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COVID EXPERIMENTAL MRNA “VACCINE” NO INFORMED CONSENT NHS UK Old Compton st London sat 11 sep 2021 vlog*com georgegodley*com

COVID EXPERIMENTAL MRNA “VACCINE” NO INFORMED CONSENT NHS UK Old Compton st London sat 11 sep 2021 vlog*com georgegodley*com from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

N.H.S (national “health” service) U.K unecessary “vaccinators” fail informed consent by hiding experimental mrna covid “vaccine” deaths (500,000+ according to Reiner Fuellmich’s video below at 30mins) & injuries (millions) (
for 99+% survival covid with smaller death toll than the flu (0.09%). Pretty women & colorful hawaiian lei garlands lure uninformed human lab rat guinea pig victims to change their d.n.a with “trillions of D-dimer capilary clotting spike proteins” (-dr. Charles Hoffe) watch?v=5sIWb9GTbbE Censorship of facts/ truth/ questions. Next saturday they were gone. Failed informed consent is a violation of the Nuremberg code & human rights declaration & makes them legally liable. (they probably make you sign your rights & life away).


Lounger & scrounger video phone call GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com sat 11 sep 2021 London U.K Covid = crimes against humanity fraud from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

“whenever you hesitate, don’t hold back, just say it” -[w/ few exceptions] -Howard Stern, radio personality Howard Stern, who called Elen DeGenerate Degeneres a “c*nt”. Fraudster youtube, Larry David, John Travolta all used the word “c*nt”, why them & not us?
“a disparaging term for a person one dislikes or finds extremely disagreeable.”-The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition



Dr Sam White speaks to Dr Reiner Fuellmich & the Corona Investigative Committee

DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH: WE ARE VERY CERTAIN THE COVID-19 ‘VACCINE’ IS DIRECTLY KILLING INDIVIDUALS.. wikipedia calls this & any criticism/ whistleblowing “misinformation” when its they who are..

Rumble — newsworthy fair use for the greater good from bitchute becasue bitchute wordpress video embed dont show on cellphones/ mobile phones, as *not* seen below. #Bitchute #noseeums.

It Will Soon be too Late – For the Children [COVID CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY] -Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

wikipedia & corrupt hypocrite W.H.O “factcheckers” call this & any criticism & whistleblowing “misinformation” “conspiracy theory” when it’s they who are..

The NHS is ignoring all the scientific evidence and drawing up plans to jab the 12-year-olds. That’s a political not a medical decision and it’s evil. Schools have been told that there will be no need for parental consent even for 12-year-olds to be jabbed with an experimental drug. Not even the Government’s advisors seem to think it’s safe. But the Bill Gates funded MRHA says go ahead so they’re going ahead. And soon the toddlers will be jabbed too.

Actually, what the Government said is so utterly outrageous that in the old days when Britain had some journalists around there would be demands for a general election.

Gavin Williamson, still the Education Secretary for reasons no one can possibly understand, said that if covid jabs for children aged 12 to 15 go ahead, parents would always be asked for consent first. But officials admitted that if parents withheld their consent children could still be vaccinated.

So there you are, parents. You can all bugger off. The Government doesn’t give a fig what you think. This is the worst sort of wicked dictatorship.

And there is even worse. Journalists report that teenagers aged 12 to 15 will be fine when they’re jabbed because research has proved that they suffer only mild to moderate side effects after the Pfizer jab.

Let me tell you about this research.

The paper I think they’re quoting involved 27 children. Twenty seven.

The 27 children consisted of 16 boys. Most of them were white.

They had a range of coexisting medical conditions and were receiving drug treatment. So, they were just normal kids then.

What happened? One child’s seizure type changed. The kids had neck pain, low blood glucose, difficulty sleeping, diarrhoea, presumed sore throat (I don’t know what a presumed sore throat is) and after the second dose they had vomiting, armpit swelling and blisters around their mouths. Fevers were common too. And that was just in the first few days. What will happen in three, six or twelve months is, of course, a mystery.

Nothing that would worry the rancid Devi Sridhar. I wonder how many deaths she will be responsible for by the time this is all over. I bet her favourite dinner companions would be Myra Hindley and Ian Brady. If they weren’t dead.

My second book called Paper Doctors, and long out of print, was published in 1977. It dealt with medical research. I’ve been studying medical research for decades and I have rarely come across anything as utterly useless as this.

I tell you this, the trial that really matters will take place in a court house and will result in long prison sentences when wicked, evil people start jabbing children with this toxic brew.

Eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog. Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s stink. Lizard’s leg and owlet’s wing would be a safer bet. Bubble bubble boil and trouble.

Starting kids on cocaine or heroin would probably be safer.

There will be no informed consent. Even if the rancid bastards giving the jabs try to explain that the jab is experimental, as international law says they must, not one 12-year-old in a billion will understand how mRNA vaccines work. They will be bullied by doctors, teachers and peer pressure. Their parents won’t be able to save them. Some of the children who are jabbed will die. Some will be permanently disabled. This is cold-blooded, inhuman child abuse, impure and simple. It’s as bad as anything done at Dachau and Auschwitz. It’ll be organised by a corrupt state and it will be carried out by people who deserve to be hung for their crimes. If I had children of jabbing age I would keep them at home and lock all the doors to keep out the bogey men and women.

The war criminals giving the jabs have apparently been told not to check that the needle is in a blood vessel, though many months ago I warned that injecting the toxic gunk of the covid jab straight into a vein might be more deadly.

Schools are to be equipped with 300,000 carbon dioxide monitors to check that enough doors and windows are open. No one in authority cares about whether or not the kids can breathe through their masks. What happens when the really cold weather starts and the windows and doors are all wide open?

And while all this is going on, campaigners in Wales are campaigning for a penis to be put onto the red Welsh dragon flag flying on public buildings. I’m serious.

They used to talk of Nero fiddling while Rome burnt.

In future people will talk of the Welsh campaigners demanding that the dragon on their flag be given a penis while their children were slaughtered indiscriminately.

It is, by the way, up to the Government’s advisors to prove that the shots are essential and safe. They cannot do either. We, on the other hand, can prove that the shots are not essential and are killing thousands. This is the killing of the children and people are letting it happen.

GPs complain that they are being abused by patients. I wonder why that could be. Maybe if they didn’t spend all their time pushing an experimental jab which has already killed thousands and injured millions they might be more loved. GPs are already well paid – they’re being paid an absolute fortune to support this jabbing campaign.

The British Government now has over 500 million shots on order. Those who laughed when I said they’d eventually be giving the jabs monthly might like to stop laughing and think again. In Australia there is talk of perpetual lockdowns.

The covid jab isn’t like a drug with nasty side effects which go away when you stop taking it. When you have had the covid-19 shot your body is changed and there is much potential for damage. No one knows what risks there are because, as I’ve been saying since last year, this is an experiment. Anyone who tells you that the covid-19 jab is perfectly safe is lying. Any illness the jabbed develop in the next two years – at the minimum – should be regarded as having been caused by the covid-19 jab.

But the problem is that if a child dies after a jab no one will know – officially. The death will be put down as sudden, a short illness, an unexpected illness or due to a previously undiagnosed health condition. How many jabbed children will see Christmas? How many won’t? No one knows.

The people who are allowing this to happen are the ones who let their children go to school to be jabbed, the ones who willingly download a pinging app, the ones who line up to have the utterly useless PCR test.

And the jabs won’t be the only thing to worry about when the children go back to school. Huge ads bought by the British Government confirm that pupils will still have to be regularly tested – using an entirely pointless test; that the NHS test and trace will be responsible for children’s nurseries as well as schools and colleges; that some schools may stagger starting and closing times – causing massive inconvenience for parents – and that some schools may still keep the stupid bubble system. And, of course, the most ignorant of teachers will still insist on mask wearing.

People have been tricked into believing what they’ve been told. They believe because the thought that the Government, the doctors and the media are all lying is too difficult to comprehend. They’ve grown up being taught to believe authority and it’s a huge leap to accept that they’re being lied to by the people they thought they could trust.

This is as bad as anything that happened in the concentration camps. They’re giving an experimental jab to kids. No one knows what will happen. It’s a huge research experiment. It’s an experiment Mengele would have loved. Many children will die. Many will be made seriously ill. No one knows what will happen. The risks are so huge that, as I have said many times before, I don’t think the jabbed should be allowed to give blood for transfusions. I wouldn’t want to receive a blood transfusion from someone jabbed.

Don’t the doctors, nurses and others willingly giving the jabs – for big fees – have children of their own? Don’t the journalists who print the Government’s lies have children? Don’t the teachers who will stand by have children of their own?

Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death, would be proud of all those involved in this vile and unnecessary experiment. The lunatics aren’t in charge of the asylum these days. It’s the murderers and psychopaths who are in charge. I know of no evidence that proves it is safe or necessary to give this jab to children. And the authorities won’t debate the issue. No discussion is allowed. Anyone who questions the official line is demonised. We’re asking questions which will never be answered and telling truths which will always be denied. The wretched, treacherous BBC actually boasts that it won’t allow doctors telling the truth onto any BBC programmes. Truth-tellers are branded anti-vaxxers and banned from the BBC and, indeed, as far as I can see from every other national TV or radio station. In cowardly and deceitful fashion they don’t mind being rude about me in my absence but they won’t let me into a studio. The truth might startle people.

If the Government and its advisers and the medical establishment were confident and honest they would welcome a debate. They would know they’d win and that would be the end of it. But the Government and its advisors and the medical establishment won’t even dare debate any of this with a 75-year-old retired GP because they know they’ll lose the debate. Instead of a useful debate the discredited Devi Sridhar – who makes Matt Hancock look like a genius and who is not a doctor – is an official advisor and a regular performer on TV.

You only have to look at the number of deaths officially recorded by the US and UK governments, after the experimental jab has been given, to see how evil all this really is. And remember the real figure is known to be 10 or 100 times as great. Millions have been hurt or killed by these toxic jabs.

The UK Government boasts that they’ve jabbed most people but that there are now more cases of covid than ever before. We’re told that the NHS is again at breaking point. No one seems to think that’s a contradiction. It’s as if the Government had boasted that it was forcibly equipping every house with better security and then added that since doing this the number of burglaries had gone up. What’s the point of a useless, dangerous, experimental drug that doesn’t do what people think it does and which kills or maims loads of people? I’ll tell you. It’s deliberate. It’s an exercise in control and compliance and genocide. And an excuse for lots more jabbing and lots more killing. How can people not see the contradictions? Why do so many stupid people still believe what they are told by politicians, advisors, doctors and journalists?

You don’t have to believe what I’ve said. But the doubters should note that all my predictions and warnings over the last eighteen months have been accurate. You can check them out. Most of my videos and articles are all still available. The only videos unavailable were banned by YouTube for containing too many truths and the transcripts are all there on

The bottom line is that if everyone who watches this video does something every day – sends a video to a stranger for example – then this would be over.

Together we have the power. There are more of us. We control the money and the votes. Don’t buy newspapers, do it legally but don’t pay the BBC licence fee or buy any BBC products, tell big companies you’ll boycott their products if they advertise in national newspapers. Don’t subscribe to SKY. These people are the enemy.

The sad fact is that your government wants you dead. They’ve killed off many of the elderly. And now, with the help of people like Devi Sridhar, they’ll kill the children.

Sadly, most people do nothing. They moan about what’s happening but that’s all. I’ve spent all my waking life fighting this war for 18 months because it is the most important fight in human history. We send out thousands of leaflets to doctors surgeries, to schools and local councils. You have to do the same because it will soon be too late. It’s almost too late to save the children. Just think how far they’ve come in a year and a half. Millions are still wearing masks, practising social distancing and obeying rules that no longer even exist in England. Millions have accepted a jab that doesn’t do what they think it will do but may do what they’ve been told it won’t.

I know a lot of people have done a great deal but too many haven’t done anything useful. Tweeting and updating your facebook page does no good at all because you’re merely communicating with people who already know what’s happening. Libelling me because I don’t do this or don’t do that does no good at all. We have to reach outside the resistance. I’ve made around 250 videos now – many of them banned and deleted. If everyone watching them had done something every day then this would all be over now.

bitchute parler brighteon odyssey gab lbry facebook twitter rumble BRANDNEWTUBE dr colin barrons,,,,, .com..

Vernon Coleman’s book Endgame explains what is happening and why. And what will happen next. His book Coming Apocalypse, which was published in April 2020, was the first to draw attention to the covid hoax. Both books are available as paperbacks and as eBooks on Amazon.
Here is the PROOF that covid-19 was downgraded in March 2020
UPDATED: How Many People Are the Vaccines Killing?
UPDATED: Proof That Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good
Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History
Covid-19: The Fraud Continues


SUMMARY (videos below):
1. CARCINOGENIC ETHYLENE OXIDE PCR COVID TESTS & CASES ARE FALSE – FAUCI (PCR test inventor Drosten also admits 35+ cycle tests are 97% false positive-
3. ASYMPTOMATICS DON’T DRIVE PANDEMICS -FAUCI (yet suffer constant abuse & restrictions, unecessary carcinogenic ethylene oxide tests, quarantines, social distancing, lockdowns etc)


embed Iframe url embed/vc0z2b/?pub=9ayq0
monetized direct url
Fauci admits PCR Tests Produced False Positives

2. CARCINOGENIC ETHYLENE OXIDE PCR COVID TESTS ARE UNECESSARY FOR ASYMPTOMATICS (yet repeatedly forced on them to travel etc)” -FAUCI embed/vct813/?pub=9ayq0

3. ASYMPTOMATICS DON’T DRIVE PANDEMICS -FAUCI (yet are constantly abused & restricted w/ false unecessary carcinogenic tests, quarantines, etc.) vg2uah/?pub=9ayq0


Embed iframe url & link   embed/vasxcf/?pub=9ayq0  vdf3j3-dr.-birx.-defines-covid19-death..html?mref=9ayq0&mc=egntz

5. MASKS ARE UNECESSARY – W.H.O embed/vczisz/?pub=9ayq0



COVID-19 CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY Unite for freedom protest London UK sat 28 aug 2021 unedited georgegodley*com vlog*com (vimeo viewcounter fraud fails to count views again as usual)

COVID-19 CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY Unite for freedom protest London UK sat 28 aug 2021 unedited georgegodley*com vlog*com from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

5 mile (11 km) march Hyde Park to Clapham Common, London, U.K. 480p from 4k stereo. digital dark age/ stone age: vimeo, wordpress, apple safari, firefox, etc. often stop viewcounters & disable autoplay (even when it’s the only open video post) to limit your viewcount while giving others millions of fake views. Only 1 video autoplays at a time so sometimes on the homepage with many open video posts, previous autoplay posts further down the browser page stop the recent one.

“COVID FRAUD EXPERIMENTAL PSEUDO “VACCINE” KILLS 45,000 PEOPLE IN U.S.A”- Hawaii Attorney Michael Green class action lawsuit *PINNED POST*

$1billion a month small pharma experimental covid “vaccine” drug dealers are the “2021 [Josef Mengele] crimes against humanity Nuremeberg 2 mass murderers” -Vera Sharav, holocaust survivor & Reiner Fuellmich

If you are coerced/ forced to medical experiment “vaccinate” [no jab no job] click here to fight back

Drosten admits 35+ cycle carcinogenic ethylene oxide PCR tests are 97% false positive (, experimental gene modifier mrna “vaccines” are d-dimer micro clot, injury & death proven & fraudulent comorbid death certificates false. Governments, pharmaceuticals, mainstream media, c.d.c, w.h.o & davos group etc. are being sued for censoring the truth for profit & power. #nuremberg2

COVID FRAUD SCANDAL TRIAL, Crimes Against Humanity – Dr. Reiner Fuellmich v. CDC, WHO, Davos group – Nuremberg 2 *PINNED POST*

“A team of lawyers and medical experts led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich have begun legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO & the Davos Group for crimes against humanity.” Sic’em Hans!

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Crimes Against Humanity,
original video censored by youtube


“Fuellmich and his team present the faulty [carcinogenic mutagenic ethylene oxide] PCR test and the order for doctors to label any comorbidity death as a Covid death as FRAUD. The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is 100% faulty at 35 cycles.
All the PCR tests overseen by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC admits that any tests over 28 cycles are not admissible for a positive reliable result.
This alone invalidates over 90% of the alleged covid cases / ”infections” tracked by the use of this faulty test.
In addition to the flawed tests and fraudulent death certificates, the “experimental” vaccine itself is in violation of Article 32 of the Geneva Convention. Under Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV, “mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not necessitated by the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited.
According to Article 147, conducting biological experiments on protected persons is a grave breach of the Convention.
The “experimental” vaccine is in violation of all 10 of the Nuremberg Codes which carry the death penalty for those who seek to violate these International Laws.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. Trafalgar Square Speech. July 24, 2021

The [non] “vaccine”#fails to meet the following five requirements to be considered a vaccine and is by definition a medical “experiment” and trial:
Provides immunity to the virus
This is a “leaky” gene therapy that does not provide immunity to Covid and claims to reduce symptoms yet double-vaccinated are now 60% of the patients requiring ER or ICU with covid infections.
Protects recipients from getting the virus
This gene-therapy does not provide immunity and double-vaccinated can still catch and spread the virus.
Reduces deaths from the virus infection
This gene-therapy does not reduce deaths from the infection. Double-Vaccinated infected with Covid have also died.
Reduces circulation of the virus
This gene-therapy still permits the spread of the virus as it offers zero immunity to the virus.
Reduces transmission of the virus
This gene-therapy still permits the transmission of the virus as it offers zero immunity to the virus.”

“Experimental covid non “vaccine” misnomer clots blood capillaries in 60% of patients w/ 40 trillion spike protein creator mrna molecules” -Charles Hoffe MD ↓

Doctor Warns That Covid-19 Vaccine Will “Kill Most People” Through Heart Failure – 62% of Vaccinated Already Have Microscopic Blood Clots

Paul Adams, ↓

↑BBC presenter Lisa Shaw, one of countless experimental covid “vaccine” astrazeneca murders.. bitchute wordpress video embeds dont show on cellphones

lawyers vs. liars 1-0.. sue the sht outa em Hans!

– the other side of the story the 1 sided media hides –

‘COVID IS A 99+% SURVIVAL, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY FRAUD’ according to medical & legal experts in posts above/ below & margin links. Lounger & scrounger video phone call, Sheza GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com social interaction marketing promotion flirt, sun 22 aug 2021 8-30 p.m London U.K

Lounger & scrounger video phone call GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com sun 22 aug 2021 London from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Lounger & scrounger video phone call GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com sun 22 aug 2021 London U.K
Rough draft transcript for the hearing impaired, closed captions, subtitles, books, editors, reference, no lifers, historians, minutiae n triviae, hater trolls fans same thing lol etc.
Preparing for a call, a video call with Hayk gasp… think white is better isn’t it it darkens it man.. {red alleged supposed silk tablecloth fabric] & its all crumply so it doenst look very nice. If it was smooth at least.. yea I washed these n they got all crumply. I ws gonna make a jacket out of them but I stopped wearing jackets becasue women go naked so why should we wear jackets. [screaming outside window] fuckin noise out there all the time.. I’m not gonna miss this when I leave I’ll tell you that.. [waah wahh] [middle finger salute gesture] I thnk thisll have to do for now, nbext time prepare a clear outline.. cant have this ij the background oh shit I cant do my mirror oi locked up the closet I dont know where the keys are.. 1m37 more organized than I think huh? I numbered them too, clockwise or countewr clockwise or whatever, so I know which is which mentally without numbering them,.for bad people to not know what number they time put vlog dot com here, lets make a note of that.. vlog dot com sticker huge vlog dot com on cupboard, ok well do that.. [opens cupboard, gets mirror, goes to noisy screaming window] Shut up out there you assholes! [shuts window] they bring their kids out to terrorize the neighborhood.. assholes, keep them at home..if they cant be[have] you know if theyre gonna make problems..spare trhe resrt of us with your bullshit, asshole thats what I say but anyway. Its coz theyre too cheap to get a baby sitter, thats what it is. Or you cant really trustr them can you.. you never know.. anyuway okay so down or up.. lets start down lets live dangerously. Sede im sweating, thats with the windows open, n its falling off.. these have been used before.. [came off in washing machine] is that off completely? Yes no.. my sister siad to let it down didnt she.. still have to clean that always dirty no matter what you do this one.. dont tell me theres new scratches there shouldnt be..theres a scratch right there look..well you shouuld have another 10 lenses like this anyway why do you only have 1.. or 2.. I do have another one somewhere I dont know man theyre all different ring sizes the bastards.. anyway that should od it, lets go bro,, this is somethging only this camera can do, get nice hi res…[4k stereo xlr pro audio, 6 hour limit..] is this right? Like this or like.. women do that dont they theyll shave 1 side & have long on the other.. its okay for them to do it of course but not us of course.. that goes without say what that goes without say [like granma yaya said] bbbppp bbppp YouTube is a fraud [kolodaxtyla] that lies.. ok lets do it.. 1000 last minutre problems man, now all of a sudden im noticing, & the batteries dont work the cunt.. sorry but I’m quoting. See thats not very good for this.. oh my God I have to shave.. I have to f-ing shave, thgis is 2 days worth, isnt it I gotta shave properly man its gonna take another 10 minutes.. 4m40 the epilady thing here.,., what about that yea for the mustache why do I keep the mustache? Its not it’s just a lil something there instaed of nothing there.. why? Coz the uh Taliban’ll kill you if you dont have you knwo the right attire.. [facial fecal hear/ beard/ mustache goatee] dress code which involves.. I gotta shave man I cant be a.. coz its 4k when its 8k youre really gonna have to shave arent you.. really? Shall I shave or leave it? I think it;s all right, isnt it.. its not bad is it? Specially at a distance.. I dont know man.. wont f-ing do it either, at least if this did something.. for some reason all these batteries dont work. Now I gotta know where all the batteries are. I know they’re there in that electornic bag soemwhere but you gotta empty the whole f-ing bag to find anything. [shaves electronic Braun razor deadbeat Ansmann batteries].. do I need that side? [recoils in horror] agh! imagine.. 6min better than nothing.. gotta pluck my ears, every week theres new hair in my ears, I gotta get rid of it,& next week therell be another one.. motherf-ers, who designed this monkey body.. if this is the image of God we’re all in deep shit, I’ll tell u that. Made in the image of god yea right.. man made language, man made religion.. still doesnt mean theres something.. theres not something out there though I believe, nothing primates are gonna grasp though, that’s for sure. Nothing we primates much less impose with fascist totalitarian tyranny. So f-ck you and your fascist totalitarian tyranny. Motherf-ing a-holes. You got that? You got thayat Peat? [country bumpkin hillbilly accent] that was P.R, that guy at the Wyoming dude ranch. “U got thayat peeat?” Oh we’re starting down right? Its sweaty now man, cant beleive its hot. U got the heater on all night, not last night but in general,..sigh.. its a a bit much isnt it, its gone flat too.. ah I dont know yea.. something different,., you gotta show that though [ sticker on shit/ right chest].. “it went right over your head” [quote form recorded argument with my mother falsely saying dad couldn’t handle me being home and wants me out]. Lets go bro.. this swithced off already ahole.. should that be.. I have the wide angle can sit back n not be in front of the computer either.. f-ing internet’s not happening.. [goes to router] that came right off the piece of shit.. [ sticker on back].. its been used before so.. some fabrics some sweats temperatures.. 8m19 some conditions see this ones coming off too man if that fals off.. shouldnt do, in general these.. nah its comin right off man.. anyway not to worry..oi.. burp.. excuse you next, is that it, yea I got a couple things to say luckily.. white bread very bad, they should make those Vietnamese sandwiches with something else besides white bread the bastards.. how difficult is it to get gluten free assholes.. too difficult for your pea brain isnt it.. gopro hero 9 vt500 beeps.. [next time match cmacorder angle coz missed computer screen] & whole wheat gluten free not potaoes n rice, rice is just as bad apparently.. so thats my bnackup over there you see gopro’s too low res too shit for backup you need anbother one of these as backup.. coz if I dont if something goes wrong there youre f-cked.. goin on here man yea its not gonna.. Hayk asterisk.. [next time turn off clicking noise switched off heater makes, wall switch switched off] so this shirts too small alot of them are too small n un comfortable but they’re good for a couple hours video, its all right but I wouldnt walk around in this all day if its gonna be torture.. I can handle it sometimes, wish they were bigger.. so a.. bigger is better as she said.. so a ready? Not happening not working im gonna get the fiber fibre] & not form talk talk any more 10m16. How does talk talk do it [fiber] they didnt drill the street.. its not happening.. motherf-er.. see this should have been doen an hour in advance.. well it is an hour,, half an hour late not happening.. piece of shits not working, thats still blinking over there the a-hole.. its shit man.. how longs it been since I started it man, takes 10 minutes to start up,there.. ok.. takes another 10 hours to start the damn f-ing Facebook piece of sh!t.. 11 Casey Nunez: Facebook nolanewsnow “I think youre gonna like this, matter of fact I know you will unless tyou wanna” .. make a new one just in case.. thanks for visiting,,,, & 100 other domains we dont want goggle anal ytics to know about cause they’re gonna block them.. like they blocked everything n now Facebook doesnt count your views. Anyway its sunday august 22, 2021, etc thanks for visiting ok we said that.. allow microphone right? I gotta se.. 12 there calling Hyak in Babylon Mesopotamia Asyria.. hello sorry man hey how are you.. ok man,, thast Abovian dude..


Sheza GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com social interaction marketing promotion flirt sun 22 aug 2021 8-30 p.m London U.K from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

Sheza GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com social interaction marketing promotion flirt sun 22 aug 2021 8-30 p.m London U.K
Rough draft transcript for the hearing impaired, closed captions, subtitles, books, editors, reference, no lifers, historians, minutiae n triviae, hater trolls fans same thing lol etc.
Excuse me {puts heart in v double business card size sticker on table] its a.. itsa vlog
-oh ok [laughs’
-where are you from [next time more musical tone up on you]
-oh Palestine okay
-how bout you
-uh.. Lebanon
-I’m joking I’m greek American but I lived in Lebanon 3 years
-oh okay my ?’s form Lebanon
-really? I thought I look a little bit Lebanese cause I’m greek too but..
-no hah I would recognize a Lebanese from like a mile away hahaha too loud
-theyre loud? eh colorwise or sound wise both
-sound, sound
-oh okay even when they’re alone?
-yea haha
-like this maybe
-so I can like its live
-are you with someone
-can I sit a second
-ok thank you.. its not li[ve].. sometimes I do Facebook live but its not.. im not very happy with.. they dont count your views.. Facebook has a problem, yea live is bnot.. its difficult to do high qiuality live, like this is too.. im very technical this is..
-yea I was like so do you record walk around
-im greek american, I live in the area, I was studying here long time ago I stayed, caus ei needed somewhre to be and I thought it was a good between America & greece.. so..
& now this is like my circuit on the weekends I like to go to the square..
-there’s a lot of people
-yea it gets reallyt crowded
-more than usual
-less than last week
-because its august theyre away on holiday, last week there was a bigger crowd dancing in leicester square
-yea that I knwo they alwasy have someone who gets out like a speaker..l so how long have you been livein ghere
-10 years.. 20 years..
-you were 3 years in Lebanon?
-my dad was a diplomat ambassador
So when a was a kid I spent 3 years there, so I learned some French, not arabic unfortuanately I knwo a few words
-uninteligible xxxxxxxx
-yea the ones outside yea
-its okay? [selfie/ ussie]
-you never knwo how they’re gonna react, call the police or something
– I was like what is this
-it wasnt lit before was it
-no it wasnt lit thats why I asked you if its live
-if its on Olay its not live but its on sometimes if I can usually I ask
-I’ve done Facebook live but they dont count my views
-I understand
-they put very few views, the number, I think it’s to make me buy advertising or something
-I dont think Facebook covers all the age groups
-yea something’s wrong with Facebook, its very good for keeping up with my friends
-I like that, but to make successful big numbers no. not so much
-so now you are using this website?
-yea, I use it for emergencies, yea I use face[book] like to have it for emegrenices I wanna learn twitch & the other live streams
-but 1 thing at a time
-yea you dont wanna get overrun
-hu yea what huhuh [women street song n dance]
-waht did you study
-well they only let me do English literature here, coz I wanted to be a pop star musician, & I thought in London would be.. but its not so easy
-thats why the hair?
-um yea well yea it came no juat yea
-like pop star singing
-yea im a musician
-oh okay
5min -and then I did video next
-so I was on YouTube & they stole 13,000 of my videos, they took everything. They’re very bad company, if they dont like you they lie.
-yea I heard this
-oh you heard it
-from like other youtubers
-theyre not nice, they take evewrything man, so I got this thats why.. but I still have to develpp it,
-I mean
-but Iove got a normal vlog I mean blog kind of thing Ive got my own I put some stuff up thereonce in a wh8ile im not doing it every day now im not gonna put another 13,000 up there for nothing so im workoing on a tv n film book I do the books with photos, fromn the videos
-thats cool
-what do you do [laughs shits n giggles]
Am I gonna be hiding a stethoscope & you figure out. Something no im not a doctor haha, I study biomedical engineering
-so you know covid is a fraud rtight
-its not a fraud
-not the virus the virus yes I had it, I know its real, but the bulsshit that went with.. the vaccine did you read did you see the latest? On my bog you’ll see, I put the.. they’re suing them, theyre suing everybody, they said they lied, the virud it true, the other bullshit is fake, fake, fake. The pcr test is bullshit, it’s 95% fake, wrong, fasle, cause its 45 cycles. Do you know this?
-yea uh pcr
-you know this? So 45 cycles bulshit, 95 fake, 95% fake.false positive. The crerator imventor said it, I got his name, I should test is wrong, & vaccine very dangerous, they dont know, its experimantal. I dont knwo maybe you did it hopefully you’ll be okay.. [knocks on table] if you took it.. yea..
-no no I took one yea
-just one?
-yea 2 doses yea
-I hope you’ll be okay some people will be okay some won’t
-I mean I do beleive in it so
-I hope youre okay they dont know though right its never been done.. so 10 years form now they dont know.
-yea but the same thing hjappened with the Spanish flu & ???
-yea but that wasn’t spike protein mrna was it
-yea but when you work in the lab & kind of start working with cells you start uncestadning this [movement]???
-you know spike rnrna & all that?
-so isnt it dangerous spika rna spike protein
-no cause its deactivated 7m 53 but the only thing is the side effects because they didnt test it as much on everyone becasue theres no time & theres ????
Which is something wrong but I mean theyre gonna reopen everything & trhe economy..
-what about 100,000 deaths lota deaths
-yea coz normally a vaccine will take like 10 years
-but there was alot of deaths right? I guess they had allergy or something right
-yea but more datsh happened becuas eof the actual virus
-hmm ok we’ll see whatever works I dont need it cause I had it I think so I dontr wanna risk it myself
-no youre supposed to have the immunity
-oh good I thought you were gonna say vaccine. But can I ask, the pcr thing, its got ethylene oxide on it which is a carcinogen, 8m55 they clean it with this ethylene oxide.
-the swab?
-yea the swab.if they cant stab you or jab you they’ll swab you hehe they were saying..
-I mean the swab is just to take I mean you can do pcr on any substabce???
-but its got ehylene oxide..
-not really, I dont know is iot here?
-its a cleaning.. they made a huge fuss on the internet that ethylene oxide is a carcinogen, mutagen, carcinogen, its probably very little, I dont know, its probably okay, but I have to do it 4 times to go to greece, 1 to go & 3 to come back. Its alot for me, I mean.. maybe to put ion my throat,.,. 9m38
-I did it so many times
-really how many
-more than 20 I mean haha
-why, do you travel?
-I mean I live in the UAE & uh between cities you need to do it & a.. so I would do it like 3 times a week
-yea? [alugh] & no cancer..
-good knock on wood, wheres the wood mean theres some wood [laugh] no but I wanted to ask you.
-its just a swab I mean you can do pcr on cells that are growing on plastic, you dontr really need a swab, the swab is just to collect. U understand?
-yea I just dontr wanna risk cancer. You did it 20 times, its probably ok, I know its probably ok, but id rather zero if I dont need it I can go to greece next year.. but I wanna swim in Greec man.. you live in Dubai? Abu Dhabi the capital..Dubai is the famous city, not the capital.. yea I ve been know I went,, I few years ago..
-I was born there
-abu dabi
-its too conservative man I cant take this sharia stuff..
-everyone says that
-its sharia man, im not allowed to hold hands, I cant kiss, if I bump someone therell be problems..
-yea it would be an issue.. haha I mean theyre opening up more, I would say
11m21 [battery change.. wide angle distortion stretch face]
-hey a thank you for the footage, im gonna put this on maybe
-I hope it works [continued}, whats your name?
-a.. George.. so yea I just came over & handed this to you right?
-its a good conversation opener
-it’s better than another name I was gonna get
-what other
-sex tv
-hah that would have been a bit.. I would have said no..
-yea that wouldnt work that might not work..
-if you asked to sit down I would have said no, I think this is better, the emojis more friendly
-yea I know thats why I ddint get the other one they want a quarter million for it. This one I got a bit cheaper, no I was joking about the other one because I would get it if it brings traffic..
-yea yea I mean
-but it brings zero, like 20 people a day or something, im looking at these, I know.. they don’t bring much unfortunately even this I thought automatically alot of people come, just because it’s a big name, but you know, a few hundred..
-I’ll stick it on my laptop
-thank you well u know.. u said something I was gonna say something funny & I forgot it now coz I was changing the battery, &. U said something & I was gonna say something I have to check maybe.. I’ll check it later.. u see it stayes on for 1 minute then it swithces off.. 13 min the window coz this looks a bit.. if I say hello to someone like this..
-it looks made up I mean its surviving I guess yea
-its new, I just bought it
-ah so the stickers is just for the mic..
-yea actually its for the rig in the back oh you thought it was busted.. yea no its brand new./.
-oh I was gonna say something about Dubai I had a good time I went there like 10 years ago 1 month, I did a show we were like recording a lot a stuff, funny stuffl jokes, actually like 15 years ago right befroe YouTube
-I mean I would see why you you thought that
-its in the news they arrested people for misunderstandings..
-if you go there you’ll change your mind
-I know they have parties w alcohol I wnet a few times they were drinking & everybody was cool, but I heard if youre on the beach kissing someone they can arrest you.
-I measn yea pda isnt
-yea is not allowed, whereas here its a different culture..
-you go to an alleyway
-not just that, I dont know ebnough about..
-theres adds & disads,, advantages disadvantages, youl never get mugged attacked never see a fight in the street
-what harrassed, if they say hello is that harassment?
16m -are they allowed to say hello
-people in general
-yea you see.. no cause on YouTube all the trolls were like thats harassment if you say hello
-this one lady said it was harassment I[to] f you say hello so all the comments were like hello hello hello hello haha
-you might get a.. you cnat take pictures of someone without their approval.
-without permission
-or you will be like arrested or fined im not sure any more
-what if im like this
-yea unless you ask them first
-what if im just walking like this
-yea if they paid attention they could like call the police
-see when I did it back then they werent
-they werent so much socail media..??? I mean yea theres so much rules to follow there..
-yea I heard but even in Hungary it says in wikipedia the street is forbidden, street photography. They say that but then I see its not so theres all these contradictions. 16m30 in Hungary they do other things so I was gonna go there too but.. so Palestine its a hummus.. [ask her to do Arab accent hummus next time] did you go to maroush here they have the good hummus, Harrods Selfridges & Maroush have the best hummus.
-Maroush is so like typical Lebanese
-yea I think they put alot of lemon in the hummus right lemmon
-& they use icecubed to make it.. while making it with the chickpeas they pout icecubes, thast the secret so.. to make it really smooth
-I hope oits not tap water or if it is tap water I hope its safe
-yea I love tahini, so you’re a molacular biologist?
-no biomedical engineer but I work with cells like ??? Engineering
17m30 cells.. [picks up phone & texts for several minutes]
-so if youre busy I better go huh..
-just tal;kin to a friend sorry
-no no I’m just saying if you prefer I’ll see you around
-yea yea I’ll see you around, I’ll sure check your [site]
-was that a hint to get rid of me?
-no no hahah
-coz you can just tell me its no problem I gotta go get a pizza before 9 oclock anyway vegan gluten free pizza I wanted to so the test is oaky?
-no problem ah?
-no problem
-what about the ethylene oxide?
-I’ll check it out
-you didnt know! [shakes head] you see?
-its not supposed to have, the swab
-it’s yellow, the pcr.. they got some stuff on it but they said they clean 50% of the stuff with this in the medicine medical so it’s normal but I dont know anyway but you think its all right ok. Your name again?
-Sheza ok George. Hey when you’re in Abu Dhabi do you have to be [covered] or just the head..
-no you dont have to
-you dont have to
-no we go out in shorts & bikinis.. we dont cover
-oh you dont cover I thought you did
-no I mean in Saudi thats in Saudi
-yea yea forget that yea ok so how will I find you just on Facebook? Anywhere?:
-a do you have like email?
-ebay? email.. its all there if you go there you can see everything. All my links are there. Its a website all mny links are there its my website so.. its directing to my blog so..
-yea ok nice to meet you
-so I can show this, I can show the little.
-thanks man all right see you around. 20m19 end

Sue & shoo fascist totalitarian tyrants Shoe Woshitski & Billy De Assio [sue wojcicki & bill de blassio]

unqualified youtube dictator fraudster Sue Wojsicko censors science & medicine thru community guise lies as ever, sending us to rumble, bitchute, odysee etc.. Tellem Tucker..

Bill De Blassio should follow Andyou Cuomo down the rabbid hole toilet bowl for covid passport apartheid.. we’re all #exempt, ahole!

exemptions: any imaginary sky daddy cult ideology sect gang/ team members bullsh!tters, (Mary Baker Eddy christian scientists, jehova’s witness, rastas, buddhists, booty-ists, hindus, hare krishnas, sikhs, scientologists, animists, zoroastrians, voodoo sh!ts, yazidis, etc. the list is endless), autoimmune disorders/ conditions, long term antibody immunity, trans vaccinated identifying as vacced, 2nd amendment say hello to my lil friend, texans floridians & southerners who dont put up w/ cho sh!t, nuremberg code, declaration of human rights, illegal undocumented immigrants, criminals, etc.. everyone lol dream on Billy

disclaimer: fact based, half joking, alleged parody satire hyperbole/ understatement contradiction constructive criticsim op ed not to be taken tooo seriously, just in case.. Bill & Sue would never be as kind as fascist totalitarian tyrants. lol

Goodly & Badly video phone conversation fri 6 aug 2021 10-16pm London U.K GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0185S03

Goodly & Badly video phone conversation fri 6 aug 2021 10-16pm London U.K GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0185S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.


End the Covid Fraud and Global Genocide Now!

People are experiencing serious adverse reactions after receiving the covid [clot shot], or are dying, [like BBC host Lisa Shaw]. Many more will die in the coming months and years. The covid fraud is causing a global genocide. This needs to end now. Crimes being committed or supported by governments, government advisory groups, members of the World Economic Forum, the mainstream media, social media platforms and other agencies in positions of authority:

    • Extreme fear mongering via press releases, media announcements and nation-wide advertisement, using taxpayers’ money
    • Inducing unnecessary fear and terror of a virus less lethal than a strong seasonal flu [99+% survival]
    • Cynical use of new variants to promote fear and justify continued restrictions
    • Falsifying death records by stating covid as the primary cause of death when not applicable
    • Mask mandates on public transport, in shops, schools, work places and other public places – in many cases for hours a day – exposing the wearer to potential and actual damage to their mental and physical well-being [“mask holes are 500,000 times bigger than virus?!”]
    • Forcing children and adults to take covid tests, often regularly, that are not fit for purpose, produce mainly false positives, and can cause damage to health [carcinogen ethylene oxide, etc]
    • Using covid “cases”, which are based on false test results, for prolonging covid restrictions and lockdowns
    • Coercing people into taking an experimental “vaccine”, which is in fact a gene-modifying injection, can induce infertility, and is causing more adverse reactions and deaths than all other vaccines together
    • Promoting the use of an unlicensed therapy as though it were fully approved and safe
    • Suppressing or underplaying the data regarding adverse reactions and deaths of the covid jabs
    • Ignoring the Nuremberg Code [& Universal Declaration of Human Rights] by not enabling people to give informed consent before vaccination or testing
    • Disruption of education
    • Suppression of religious freedom, prevention of worship
    • Restricting freedom of movement across borders, and during lockdowns,within the country
    • Causing job losses, business failures and loss of opportunities
    • Delaying diagnosis and treatment of conditions far more serious than covid resulting in unnecessary loss of life
    • Forced quarantine of healthy people at their own expense [worse than prisoners & dogs who get a daily hour outside]
    • Suppression of the right to protest, freedom of association and freedom of speech
    • Suppression of scientific debate, giving voice only to “approved” agencies
The White Rose (German: Weiße Rose, pronounced [ˈvaɪ̯sə ˈʁoːzə] (About this soundlisten)) was a non-violent, intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany led by a group of students from the University of Munich, including Sophie Scholl, Hans Scholl and Alexander Schmorell. The group conducted an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign that called for active opposition to the Nazi regime. [& Covid regime]

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Walk n talk facebook live stream irl HD of 4K video tue 27 july 2021 London U.K GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com iphone 12 pro audio, 5G

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Brunch break walk n talk facebook live stream mon 26 july 2021 London U.K GeoGodley*com vlog*com

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“An autobiography is only to be trusted when it reveals something disgraceful. Whoever gives a good account of themself is probably lying, since any life when viewed from inside is simply a series of defeats” – George Orwell “& triumphs/ victories/ wins/ success” -George Godley L㋡L

Lounger & scrounger video phone conversation mon 5 july 2021 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com

Lounger & scrounger video phone conversation mon 5 july 2021 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.

The other side of the covid story, fooly vaccinated, experimental clot shot ruleout, Nuremberg code violation


why is critical thought almost always from some unknown quack in the middle of nowhere on an unknown platform & never a well known doctor Fauci type? “Dr.” Hoffe [the HBO cathouse sex “work” guy? lol]: “Covid-19 “vaccine” will kill most people through blood clot heart failure”

Photos © except crowd photo. Censored, removed stickers they don’t want you to see/ know/ think.
These photos were posted on facebook/geogodley 29 june 2021. By wed 21 july 2021 facebook had disabled these embeds ostensibly to stop critical thought, so they were reposted elsewhere & re-embedded. Untrustworthy 3rd party small tech was chosen because the web developer ruined wordpress media uploader.

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Brighton beach beauty social flirt GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com mon 30 may 2021 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.


#AstraZeneca #covid19 #vaccine #KILLS #BBC presenter #LisaShaw

Geo Godley Bob Beat phone call mon 10 may 2021 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0322S03

Geo Godley Bob Beat phone call mon 10 may 2021 GeorgeGodley*com vlog*com 0322S03 from GEO GODLEY WORLD RECORD VLOG.COM on Vimeo.