. They don’t need to be outside because it’s dry weather and inside it’s nice. But if you are somewhere in a very moist building, so you need fresh air [to share]. And nothing special will happen if you you know how to behave. If you will move all the time, your body will be always healthy. Because I noticed if I don’t get out one hour a day, you know about if I stay in like many days I get sick. I was wondering why? Why do we get sick? No way man If you open your windows and you move in your room, what’s the difference to be outside or inside?’cause people die of exposure if they’re outside too long, and if they die of whatever if they’re inside. I was just wondering. I thought too much of anything makes you sick, but you’re saying.. nothing. No, no, there is no problem. Only you need just to move in the house. So why do they.. Just walk move bring something. Look something, be busy with something. & I would recommend you all the time to listen to to the radio that you like. Not music, but some news, some other stuff. Be always updated with the news & not listening to one or two people who have certain approaches to all the problems. In the world. I only look at, 1h12m00 I only listen and watch alternative media now. I don’t trust anymore the radio. Why? Because they lied about the covid fraud and now they’re lying. They lied all these too many times. I don’t trust them ever again. Geo its not proved. ever again. about lie. Yea it’s proven a million times. I have all the evidence & it’ll stand up in court. How come its gone. Why did they say now it’s gone? They they could keep saying that. Yes, there is covid & you need to be careful. And this and that. Now they say it’s fine. No, they said it’s back now. No, they said it. yea. They brought it back. They brought it back, man. You didn’t. You see? You don’t even know they brought it back. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. But it will be not as strong as before now. Yeah, just wait. It will be very much fast. Just wait. It will come to the top and next day it will be like. Half of it that it happened. No they’re still trying to lock people. Theyre still trying to fcuk**** with people because that’s what they do. But anyway, and all this and the travel thing too, they wanna stop people traveling, so they’re making impossible and and because there’s so much “vaccine” damage, very few pilots and very few staff, everyone short staffed anyway, it’s a disaster. [HUGE visible increase in disability / disabled people everywhere, “help/ staff needed” notices on almost every building] But anyway. Oh by the way I have one very important thing about gravel pit Artur your friend. Yea? Probably will be interested so he has.. Artur has a friend who has two citizenships. One, I think is somewhere in the South from South countries. I think it’s Italian another is something like Canadian. He’s Canadian and Italian citizenship. So this way that guy can enter to GB for once every six months he can come with one, & if he goes, can come back with another one. 1h14m00 So this way nobody can stop him telling that you you can’t enter. Uh. How do you say OK, if I will be entering to Great Britain they will say only once you can do it for six months maximum. really? Or not once. But It needs to be not extend exceeded more than six months, right? Extended, extended. So only six months I can stay, but that guy who I’m talking to? Who I’m talking about he can enter with two passports, once with Canadian, another time with Italian. So this problem I think can be solved easily. Officially you can go and check if he can do it with that or not. Yeah.. I’m sure he can, because in the border nobody can say who you.. yes, I’m Italian citizen so I can enter &.. After.. I don’t know it has to be checked. Probably they are checking with your.. with his finger print & other sh-t. After Brexit, there’s no guarantees. So this brexit sh-t [breaks sheet] happened and caused alot of problems. Yeah, I should have done everything quicker. I should have waited months and months, but I I it said don’t do anything. So your friend could have two options. One is just have official working status and never work by the way, because if you are a freelancer and you have to work at home. Like your business is contacting people, telling.. consultant, let’s say you are a consultant home consultant, creative [consultant].. whenever they call you tried them some money and consult them about different things but people that they don’t like your consultation so they don’t call you so your business is non profit. But you are registered as a business in London, so this way you can stay forever. One one way is this, the other way is buying something and staying home. So this is another option. So check it with your lawyers. I’m sure one of these two will work for you. They said to wait, so I’m waiting. OK. Alright. They want to charge you probably they,, No, it was flat fee. No, it was a flat fee and that’s no more. Flat rate, flat rate. blood rate? flat. Flat rate, [Not straight] I see. But now with the pound is very down, this has to be very important thing for you. Everything is down, everything is down because of this.. no dollar [down there] compared to pound this not as much down. If before $1.00 was one five, now it’s 1-2. To the pound? Of course you don’t know? No, I don’t waste time on that because it goes up and down. A.. It’s very important because if you have some interest with your partners there, you have to tell them, hey man, can I use this chance and buy real estate or something? The food prices.. ’cause. I don’t know if these people are working for your interest, or their interest plus your interest. Mm.. OK. 1h17m50 So another thing, you have still those old stuff that you don’t use and you could get rid of? I don’t know, man. You changed your mind. Hehehe You’re not here anyway. It’s impo.. you’re not around. I’ll never see you again, unless I go to Armenia. No.. you’re not coming to Greece. You’re not coming to London. I’m not going to Armenia ami? Maybe golden apricot. uh.. This year is very problematic. The prices are high for transportation and everything is very expensive and that’s scary for me. Um. Listen, I do have a lot of.. do you have any broken computer? No, I need I’m keeping them, I decided. There’s very few that are. I’ve got very you know, I need them for my final cut sh**** I can’t throw.. a ok.. just the camera. I mean, I’ve gotta see which cameras work and all that. I have a lot of cables. Do you want cables? Hahaha Electronic cables? I’ve got a lot of. Which kind of cables are they? [car noise] Hey, by the way, when you mentioned, you said there’s a there’s a car crash every day in front of your window. Yeah. that’s vaccine damage, man. No no it was before it’s every time it’s very bad built and crossroads. It’s very uncomfortable, hey did it go up? it’s not very symmetrical. It’s not even done. It’s a little bit a asymmetrical. You can you can see it, man. Unfortunately, it’s too much treats. hey did it go up after the “vaccine”? Did it? Was there more crashes after the “vaccine”? After the fake “vaccine”? No, it was before even before this covid it’s 20 years. I live here 60 years by the way 59 OK. When I was born, I lived here so it’s always it’s but.. always. It’s like, daily they have one at least? Was there more after the fake “vaccine”? No, no, no. ok. By the way, why aren’t you planning to come to Armenia? It’s very nice for you too, by the way, you’re not gonna be able to flirt ladies anywhere more than in Armenia. My priority is swimming right now. I haven’t swum outside. Yea, in Armenia there are swimming pools.. Brighton. 1h20m47 You pay $5 and they have some fantastic they Waterworld, they call Waterworld. OK, we’ll see.. & its so hot here in my apartment. Can you guess how much degree I have at my apartment? 30, yeah. You’re right, look, now I’m showing you. 30 Celsius is 84F or something. But only on certain days. It’s not all the time. no, it’s this month every day. Do you see? No. Here 30. Is it? OK you have a thermometer. oh, look. Yeah, no, I can’t. It doesn’t show very well. It’s blurry. Flu world order. This is my drink. 1h22m Champagne for everyone. Champagne? What is that milk? No it’s like sour drink. horchata. I like,, its like Kefir. Do they call kefir? I think that’s a bad word in South African. You gotta watch out some of these words, man. But I know it’s a drink. I’m not dealing with Africans. Yeah, but we’re on the Internet. You gotta. That’s a drink, man. But I’m just quoting the drink. It’s called. I shouldn’t have even said it, but it’s it’s it’s k-e.. a it’s a bad word. You mean kefir is a bad word or chefir. With a K, um it’s a drink. I’ve seen it in the supermarket, but I know in South Africa it’s racist. It’s a bad word. So I’m quoting the supermarket drink. I shouldn’t have even said it but anyway so. What else, man? Um. Are you making music editing or something? Or it’s too hot for you to start doing this ship? I did my website. I was on. I was doing my website, I was. What was i doing? 1h23m15 Sh-t.. so unfortunately you didn’t like that TikTok ok its Chinese, but it doesn’t mean China is controlling you by Tiktok. No it Is. It is. It’s half owned by the cccp, haha soviet was cccp, china is ccp. So do they control you, if you are making funny things, laughing, making erotic things and you are making laughing and yelling on China and spitting on China so do anything you want.. they’re saving.. go there and be anti Chinese. Go there and be anti Chinese. You will make make a lot of public if you are really know the mechanism how to work with public. They save everything and if you go to China they will kill you. [imprison you like Ai WeiWei] When are you planning to go to China? I wanted, but now I can’t because I criticized them, even Hong Kong. So now you have no problem. She’s going into Tiktok and criticize more. Or slowly you can go making softer, criticizing meaning, like China will be the greatest country in the world. You know.. before you will be planning to., You know I have three companies I check my statistics with. We said hypestat. I told you says I have millions now. Big numbers now right hype stat. Goggle anal[ytics] [google] the criminals, they tell me I have small numbers, hundreds or thousands. And there’s a third one. My web hosting company. I don’t wanna say who but my you know my my website hosting company. Yeah, they show, yeah 500 a day. But they showed my number 2 country is China is watching me. Number two, so say thank you to China.. I thought it was banned because on on Alibaba or whatever that Baidu search engine, if you put George Godley, it’s banned. There’s nothing. Eventually you will find out that Bill Gates helps you to get more views haha. And if you put Richard Gere because he also had trouble with China, he criticized Tibet and all that, so they they killed his Hollywood career. I put Richard Gere in Baidu, but that comes up so they didn’t ban Richard Gere. Maybe ’cause he’s.. Yeah, actually they they don’t ban, you know, It’s not a good way. banning you could you can advertise these people. No but they blocked a lot. You know the Chinese Internet is blocked. They are blocking for other people not to attack, you know, because hackers can attack. They are afraid of that. They blocked it, have so many censorship. They can make propaganda & chinese people could break their country. This is why they they block. Even Tienamen square is not allowed. It’s censored. You’re not allowed to say that ’cause they don’t want.. You can understand why. & falung gong.. Yeah, because people will get their freedom back. They don’t want that. Yes, of course. Tyranny. 1h26m23 So what else, I guess that’s it, man. So I’m not gonna see you this summer, right? I don’t wanna shout. I don’t wanna shout. But are you planning to? Your friend is planning something to. To move to? We’re going to be Facebook friends, it looks like. Hey, hey, hey. 1h26m40 This is one guy I watch sometimes. Casey Nunez. He he was a failed you tuber, right? Yeah, I know, I remember him. You know him? He’s in my friends. No, the one that is very popular in Facebook, in YouTube? no, he was a little bit, but then he had trouble and he got banned for many years and now he’s on Facebook and Facebook is banning him because he’s sharing the injection you know thing.. are we talking about that guy that was very popular, making some skatings with videos and he’s a Jewish guy, he looks very ugly and this & that. No, this is another guy. Which Jewish guy, man? Casey. Oh Casey oh yea. no, don’t say he’s ugly, man. We need his help. He’s not ugly. He’s beautiful. Hahaha no I mean ugly by [face?] —-? 1h27m30 Casey Neistat, yeah. No, he’s pretty good. He’s pretty good. He uses big camera, doesn’t he? I wonder how he.. ok but you are not talking about him, right? No. There’s another one. Casey Nunez, and he’s very.. he’s the opposite. But I was gonna say something um.. I forgot.. he’s opposite, so you admit that he’s ugly.. If you say he’s opposite. [Geo:] No they look the same but they have.. one is successful and one is not. But uh.. on YouTube but they’re both successfull in different ways. [Hayk:] so only this way they are opposite the way they look they’re both ugly. I would never say that but uh.. hehehe ok Of course I can say because I don’t know anyone of those, but OK, if it’s a friend i respect him. 1h28m20 Can you imagine we go to Cannes Film Festival and then you see them there and they say, what did you say about me? No, I mean ugly it means man look, you look like a real man, not lady look. Manly rugged. Hah. No actually, I look scary. You know people, they they they don’t want to f**** with me when they see my face like this. Do you know this Khabib Nurmagomedov? who? The world champion of UFC in the middle. Not middle, but lightweight. Yeah. who beat this Conor McGregor? Have you seen this fight? No. There’s so many. I can’t. No, no, no. now He’s a top. McGregor is down now. So now this Habib, he’s from Dagestani, Imagine this Dagestani [doggy stunning] people came to MMA, and now MMA is changed. No more Brazilians. No more British Americans. Now Dagestani & Chechens. Yeah, I saw. Yeah, I did see some of that. Yeah, yeah, I know they’re rough, yeah. Yeah now Chechen fighter will be fighting in September 10th. Khamzat Chimaev his name is with Nick Diaz there. They are promoting, this is a fantastic business. They’re showing like rock stars. It’s like Beatles. Whenever they enter public is getting crazy. This business became so tough and now boxing is nothing compared to this MMA. I remembered what I was going to tell you about the Casey Nunez guy. He was friends. He wanted to be friends with this one time successful YouTuber, Renetto. So he was chasing him to be friends with him right in in real life, you wanted to hang out with him. 1h30m But the other guy, he didn’t want to be friends in real life, so he told him. He told him we can be friends. We can be Facebook friends only, only Facebook friends. We cannot be friends in real life. How sure he is. What do you mean? Is he sure that you will be only Facebook friends. Maybe one day you’ll come close with him. No, no, no. It’s just funny that he told him. He said I can’t. He said we can be Facebook friends. And what that means is I can never be your friend. Only on Facebook. Only on Facebook. Why? Why? ’cause he doesn’t.. ’cause the guy, he doesn’t like him. He. ‘cause he’s got problems and he’s doesn’t, he’s got boundary problems and he’s, you know, he’s dangerous. He carries guns. He’s., hehe Of course nobody would even like to be friends on Facebook with this kind of people. he has a strange past. I think he killed someone by self-defense. Hey by the way, if somebody robs you can you kill them? In America yes. Here no. In America somebody if a robber comes in here I can kill them, I don’t want to, but I have to you’re supposed to defend your your home. You can kill them in America. Somebody comes in your house. But then you have to justify why it was so important to kill if he was just standing near your house and all of a sudden you run on him and kill. Exactly. Because they yeah, they will put you into the jail. In some states, they’re really funny. It can. No guarantees they can say yes or no or whatever. But yeah, because if there’s a party and you just kill someone and you say, well, I thought he was robbing me. Yeah, this is why it has, you have to prove. & its easy you know they can understand. If they are good lawyers, they will find out that you killed the exceeding your power just unnecessarily. Then you’ll be judged as unintentional murder, right? Homicide manslaughter.. It’s not. There’s a video I just saw these guys are robbing this Chinese guy in, I think it’s in Miami. I just saw it and he stabs him. they didn’t have guns. They just said they just started stealing from this store and he jumps over the counter. The guy just stabs him. I don’t know if that’s allowed. It depends on the state. Depends on the state. Stab you mean with the knife? Yeah, stab him like 10 times. Just ‘cause he was stealing his chewing gums in his shop. Can you imagine.. yeah. In some states it’s allowed, you know, in others they can say no, you gotta go to jail. But uh.. there are tragedies. here there was a case they said a burglar went and stabbed. No, the the owner of the place. He stabbed the burglar and he went to jail. You know why? Because he went and and he found him a week later somewhere else and then he stabbed him. haha Not while he was committing the burglary in his home. He went and searched him.. actually all these regulations are. Um. Giving reason to kill and be out of.. How do you say be justified. Like every time you want to kill somebody, you could do it by these regulations that they are giving to you like, I don’t know. So in the street you can kill and say that he was trying to kill me. Who’s gonna prove that you are wrong. Yeah, it’s a problem, isn’t it? They can lie. That’s why it’s that’s why it should be this way. Like the car hits a person. Somewhere that he was crossing the street not in a proper way. Or how do you call it, not in a regulated place? yeah. So it’s a murder because this way, listen, a person who thinks that this guy will one day cross the street right here where it’s not regulated. He knows him, OK? So he will wait with his car right now 50 metres behind. When this guy will be trying to cross the street, he will just go and hit and you will say, Oh no, he was crossing the street, the place where it was not allowed. He was not allowed. So that’s why I think the law should be in such a subtle way that everybody has to be responsible and everybody has to be punished, otherwise people will find a way to kill. Hey, do you have a gun? Haha.. I have nothing. I have knives not sharp. But you did military, right? Yea I did but I did very bad. You know, I was suspected in espionage against Russia. You should say.. actually, because I was against. they found that I am gathering some information, but it was not true. I had just old cassettes where I was recording American Music, but these cassettes were for the military purposes. And they were so old that they were not using it. So I took them and I started recording from the radio some American Music by shortwaves. So all of a sudden they found out and they start calling me to responsibility, II was interrogated by KGB officers to find out I’m the one or it will happen suddenly, I said. I just love music, you know, this is all. “And where do you get these American friends you have in your notes?” I have my black note[book]. Where I had these American addresses. So they said, who are these people? Where did you meet? Why did you meet? I said, they’re just friends of my friends and that’s it. And they said, OK, now we can let you go home. But if next time you gonna meet, Americans will tell you what to do. I mean, we’ll punish you. Really? I said OK, but then Peristroika started, Gorbachov and other things. Everything is changed. And Russia, we are independent of Russia &.. forgot the fringe [French]. so nothing happened. Good. But the last day I was scared, you know, I served two years & the last day. They called to KGB officers and they start just terrifying me with words, without beating, without torturing. But they were using such a way of interrogation that I was really scared. They thought maybe you not gonna go home anymore. And I didn’t understand what do they mean, they gonna kill me or they gonna put me in the into the prison. But they did nothing because I said I’m not guilty. I did nothing they wanted to blame me in nationalistic propaganda as well. As if I said to my Armenian friend soldiers that were serving with me that we are much better than Uzbeks, Tajiks and Kyrgyz these Asian people, but in reality I didn’t do that. I don’t know, maybe this is the technical way to put me in such a position to to recognize other things. I said it’s not right. It’s lies. So, so OK that’s it. It sounds confusing, but yeah, I’ll check the video again to get the. I understand you got in trouble with the whatever. Yea in the army I was behaving not in a propper [inappropriate] way as soldiers should be. And that’s why I was blamed being anti Soviet, being spy, spying against Russia and this and that. God. But its only 1-2 days, it happened. It didn’t happen like one month or so. So whenever they say, OK, now you are released, you can go home. I felt like I’m in a paradise. From Russia I took a train and slowly I came back, but I lost my Sylvester because it was.. Sylvester = New Year’s Eve. Yeah, so new year, I didn’t catch, I was in the in the train. So I think we’re just going to be Facebook friends, like that Casey Nunez guy is with the renetto. We probably won’t meet again in real life huh, we’re going to be Facebook friends only, it looks like. What’s the problem for you to come to Armenia or for me to go to somewhere in Europe or? you’re too stingy, you’re never gonna go anywhere, man. Hahaha.. 1h40m No, next year for sure I’m gonna go. Even this year. I could go. This year you didnt go anywhere. Poland, it’s it’s too late. It’s over. Hey. Owot? Owot? It’s over, all right. On that happy note. Thanks for visiting,,,, & 100 domains. 100 dumb Mens, dumb men. Dumb dumb man’s domains. is this happening again? Connection lost. Why? Why would the connection.. someone is doing this, aren’t they? Someone is doing this sht. Right or wrong? Should I call him or he call me? I better call him ’cause. His phone is a bit wacky, isn’t it, sometimes it doesn’t work properly. [ring tone] I think his phone ran out of power. If he’s not picking up, it’s usually that. From experience, I know when he doesn’t pick up after a long call, it’s ’cause the phone ran out of power. Usually that’s what it is, so I guess that’s enough anyway, it’s been a couple hours of another fantastic talk, conversation. You know, I wanna be a doer, not a talker. That’s why I’ve been avoiding this type of thing. But you need to talk too [to] and I don’t wanna be doing this online or, you know, I want to real life. I could bring people up here, but the people I know are a little bit questionable to bring here & there’s nowhere to put em anyway. There’s too much clutter. They still haven’t cleared up all these suitcases over here. I’ll get a cut away in a minute to show, but uh, maybe it’s good I get my sh**** together. But you know, there’s always the problem. Like right now there’s a heat wave. It’s gonna hit. F-ing, sorry, frikkin 30 degrees, which is 84 and you’d be stupid in August. That’s your only chance to hit the beach. Hit the beach, mofo****. What was it? Hit the beach. I have all these catch phrases that I forget I wrote them down somewhere but anyway so.. Yeah, you know. So I’m gonna. At least. For the weekend or something, you know, if not more. And the problem is you gotta. Do it online. They don’t let you extend your reservation in the hotels, some of them. If you go to the beach town, if you stay there instead of coming back with the train ’cause, you know the train is full of radioactive yea microwave radio.. They all got their phones by their private parts.  They all put them here, here and here. That’s smart. That’s smart to put the transmitter and yeah, tower right on your breasts, genitals, and and behind [colon]. That’s the best place to put the radioactive, the microwave radiation. Just keep keep doing it, guys. Yeah, NOT. ahem [throat clear]. So yeah, I want at the beach, I want to tidy up and start. I want to bring people up here, but that’ll be next. That’ll be next. Or or get out more, but then I can’t really drag this camera outside much ’cause, it’s heavy, it’s off putting, but all cameras are right? Even with a small one, I had the most trouble ever because.. so.. although you can, it’s more accepted. I mean, you can. Get more with that, but it’s lower res[olution] anyway. OK, so that’s it for now. I guess that’s enough. I’m going to get out, get some air. Shall I show this. Auto wait [weight]. That’s auto. Yeah, welcome to my to my place. Can you squeeze back there? So yeah, slight logistics.. [bottle falls on floor] ahole! [a whole.] 1h45m That’s another thing, anything that touches the floor is history, can’t touch that ’cause you never know what’s.. well, you know what’s been there the past 100 years. What’s going on here, man? Haaa! Is that good? I don’t know. You can’t really tell with this monitor very well, but anyway, um, I guess that’s it. Ran out, he can’t even tell me he ran out of juice? [ring tone] [throat clear] What’s wrong, man? Hey. What’s wrong? What happened? Yea my charge was over. What do you mean your charge. The battery is empty? Will now without headphones because this telephone doesn’t let me charge and listen by headphones. So OK, probably I need to be closer to.. a, It’s enough anyway. OK. ’cause, I wanna go get some air before it’s too late. It’s already 6:43? or five 43? 5:43. We started at 4, 5:43. OK Yeah. Yeah, I get some fresh air and some light. OK. So call me in 10-20 days. Why don’t you use these kind of dialogues in your website and pra.. What’s that? making it live for people to watch it to understand. This is why I told you Tiktok is a great place where you can go live talking simultaneously with 10-20 people and advertising your vlog. Always. You could talk that in my vlog. I have this, I have that. Listen to you to talk sometimes, asking politics, medical stuff, different subjects, you know, ladies. A lot. Sometimes I go live to talk with some nice ladies. They’re gathering like 20- 30 guys and talking simultaneously with different people. So I recommend you man. Tiktok is great. Sometimes your videos can be one, two second videos sometimes two minutes, 3 minutes. Sometimes live you can go for 1-2 hours. 2 hours. You can criticize China by the way, I just no, I don’t do live because of the microwave radiation. I don’t do that anymore. I mean, I can do it here, I can do it here with the fiber cable. I could go live here, but I don’t wanna be microwaved outside more than I already am. When you are talking to me. You can do live exactly the same thing. Nobody watches, man. You get two people watching. It’s ship. It depends what you are talking about. How popular you are. No, it doesn’t man, doesn’t depend on sh-t. You can make some funny things for 1, 2 seconds. Yeah, great. Tikto has very nice different ways of teasing people. You know you can use the audio of one video of anybody— or opposite, You can take the video of somebody’s and put you audio on it. OK. It’s august, I’m not doing anything in August. OK, so we talk again in the in the fall. hey about, & my birthday uh thank you very much, happy birthday. But I don’t want to be on the computer on my birthday, so. Write anything? huh? So I don’t need to write anything? Yeah, OK. But on the actual day, I like to be out. You know, I don’t wanna be on a computer on my.. yea but sometimes you don’t want people to know when is the day, right? That’s why you want me to write or you don’t? Yeah, it’s OK. They know around. They don’t know the exact date. They know the roughly because yeah, they they know roughly. Nobody knows the exact date or shouldn’t, if they do, never mind or I was born at midnight, so they don’t know if it was the day before, the day after. Ahahah Hey you’re stuck again, man. Your signal is sh**** man. It’s not working. OK? We gotta say goodbye, man. It’s not working. Look at this. Goodbye, OK? It’s not working, man, it’s stuck. Goodbye. Take care. Thanks a lot for the call. Thank you for the footage. I owe you. Connection lost again. [alert sound] Connection lost again. What is wrong with this sh? That’s it. OK, man. Goodbye. That’s enough. That’s it. I can’t, I can’t go on like this is really during a heat wave nonetheless [no less], you know, within wearing this just for the EU se[ttlement scheme].. That’s enough of this, right? Done with that. God. OK, man. Bye, Later. See ya. And a thumbs up. Alright guys, that’s it folks. Aholes whatever. It’s just insult comedy. It’s not, don’t take it personally, don’t take it literally, don’t take anything. A little silence for the background. Atmosphere ambience. Or not. Sht. ———— silence———— I no lose 5 minute. [greek accent] The canoe guy. The canoe f. Canoe fuq. He was like. Time goes really quickly [finger snap] and I no lose 5 minute. I’ve lost five years if not decades, so let’s get cracking. I don’t wanna lose another minute, not another second. Bye. I forgot to put the sticker here. To do the usual thingymagiggy. So take care. And it’s going to be a while. I think that’s enough for now. I like to do a monthly. I wouldn’t do these fortnightly ’cause, you know, so ugh.. You wonder what’s the point of any of this. So it was just to keep the website a bit active. A little update. I know there’s some controversial truths there. Inconvenient truths. Aholes [Hey, holes] what’s that guy, Gore [Al Gore]. Yeah, the climate bullsh********. That’s an inconvenient lie. And inconvenient truth is that it’s a lie. ’cause, you have no evidence to back up your lies, do you? As ever. And we have all the evidence from the meteorologists. To prove that you’re full of SH. So later and don’t even try it. Don’t even try. Yeah, they’ll never. I’d ike to see you stick a chick a chip chick a chip inside the Taliban. That that’ll that’ll be a feat, Mr Klaus Anal Swab. [Annual swap]. Let’s you stick a chip inside them. Force them to.. Some people aren’t gonna put up with your sh**** are they. I think that’s it for now. I’ve had enough. Haven’t you? Thanks for visiting,,,, & 100 domains uh.. till next time. Inla kesh as he says that Max Igan [Mexican] guy or. Anything else? Is there any last? Your final words. Any final words? I think we said enough, havent we. Do I wanna hit the two hour mark on this or it’s 5:51 so it’s just under 2 hours. That’s enough. That’s enough for now. So a. We’ll do another update in. Not, not in a fortnight. Might set something else up in the fortnight. I don’t know why. I don’t know if it’s worth it. We’ll see. We’ll soon.. I mean, it’s just. Total enigma. Total. Yeah, anecdote. Charade? Nobody knows what the hell is going on with this. Website. sht. Traffic thing and so maybe in a month. Or so we might do another one. Later, goodbye. Thanks for visiting. Have a nice whatever is left of this summer. And make the most of it. Before it’s over. Which it almost is. So bye. see you, see ya, c a. Is that it? Keep thinking there’s something else. It’s hard to kill the stream or the recording. ’cause, you know, once you’ve done it, see ’cause, I can just upload this now without any edits. Whereas if I let’s say I did my intro separately just to make sure it was OK so I could do a few takes, and then I called him separately, but now I’ve got to stick them in final cut, put them together, wait for it to process, export. If it’s a long one like this, it could take a long time. Well, it’s no big deal really. But there’s still that, whereas now there’s none of that, you know? just pshht pow And there is not that big a deal, but. It is best, isn’t it? Oh sh**** I don’t wanna show. Too much here, man. It’s too late. You just did. I guess that’s it. So I used brave browser ’cause Firefox wasn’t letting me make calls anymore for some reason. Brave, and I would never use the criminal one. You know, the one and safari, I mean, they’re being very one world government cashless aholes too. With the Apple Pay ship, we don’t want Alibaba pay, Alipay. We don’t want any of that sh****. We want cash. We want our debit cards. We don’t want you to control our finances, OK? You got that? Control your own finances & shove them where the sun don’t shine a hole. I guess that’s it for now. Thanks for tuning in. Till next time. I need a little catch phrase like inLakesh. At the end of it. should I just say that I need something else? I’ll think up a few for next time. Make a note of that. And a. So this is John Pierce. Haha Designer. Oh yeah, that’s another thing I forgot to ask about the tuxedo. There’s there’s just endless content. Thoughts, Ideas, I forgot to ask him how many thoughts we have a day. I think it’s in the 10s of thousands. And how many songs do you have in your memory? Well, ask him that next time. And there’s two memories, right? One that you know automatically that you can come up with the songs, and then the other one where you uh.. someone has to jog your memory to get. So that’s another separate memory bank, isn’t it, if you need to be jogged. Anyway, the tuxedo. Yeah, I wanted them to make me a very light tuxedo. ’cause. You see how I sweat like a pig and hot weather as you do too without admitting it. But I’ve I’m unusually abnormally high body temperature ’cause. I’m a hot blooded Mediterranean so I don’t like hot temperatures. I mean, unless I’m Naked. Or swimming, then I love them or doing something else, Endless opportunities, endless possibilities. But yeah, I don’t like being, you know, that’s why white reflects. So that’s much better than the dark colors, clothes, clothing. I like my ink dark & the background, bright, but clothing it’s gotta be bright and. I’m saying that the tuxedo guy, Fedro, he’s over there in the square. Yeah, he’s firstly quote, I said. I’ll bring you the the fabric. I’ve got some. I need to tuxedo for the film festivals, right? And for funerals and all that sh.. you don’t wear a tuxedo to the funeral, do you? Waiter, pssst! waiter. Garcon! [granma yaya quote] So do I need a suit? What’s the difference between a suit & a tuxedo? Can I pull it off? ‘cause the Tom Cruise guy that that his son who plays his son in that last Top Gun thing that I’ll never watch because Tom Cruise pushed the whole genocide, the whole COVID fraud and genocide, democide. But anyway, that actor, he wore a white tuxedo. At the Cannes [Camp] Film Festival, when everyone else wore a black one. Dark one. So can I wear bright colors? You know, like purple, orange or rainbow? Rainbow we can’t because they’ll think.. But, you know, a colorful tuxedo. Anyway, I brought him. I, I told him I got the dark, thin silk fabric, very thin, almost transparent, and I’d like to make a tux out of that. And he’s like 3000 pounds. The designer guy over there, he’s Italian. He’s he’s rented. I mean, he’s gotta. It looks like he’s renting a whole floor over there. [alert sound] Renting a whole floor in Leicester soho square over there so 1h59m00 now he wants 7000 for a tuxedo. It went, it doubled in the past couple of years. I don’t know what happened. I know what. How much do you dare charge they say, and it’s like a suit is 5, 5000, 5 plus 525 or something. Come on, man, not enough. Enough. Enough, enough. I can’t take this anymore. It keeps. I can’t take it, man. It drops out. It’s it’s making me crazy. Goodbye. Ok my telephone, was it? It’s doing it again, you see. Stuck again, man. ok I was calling to say goodbye. OK, man. Goodbye. Thank you for the footage. Thank you for everything. Thank you for the happy birthday that you didn’t say, but what you’ll say when it’s closer to the day, it’s stuck again. You see it doesn’t work man, it doesn’t work. Does it? See? Look. What is that? It’s you, man. It’s your connection. It doesn’t do it with anyone else. Brussels. Sure. Blame it on Brussels. On Ursula von der Leyen, the Hitler, the new Hitler, the female Hitler. Who never got voted in except by 300 votes to rule over 700 million people. She was never voted by the 700 million people of the EU, Ursula von Der Hitler jin Ping Der Lyen. [laptop alert beep tone] what the f**** is this? No This is annoying. What’s he saying here? “Are there some Internet problems I don’t know, it’s just impossible to do anything.” OK, that’s it. That’s all folks. ebyebeyebe thats all folks. Rrretiditidi, rrreteditedi, reeetidi rrretrdi rretetditedi tedieeeeehhhh [porky pig loony tunes outro music epilog fait use parody] [Pretty pretty = aito dictation software mistake.]

ASHTON KUTCHER MRNA INJECTION “VACCINE” VICTIM? contradictory hidden dates coverup

In one video he says “3 years ago”, wikipedia & other videos say “2 years ago”, which could mean early 2021.. why hide the truth?

Conspiracy fact “Dr” Evil, Bond villain, clown, callous, Klaus Anal Swab, Klaus Schwab crimes against humanity 4th REICH FASCISM

Conspirator “Dr” Evil Bond villain clown, callous, Klaus Anal Swab, Klaus Schwab crimes against humanity: “a great reset, you will own nothing and be happy, ze [bullshit] climate crisis” fraud & engineered socioeconomic collapse [because the 99.9% harmless rebranded flu fraud failed to enslave humanity & make them dependent on his flu world order, 1 world government, cashless technocracy tyranny]. Party’s over, ahole.