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Youtube harasses, bullies & threatens you for public tattoos & consensual social commentary satire; while youtube overpromotes soft sex pornography; dailymotion falsely age restricts content tue 23 july 2013

disclaimer: just like all website disclaimers, this one should also refuse any responsibility while violating all rights: “by entering this site, you agree to milk & cookies to never sue no matter what. The content expressed represents no one & is subject to change without notice.” Add to that, “parody / satire, not to be taken [too] seriously”.. just in case.

I thank youtube for the positive things they’ve done but will never forget the negatives. While top overpromoted youtubers get hundreds of millions of views for sitting on their ass just talking to the camera or doing a couple lame pranks a month often without the prank-ees consent, world record video bloggers who upload 13,000 videos a year until youtube disabled page numbers & ‘load more’ [load less] button, get harassed, bullied & threatened for this:

ridiculous ugly tattoo by georgegodley
the laugh track was added to remove unwanted ubiquitous ©opyright crap ‘music’ curse which ruins all your vlogs with more threats of ©opyright ©acaphony infringement etc.

ridiculous ugly tattoo award 00775 by georgegodley
Just a SILENT shot of a winged leopard skin back tattoo, with NO social commentary except the “ridiculous ugly ass tattoo” title which can easily be changed & doesn’t deserve an account termination warning strike bullying harassing & threatening you to stop vidoeing in public sharing your thoughts & feelings in a title! How unfair & hypocritical; A youtube search of “ridiculous ugly tattoos” shows tens of thousands of such videos, uploaded without permission or realeases form the ridiculed tattoo-ees.

As ever, youtube overpromotes & monetizes soft sex pornography nudity (a ‘community guise lying’ violation) while harassing bullying & threatening us for NOT doing it (& of course we’re not allowed to do it either, making it an anti-competition oligopoly issue):

↑ one of millions of youtube community guise lying violation overpromoted oft monetized soft sex porn videos they do but we can’t without threats of suspension/ termination.

Update: more video hosting site nazi fascism: within minutes of adding “ugly ass” to the title, dailymotion age restricts the inoccuous leopard skin back tattoo! title words like “ass” age restrict your entire video when it shouldn’t be.

↓ Someone at Youtube also removed “The Yeti of soho square”, a parody/ satire of alcoholism with the subject’s recorded consent (not that you need it in public anyway) who thanks to our talk, detoxed & cleaned himself up. This is the “after” shot after rehabilitation detox. the “before” shot was removed & struck but as ever, a youtube search for “bum fights” etc. shows tens of thousands of much worse videos.. for this reason & others mentioned on there will be only a couple vids a month on each channel to work on other projects.

Howard Stern went through similar shit in the unfair radio industry; he won’t even accept a radio hall of fame award because of their negativity. Most youtubers are phony cold blooded cut-throat Don Imus type oligopoly wannabes; some youtube staff are like Paul ‘pig vomit’ Giamatti, FCC & WNNNBC lol..

Another classic youtube thumbnail: youtube strikes me for a tattoo & consensual social commentary & all kinds of bullshit non community guidelines last year but lets this guy get a million hits with this thumbnail of a woman sucking an erect penis. Funny how my NON community guideline NON violations are removed & struck within hours yet this & endless similar related videos aren’t..               watch?v=b4UnA2lSa8Q

(a gap was put after the url forward slash because it auto embeds the explicit thumbnail & this website /page isn’t age restricted)

YOUTUBE HARASSES, BULLIES, & THREATENS YOU FOR… by georgegodley (dailymotion copy of youtube upload)

Youtube DESTR☹YS George Godley 13,000 video multi daily vlog lifelog by HIDING 12,000 VIDEOS, disabling multi uploader, page numbers, ‘load more’ button; (non)profitability Sat 1 June 2013

Youtube FAIL not worth it tue 28 may 2013 George Godley London U.K 00528

GeorgeGodley 13,000 video multi daily lifelog vlog slowing down due to youtube’s disabling of multi upload features, page numbers, ‘load more’ button, & financial (non)viability.

Unlucky number #13: 13,000+ public & private videos on both channels, year 2013.

It all started after my Xfactor U.S.A performance september 2011. After losing yet another summer editing geogodley [vidcon] episodes with limited viewcounts while overpromoted youtube channels get unlimited huge numbers for almost nothing, I decided to upload unedited multi daily vlogs on youtube/georgegodley, inspired by the crazy refbatch 30,000 video channel (gone now), a most impressive format despite her mental disablity as she mostly just prances & yells unintelligibly. Since we can’t compete with the chosen youtube elite hogging all the billions of views & subs, our only option is to outdo them with quality, frequency, quantity (2 out of 3 ain’t bad, since quality is subjective considering how insufferable most of it is). So i started the experiment with instant multi daily laptop webcam uploads, verifying, editing (still have to edit community guidelines, terms of service etc.), converting, uploading, metadating files from several cameras around the clock, dozens a day, hundreds a week, thousands a month. Obstacles included false flag strikes disabling the account with huge backlogs, slow motion & other technical fault bugs, health problems from physical inactivity being stuck on a computer day & night again, slow hotel wifi etc. but i persevered thinking one day it may pay. By april 2013 i had uploaded over 13,000 videos with ~2 million views on each channel (4 million on both) having been featured on reddit & suffering troll libel defamation etc. Both channels earned network partnership contracts yet the daily viewcount stays the same no matter what: about 4,000 daily hits on georgegodley & 1,000 on geogodley. All that hard work torture for nothing & now this!!:

Youtube 2012/13 changes for the worse, disabling multiple uploads:

-Removal of page numbers which gave access to all videos, replacing it with a “load more” button disabled after 34 pages, hiding all other pages & videos. 400 pages of 12,000 videos uploaded around the clock in the past year are invisible, GONE!!! why upload more?

-on video page, disabled “date added “oldest -newest”” replacing oldest clips with clips from just 2 weeks ago!!! so not only have they hidden 12,000 videos, they hid the oldest videos from this menu too. 

-“authentication expired” message disables entire multiple uploader browser page & all multi metadata in 24 hours: “! Invalid request, authentication expired.” when uploading mass quantities that is not enough time to metadate them since

“publish” button forces you to click it to make upload public, instead of automatic as it was before. Doing so closes the metadata portion of the video disabling any change unless opened individually. If you don’t click “publish” button within 24 hours all videos in the entire multi upload window are disabled, & every single video must be opened individually to make it public, metadate, & enable advertisements; default metadata & advertisement settings are cancelled.
-Title cut off if too long, cutting off important data like file number. Before, it would save it, even if it was bigger than the strict limit, & you’d see it & re-write until it’s re-accepted with metadata changes. Now it just cuts it off without warning.

-removed “video uploads” number from all channel pages. Before, video upload count was visible at top of front page; now it only shows up under an opened video, not the channel. When put in the decription, they removed the description’s immediate front page visibility in the new channel design hiding it in the menu.

-bogus ‘public privacy’ oxymoron complaints & hoaxes. videos removed without proof of identity of supposed whiny bitchy complainers who have no expectation of privacy in public & who often aren’t even in the video. One reason I stopped doing edited episodes which take 2 weeks of 16 hour days (200+ hours) to edit.

-doesn’t show comments. I got dozens of comments under a reddit featured video & they’re not in my inbox. Nor are any others except very few. So it doesn’t show 13,000 videos comments. Limiting interaction, you lose audience because they think you see their comments when you don’t.

-disabled autoplayer of your feature video for subscribers & anyone not logged into a youtube account! before, featured video would autoplay for any youtube channel visitor. Now, featured video only autoplays for unsubscribed logged in youtube accounts & is limited to videos uploaded from your channel, you can’t feature videos form other channels anymore. So you lose viewcount, lose audience.

-Google Chrome doesn’t work, upload, & gives you “aw snap” error message blocking access to account!

-Apple Safari CRASHES FREQUENTLY (often several times a day), “force reloading” all browser pages, DELETING EVERYTHING, all multi upload pages, forcing you to re-open every single video separately to activate, metadate, enable adds, etc. as opposed to doing it all together in one page (which expires in 24 hours anyway, causing much stress).

another Apple Safari bug: oldest clips gone from “date added: oldest -newest” menu & replaced by recent clips from 2 weeks ago!!

-not worthwhile, not paying off. The figures don’t add up. You lose your life & fortune. Too much notable work for too little negligible reward, giving all for nothing while others give nothing for all.
-cleanup backup packup
-read promo marketing books

-learn final cut 10 (totally different from final cut 7)
-upload less to work on http://VIDEOBLOGGER.COM book/ documentary feature movie/ soundtrack/ v.o.d 
coming po☺n

According to, ALL top overpromoted youtubers are dwarfed by online porn sites which outrank, outscore, outsell & outnumber them. 

Canon powershot s110 FAILs 128gb 256gb Sandisk & Lexar SDXC memory card tests

Canon powershot s100 & s110 don’t work with cards bigger than 64gb. I personally tested them with 128gb & 256gb & they stop recording repeatedly. Just to get the word out Canon you ripped me off again. Frikkin £3-400 ($700 in U.K) fraud. Can’t be the cards; they work in sony cx700, though not always, the 256gb are really unreliable, but canon s110 is incompatible with both sandisk 128gb & lexar 128gb.
Even worse, the audio is low & muffled (bad mic), and it rattles. Canon FAIL RIPOFF £350 ($600) FRAUD.

Youtube overpromotes & rewards rigged sadistic animal abuse cruelty snuff films: national geographic

In my opinion from what i see, bbc, national geographic, & all those t.v companies set up & stage animal abuse cruelty snuff films for entertainment & profit, rigging the results. In this overpromoted 50 million view snuff film,  at 1 min 35 sec., with fake foley “sound design” & cheesy overmixed music, the film crew set up an injured, disabled & defenseless cobra to rig the result. The cobra is down & out before the mongoose even hits it, tightly edited to hide it & fool you. I think they take these animals from zoos etc. & set them up to make it look like they just found them spontaneously in nature.

update: tue 1 oct 2013
youtube doesn’t abide by its own rules, violating its own community guidelines by promoting & rewarding infinite such videos:

too many such related videos to embed here.. absolutely sickening after what they did to me over the years & in september 2013.

Youtube/georgegodley sabotage: multi upload processing FAIL tue 5 mar 2013

Youtube/georgegodley world record multiple daily vlog sabotaged again: As of monday 4 march – tuesday 5 march 2013 youtube FAILs to upload & process videos with the error message “the video failed to process”, “failed (unable to convert the file)” &/or multiple uploader blue progress bar is stuck & won’t complete. A lot of videos are missing & the rest are out of chronological order.

could it be pre-upload titling?

After finally TITLING video files before uploading (in the 1st verification), to save time by less reviewing a second time after uploading for metadata key words, youtube prevents you from doing so, sometimes giving error message “The server has rejected the file, Please follow these steps and upload the file again.”” sending you to a page saying: “Make sure that you’re naming your file with standard characters. Avoid using characters in your filename like apostrophes, commas, or accents..” [of which there are none]. Makes no sense because some similarly pre-upload titled video files have no problem processing.

Reddit Youtube hater trolls LIBEL, DEFAMATION, cyberbullying, harassment, violent threats & ratings manipulation fri 22 feb – 3 mar 2013

another typical George Godley ‘flirt’/ social interraction, more proof of reddit/ youtube hater tr☀ll’s WRONGGREEN ENVY, libel & defamation FAIL. They don’t want you to see  happ☺iness, positivity, smiles㋡ & laughter, just their dishonest false malicious miserable negative comments & manipulated ratings.

↑ Even with illegal 2nd hand smoke abuse assault & just thinking out loud in the above video, Reddit smoker trolls unethically attack & side with the offender gassing the victim with cancerous toxic dragon fire fumes, with evil hate speech against human health & life.

↑ Reddit trolls unethically support the abuser/ offender inflicting sleep deprivation torture abuse on an entire neighborhood daily at Again, promoting evil pain & suffering with no regard for human health & life.

today i found this comment under the 08HLY7wAm3Q wed 20 feb 2013 George Godley London U.K 00235 video & reported & recorded it before it disappeared:

“Geo, i know where you live. I saw you the other day and followed you. [spells out what he thinks is my address]. Watch yourself mate. I’m serious.” Killa Max

Apparently this is the negative side of success. I’m very open & pro free speech & never blocked anyone until they crossed the line into LIBEL & DEFAMATION or VIOLENT THREATS today. Even then i wont remove the comments because they’re evidence & as Robert McKee author of Story said, opposing any censorship means suffering lies & humanity will make the right choice. Libelers & defamers will suffer consequences.

This article may be written later cause right now i have better things to do.

Libelers & defamers will be listed on a sh!tlist to be published at a moment’s notice. Why give them the publicity they don’t deserve -yet.

Reddit hit, youtube strike & greek nostalgia tue jan 15 2013 george godley

Multi daily uploads continue around the clock. Slovak flirt fail got 20,000 views in a couple days, thank you reddit or whoever it was.


& thank youtube for not disabling the account this time even though your automation or (mis)interpretation is confusing.

ΕΣΕΝΑ ΘΕΛΩ ΜΟΝΟ, ΤΙ ΑΛΛΟ ΠΙΟ ΟΜΟΡΦΟ, ΜΙΛΑ ΜΟΥ (esena thelo mono, ti allo pio omorfo, mila mou) better recordings on :!download|631p5|430012657|LAKHS_TZORNTANELI.rar|146251|0|0

Another saturday night listening to tunes on genelec monitors imagining sunshine again. Must get out weekends to vlog london nightlife.

Africa Asia travel vaccines wed 9 jan 2013 George Godley London U.K

Happy new year 2013.. just got back from the nurse at the clinic about vaccines for africa & asia. The candid video may be questionable coz i shouldve asked her to turn off the ©opyright music radio since even with fair use youtube may be problematic (even though the top guys use ©opyrighted content all the time..) Here’s what she recommended:

-hepatitis A & typhoid– 1 shot, lasts 3 years. Typhoid unavailable & may have to do without.

-yellow fever– £60 ($100) lasts 10 years, africa only, not needed in Asia. Wikipedia says ~1 in 500,000 vaccinated people die from the vaccine but its required. Natives who cant afford the cheap generic version use tree bark & local methods that may work for them only.

-Diptheria tetanus polio = 1 vaccine, lasts 10 years?

-Malaria Malarone tablets £25 ($/€50) 12 tablets & they only give limited ammount so you gotta know exactly when & where youre going (see video)

-Hepatitis B or blood test to see if immune from previous vaccination.

-3 rabbies vaccines each a week apart over 3 weeks (!) if staying longer than 2 weeks & going in the bush / country..

-Travel insurance a must for health, theft protection, hospitals are expensive.

-dont flash valuables because of extreme poverty & crime.. how u gonna vlog?

-agree taxi prices upfront or they may rip you off & leave you stranded

-visas required..

Nomad travel & City doc.

George Godley world record video blog 2013 schedule

-Geo Godley edited Vlogisodes (every 2 weeks)

-George Godley ✈♫♥㋡ unedited Multi Daily Vlogs (10,000 video false flag censored vlog) (emergency vlog just in case- the sh☺w must go on)

featuring: every day life highs & lows
, multiple candid cameras
, personal thoughts & feelings
, information technology multimedia, business career
, family, friendships, social life (&/or lack thereof)
, flirts, dates, barhopping, night clubbing, romance
, fashion, drama
, conflicts, comedy
, phone conversations
, walk n talk, neighborhood watch social commentary, philanthropy, nutrition, meals, fine dining
, gym, excercise
, music
, art & cartoons
, travelogues (specializing in exotic remote tropical resorts & friendly places)
, beach bumming, swimming
 & waay m☺re archive docu-feature film festivals 2014

Fast paced, emotive, cohesive story assembled from 20+ years & thousands of hours. Personal international multicultural misadventures!

SYNOPSIS: As a result of strict upbringing, forced child labor & overwork, Geo travels the world pursuing artistic endeavors, recording one of the earliest & largest multimedia archives of video, photography, music, art, writings etc. with 2 goals: FUN & SUCCESS. Join the journey to accomplish either or neither, if & why it matters. Does wealth & freedom bring happiness, or is PLAY = HARD WORK, shattered dreams & a search for substance & meaning.

Christmas New Year’s eve 2012-13 London U.K George Godley


description of the image if you wantChristmas time Oxford street Bond street Selfridges London England.. lights sparkle like diamonds in the night winter sky..



My i.t friend drove up from switzerland & says hi, but doesn’t want the conversation on the internet. recorded a bit anyway for the next vlogisode.



description of the image if you wantLeicester square west end, the busiest hot spot. Temperature a few degrees warmer than usual, nice mild winter so far. Nice to see a familiar face but you almost never see the same face twice..



description of the image if you wantthis time we got into Tiger Tiger club early before 10 p.m



description of the image if you wantEveryone’s in a good mood dancing on 4 different dancefloors: commercial main ground floor, harder edged mezanine, hot & sweaty top floor, & disco basement. the JBL speakers sound great & don’t distort.



description of the image if you wantgood company w/ my lady friend / wingwoman who walked a long way from where she parked the car ..



description of the image if you wantFriendly polish women let that dude loitering behind them move in & kiss the one on the right.. when they say Tiger Tiger’s a ‘meat market’ it’s the usual sausage fest of desperate dudes hassling aloof outnumbered women.. one czech/iranian dude musta tried several before hooking up with a tall one, a short bespectacled bald guy kept touching & smarming one woman after the other really obviously right in front of them.



description of the image if you wanthappy new year y’all ㋡
missed shot/video/photo: at 4 a.m on new years day i walked by the London Soho Greek street whorehouses & 10 or 20 frenchmen were lined up in the street in 2 seperate entrances (pardon th pun) for sex with prostitutes.. what better way to welcome the new year lol.. sure beats the other thing.. i walked by them thinking, ‘shouldn’t i record this?’ & regretted not doing so. Conclusion: if in doubt, do it, record anything you see in public especially when there are already 300 cameras in the streets recording your every move without consent anyway. Or no one will believe it & all there is is questionable text & drawings. better yet why not join the party & broaden your horizons.. oh coz its taboo & almost everone’s done it but you’re supposed to be discreet & hide it..

Dec 2012 London U.K George Godley


description of the image if you wantCentre Point Tottenham court road, Oxford street London.. my hood.. winter december 2012, editing youtube/geogodley episodes since that account is network partnered & youtube/georgegodley 10,000 multi daily vlog false flag struck w/ with termination threats.
attractive friendly smiling russian lady catching night bus & leaving the country lets me photo/ video her at the bus stop. A heart warming reminder that those reddit/ youtube hater trolls who false flag, insult, defame, libel & down-vote content & comments shouldn’t stop you being gregarious & vlogging public social interaction.



description of the image if you wantSuffering season affective disorder from no sun, malaise & rheumatism from excessive computer work & inactivity, insomnia from noisy 6 a.m daily deliveries (barrel basher bastard seen here, bidvest & dhl), asthma from dust.



description of the image if you wantbleached babe in healthfood store heallth & beauty section



description of the image if you wantWent to GOOGLE headquarters in my neighborhood for the second time to remove more recent FALSE FLAG STRIKES on youtube/georgegodley account but this time the security guy said it’s strictly sales & they ignore everyone. Fullscreen network said they’d try to mediate. I don’t really have to record, synchronize, chronologize, verify, convert, upload (& re-upload when failed) & metadate (title, tag, describe, thumbnail..) another 10,000 videos like last year for nothing.



description of the image if you wantBut it felt productive & satisfying to outdo them all & plan world record video blog. Here’s a lady from



description of the image if you wantYou never know what you’ll find in the regent street Apple store or website. Ever since that unexpected video conversion software I check it regularly & love the friendly ambience & atmosphere. The staff wore red for the festive season. Wondering if Iphone 5 is 4g & worth the change.



description of the image if you wantA delightful iranian lady outside the apple store smiled & let me video a bit. She was with someone i saw together at the genius bar inside.



description of the image if you wantHope HMV oxford street doesn’t close like virgin megastore & others. They sell CDs & vynil(?!) DVDs & Blu ray, computer games, books, accessories etc. It’s nice to browse & loiter offline. Got Curb your enthusiasm season 8, edtv, sandwich man & slow paced eddy duchin story dvds.



description of the image if you wantcool lady lets me video her even while on phone with her boyfriend for half an hour.. false censorship constant conflict curse mon 31 Dec 2012 George Godley

Happy new year 31 Dec 2012 01_14_22 George…
by f590692963

2012: youtube repeatedly false flag struck georgegodley 10,000 multi daily video blog removing videos that didn’t violate “community guise lyings”, wrongfully threatening termination, prompting (under construction). Daily motion unfairly censors, falsely labels & hides non explicit videos as explicit but with external embeds while hosting, promoting & rewarding adult content like marc dorcel pimping porn while the rest of us bust our ass for nothing. Daily motion also forces you to watch 60 second ads on embedded vids without paying you. Happy groundhog decade..

Sat 22 Dec 2012 Happy h☺lidays

EUROPE TRAVELOGUE 1-2 Neptun Romania Mykonos… by georgegodley

↑ Europe travelogue 1:2

Hi y’all just checkin in before christmas / new year. Once again lost it computer editing etc & the place is a sty/ stew/ dumpster landfill. express your feelings.. i feel like not dealing with it..

merry christmas happy new year happy hannaka / holidays. Its been unhealthy so recuperation time. Once again procrastinated the christmas card list so it’s last minute holiday wish emails & calls time permitting.. or how bout just this blanket discalimer/ wish..

Meanwhile because there’s only 6 cold hours dark dim dingy daylight out of 24 here, maybe an impulse trip/ travelogue somewhere hot. Pack yo bag ahole.. See ya there, yea.. shows its raining almost everywhere, almost always so..

Euro trip Europe Travelogue sat 15 dec 2012 George Godley London U.K

Deciding what to do blog n vlog wise. This week i uploaded my Euro trip from a while ago. Thanks to youtube’s unfair false flag strike censorship on the 10,000 video youtube/georgegodley channel there will always be other uncensored versions. It was one of the happiest & saddest summers. more later.

EUROPE TRAVELOGUE 1 Geo Godley censored version… by georgegodley

update 13 dec 2013: youtube’s breach & wrongful termination of 200 video, 10,000 subscriber, 2.5 million view Fullscreen contract geogodley account destroyed years of unrewarded hard work & financial investment (see sept 6 2013 blogpost), so this was re-uploaded to dailymotion because vimeo ruined url’s replacing them with numbers.

All metadata will also be stored here as a full backup copy. Question: should everything be dated for ageism (just like racism, discrimination against age)? if something was shot in the 1990s is it less (or more- historically valuable) appealing? movies, tv series, graphic novels & tintin books aren’t titled with the date in the title.. maybe memoirs are.. but do you lose audience if it’s not current/ recent? oh yeah, you gotta do that too..

Hi y’all. Still can’t get organized. Everything lost, broken & needing repair & technical support. My life’s chaos, a mess. How can i go somewhere sunny for the holidays like this? Much to do & go through. Lack of sun is the overriding factor that just makes you run away form here no matter what. For now though even cleaning & dusting this hellhole is a nightmare: within days its dusty again. You literally have to put everything away or live in filth or lose hours cleaning every week or hire a cleaner & make sure they do it but how can they when there so many dusty surfaces.

I just catch it all on video as it happens. Inexcusable dysfunction despite all this free time. Video catches it all. I want to do multi daily uploads again since its always ready to go but can’t trust youtube’s censorship & don’t want to clutter youtube/geogodley. Maybe on geogoodlay monetized channel? no it’s even less likely.. its gotta be here or

On thing about this blog is there will be frequent rewrites. Its a work in constant progress & fluidity. Steven Fry says the more descriptive words the better.. I like consise & to the point so there’ll be main point highlights & then detailed paragraph if necessary. In this particular blog however i dont see any main points?! Much to contribute, i cant wait. I only held back because of uncertainty about the blogging thing, i mean twitter microblogs diappear forever or are very questionable reliablity; you could lose it all.. brunch time.. thast another thing i gotta shape up or ship out, more later.

Big analog fan. Anal-og (lol) audio & video sounds & looks warmer & you get these weird spectacular artifacts. I still use analog keyboards for music production. This image is from a sony tr55? analog handycam.

I think this is the worng approach, vlogging first, blog second. Coz the daylight goes real fast in London. Its dark indoors all the time esp. after noon. Now my indoor vlog’ll look like sh!t.

Another hing on my mind is my sh!t viewcount, how can it not be. So beyond content you gotta worry about promo & marketting. I bought blogging & web marketing for dummies & how to increase your web traffic book & barely touched them. 1000s of pages more of brain clutter.. Let’s see.

I’ll also be going over my inventory criticizing everything before stashing or trashing it. Books in particular clog your space & face so they’ll be ruthlessly scrutinized.

Youtube false ‘privacy’ & unfair censorship conclusion thu 6 dec 2012 George Godley London U.K

thu 6 dec 2012 George Godley London U.K noon:12 (12:12) p.m re-written live as you read it

by f590692963

my experience with cleaners in london has been lousy & they abuse the bogus “privacy” bullshit to silence criticsm. Coming up, the videos they don’t want you to see:

they step on chairs, toilets with their boots on.
they use your products, or cheapo tesco products instead of standard  industrial brands.
they use toilet cleaner in the fridge.
they put stuff on the dirty floors.
they often dont speak english.
they don’t let you video them in your own house & make a fuss when its anonymously protecting their name. Maybe they & their company should be named & shamed instead.

The 10,000 multiple daily video blog channel is repeatedly struck with false flag strikes (see recent blog posts) & bogus ‘privacy’ censorship, when there were NO community guideline violations, while youtube VIOLATES THEIR OWN COMMUNITY GUDELINES promoting sexually explicit nudity & soft porn to billions of views & false flag striking others, which is itself a violation. In logical conclusion, we learn that everyone should also do sexually explicit nudity & soft porn just like youtube does (see recent blogposts) to restore competition against youtube’s unfair anti-competitive censorship & keep up with cable tv, hbo, hollywood movies etc.

A world record blogger/ vlogger should record daily, publishing at least once a week. It’s the least you can do to keep it fresh w/ current updates;“blogging for dummies” (d-uh lol) says for best results you should publish several times a day but not to be boring.. If nothing happens, make it happen (Russel told me that 10 years ago). I get several messages from people saying they miss my daily vlogs which included meals, interractions, conflicts, drama, thoughts, feelings & ambience. Consulting with web developers to launch next year.

YOUTUBE PORN, FALSE FLAG STRIKE CENSORSHIP undiplomatic version mon 26 nov 2012 George Godley London U.K 00108


Youtube/geogodley network partnership contract signed mon 19 nov 2012 George Godley London U.K

by f590692963 

unlike youtubedailymotion doesn’t false flag strike you, shares revenue on all types of content including adult & exceeds vimeo’s 500mb weekly upload limit. (this video is 775 mb).. Also consider socialcam, viddler, viddy& twitvid.

Made it.. Youtube/geogodley is finally a youtube network partner. Hope things improve after uploading ~9,940 multi daily vids on youtube/georgegodley & being defrauded with false flag strikes & no monetization (see previous blog post).

why i signed a youtube network contract despite Nalt’s advice to the contrary:

-things couldn’t be much worse:

-false flag strikes on georgegodley 9,858 video channel while youtube overpromotes sexually explicit nudity & soft pornography, giving others millions of views as seen below in previous blog posts. Anti-trust, anti-competition contradictory censorship. WTF are we keeping OUR pants on for when youtube & the audience favor those who don’t?! 

-confusion, emotional distress & mental anguish, trauma, loss of future earnings, constant feel of walking on eggshells as a result of aforementioned unfair contradictory censorship while other youtubers have sex on camera & get no flag strikes whatsoever, immune from any community guideline automated bot enforcement.

-no payment (unpaid google adsense monetization revenue & they don’t reply)
-no communication except false flag strikes & public privacy contradictions when there’s no expectation of privacy in public & youtube doesn’t even know who’s in the video & who isn’t.
-no partnership banner, custom thumbnails, green yellow red age restriction rating system some people get & others don’t.
-no improvement in viewcount/ subs
-no trust, for the reasons above.

Maybe a network will improve my youtube nightmare hell.


december 2012: youtube/geogodley bimonthly vids (every 2 weeks)
-january 2013: youtube/geogodley bimonthly episodes, travelogues & extras
-spring 2013: uncensored archives, docu-feature, tv series, e-books blog

YOUTUBE FALSE FLAG STRIKE censors George Godley 9,858 video blog lifestream AGAIN sat 17 nov 2012 while youtube overpromotes sexually explicit soft pornography

sat 17 nov 2012 noon 12:26 p.m George Godley London U.K

-Youtube/geogodley in partnership negotiations with youtube networks
-Reddit featured georgegodley videos & interview; trolls false flagged youtube videos
-this is the 2nd false flag strike this week, disabling 9,940 video blog for a further 2 weeks & theatening termination
-video shows but cleavage in public square, nothing compared to youtube’s overpromoted, multimillion viewed sexually provocative nudity & soft pornography seen below which never gets flagged or removed.
-falsely removed georgegodley vids & more will be on, VIDEOBLOGGER.COM & other sites, feature film extras, tv series, photographic e-books contrasted with youtube soft porn clips as fair use documentary, historical, newsworthylegal records.
-this is the perfect excuse to do other things, clean the apartment, reconsider & decide if youtube’s unfair community guise lying implementation is worth it. Why be disney (G) when everyone else is HBO (R).
-Weekly blog n vlog will be here on
-conclusion: how can you trust youtube & sign a network partnership deal with such unprofitable, dishonest, fraudulent censorship.  

YouTube | don’t Broadcast Yourself™

 ATTENTION The YouTube Community has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate. Once a video is flagged, it is reviewed by the YouTube Team against our Community Guidelines. Upon review, we have determined that the following video(s) contain content in violation of these guidelines, and have been disabled:
  • butcrack fri 3 aug 2012 George Godley London U.K 00082.mp4 – (georgegodley)

“YouTube is not the place for nudity, pornography or other sexually provocative content:”

YouTube makes limited exceptions for appropriate educational, documentary, artistic and scientific contexts, but only in limited circumstances where the purpose of posting is clear and any nudity it is not sexual in nature. yea right..

This is the second Community Guidelines warning strike your account has received within six months. Accordingly, the ability to access this account has been disabled and will not return until two weeks after you acknowledge this message. Please review the YouTube Community Guidelines and refrain from further violations, which may result in the termination of your account(s).

For more information on YouTube’s Community Guidelines and how they are enforced, please visit the help center.

Date Received: Nov 17, 2012  

✄Y☹UTUBE FALSE FLAG STRIKE censors George Godley 9,858 video blog lifestream AGAIN mon 12 nov 2012


-Reddit featured George Godley videos
-youtube/georgegodley daily traffic increased
by thousands of views
-Reddit moderators sent positive feedback & 2 George Godley interview requests
-youtube hater trolls posted hateful abusive comments violating youtube community guidelines (listed below), & false flagged “My back yard my hood sun 11 nov 2012 George Godley London U.K 00354.mp4” video with no community guideline violation.
-youtube false flag striked George Godley 10,000 video upload account again & removed the video w/ no community guideline violation.
-video is a few seconds of people eating in public in a restaurant open to the public in public view, like millions of similar youtube videos which are NOT removed. (see below)
-Vimeo hosts the video which doesn’t violate ANY youtube community guidelines or flag reasons (see below).
-George Godley public video blogs often have recorded consent, when thousands of monetized youtubers do NOT & are NOT legally required to, for various legal loopholes including no expectation of privacy in public view. This video is visible from the public street.

YouTube | don’t Broadcast Yourself™


The YouTube Community has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate. Once a video is flagged, it is reviewed by the YouTube Team against our Community Guidelines. Upon review, we have determined that the following video(s) contain content in violation of these guidelines, and have been disabled:
  • My back yard my hood sun 11 nov 2012 George Godley London U.K 00354.mp4 – (georgegodley)

“YouTube is not the place for nudity, pornography or other sexually provocative content:”

YouTube makes limited exceptions for appropriate educational, documentary, artistic and scientific contexts, but only in limited circumstances where the purpose of posting is clear and any nudity it is not sexual in nature. yea right..

Your account has received one Community Guidelines warning strike, which will expire in six months. Additional violations may result in the temporary disabling of your ability to post content to YouTube and/or the permanent termination of your account.

For more information on YouTube’s Community Guidelines and how they are enforced, please visit the help center.

Date Received: Nov 11, 2012

FLAG reasons: Report this video as inappropriate
Please select the category that most closely reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines or isn’t appropriate for all viewers. Abusing this feature is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, so don’t do it. (this community guideline was violated by hater trolls who abusively FALSE FLAGGED the video).
⚐ Flag for: Select a Reason:
-sexual conent: (the fake false reason hater trolls flagged the video for)
-graphic sexual activity
-suggestive, but witout nudity
-other sexual content
-violent or repulsive content:
-adults fighting
-physical attack
-youth violence
-animal abuse
-promotes terrorism
-hateful or abusive content: this community guideline was violated by trolls & haters comments
-promotes hatred or violence
-abusing vulnerable individuals
-harmful or dangerous acts:
-pharmaceutical or drug abuse
-abuse of fire or explosives
-suicide or self injury
-other dangerous acts
-child abuse
-mass advertising
-misleading text
-misleading thumbnail/ scams fraud
-infringes my rights: (only the actual person IN the video can do this supposedly)
-infringes my copyright
-invades my privacy
-other legal claim

Geo, FYI there’s an hr of footage uploaded to YouTube every second.. that’s a decade every 24 hours (it’s mind boggling!). It’s not some human with an axe to grind taking your vids down its an automated script, based on the number of complaints from users.
Personally I hope you weather the storm, you’re an interesting bloke & the more I find out about you and your life the more I want you to continue, unhindered by the unwashed masses. thatch 19 minutes ago
Bro, let’s be honest here. Youtube has billions of videos on it and millions of them get flagged. They don’t have time to actually evaluate which ones violate community guidelines. If a video gets enough flags, they’ll just automatically delete it and send you a report email. RuinedLifeIdeas 39 minutes ago
I KNEW IT.. nobody reviews millions of flags which means top youtubers are immune while small youtubers are cheated & defrauded.
georgegodley in reply to RuinedLifeIdeas 21 minutes ago 
more people eating in restaurants recorded & uploaded to youtube without consent & not false flagged striked or removed: (millions of such videos have NOT been titled, tagged or flagged)

SONY PJ760 FAIL, Youtube pros & cons advantages & disadvantages tue 6 nov 2012

Blog in progress re-written as you read it. (some copy pasta’d from my offline private blog).

Hi y’all. I’m uploading my 3 month video backlog, multiple daily uploads since august 2012, which shouldn’t be mixed with november or they’ll be out of sync & continuity. Not that the cameras ever stay in sync with the internal clocks of the nikon 1j1 & sony cx700 being unreliable & needing constant verification. (SONY HDR-PJ760 was EPIC FAIL🙁


-much heavier & bulkier than cx700 esp for night pocket wide angle lens
-MUCH worse audio than cx700 behind mic TOO DIRECTIONAL
-distortion or limit ducking
-much worse stabilizer doesnt work with wide conversion setting ON: zoom very shaky unwatchable even when on surface unless you switch OFF “wide conversion lens” menu setting & then it does black peripheral vignetting.
-undercontrasting at times
-no dual record photo capture w/50p (PS doesn’t say what quality it is-).. Nikon 1j1 does 30p & lets you dual record 15 x 2mp photos per video even if they’re low res & mostly blurry.
-need putty to keep external mic jack in
-false 2 photo dual record lcd display during video when in fact it only records 1 photo
-B&H sent it to me in july & it broke a month later in august right before my trip to Greece so I couldn’t find receipts & waste the end of my summer dealing with it.. i didnt even drop it. it just DIED. SONY FAIL.

the only 2 advantages:
+records video while saving to memory card (cx700 doesn’t & loses shots disabling record while saving)
+24 mp dual record photo video but that uses twice the memory of cx700’s 12mp..


I’m grateful to be on youtube & thank them for including my work in the searches even if there isnt much change in viewcount 10,000 videos a year later.. A bit of constructive criticism nevertheless, or at least a record of what i also see which “gets my goatse” lol:

-featured video doesn’t often show most recent in featured set” uploads.. it shows random videos as you upload & stays stuck featuring a video you don’t want featured for hours on end..

-uploads don’t get processed chronologically anymore like they used to, so continuity is broken & you can’t move thumbnails around in order.

-uploaded videos counter was removed from channel page to hide video upload count. It appears on mobile cellphones though, for now.. & on top of opened video pages. Now i type it in the description so.. nice try & fail to make me look worse by hiding my contributions..

-page indexing was removed to make it impossible to index pages & videos quickly & was replaced with that dreaded “LOAD MORE” button which forces you to click hundreds of times to view 100s of previous ages as opposed to jumping several at a time.. & won’t let you refresh the page without it defaulting back to page 1 again. on the plus side, you could load & save all thumbnails on one webpage document..

-metadating is disabled in multiple upload page (ftp?) after a few hours. Whereas before it would work for days, you could upload hundreds of videos in one multiple uploader window & metadata (thumbnail, title, tag, describe, link..) over many days via copy pasta.. now they make it impossible after just a few hours you get “your settings could not be saved: invalid request”. So if you have to constantly start new windows & metadate without breaks.

-frozen channel viewcounter for many days/ weeks to make your channel look dead when other counters change millions of views a day. Even & socialblade show “zero” “0” for many days on end, hiding tens of thousands of views.

-colors were removed & replaced with grey & black to make the channels look unappealing & limit traffic & when you copy paste text into a word document it pastes a permanent non removable grey background image behind the text.

beforemulticolor & afterdreary black & grey

-hidden tags: all of a sudden youtube hides the tags/ key words so you cant see them anymore.. people abuse them..

-overpromoted youtubers are given millions of subs & billions of views while the rest of us can’t get a fraction of that despite more work & contribution no matter what (edited episodes & regular uploads on geogodley youtube account: no change. 10,000 georgegodley videos in a year 2011-2012 despite false flag strikes & disabling of channel & 3 months leave= no change..)

 -thumbnail selection often bad & limiting & often wont change when selected even days later.

-monetized accounts still don’t get that partnership banner, thumbnail choice, & perks & privileges..

-allows explicit sex for partnership program members only?!: what about the rest of us?!

-allows jason horton & lexington steele to post hardcore pornographic links in video & channel descriptions: Jason Horton links lexsteele twitter which links his adult site..  Lexington steele links his hardcore porn adult site in his youtube channel description so its okay for everyone else to do it too, right? wtf are we keeping *our* pants on for? lol

-cut the titles off so you cant make an impression with a catchphrase or symbols. used to be much more characters, now cut down to a couple words.

-shrunk the “other channels” box to a tiny, ineffectual unnotable spec on the bottom of the channel. luckily i got in a few boxes with eye catching special characters when they were huge & took up the front page. now its unnoticeable & so wont much traffic.

-took off the “channels” link & honors charts on the homepage, hiding everyone.